Is it me or Holla Forums is becoming more and more tumblr

Is it me or Holla Forums is becoming more and more tumblr
- raging idpol is now about raging against Holla Forumsack and how raysiss Holla Forums is
- daily "shit Holla Forums says thread"
- actually welcome and encourage foreigners from tumblr and leddit
- mod is censoring harder and harder, even wanting to shut down Holla Forums and move to another board
- is against spook, yet hates anime and hates lolicon

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lolicon is a spook

It's a fetish though.

Ain't Holla Forums pretty shit though? Why shouldn't Holla Forums take the piss out of right-wing SJWs especially when they raid this message board on a daily basis.

All fetishes are bourgeoisie. Marx talked about commodity FETISHISM for a reason, you know

It's a pretty weird one though. I mean, ain't them girls like 12?

Holla Forums doesn't even have daily shit Holla Forums say threads.

That's cuz Holla Forums comes to Holla Forums to talk shit bout us.

How is it weird though? Young girls are attractive.

That's the first time I think about it.

And we also do come to their boards and talk shit about them.

They just don't care enough to have a daily thread about lol shit Holla Forums says.

It's just you.

They really ain't though…

Okay ;_;

You are obsessed

But they are…?

Holla Forums is the height of idpol,Holla Forums remains anti-idpol
Holla Forums is Holla Forums's big other so its to be expected especially given that Holla Forumsacks can't stand an hour without another race realism, jewish question or libshit thread
hello where are the proofs?
there are multiple mods and the faggot BO has at least for now given up on that retarded idea
Holla Forums isn't a hivemind, there are stirnerites and moralists around.

tl;dr kys faggot

Why do you insist on butchering the english language like a southern negro minstrel even though you're an African who was raised in London? Just curious.

Holla Forums has countless threads dedicated to spazzing about "leftypol shills" and brigades.

It's literally the same audience

But Holla Forums is not the height of idpol, tumblr and leddit are?
But I thought we are supposed to fight against the bourgeois, not internet nerds?
The threads where we cannibalize ledditors from /r/socialism?
Sticky is still up.
What do moralists have against lolicon cartoon?

Nah, they ain't. That's just my grown male sexuality talking though so by all means do you as long as you don't break the law.

Well, they ain't daily since Holla Forums's big other is the jews.

Well, they are goddamn attractive, user.

I don't know what it means to be you, but I guess it depends on taste?

This is idpol in case you don't know.

But normies are idpolers?

So you look at 10-year-old girls in real life like I do at a fully developed female body? You don't see nothing wrong with that?

Answer my question please.

What's wrong with that?

12 year old looks like this nowadays. Do you consider this not attractive?


She's cute, not "sexy". Jesus, user…

Not who you're talking to, but loli doesn't really have anything to do with real children. They don't act, talk, or look like them any more than anime characters resemble real people most of the time. It's a highly idealized form of distilled positives with negatives removed and replaced with whatever's more desirable. A sort of romanticism of innocence and tenderness, with all the downsides stripped out, and then rendered in rosy pastel until they become their own thing.

Lolis are fiction. Practically another species. You may as well fantasize about Elves.

literally idpol.

I fuck anything from pretty, cute to sexy.

What does it matter?

What if you prefer cute over sexy to the point that they start to bleed into eachother?

I imply there's a difference? What matter is tumblr and leddit crying about idpol much more Holla Forums?
So you don't fight the bourgeoise?
So it's about migration after all?

ITT: pedos

People who like loli don't necessarily like real-life young girls, in fact, I'd say most people who like loli are repulsed by anything 3D.

Well, since this huge category are "spooked" people who believe in the necessity of a state, police, laws and such…

Cuz there's a spoken dialect in parts of England call "Black British". Listen to some Skepta or D Double-E interviews or some shit, wasteman.




There is no difference between cute and sexy.

Goddamn I can see that lil bitch in a leotard licking ice scream.

As long as it's anime it's…a little less creepy, but overall fine.

internet nerds are among the most useful pawns of the bourgeoisie and their ideology on the internet. That's why we need to bring them over to our side or at least ridicule them into submission.

lolicon is fetishised escapist kitsch that relies on a distorted image of the world. If you buy into the kitsch, even 'ironically' you are probably spooked. (in fact much of today's media depends on cynical irony, like you know its shit, but you keep consuming regardless) . And lolicon has a similar mechanism to irl pedophilia, as it relies on the image of a submissive object with no will of its own.

Yeah but why bring it to the internet it just seems try hard.

What's wrong with finding young girls attractive again?

B-but…we are internet nerds too?

I don't see how fapping to cartoon is spooked, you hating people who do fap to cartoon is spooked though? Why care at all?
wut? Is fapping to object pedophilia too?

plz, our board mascot is a catgirl

Eh…they still look a little too humanoid for my tastes and they ain't womanly enough for me. I ain't really into anime *takes cover*…but I prefer the extra thicc anime girls with impossible body proportions.

