I am Anarcho-communist

I am Anarcho-communist.
I am searching for comrades.
Where are you, comrades?
My comrades, I am searching for you.
Oh, comrades…

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good thread

theyre in the mounitans killing isis

I just had dinner. Amazing meatballs with amazing spaghetti. What about you? How is your life going?

Join Action Front

had a burger, home made. Am really sick and feel like im going to puke/die
Over all, bretty ok

I'm anarchist mutualist, but I'll accept all forms of anarchy since they are about the same.


Give me my fucking enchiladas

All communists are anarchists unless they tell you otherwise.

… what? most rational communists do not subscribe to violence, this just recreates capitalism… you have to end violence and exploitation for communism.

We're right here.

You are retarded.

W. Yorkshire, UK.

S.Y here lad

There's only leftcoms in the library

I too am looking for Communist Friends, but all I see are reactionary porkies and liberals.


That's called suicide. Suicide is violence. You're kinda boned friendo.

Far in the mountains.



Leftcoms are known to be wise.

Bong Friends Join Action Front

I'm not an ancom, but I'll be your comrade fam.

Utrecht, Netherlands

Read more, maybe you'll find yourself more comfortable with leftcoms. Anarcho-communism is literally feels > reals.

Yup wanting to abolish the state and replace it without democratic federations is toootally feels over reals and tottally different from what leftcoms want in the end… nigga please with this sectarian BS

How would democratic federations end capitalism? Sectarianism is irrelevant, "leftists" are not the revolutionary subject.

leftcoms would be post-leftists if they actually read instead of just pretending

(the state and private property)

With no state, no private property, and democratic control of resources, you have a stateless classless society

but muh party line

I'm not the user you two were responding to, but what would you recommend anons read? Because I have noe clue what either of you is referring to.

I didn't say nuffin about post leftism.

Kropotkin. Rudolph Rocker, Proudhon, Graeber, Bakunin, Chomsky, look at Catalonia, Ukraine, look at Bookchin and Abdullah Ocalan and Rojava.

Are you new?

Oh shit i'm West Yorkshire too lad


Not even a post-leftist, just a cunt.


Yes, newfag, thank you for recommendations, I already downloaded a PDF of Bookchin's The Next Revolution and Kropotkin's Breadbook. I also recently found a PDF of Graeber's 5,000 Years of Debt, coincidentally. I'm also going to read some introductory Marx and Lenin's The State and Revolution, just to get a well rounded scope of Leftist theory. Cheers! Also, unrelated, but I like that Holla Forums is so much more chill and welcoming of newfagottry then the autists at Holla Forums

It's not so much that we're welcoming, it's more than we're so sectarian you'll get every tendency shouting at you to subscribe to their ideas for fear of losing you to their rivals.


s yorkshire here too

East Lancs reppin'