Is this written by some jap an-cap because this ideology is purer than Heisenberg's meth...

Is this written by some jap an-cap because this ideology is purer than Heisenberg's meth. Even by the standards of the genre.

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I've been following this show and the sports festival arc is unsettling
I have a hard time putting this into words, I guess it's no different then real life athletes and sports but it's unsettling the way it's presented here. Also I don't think theres anything wrong with competition and sportsmanship however this seems in poor faith.
Why are Japs such big authority cocksuckers?

Anime is the lowest form of art.

idk man, one piece is shonen thats incredibly anti-authority and its the most sold manga of all time.

Just like every fucking generic shonen ever? I don't know why are you suprised comrade.


Anime is pretty fun.


"Anime" is not a form of art. Animation is.

"Anime" is literally "animation". Just say not all anime is art and you won't look stupid.

How is there anything AnCap about it? It's all about friendship, teamwork and heroism. Kind of the antithesis of ancapism.

The system does come into question over the course of the series.

It's all about muh individualism and competition, contrasted to other anime which usually focuses on working as a team.

Aside from the entrance exam the heroes almost always work in teams.

Would this be accurate?

how is Gurren Lagann authoritarian.

How could you fuck up the top right corner when GATE exists?

I thought it was more about taking power rather than opposing it on principle.

Maybe I'm wrong. Do you have a better idea?

Fair enough.

Where would legend of the galactic heroes fit in that chart ?

Both AoT and GATE would fit in the upper right

Gurren Lagann end with all of humanity united as one because of spiral power, basically meaning that the old ways of government is obsolete. The entire series is about fighting one form of authroitarianism (Lordgenome) and then another (the anti-spirals).
I would call Gurren Lagann extremely Left Libertarian.


Well, the end goal of left-authoritarian ideologies is the eventual abolition of the state as well. I thought Gurren Lagann fit more with the mold of taking state power, which withers away after abolishing the old class society (Lordgenome and the anti-spirals)

Do you have a better idea for the authoritarian left, I'm open to it.


The best anime are either leftist or center.

Really make me think.

What about authoritarian left and libertarian right?

I couldn't think of any so I left them empty, feel free to fill them.

Well, the political compass is an oversimplification, TTGL, like most form of communism, can be interpreted as both authoritarian and libertarian.

Class Society only vanishes in the show because the main characters go to war in order to smash it. Rossiu wanted to take power in a coup in order to preserve humanity by not fighting the anti-spirals and he was proven wrong by the shows own narrative.

high School of the Dead should go somewhere on the right, the author is a hardcore nationalist/survivalist

Honestly KLK and TTGL should swap places, otherwise this is good.

I've heard that Miyazaki has communist tendencies in his works, although I only really watched his movies when I was young so I wouldn't really be able to confirm or deny this.

Would you say it leans more to the survivalist or nationalist end of things?

Should resize so all the pictures are recognizable.

Definitely survivalist.

Its nationalist theme is mostly about rather obvious things like don't open your borders to anyone and respect your culture/identity or right wing people are well-armed to fight in post-apoc situation, which are rather common and logical themes.

At one point the main characters seek shelter at a mansion owned by an ultra-nationalist politician and he's portrayed as the best chance for survival because military discipline.
On the other hand the manga also portrays people who have sympathy for others and want more cooperation to survive as naive zombie food.

Okay, but we still need authoritarian left.

What about Re:Zero?

I'm not a fan of the political compass meme but I might as well throw in my 2 cents since in.

Most anime won't touch capitalism with a ten-foot pole so it makes more sense to differentiate upper left and upper right based on their portrayal of the state. If the state is portrayed as mostly good, that reflects an upper-left vision. If the state is portrayed as a "necessary evil" that reflects an upper right vision.

So by this measure I'd posit Hero Academia as the upper left since the heroes essentially work for free, as agents of the state, but are ultimately subordinate to and dependent on the state authority. The "state" here is not explicitly evil, and possibly not even capitalist. I would contrast it with something like Psycho_Pass (for the upper-right) where the state is explicitly capitalist and authoritarian, but is seen as necessary despite these things. The bottom left would something like Akira which explicitly rejects the state AND capitalism while the bottom right would be something like Black Lagoon where mercenaries reject th estate, and work for their own profit.

Did this thread get started because of the Mother's basement vid?

I think it's in many ways even less than libertarianism or ancap, which at least has superficial anti-authoritarian pretense. The way he talks about it is really more classically conservative or feudal, in that these people ascend to greatness due to their good intentions for others.
MB tries to pass this off as vaguely liberal because it criticizes heroes who are self-indulgent, but the Randian disregard of restrain has never been that popular of an idea outside of the petty bourgeois. The idea of the benevolent billionaire philanthropist has always been a way more effective way to defend capitalism, and really only gets replaced with the outright cravenness we see now when capitalism is in decline.

MB is inadvertently professing the ideology of either the conservatism of fifteen years ago or the Messiah-complex silicon valley billionaires in rapid ascendence.

This is quite an interesting discussion. Have you seen the show or read the manga? I never thought about Hero Academia in this way, which sounds Nietzschean. How does one reconcile this view with the character of "Endeavor" who ascends to the second highest ranking despite his obvious sociopathic tendencies?

I haven't unfortunately, though I've heard a lot about it before. I'm mainly analyzing the ideology of the Mothers Basement video on the anime that just got released. It's still well made when though I disagree with it quite a bit. It did actually stimulate thought, though it took me to the exact opposite conclusion.