Who regularly gets depicted as fucked and gangraped, I know that, but you can see anti-lolicon even in this thread.

So you like fat bitches? Now I can't see anyone finding fat bitches attractive.

Some people type how they talk. Gotta tidy my grammar up a bit when I'm filling out forms or am at work though.

Holla Forums is always right.

Stop lying to yourselves.

My reply is an unreasonable chuckle.



Most internet nerds are drawn to reactionary ideologies, liberal idpol or technology worship. That has to change.

I don't 'hate you' or anything, i just think people should be more conciouss of the ideologies implicit in the media they consume. Being a passive uncritical consumer= getting cucked by capitalism

If the loli has boobs, is it still lolicon?

It's not a stereotype though, anarchist really isn't a majority among "normies".
Well, this is Holla Forums, we have a hebe board here.

Thicc and fat are 2 different things, m8.

Dude, shouldn't you fight the source that spread those things i.e. porkies?
Well, I pirate all my lolicon content so…

Everything. Like, all of it. That's what's wrong with having "feelings" like that bout prepubescent girls. Can't believe I have to even say this-_-…

There is nothing wrong with being a pedophile as long as you don't act on it.

are you a kike? you seem like the typical paternalistic kike that is drawn to communism.

Is that thick?

Because I'm seeing one fat ass over there, and it's not good looking.

Maybe because I'm fat myself, but I don't find fat people attractive.

Why is it wrong again?

Young girls are fucking attractive? Dude, I want to spitroast this bitch right here

She's begging for a cock right up her mouth.

Yes. It's a subgenre called Oppai Loli.

What is 'cute' anyways? it usually implies a desire to protect or nurture. Have you thought maybe your fetishes stem from misplaced emotional deficiencies and escapism?

why not both?

if you buy into the ideology of it, even passively, you are getting cucked

Because why fight the internet nerds at all?
I'm just fapping to cartoon, mang.

Way ahead of you. My fetishes are all coping mechanisms. I pick apart what makes me go like it's a hobby.

And yes, 'cute' more or less means it triggers your paternal instincts to defend, protect, and cherish. All the stuff we consider cute is stuff that lets you know something is young and vulnerable, and therefore in need of stewardship. Big eyes, soft voices, innocent demeanor.

Whaaa??? How's that fat?


Yeah I don't get it lol. Sure "fat ass" but not fat. You're posting some top quality girls fam - sexy as hell.

That's a lot of fat in her rear.

Excuse me?

Go away Holla Forums

How big of a rack are we talking here?

You read that right, profligate.

As big as you want them.

Japs have no limits.

Oh, you sound spooked, bruv.

How is that not midget porn?

The whole world is an ideological battleground, if you aren't winning someone else is. if you really love truth, beauty and freedom its important to be mercilessly critical of everything that distorts what you love and turns it into a commodity.

You like? Congrats, you're not a fucking weirdo.

Considering how young/exagerated the features are of most anime girls I can't really imagine "lolis" with boobs still being loli. There are plenty of adult/older characters who look a lot like lolis besides having boobs. Of course character design does vary widely in anime - but still. If you gave loli boobs - what still makes it a loli?

Reminder that if you visit Reddit for any reason, you need to have trenches dug out of your arms with rusty spoons.

Nah, I don't like fat people since I'm already fat.

I think it's weird to like fat people.

One thread. One.
Welcoming new people is how a community grows, being a bunch of snooty fucks turns us into a circlejerk
That blew over weeks ago
That's subjective

Sound vicious, user.

Why can't you let nerds be nerds?

If you defeat the porkies, the nerds would submit to you.

Well being into "fat" people is def it's own fetish. But if you think the girls Afroplasm's posting are "fat" you have some pretty insane standards.

Google oppai loli.

It's pretty much loli with big bouncy boobs.

Now I'm starting to understand why namefagging ain't welcomed round here. It's cuz with a username the fucked up shit you post sticks with you for as long as you post on the message board. Anonymity is the Holla Forums poster's last bastion before psychological oblivion.

…insane standard?

Most girls I know are skinny.

The stink of liberalism definitely is becoming more and entrenched here. Normal everyday posters are now regurgitating media talking points, the most egregious being the "hurr durr Trump's gonna be impeached" - the height of liberal retardation. I miss when Holla Forums used to scoff at normie bourgeois politics from either side.

You're wasting your time arguing with pedos, you know. They'll double down on their fetish to any extent; it's an exercise in futility.

What's so "fucked up" about what I post again?

And I just namefag myself. Anything wrong?

That's not fat user lol. Having curves ain't fat. I do like skinnier/more petite girls too (truth be told I also like loli lol) but I don't understand how anyone could see these hotties as "fat" that's just over the top.

She ain't fat though.

Those aren't curves.

This is curve.

That is fat.

What's her BMI, I wonder?

You look confused. Perhaps this will serve as an excellent exercise in your ability to compare and contrast two different things.

