How the bourgeoise funds and supports the Right

Because the Western mainstream media tends to be quite liberal and the centrist and centre-"left" portion of the capitalist establishment is a bit shit it seems plausible to many that the radical right is a threat to the establishment which is justly hated by workers. Because we on the radical Left want to stamp out the Right (in its fascist, religious conservative, and libertarian forms) it seems like some take this to mean that the Right is the real threat to the system.

It can also be hard to argue with worker's who question why the Western capitalists are bringing in more immigrants while cutting wages and imposing austerity. Because the Western capitalists, especially the European ones, are seeking immigrant labor as an answer to 1. unionized workplaces 2. a demographic crises resulting in a "slack" labor market (from their perspective) caused by the very neo-malthusian and anti-worker policies they insisted on in the first place it seems and is often framed as such by the right as main threat or simply the newest threat to worker's well-being.

Rather then repost all the PURE IDEOLOGY that Holla Forums-tards say I thought it would be more interesting to focus on the Right-Wing of Capital. What it is, what it does, and how it hopes to come to power. It seems we leftists often spend quite a bit of time and attention responding to the late-capitalist spectacle pumped out by the centrist/liberal establishment and less on the Right-Wing of capital. Who is behind it? What are their goals? How does the right-wing media operate? Is it really "alternative"?

Discuss also how supposedly "pro-worker" right-wing electoral blitzes like Trump and Brexit will harm workers? Who benefited?

Is there a "vast-right-wing conspiracy" to turn society further to the right. What's interesting to me is how the modern Right portrays itself as anti-establishment while making itself into a parody of the 19th/early 20th century bourgeoisie. It misleads by making out its opponents all out to be leftists and casts porky as the victim of all the changes in the past. Essentially, it seems to me (other then the far-right "anti-capitalist" fascist portion) that its Porky hiding behind the Porky mask.

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nah, the clever bourgies (gates, soros, musk) mostly support left-liberal policies; privatization, deregulation and tax evasion with a rainbow flag

You mean moderates. Fox news is moderate. There is no right, because if they allowed right leaning opinions, then they couldn't import Taco Juarez and Chinky Chao to devalue labor, all while simultaneously exporting jobs to kill manufacturing, and hiring only those with political power to their companies.

Lol I never understood why some of you hate libertarians, they're the quintessential, "leave me the fuck alone" guys. You'll never get rid of them, and they're not a threat. Its like waging war on grass.

spotted a libertarian

You realize the economic center has shifted to the right over the past 40 years? Hayek was laughed at as a far-right lunatic in the 60s but now "socially progressive and fiscally conservative" capitalists cite him as an unashamedly as an authority.

Yeah, it's evil foreigners 'devaluing labor' and not the corporations that employ them or create literal slave labor in the form of for profit prisons that do it.

Neo-liberalism works in fun ways, how it mixes various kinds of shit from both left and right and creates this unique sort of a mixed shit.

Libertarians are stupid because they weaken themselves by being solitary. No I'm not a libertarian.

Reading comprehension. No, its not the foreigners, its U.S. based companies shaking hands with the right people in the congress to protect corporate interests above the interests of the voters. The point being, capitalism must be confined within borders, otherwise the rich can get away with not paying their dues to the under class, and the idea of circulating wealth crumbles.

Porky controls both Left-wing and Right-wing capital, and it is this that people seem to not understand. The ruling class has had centuries to perfect this game of creating a problem and selling the solution and it has gotten very, very good at it. The solution can be open/closed borders, idpol/anti-idpol, etc,.

There is absolutely nothing "alternative" to news sites like Breitbart, InfoWars, and the like because they trade in one set of biases for another. 90% of their current appeal is based on being contrarian and little else. "We'll tell you the FULL story!" Yeah, for now. Once right-wing news becomes as normalized as lefty news it'll be the same lies by omission and other bullshit. They can't do that right now because their credibility is still being established, but wait, you'll see.

