Why do we have flair for racial pride groups?

I guess I get the nazi one since that's the easiest way to tell if someone is shilling for Holla Forums, but why the black power flag? Isn't racial politics bad? I thought advocating for race as the basis of one's identity and political ideology was called fascism?

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Because that's the easiest way to tell if someone is shilling for idpol.

I guess the mods are smarter than me this time

Never forget the gorta mor ye sassanachs

leftypol stopped adding/removing flags a while ago
black power/pan-african flags are usually shitposters just like everyone else here

So what exactly is nationalist about pan-africanism. I can understand how the black power flag/movement is vaguely supremacist but what's so supremacist about pan-africanism?

idk but a lot of pan africanists irl make apolegetics for bourgeois nationalists like Mugabe because they're african.

Never been to africa and pretty uneducated on what they do there. But I just thought pan-africanism meant solidarity in africa amongst africans. Which I'm not against. From what I know about Mugabe he was kind of a dick. Excusing him is probably none to different from excusing the war lords that sold their people to the whites, also not okay in my book.

Because Pan-Africanists are trying to create a single nation out of different African nations. This is how nationalism as an idea originally came into existence in Europe. Nationalists in countries like Italy and Germany were trying to unite the different principalities and kingdoms of their region into one nation. Pan-Africanists are doing the same with African countries.
Nationalism isn't inherently supremacist by the way.

Black Power isn't bad, Just class is the universal struggle.

Sounds a fuck of a lot like the EU.

Close enough.

I didn't try to hide the fact that this is what the EU is doing in Europe. (Or at least what it should be doing.)
I support Pan-Africanism, just like I support European Federalism.

Okay so if the Arabs can have the Arab emirates and Europeans can have the EU. Asians in asia have whatever the fuck it is they have. So then Black Africans can have something similar, right?

Not exactly sure what you mean, but Africans already have something similar to the EU:

Well that sounds fantastic. My only reservation is the seemingly wanton inclusion of predominantly Arab nations. Islam like all organized religions can fuck right off.

I just can't see how solidarity among African people in African can possibly be a bad thing. When you do that somewhere like in the US, Europe, or South America it just comes across as id pol BS.

fuck off i have nothing in common with you or any other european country REEEEEE

Besides, 70 years os peace don't erase centuries of war. European countries have to be at war with each other at all times.

Ah, those peaceful nineties

You have plenty in common with other Europeans. The culture and history of every European country is shaped by its interactions and exchanges with other European countries.
Why should European countries have to be at war with each other at all times? This is a pretty strange statement. You can't apply the situation of Europe during the last centuries to the present. Europe needs to act as a united power if we want to keep up with outside forces.

When the Balkans were united in one country, there was peace between them. We have to unite them into one country again, but this time with the rest of Europe.

He has plenty in common with the whole world. Working class has no nation and all that.

agreed, dunno if the balkanians agree tho.

No, i have much more in common with nortern africa tha the rest of Europe. Arabs ocupied this land for many centuries and gave us knowledge, fuck the rest of europe

who gives a fuck? its all memes anyways

for ironic shitposting or to allow idiots to out themselves that much faster

Just go back.

The whole world will be united one day. We can't do that all at one, though. European Federalism, just like Pan-Africanism, are needed as intermediate stages.

what about no states, just a loosely organised world federation of self governing human scale entities?

Respect the flag. It's Malcolm X's birthday today.

Go back to leddit


Malcolm did nothing wrong!

Tfw Holla Forums compares Black Power to Nazism…

Malcolm was great but fighting for black power to be not be seen as id pol in the West is like the definition of a lost cause.

stop tripfagging


We have at least two Nazi flags + Nazbol.

Black Power is actually more left wing in both the economic and (yes) social/idpol respect - it aims to empower both exploited racial and economic groups against an established system rather than to "restore" an idealized establishment system in which ethnic minorities do not exist. The original black panther party indeed shifted a bit more towards economics in the '70s and had allied counterparts in the white panthers.

NBPP is deffo just black separtism, tho.

Contrary to what other posters say, I pretty much only use the Black Power flag on good posts because Black Power is fucking badass and it weeds out retards who want to argue with the flag instead of what I'm actually writing. A glitch is keeping me from upping the fist right now.