One is overweight, and the just has a big ass.

It's wrong cuz they're little girls, "Lolicon Socialist". They should be playing hopscotch and watching My Little Pony, not doing whatever the fuck you picture them doing. Ghaawd!

Why is it wrong to find young girls attractive again?
They should be doing whatever they want, including sucking cock and licking every drop, man!

I concur, the second one is skinny, just with some big thighs and asses for some reasons.

"for some reason" user do you not like big asses?

The same is true in and

Is that Bria Myles? Damn, she's fine…(the black one, not the albanoid land whale)

revolution is not a dinner party bruv. My beef with lolicons and nerds is not so much about the pedophilia, but about the bad faith escapism and cowardly retreat into liberal arguments ie. 'dont kinkshame me bro'


it's because namefags are self-important idiots as a general rule

Not thicc enough.

No, I like curvy asses, I do not like fat ass.

No, it's not true, these two got thick arms. They definitely are fat.

Delicious looking girls. Holla Forums are a bunch of retards - African & Asian women are far superior to plebeian white trash.

I'd love to stick my face up that ass

You have no taste

What's this kinkshame?

You mean you shame people for their fetish? Why? It's what they jack up to, man.

Goddamn that ass is bigger than her head.

I do not consider that beautiful.


I agree white women are disgusting. Leave them alone. In fact try to maintain a distance of 10km from them at all times. Do not migrate to countries with large amounts of white women please.

OK, more for me.

I frankly find those "big asses" proportionally disgusting.

big if tru

It's more like Holla Forums is tumblr because it's bothered by what people fap to.

Those arms are nowhere near thick enough to be overweight!

Ever considered a girl that young is not mentally mature enough to consent to fucking you? Listen I enjoy lolis too & have also found girls aged 11/12/13+ to be quite attractive - but it's another thing to think it's acceptable or appropriate to act on that or keep it anywhere besides the realm of fantasy. There's a reason besides spooks for why most sane people don't think it's okay to fuck children. Thankfully 16 is the age of consent in my country - that's young enough for me user how bout you?

They are thick enough to be fat man.

fap to yourself

Most people don't care until you start doing mental gymnastics to justify fucking 12 year olds.

If she can consent to eat an ice scream, I do not see why she can't consent to eat my cock?

yep, I stopped posting here since the hack

…mental gymnastics?

But genders and ages are spooks?

I am white lol - I can enjoy white women all I want. But it's just the truth that average non-white woman is way more attractive than the average white women - at least American white women.

Age is not a spook.

It is though, since it's a fixed idea people believe in.

Pretty much yes.

Irony being if lefty pol fails it will prove that Marxist ideology fails even in the virtual space. Again.

Even more ironic since the entire reason this place was made was when pol ownership changed and they went down the censorship road and get there are now mods here who are so ideologically blinded they do the same shit imkampfy does.

Personally I think it's fucking hilarious

I'm fat, so errr…


Listen I think it's okay to be attracted to younger girls/lolis as I am myself at times. That's more sympathy than you'll get from most people. I do take serious issue though with non-chalantly thinking it's okay to take advantage of their undeveloped minds and make use of them for your own selfish & perverted reasons. If you can't see the difference between "eating an ice cream" and being forced to suck your cock - I can't help ya comrade.


…take advantage?

So why can't this 16 year old suck cock but this 12 year old can't?

If she wants to suck cock, let her do it.

learn to like it

I wonder if this fag even knows what "Marxist ideology" is

Nah, that's spooked and against my interest.

For a stirnerite board, people sure do believe in a lot of spooks here.

So much for feels ain't reals lol

Glad I ain't the only red blooded male on this board.


Not enough thicc Asian girls out there…

if you can't turn yourself on, how are you going to turn a loli on?

-Socialist Lolicon

By licking her cunny maybe?

Gender is a spook, my man.

You need the spookbuster.

Well perspective is another major thing - I'm just 19 so I don't think the age gap between me & a 16 year old is that huge. If I was in my 30s or 40s tho it'd probably be time to stop aiming the low. If a 12 year old wanted to fuck other ppl in their age range that's totally fine imo - its okay for kids to explore their own sexuality with their peers - but it's asking for that allowance for adults to impose and manipulate children for their own sexual ends which rubs me the wrong way.

We get more Tumblr everytime some middle class faggot from California says something ignorant about the working class people

Who are you to decide what's okay or not?

Go find your own kinks man, and leave my 26 year old alone to get a 12 year blow job.

I bet you walk into Chuck-E-Cheese with a fistful of coupons on a Saturday night like it's a strip club, degenerate.

Eh I enjoy petite asians too - but thicc ones are pretty nice. Still you might discredit me since I also like lolis lol - but at least I'm more into the type your posting. Thanks for all the quality girls m8

Do you think you'd get that far looking like you do? If you were the loli how would you react?

No problem. Remember, keep anime and the real world separate.

