Iranian Elections,_2017

Wonder if the US can spin these a illegitimate to further the warpath

Rouhani will win.


Is there a good candidate?

Rouhani is moderate, Raisi is a far-right Islamist.
Rouhani is the lesser evil.

Basically not. Rouhani is the least insane Islamist though, if it makes you feel better.

is /leftypol actually taking this regime's bait?

I realise that nothing is going to change regardless of who gets elected, and I don't support Rouhani in any way, I was just trying to answer his question without interjecting my personal opinion.

Well excuse us for supporting the candidate that is less likely to invite a conflict with the US and Israel that will kill millions of Iranians.

That's what's at stake; the hardliners over here are just itching for a fight, and a guy in a black turban will likely be enough to provoke them.

It might come to blows in either case, but I still prefer the one with some less chance of millions of deaths attached.

What happened to Ahmedinijad throwing his hat back into the ring?

Pissed of the supreme leader and was disqualified IIRC.

Well I certainly don't support him but I'm a little disappointed. He was at least the meme-iest option

Rouhani is NOT a moderate! He is just acting less far-right
by calling that murdering fuck a moderate you're changing the meaning of moderation

So a moderate?

what happened to ahmadinejad?

Daily reminder that Ebrahim Raici is the true #accelerationist candidate.

Read the fucking thread retard.

hey, what happened to ahmadinejad, i thought he was running

Maybe things were better with the Shah.

As long as these so called left wingers "Eslahat" is alive, the opposition will be too divided to make a move


Islamism had always been part of the revolution, it was a major part of why the Shah was heavily disliked(among many, many other things)
And you don't have to defend Iran's regime just because they're anti-imperialistic and against America.


Rouhani won. Fuck.

well at least he as better then Raisa the conservative pig. But was a choice of lesser evils

Iran needs state atheism and socialism. And quick.