"Alternative" news sites have no interest in being such, otherwise they wouldn't be adopting and cultivating a snarky, edgy, anti-establishment image. For example, wait until these prominent anti-feminists get their first major break on some talk show or book deal. The nature of capital, which they don't understand, will wrest any and all authenticity from out of their souls and they become the typical "Well, I guess it's not THAT bad" type Liberal.

Tl;Dr it's all controlled opposition and money-making schemes.

Got pdfs for those books?

When did that ever happen? Even when the US was "literally the most protected economy in the world" during the 19th century to use the words Ha-Joon Chang it was trading all over the world and getting in on some quite profitable action in the Opium trade, the illicit slave trade, and the imperialist actions of early multi-nationals like United Fruit. Britain also allowed America a bit more laterality in trading with its colonies in return for America not restricting its capital-inflow into the US too much. Those who support protection often just think its a matter of protecting this or that industry when capital inflow and outflow is much harder to stop and is quite superior to both labor-mobility and trade policy in its effect.

Kinda funny that Australia belonged to the free-market Brit Empire and had higher wages then America. Almost as if the expected/historical living standard and militancy of the working class determines the average wages and not this or that policy prescription.
Protectionist America was quite shit when it came to paying its dues to the underclass. So was Not-Soc Germany and Fascist Italy and they all followed the "Nationalist and a Globalist" strategy of Trump in practice No, I'm not saying Trump is literally Hitler which translates into imperialism with more restricted trade policy and border control.

I have a PDF for Dark Money by Jane Meyer:

Protectionist America was the height of Cronyism and corruption in America. Not only that, it was the middle of an industrial boom, so of course worker wages were in the shitter. Also, even in protectionist America, there were still thousands of immigrants let in legally and illegally for man power. You can't call that 'protectionist' at all.

Hardly ever, because there isn't any political system which exists in a pure form. Not globalizing puts a country in a weak position. To put in a different way, capitalism allowed outside the borders will begin to quickly effect domestic enterprises adversely. This translates to less money for the little guys. Sometimes, it is worth it for the total wealth of a country to offset that adverse effect with social programs, and accept the benefits that allowing offshore enterprises brings. However, the extent of globalism today has allowed the top to thrive off the money of the nation, without spending in turn for the good of the nation. Its worth more to line a congress man's pockets for a policy, than to line an american producer's pockets for a product.

The last thing they want is their cheap migrant workers getting the rope.

I think that's why fascism and Nazi were called bourgeoise petite ideologies, since they, and other economically protectionist ideas, are based on small bourgeous and middle class interests of not losing their positions to lower paid labor and big bourgeous that profits from them.
Basically this is what all the right wing based on - small and medium bourgeouse, not big enough to rip the fruits of the international labor.
The point of Trump focusing on "creating jobs" - to please the businesses that are reliant on local production and would be out of jobs with cheaper overseas competition.
I mean I don't know many other big moneys outside of Trump who support such right wing policies and even then he doesn't profit from it directly.

Who would have thought that onr day we would have Capitalism under a rainbow banner?

Adam Smith for one:

At least in the US, the right wing of capital tends to be more religious, nationalist, and tied in with the defense establishment. The right-wing of capital also has a huge alternative media arm that churns out conspiracies about the liberal wing of capital, see: muh CFR, Trilateral Commisson, and so on. For example, Alex Jones' father was literally a CIA dentist and he openly plugs the John Birch Society on his show. Alex himself is probably some kind of intelligence asset.

Left out of this narrative is that the right-wing of capital has its own equivalents of these groups that can be more nefarious and better hidden. Look into groups like the American Security Council, Center for National Policy, World Anticommunist League, Le Cercle (lots of pedo involvement in this one), and the like. There are also religious nutcase organizations with tons of power in Washington like the Family/Fellowship. Many of Trump's people have backgrounds connected to the CNP in particular.

I forgot to add that this really started to coalesce after WW2, and that there are/were a ton of Nazi sympathizers/collaborators involved.