I do not understand that reference?

I dunno, since I'm not a loli.

But if I have a fat old man fetish, I would be down with it.

Because he's a nigger.

How bout this one, you lurk in the McDonalds ball pit to the sound of the Jaws soundtrack.

…I don't get that either.

Though, I would like to take picture of girls in ball pit, haha.

How many lolis do you think have a fat old man fetish?
Don't you think you're probably better off going after traps?


Seems like a good plan.

14-16 is the best. Any country where that's not legal deserves to be carpet-nuked.

I dunno, but more than one?
Traps are breddy gud too.

fuck off namefag

Real talk, I hope somebody's dad beats you within an inch of your life, m8.

There is a careful balance that needs to be drawn with allowing kids (post-puberty) to explore and experiment with their own sexuallity (masturbation sex with their peers/friends/etc) but also not imposing adult influence on it. Adults - not just in the context of sex - have been shown to have a pretty dominating and controlling effect on children. At that age their brain is hardly developed enough to understand the scenario & an adult's influence is powerful. There's a reason children who've had sex with adults often wind up traumatized & why they aren't considered able to consent. This isn't really such a hard concept fam. It's fine to be attracted to that age as long as you don't make the leap into thinking it's okay to actually pursue them.. Then you're going into the realms of abuse.

Wow, scary m8.

Again, who are you to decide on the careful balance?

Are you some kind of spookmaster?

is Holla Forums starting to show signs of self awareness?????

More power to anyone who fap to this shit.

How about studies that show adult's out of balance influence on children, how their brains aren't developed fully, & have been shown not to be capable of decision making? How about countless cases of traumatized individuals & ruined lives because they were fucked as a kid, even with "consent?" I'm not just pulling these "spooks" out my ass man, you're clearly the weird one here. Feel free to fantasize about these girls, but don't make the mistake of bringing that into reality.

How about let go of your spooks and let individuals decide to do things by themselves?

This. The same pedos on this board wouldn't trust a 12-year-old with their firearm, but are tryna justify trusting they're responsible enough to give consent. Society's diminished.

For once, I trust a 12 year old with firearm.

Every (sex) workers ought to be armed.

What about the Japanese practice of shudo where an adult make took a youth as his lover? It lasted for hundreds of years and somehow Japanese society failed to implode.

You sure your username shouldn't be "Lolicon Lolbertarian", m8? Cuz Holla Forums don't sound like the right fit for you with that "anything goes" reasoning.

Nah, I care for the (sex) workers, not the porkies.

They are precious to me, since they suck my cock.

And they got rid of it cuz it was a degenerate practice.

You sound spooked dude.

Should you find yourself in Holla Forums?


Teens aren't children.

Do you have a single fact to back that up?

Yeah, because it's not like influence is universal and applies to adults too or anything. I guess we'd better ban all sex because adults influence each other.

Yes, and that reason is because feminazi academics made up a bunch of hysterical bullshit with absolutely no factual support. This trauma doesn't happen normally. It only happens when there's actual coercion, and merely being older than your partner doesn't qualify.

It's a bullshit concept believed only by idiots who listened to propaganda.

Fuck you, it is okay and there's nothing abusive about it, which is why it's legal in the vast majority of the world. You're just a virtue signaling cuck.

White people from London speak with idioms like "ain't them" as well.

Dirty old nonce.

Now get your ass back to Reddit.



In fact, the board will probably benefit if it has more of you guys here.

Maybe 'letting nerds be nerds' wasn't such a great idea after all. escapist shit breeds false concioussness, we are living in a world where millions of full grown 'respectable' adults see everything through the lens of mass produced children's entertainment.

It's a great idea, without nerds, I don't think people will be exposed to socialism much at all?

I want the Enterprise to come back in time and launch a barrage of photon torpedoes at everyone in that picture.

sure, i don't mean 'nerds' are bad people, I'm even willing to concede some aspects of 'nerd culture' initially had some great potential, but as it stands now, 'nerd culture' basically amounts to consumer identity politics.

Lolicon is entartete Kunst. And with that I'm out. Cheerio, cunts!

Well, dude, as said, without them, there wouldn't be much class conscious memes at all.

Bye bye?

you gotta differentiate between passive consumption and the more liberatory DIY aspects of culture, though

As in?

There's no ethical consumption in capitalism, dude.

gg Holla Forums

Holla Forums is a free love board, dude.

We aren't puritan like Holla Forums here.

you know, actually creating content that makes people engages with the world, rather than retreating into commodity fetishism and passive escapism, being critical of capitalist media


You are free to create those contents, dude.

Frankly I don't give a shit about people fapping to drawn images, I'm just pointing out this thread is pretty shit.

kiddie diddling is literally in the OP…

As for negress discussing, it's not my fault people can't see a beautiful woman when they see one

OK, bruv, thank you for not being spooked.

So Afroplasm is the new Hoochie Minh, if I understood correctly ?

Too easily triggered.

You just repeat your desires to spitroast a lil bitch and he will run away, every times.

Hoochi actually stays and rants about how sexist/racist/evil you are.

idpol includes reactionary garbage as much as it includes tumblr and liberal priorities, get over it faggot, Holla Forums has always been like that

What do you think it is a coping mechanism for? I have this same fetish for innocence and taking a protective role. I always though with me it might relate to the fact I lost my virginity in my early 20s and always felt like I missed out on the whole teenage girlfriend who you mutually lose your virginity with experience.

I have to disagree on this. White facial features are more aesthetically pleasing to me, blue/green eyes are objectively the best. I do feel like white girls are the most likely to let themselves go though, but mostly its because there is still a reserve army of niggers prepared to fuck them no matter what.

This. Lolis and hebephillia shit becomes totally unacceptable when you start pulling mental gymnastics to convince yourself that you can have a healthy relationship with a girl in her early teen.

I got banned for Transphobia but it got rescinded pretty quick.

When is the last time that Holla Forums stands on my side and ridicules the idpoler that hates and shames lolicon?

Translation: The other side has a point and I can't refute it, so I'm going to use a buzzphrase to avoid having to address any of their arguments.

you sound idpol as fuck, your identity merely involves jerking off to cartoon children rather than race or gender

On the contrary, that's just my fetish, not my life.

That's the problem with communism as an ideology. Although the threat is inherent in any pool of group discussion. Everyone is encouraged to participate in discussion, but there are so very few who posses the will to obey their politics, even if it means accepting things they personally might not like. In the beginning, the only users who payed mind to the existence of this board were those dedicated to seeing the world through a red lense. Now, its populated by people who are present for alternative reasons, and thus it's gone down hill. Remember, if you love something, don't tell anyone else about it.

Its always been like that.

Idealism is bad for you.

Thanks for the demonstration of why oldfaggotry is still faggotry.

we've been getting lots of redditors on this board for a while

I miss when we had 500 users on this board

it'd be cool if people didn't advertise "i post on Holla Forums" on reddit

most of the time they get banned from reddit for doing it though, don't they?

You should go and see and doctor.
I suspect that you suffer from severe homosexuality.

literally how


What is your point? All I see is people saying morality is a spook. Its pretty widely agreed upon by experts that taking sexual advantage of people whose brains aren't fully developed can cause them life long problems in emotional development. Inb4 they're only damaged because people expect them to be, regardless they are damaged.

You argument is basically I have the right to hurt defenseless children and fuck up their lives because I only care about my own ego. If you believe that I don't even know what to say.

The world would genuinely be a better place if you disappeared and no-one would miss you. You should seriously consider suicide.

My tumblr got banned because I used the word spook which is racist apparently.


They are. Slowly but surely.

Spook is an old school slur for negroes, like spade, darkie, etc.

It's just you.

I am spooked beyond belief about black girls. I do not like them and I am black (half). I still feel kinda guilty about it.

The guy who designs those did the HOPE campaign for Obama's presidential run.

They are attractive, but they are still fat. There is no denying that. They're just lucky to be born with the body type that places most fat in their asses instead of their bellies. If they were the other body type then they would be totally unattractive.


This and don't forget their faces/necks too, they have enough body fat as a girl who is unnattractive and could even be considered obese. You do indeed get those bodies by accident.

People in the USA are so fat these look skinny for them

It's not an accident. They are inheritable traits. But they ARE lucky to be born with those traits.

TBH, it's pretty unfair to that many women are cursed with the less attractive body type, AKA apple shape rather than pear shape. A pear shaped woman looks more attractive with a much higher body fat percentage than an apple shaped woman. Such is genetics.

It's not a problem if you are not a fat pig

Agreed. But it's all a matter of luck which you end up with.

You mean convincing. You know, like what happens with every other relationship. inb4 "they're not mature enough to decide because I said so, they have to have their rights taken away for their own good! look at this study!" And speaking of which…

These "experts" are pushing an agenda. Their studies are pseudoscientific trash. If we were talking about economics you wouldn't defend their fake studies because US economics departments are full of capitalist shills. But as soon as they put something out that supports your spooks you're happy to agree with whatever they say.

t. actual scientist who does actual science

I think the apple shape is by far the most common body shape in men, but some men have the pear shape. Think how rare it is to see a guy with a fat ass compared to guys with big stomachs.

I don't know the statistics, but I think white women seems to have the apple shape more commonly than black women. And black women have the pear shape more commonly than white women. That's where all the talk about white women having no asses (and black women with thick asses) comes from.

It seems like to me it's becoming less like Tumblr.
But mods are lagging behind the userbase, and so censorship is up.

But maybe that's just me.
Because it seems a lot less liberal here than before.