The only difference between a libertarian and a fascist is that the libertarians don't feel like they need the help of the state in order to lord over everyone else.

That's it. Otherwise, both ideologies are dedicated tirelessly to the supremacy of property over humanity.

an someone show me where -How does the right-wing media operate?-
actually exists, where is quote/endquote right wing media.
FYI it died with the cold war, ur establishment is now broadly liberal, its the the way we modernist are, why aren’t you listening to music that hasn’t been invented yet you looser. Why aren’t you cool like me hmm?

These are good posts. Can you add a little more plus some good dox/PDFs?

Adam Curtis on reactionary oil baron HL Hunt, you might find this interesting too.

that's what I meant, the modern 'progressive' is economically right but completely pro-abortion, gay rights, feminism and so on

not surprised to be honest

Who cares, this is minutiae.

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What the Right understands (and the majority of the Left is unclear on) is that the economy is what matters and that economic base determines culture.

The Left is afraid to push on economic issues because these far-right economic ideas have a good deal of traction all across society. Is it any wonder that the far-right economic drift has coincided with the creation of a legion of far-right retards who are viciously opposed to mild progress in the cultural sphere.

i suppose Dung Chaou Ping is a cool guy.

Where are the arguments tho? A lot of right-wing shilling in this thread tbh


Because it aint worth it, you fucks are so stuck up your asses,

Fun things to look at: dynamic systems: why: cause they are dynamic shithead.



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Oh wow, you are so intellectual.

At least I'm not a pseud who only posts insults to save face in the hopes of distracting idiotic lurkers so I'll look like I'm winning the argument.

I doubt anyone who whines about dynamic systems and shills for radical centrism and the Right has hard hands tbh. Hokey affectations, righteous indignation, and "witty one-liners" doesn't make anything you say somehow more authentically working class either.

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A book on labor conditions and capitalist policies in Nazi Germany.


Jesus christ mate learn to use punctuation.

The history department chair at my uni has a background in post WW2 American politics as well as anticommunist sentiment in the USA. Here are some of her books as well as the course list for her graduate level specialty class:

Her books:
Right Out of California: The 1930s and the Big Business Roots of Modern Conservatism
Challenging the Secret Government: The Post-Watergate Investigations of the CIA and FBI
Real Enemies: Conspiracy Theories and American Democracy, World War I to 9/11

Course List:
Empire's Workshop: Latin America, the United States, and the Rise of the New Imperialism (American Empire Project)
One Nation Under God: How Corporate America Invented Christian America
The Cold War and the Color Line: American Race Relations in the Global Arena
Invisible Hands: The Businessmen's Crusade Against the New Deal
Fear Itself: The New Deal and the Origins of Our Time
From Munich to Pearl Harbor: Roosevelt's America and the Origins of the Second World War (American Ways Series)
The Great Exception: The New Deal and the Limits of American Politics (Politics and Society in Modern America)
A Superpower Transformed: The Remaking of American Foreign Relations in the 1970s
The Origins of the Urban Crisis: Race and Inequality in Postwar Detroit (Princeton Classics)
Cold War Crucible: The Korean Conflict and the Postwar World
Chain Reaction: The Impact of Race, Rights, and Taxes on American Politics

I'm surprised there's no talk about the Powell Memorandum here.

Y'know, that time a corporate executive/lawyer wrote a secret letter to his fellow bourgeoisie on how to seize control of Television, Universities, and High Schools, in order to crush criticism of capital and capitalism, and the Porkies loved it so much they sent him back all these nice letters then made him a supreme court Justice, and then someone leaked a bunch of the documents?

One of the most hilarious thing about the alt-right is the Soros shit, considering that pretty much every single one of the "alt-right" figure heads is attached to a Koch funded organization and it's literal fact the tea party and alt-right were funded by the same think tanks.

Would you mind taking the time to demonstrate some of the connections so any lurkers can see them?

Here is an entire website dedicated to tracking that shit.

I'd never heard of it before. Thanks user

First Modern Think Tank Was Right-Wing– it's Founder set up more then 150 similar think tanks in his lifetime.

This is a really excellent list, thanks comrade. I'm digging into Right Out of California… right now.ōichi_Sasakawa

Weren't the French capitalist class planning on supporting Le Pen had Melenchon and not Macron made it to the final?

No fucking shit? If Bernie had made it in against Trump (or Jeb, kek), I don't think he would've had as much backing as Shillary did.

On a less inane note, what's the British Labour Party's lobbyist support been like since the IRA/Putin/ISIS sleeper agent's coup?

I still don't know if Brexit will help Porky or not, but apparently, neither does anyone else.

As a Rightist myself I think 99% of "rightists" are Trotksy-tier-
the TRUE Right is concerned with bringing back corporal punishment, death penalty in public squares, racial segregation,such things.

im a worker BTW.
I dislike lizard in suits and country clubs.
I just want to be able to tot assault rifles in an all-white working class town.

Of course it does, if you're a Forex trader. Short the Pound. Make money.

It also helps certain factions that are opposed to London being a major center of world finance and commerce. It helps them consolidate that power elsewhere.

Every crisis, no matter how many people it hurts locally, is a corpse that the vultures can devour.

It's more like a spat between the porkies, some own property dependent on EU trade while others would benefit from a lack of competition with EU business.

There is no such a thing as left-wing capital. There might be some figures such as Warren Buffet who are not totally rotten in terms of having retained a sense for justice and fairness despite being role-model capitalists, however in a strict sense, capital cannot be "left", since capitalism itself is strictly right-wing.

This tbh, capitalists hijacking left-wing platforms and making them about tolerance shit instead of economics is by far the smartest approach for porky
Coles argued that Brexit was initiated by super-rich capitalists who wanted less regulations and more free trade–not the opposite. In the words of one supporter of Brexit it was a chance to "finish the Thatcher revolution"

I'd say it's a classic case of good cop/bad cop the right is there to frighten people on the left into voting for and supporting the corporate leftism and the "radical center"

They really got the American (formerly) left wrapped around their fingers. And the left in Western Europe isn't far behind.

I'm afraid we'll have to dissociate ourselves from what passes for left nowadays and invent a new political dimension.

Bernie would have been murdered.

Fuck off. Just a friendly reminder, when nazis start swinging from lampposts, so do commie faggots.

LOL. Leave it to fucking communists to take "Leave me the fuck alone" as "I want to lord over you" Give me a fucking break. libertarians want you to fuck off with your busy-body politic, you are the one who wants to lord over people.

Get fucked.


Capitalists kill/repress communists and other radical leftists with or without the help of Nazi LARPers. Of course, when I used the term stamp out I meant it more in the ideological sense in that these are ideologies that should be consigned to the dust-bin of history but its not like I have any moral qualms about what groups like antifa do t b h f a m p a i

There's a reason why they got cucked by fashies and MAGAtards bc nothing they are offering makes any sense in a protracted capitalist crisis, nor is any of it that popular beyond DUDE WEED LMAO XD types. Plus the fact that libertarians themselves are clowns sucking off the teat of foundations funded by super-rich right-wing capitalists who are too incompetent to mount effective political campaigns in spite of that.

I'm kinda loving how autistically mad you are rn tho. Tell me how does it feel that after years of memeing "fiscally conservative, social liberal" into the political lexicon that someone like Rothschild banker Macron comes along and does the whole act better then you?

So, after the government and its democratically accountable to the publicevil ways have been dealt with, what's so much better about the transnational absolute monopoly conglomerates that will fill in their power vacuum?

Plz explain this strawman

Last i checked, it was the commie LARPers riding the governments cock over in europe. It's the right being repressed there, like it or not (ironically, you probably don't like it, as it takes away your victim-hood you so desperately seek).
And even here in america, Anti-fa isn't very well liked, but they're still not as hated as nazis (actual nazis, not "you voted trump so you're a nazi")
By force.