I'd like to follow this post up by referring to the argument in the news thread about the 14-year-old getting a physics degree and what an utter trainwreck that was for the busybodies. I mean Jesus Christ, there were people in there saying they were more qualified to decide how people's sex lives should be conducted than any teen even if they're a fucking prodigy, and acting like prodigies are all idiot savants who are only good at one thing and therefore can't be capable of consent. There were people there saying Stephen fucking Hawking couldn't make a sandwich, for god's sake. How did that not literally embarrass you to death? Are you really that fucking bereft of self-awareness? If I were a censorious ass like you, I'd be advocating for the mods to kick you off the board after that shitshow. You're obviously incapable of having a rational discussion and the community gains nothing from you. You people are neither morally upright nor substantially more competent than the average 14-year-old, let alone a genius. Get over yourselves.

Is that why the age of consent is 15 or lower in a huge portion of the world? Dipshit.

Brainwashed cunts obsessed with brainwashed cunts.

Fixed the image text.

The world would be far better off without people who want to tell other people who they can and cannot have sex with. Imagine a world without soccer moms, without racial purists, without prudes, without religious fanatics. How many problems that would fix!

Someone put a surprised monkey in a dress and handed it a toy phone.

Why are you so obsessed with fucking kids? it's almost like the idea holds some sort of obsessive power over you people, you know, like a 'spook' or something. Worst thing is, you aren't really attracted to kids, but to a fetishised image of kids that exists only inside your head. Tell me more about the contrived/unlikely fantasy scenario where you genuinely 'fall in love' with a child and how it justifies you fucking them, at least until they reach puberty and become gross and icky. It seems like your politics all revolve around defending and justifying your stupid fetishes to yourself. Cause that's what it is, a fetish probably based on your fucked up upringing and consumption of escapist media like lolicon anime and manga. That's a hell of a hill to die on, man.

This is why teen lovers (read: the majority of people) are the master race. We can actually stay in love with them over the long term, because they start out more developed. We just want the best model we can get to start out with. Wouldn't you rather have a new car from the current model year than a used one, or even an unused car from an older model year? If you pick the right car you can keep it running your entire life, but you want it to be as good as it can be at the outset.

And the moralfag is reduced to pounding on a strawman. It always ends like this, doesn't it?

Maybe if the people who support sexual freedom had Iron Man suits, this shit wouldn't happen.

This is the cringiest single post I've ever seen on Holla Forums.

lmao sure you are.

kys. 16 is the AoC in my country and the lowest they should possibly be. I would still never fuck a girl under 18 because anyone with any sort of social skills or empathy understands how immature younger people are.

Look at this one exception that proves I'm right. I'll tell you what if you meet a 14 year old girl with a degree in physics you have my permission to fuck her.

You will never achieve this pathetic fantasy, you will die a virgin.

dunno how a 14 yo knowing physics proves that he is fit for sexual intercourse but ok

14 is age of consent in my country and i'm not against it but it's just a retarded argument.

You're the reason building Iron Man suits is a good idea.

Could you possibly strawman any harder than this? 15 is legal in Sweden and Denmark, and not only is slavery illegal there, they have much higher happiness ratings and HDI than the US.

Why 18, then? Why not 25 if this is your standard? I've got a breaking news bulletin for you: Most people regardless of age are immature, including you. Especially you.

I deliberated between making a detailed response to this about how regular 14-year-olds are fully capable of governing their own bodies and just saying "challenge accepted." I couldn't decide, so here's both.

Maybe because one concept is inherently more difficult to understand than the other and therefore if you can understand the harder one, you can also understand the easier one?

there are lots of physics grads who don't even understand how to talk to people, let alone get a date. yet it's not like talking to people is harder than theoretical physics. it's almost as if they are two different tasks that have nothing in common.

Thats not how it works. Thats not how it ever works. Its a half measure step to a full problem.
What happens when you ridicule someone.
All you're really doing is making more converts for the other side. I really wish you would stop. Do you even begin to realize how bad it looks when the people who are supposed to be against the rich and for the workers are treating everyone like plebeians.
Just explain dismantle their opinion and explain yours with elegance and don't resort to name calling or superiority tactics. Even if they are being rude ass holes to you respond with politeness and understanding. You are, after all, the ones that made them so aggressive towards you in the first place. All you are doing now is raising tensions and the higher the tension is raised the less willing the other person is to put the gun down in a stand off. Control yourselves.

jee i wonder whos behind this post

That's right, everybody sick of that shit is raging
and got btfo and hasn't spoken of it since. nice narrative though.
that's r/socialism, dumbass
yup we should embrace something that not everybody likes, that's social suicide outside of shitty yotsuba clones, and is a guaranted derail for any point we try to make because you say so, that sounds like a really smart idea

Please go back to reddit.

Neither of these things are required to be capable of sexual consent. The only requirement is to understand the mechanics and medical facts of sex, which is easily doable by anyone who hasn't had their brain surgically replaced with a copy of The Art of the Deal.

idk what to do, so many people seem completely immersed in pop culture consumer ideology, it becomes part of their identities and makes them easily manipulable. that's why there needs to be an actual, living, breathing alternative culture that promotes engagement and liberation rather than passive escapism and commodity fetishism. it's up to us to create it.

Seriously? Being at least pubescent isn't a requirement? Just say you want to diddle toddlers bro.

What's really hurting his case is that he keeps getting soundly, rationally BTFO by the pedos he is arguing against.

No, puberty is not a prerequisite for understanding the mechanical aspect of sex.

Say the words.

there's also the emotional and power relationship aspects of sex, who are a bit trickier to say the least.

Nobody who hasn't gone through puberty would even want to have sex, so they're excluded by default.

And here we go with this canard again. Tell me, do you also think 50-year-olds and 18-year-olds should be banned from having relationships because the 50-year-old is likely to be more experienced?

Relationships between teens and 20 somethings are a bit of a grey area, though, if the age difference is large things tend not to work out so well, though it's theoretically possible its not something i would advise

Speak for yourself nigga.
I wanted to have sex since the first time I watched a porn movie when I was only 6 years old

provide a counterargument or put the dick back in your mouth

Why would I provide a counter argument when you provided none.
Everything you typed can be summed up to
nuh uh.
There were no points made. i'm not going to waste any further keystrokes.

I can confirm. I've masturbated since the age of 5.


Everything about your position is a grey area. No concepts have clear definitions. Every category of person is arbitrary. The entire justification for your position is based on various individuals' emotions, which you presuppose.

grey areas are good, most of the world is made up of grey areas

No, the world is made up of matter and energy in motion. Only morals are made up of grey areas.

you forgot your shitposting flag

The methodology you choose to achieve goals is just as important as reaching the goal itself. I understand you want to do everything you can and you should, the problem is that you're just doing it in the wrong way. We aren't in a physical war with these people yet. Crushing them is not the objective, showing them the light is. Of course people are going to become reactionary if you tell them that they're either abusing people or being abused. Nobody wants to think that they are abusing people and nobody wants to think they they would let themselves be taken advantage of. Don't point out how they are wrong and laugh at them for it, instead show them that you are right.

There is no real left anymore. 99.9 percent of leftists are just normie liberals who only care about gay rights and shit. There is no communist revolution coming. Luckily the totalitarian right will swoop in and exterminate all you fags anyways once we reach diversity levels in the west that are unsustainable

7. To my mother. In my defense, she was ridiculously hot at the time.

Absolutely no virgin is "capable of processing the myriad potential consequences of sex." I don't care how old he is.

t. Holla Forums


Sure they, will buddy.

American liberals are left. the same way neocons are right.

This distinction is basically pointless. No one is sitting around jerking themselves off to Marx and reading about communist theory other than fringe groups of people like the posters on this board.

Your revolution is never happening. You're going to get a lot more idpol, 47 genders, blacks chimping for more welfare and eventually a Nazi masturbation fantasy where people like you are exterminated.

Why can't Holla Forums make their own memes? Why is everything they make a shitty ripoff of superior Holla Forums content? I bet it's because fascists can't make anything productive, only tear down and destroy like those violent protesters at Berkley. :^)

I find kids attractive ergo I want to fuck kids.

How? I was 5, I could ejaculate so the only danger would be getting a STD.

... capital and diversity_final.pdf

The american overton window is bullshit. Centre right is not left.

Your Nazi masturbation fantasy is never happening, bucko.

so because nobody's a perfect driver, we should give 5-year olds those big blocks Short Round had to work the gas and brakes and let them drive, got it.

This right here is exactly what i'm talking about here >>1686307

Look at the way he calmly interacts with you. Yes he calls you a bitch but you freak out over it posting images meant to rile him up. Just imagine he is a suicidal kid that is about to blow his brains out when suddenly someone calls him a pussy and claim that they would kick his ass. Why would you do this? You only hurt the cause.


Kek. Copying Holla Forums yet again.



this is gonna be a long summer, isn't it comr8s?

I get it. I don't want to be associated with them either but they are leftist. Do you see Holla Forums complaining about neocons not being true right wingers.
Its a purity spiral

Nice non sequitor. Your argument that children are not "capable of processing the myriad potential consequences of sex" is entirely undermined by the fact that absolutely nobody is their first time around.

I never claimed that.

Okay reddit. Lets stop, take a breath and ignore him.

Suddenly, the world is a better place.

this is why mods need to stop banning people for posting Comrade Dogdoo

Pepe came from some furfaggot by way of Gaia Online. It began in cancer, and thus it stays.


wew, okay champ I'll spell it out more clearly: a child is physically capable of both playing with themselves and operating a motor vehicle. that does not know they have the experience or neurological development to understand the consequences of sex or car wrecks to the degree that the average non-retarded adult can be reasonably expected to (or are likely enough not to have, so we can skip your pedantic anecdote about how mature some kid your uncle who works at Nintendo knows is more mature/self-aware/woke than most adults).

take your meds, butthurt faggot

I fapped to dat blue eye goddess. It's true we are degenerates. Embrace it, bucko

10 year olds are old enough to understand. This is also the age we begin teaching them sex ed. So Stop with this nonsense.
There is no reason two consenting humans shouldn't be allowed to elope.