Not everyone who disagrees with you is a fascist
They "cucked" you as well, faggot.
I don't believe in shit based on popularity.
Again, i don't believe trump was the lefty candidate either. You're as "cucked" as any libertarian right now.

Autism runs in my family, plz be understanding

Lol, no.
Even more no.

You can't call me an autist then start throwing around big boy words like this m8.

You guys really are baby-Holla Forums. I find myself as comfortable shitposting here as a did on real-Holla Forums.

Eh, i guess i deserve this assuming all lefties are hardcore commies. Not all libertarians are hardcore an-caps m8.

ownership of land you don't use is illegitimate. (in the largest sense i would apply this to the end of homesteading as well: that was an illegitimate move.)

ancaps don't want to leave alone and be left alone, they want to be left free to do as they please even if it impacts upon others, provided it doesn't do so in a few arbitrarily banned ways. the peak example being the inheritance of land. everybody works but the vacant lot.

How would you explain that the US funded the rise of the Right-wing government in Ukraine to the tune of 4 billion dollars. Or the fact that US supported Neo-Nazis in Croatia or the fact that there are right-wing governments all across Eastern Europe seeking to stifle the free speech and freedom of o assembly of leftists including but not limited to Hungary.

Apparently the only political repression that matters in Europe though is the repression of people who call for all migrants to be deported and who deny the Holocaust. To say nothing of the rest of the world bc your retarded right-wing mind is limited to Europe, North America and maybe Japan.

Fuck off, there's no political repression of Nazis in America, it's unpopular but so what. You can cry about anti-fa but you'd clearly have to be overlooking the violent history and criminal history of Nazi orgs which isn't limited to drug-dealing and hate crimes.

Nazis in America are rightfully seen as the hucksters and retards they really are. You want me to create a safe space so everyone can try to understand their feels or something?

It would be an apt analogy if I supported Trump or even Clinton but I didn't even support Bernie bc I disagree with what he thinks "socialism" is. You guys supported your own cucking by hopping on the MAGAtrain that is the real difference.

Wtf there's nothing in there a semi-bright high schooler wouldn't understand and Macron and Rothschild are literally just names. I assumed I was talking with someone who understood world politics at a basic level but I appear I was mistaken.

Autist=/= someone whose smarter then you btw

Can you explain the current funding and support of commie kurds by the US government? The government uses the wings, it doesn't actually follow them.

It's limited to the US actually, i merely used europe as an example. Ultimately, i believe the rest of the world is free to fuck up as they wish, i don't meddle in other nations affairs. Hans doens't give a fuck when i call him a cuck, i don't give a fuck when he calls me a gun toting retard.

Except i never said nazis are repressed in america, only hated by everyone. Apperently im not the only one blinded by the tism rage.

You just described anti-fa m8. A bunch of of violent druggies.

A bullshit term. It's a crime or it's not. You walk up and punch a nigger, it's assault. The idea of hate crime is pure retardation. Not to mention, apparently the law isn't so anti-leftist if stupid shit like hate crimes are a thing even in america.

wew lad. Don't forget, the libs and sjw's shit on your side of the lawn, not mine.

You hear that guys? Libertarians are pro-trump now! Break out the red caps!

So if I punch my friend in the mouth because we're problems (money squabbles, some girl etc.) it's the same as if I go up to someone randomly and assault them for the color of their skin? That's some fucked logic tbh there are all kinds of reasons why people engage in interpersonal violence but to kill or harm someone simply because you don't like the color of their skin is vile.

The only thing that's really retarded about it is the implied notion that you put forth that context doesn't really matter.

Dude this basically already happened on half-chan Holla Forums and in various other libertarian online spaces. Trump even has self-proclaimed Libertarian backers like Peter Thiel and I wouldn't be surprised if the Koch foundation machine had come around to him already despite ostensibly supporting Clinton.

Laughable honestly since Libertarians consider themselves "classical liberals" you guys are nothing but two sides of the radical liberal coin.