Wow thats super fucking racist and not okay.

Nobody does their first time. That's how experience works.

You pulled that out of your ass.

What consequences are they incapable of understanding? The strange emotions they might feel afterward? Them and every other recent virgin.

Checked and but also fuck off. Seriously.

I swear to god if you end one more statement with a question mark I will fucking kill you.

Children are very underestimated in modern society.

Aww… you're cute.

It's like they think that children are just dumb pets like their little lap dogs.

But why?


Sweetie it doesn't matter what skin color you are. idealizing blue eyes is racist and yes, only certain groups have blue eyes. Stop glorifying racial traits in a sexual or hierarchal way.

Question marks belong at the end of questions only. It is infuriating to see you place them at the end of non-question statements.


B-but I'm posting question?


God I fucking hate pigs. Look at this stupid fuck. Its always about juvenile understanding of the systems in place.
Look you dummy communism isn't about giving money to the government. Its about re allocating resources in a fair many so that everybody get a fair chance to do something with their lives.
Why are Holla Forumstards so stupid. Why are these virgins so obsessed about race. RACE ISN'T THE ONLY THING YOU CAN BASE A COMMUNITY AROUND.


That was a statement. You described what you were doing. A question will typically have the words who/what/when/where/why/how/which, and is fundamentally a request for information.

Holla Forums has hourly
threads. That's where 90% of their content comes from. see: >>1686720

, we have daily
Those threads usually suck but they're not at all a new phenomena.

Holla Forums isn't some tryhard operations hq, we talk about whatever the board consensus finds fitting to talk about, most politics in the modern era is about meaningless shit in the first place.
Good, moderation was suspicious the admins would try to shut us down, it doesn't hurt to make the board familiar with our bunkers.
What do moralists have against horsefucking cartoon? Or goru cartoon? It isn't banned, it's probably just censored like the rest of NSFW shit.

Your thread sucks. Kill yourself.

Not being abel to detect sarcasm is a symptom of mental disabilities.
Just trying to fit in with you fags.



But that could also be a question. as in "but aren't I posting a question?


Not true. But also it's soo obvious that you are a faggot pretending to be another faggot. No tumbrina would ever say that one group owns a trait. OMG, so bad. Go back to pol and try your bait there.


oh no not the jaypeg spam anything but that


We just require a non-spooked acknowledge, not shame and "seriousness".

Can any of you actually refute the second image? Why don't you donate all of your profits to those in poverty? Why don't you live in a commune instead of trying to fuck everyone in the world over through dictatorship and starvation.

just like everything else you disagree with, fancy that

To add why do you think everyone but you are useless babies that need to be dragged into communism whether they like it or not because you just know they are going to like it. Stop assuming what I want sinners.

actually some jew scientist said blue eyes came from Africa.
(Varg's a creationist)

It clearly is though. No human on earth has eyes like the kid in the first image. Find me 10 more photos of the kid and i'll believe you.
The others are believable but again, just because someone is brown doesn't mean its not a racial trait of wherever they come from.

Leaving out the "but aren't" makes it dependent on the context. It is fine in a real life conversation where inflection can be used to imply it is a question. However "I am posting a question" by itself is an affirmative statement.


All humans come from Africa you dumb tard. I wouldn't be surprised if it did originate there and then those dumb niggers killed them all for being spooky ghosts so they had to migrate north.



had me fooled

Lel, no.


What a clearly reputable non biased source.

Only the furthest right picture looks real. I am 100% positive those other two are shooped.
Again, I don't doubt it. Its still a racial trait of whatever tribe they are from.

forgot pic


Socialism isn't about wealth distribution or "moral duty", and the implication that they "never do anything" is retarded and directly contradicted by your own fears that they'll lead to *another* socialist uprising/revolution

There, it's literally wrong from every possible angle of analysis

Okay then, i'll see you and the end of my gun them. i guess there was never any point in any debate. Funny then, why you spend so much time here though.


it looks shopped though.

Holy shit you people are absolutely retarded.

Convince me of what? That blue eyes devoloped in Africa? I already concede. That the first two images in that article and the first image in your post are shooped? Thats because they are.


Says the person with nothing but ad hom to back up his statements. There's very little chance given the quality of your contributions to this thread that you aren't well below the average intelligence here

Like pottery

That picture on the far left is not shopped, but the color is not natural and the boy is blind

So much for the rational right

wasn't my post, but continue to neither prove what you assert or fuck off, everybody wants to hear more

I'm pretty sure it's the same person posting this image every time, since it's really not so witty that anyone would have copied it.

Lol, you're so retarded I don't even know where to begin…