Not quite a fair comparison. A better comparison would be, i go and punch a stranger because i feel like it, vs punching a stranger because they're black.

I would consider it fucked up that we slyly violate the spirit of the 1st amendment by increasing the severity of a crime based on politic.

To put it into lefty terms, it's like making cop killing more severe than killing a non-cop.

Libertarianism isn't a hive-mind. This is the tricky thing about debating politic over a viet-cong IED making forum, knowing what others actually believe. About the only libertarian figure i actually follow is Ron Paul, even with everything i disagree with him about.

I don't care much for the statement, but it remains mostly true. That being said, "classic liberalism" =/= modern liberalism. The words are the biggest similarity.

Says the left winger.

Not even Mises, Hayek, or Rothbard? weak. Fucking internet libertarians i swear

Burn yourself at the stake for heresy against Emperor Hirohito's Most honorable samurai Ron Paul m8.

funding one communist organization doesn't negate the decades of funding right wing interests up to and including literally working with criminals

you fucking dipshit

Nothing in your post was against what i said, other than thinking the government actually gives a shit about what wing it supports. They were traditionally right because the soviets. Now that they are gone, they're shifting.

It's their interests. Wing politics are a tool. When the US was funneling money into some shady right wing shit, the soviets were funneling money into some shady left wing shit.

Even with the whole class revolution thing, wing politics are fucking retarded.

Not to mention, thinking libertarians, of all people, don't believe the government is up to some shady ass shit.

But in both comparisons targeting someone for the color of their skin sounds plainly worse.

I don't see how it does but ok. You know the 1st amendment doesn't cover incitement to violence/fighting words and slander either right? So there's already a problem here which is that even in the American legal tradition there are clear limits on speech and yes, that includes, "hate speech" to a degree. But American tolerance for free speech is extremely liberal of course.

But I don't see how tolerance of free speech is a preclusion to recognizing when a hate crime has been committed.

Let's not forget that its not really about the legal classification of the crime here, I mentioned that Neo-Nazi groups committed hate crimes and since you really didn't want to defend that but kinda felt you had to you weaseled out of it by calling it a bs term. Whether you agree with the legal classification or not has nothing to do with the fact that neo-nazi groups literally have killed people for simply something like being black in the US and elsewhere.

Blue Lives Matter Laws making first responders a protected class have already been introduced in Louisiana and are likely going to follow in other states. I disagree with your premise that the two crimes can be compared since the right of people to change their government via revolution if necessary is a premise of Enlightenment thought which would preclude making cops into a protected group but killing others for racial reasons is actually counter to the principles of an Enlightened citizenry.

Sure thing, bud.

To you. That is one of mine biggest gripes about commies. "we the liberators as along as no one thinks differently"

Notice i said the SPIRIT. It is a bit tricky given it isn't as well laid out or as concrete. But the idea is that everyone is entitled to a belief no matter how much you dislike it. It has never been practiced that way legally, but the idea remains.

At that point you are punishing someone for politic. You punched a black guy, 2 years for assault, hate crime, extra time. As said, you are punishing politic, but hiding it by combining it with a real crime.

The statement really doesn't make sense, never denied they commit crime, merely that the idea of hate crime is bullshit. Punching a black guy because he's black is merely assault. Murder is murder. You are slyly requesting that murdering a nazi be less severe than a nazi murdering a black, due to hate crime since it doesn't apply to you.

You are demanding your way of thinking be law despite the inconsistency. If hate crime can be punishable, why can't cop killing? If the nazi gets the guillotine, why not the communist? You believe killing cops is ok, others believe killing blacks is ok. What makes you a special snowflake? This is why you are viewed as a tyrant, if you had it your way, your politic would be enforced, and nothing else. Commies and nazis talk about "strength", but really it is just pestering the normal people.

For a guy concerned about racism, that's awfully racist, gaijin scum.

It was plainly ironic, I don't like weebs, especially the pseudo-intellectual ones, Japanese people are fine.