It does make me wonder what works of art can consider the nature of competition while still taking a less hierarchical viewpoint of the world.
Ping Pong does an alright job of it, though it occasionally veers into harsh territory.

I know very, very little about GATE. Could someone please give me a rundown on how it would be right-wing authoritarian?

Its even worse than normally. If you compare it to Kill la Kill, OnePiece or HxH the difference becomes clear.

anime is a genre of cartoon

klk is authoritarian

it paints satsuki's totalitarian rule as justified means to an end

KLK is autothoritan, One Piece is more libertarian.

JSDF discovers a gate to a generic medieval fantasy world, they beat up the chinese and american armies, and control the fantasy world honorably because they are samurai and NANKING IS CHINK LIES.

not really. Satsuki isn't the one to beat Ragyo, Ryuko is. Satsuki's plan to lead the students to fight her mother fails.

Wow. I'll have to check that out sometime. Going by your word, I imagine it would be worth watching out of the sheer fact that it's actually the kind of "redpilled" anime that places like Holla Forums like to claim the industry is full of

Fuck the Japanese, I mean what the fuck is their problem? It's an entire country of pork-bots that only exists to serve thier master.

I love what this board makes people type

Yes because the JSDF is big enough to take on both the Chinese and American armies, jesus japs come up with the most inane shit sometimes, Jormungand ending comes to mind.

Miyazaki had a history of working with left-wing student groups but nowadays he believes humanity is ultimately doomed and the best we can hope for is nature recovering after we're gone

nationalist propaganda is one hell of a drug. Plus after the war the country never really had a chance to confront it's own past like Germany did. The allies (read:America) wanted to rebuild Japan for their own purposes and let a lot of nationalist ideas from the old government slide as long as they were obedient to the US.
The first postwar Prime Minister had his political career bankrolled by an ultra rightist yakuza working with the CIA.

I don't remember much about Jormungand but yeah the ending was stupid. Where would it fit on the compass though? I'm still not sure if the story was meant to be anti-gun or just used guns as a symbol for violence and war.

Also, working with the RL JSDF to recruit.

I linked the wrong article lol

It doesn't. Anime and modern war themes just don't mix well with me. Sorry I'm sick and tired

Dudes so I have a theory I've been building with a friend while watching this show. A lot of it is still vague but I'm pretty sure the part where All Might gives Izuku his power is like a weird reactionary metaphor for the marshall plan

Also I think Endeavor is supposed to be some analog of the USSR, with Todoroki being post-collapse russia
















You forgot to post some K-NTR.

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Fucking shitposters. So yes, there's funding from the government and military in anime and it's used to shape public perception.

Is it really Worst Korea?

Definitely - One Piece is very anti-authoritarian and one of the main "friendship" themes is learning how to share your burdens & hardships with other people & relying on more ppl than just yourself. Which is in a way a pretty communitarian/anti-individualist ideal.


I'd disagree. OP does not present the "good" pirate cooperatives as conformist social circles. Main crew is pretty much the genuine Stirner's Union of Egoists

Hmm true but it preaches heavily about the value of resting easy within the context of your group - while in the larger sense definitely emphasizing a no-holds-barred approach.

All anime is ultra-capitalist garbage of the worst kind. It is created by an exploitative, entirely profit driven industry that will work the proletariat to death if given the chance. Not to mention that the vast majority of it is counter-revolutionary garbage. Anime can not be co-opted. It must be destroyed. Their can be no anime in a post-capitalist society.



I've never thought about One Piece like that but you've intrigued my autism.

Only real leftist anime 1 serial experiments lain 2 NGE 3 akira 4 madoka magica 5 kaiji

you forgot Planetes ya pleb

Kill la Kill isn't a shonen anime. Shonen is a demographic, not a genre. One Piece and HxH are considered some of the best popular manga/anime for the shonen demographic and aren't exactly typical.

Too cuck sorry but manga is good

Where would you place this?

There are way more than that. I wish casuals would stop talking about anime.

Yes but these are the top chinese cartoons user-kun

Tbh, anime is a full on product on capitalism

Beyond ideology

I cried, tbh

I always thought that one for all was the one leftist thing in the show
Shill man made a video about it

Try Watching good anime instead of this /a/ garbage and you won't have this problem

Where does Digibro's ideology lie?

He's an Egoist.

I think Akame ga Kill would be a better choice for the upper-left. Literally about a group of assassins who murder members of the ruling class in a monarchy in order to foment a revolution to overthrow it.

Digi is a weirdo and kinds has an incoherent mishmash of ideas but yeah in some sense he is an egoist.
At least he isn't stuck in pure ideology land like Jesse
man I love him but fuck me his centrism is cancer

Liberal at best and fascist at worse.

Nah, Stain is by far the most left-leaning character in Hero Academia. There is a clear anti-capitalist element to Stain's philosophy.

I was always confused by this show as the author is ultra right.

Did not know that.

Naruto almost sounds like pro eugenics propaganda with all the talk about bloodline traits and how Uchihas are genetically predisposed to be emo mass murderers.

This. During the Marineford Arc, a pirate asked Luffy whether he considered himself a good guy or a bad guy. His answer was, in the most basic terms, that he doesn't give a shit about labels like that.

that was fishman island.

Ah, thanks.

Do you even wish for death?

Seriously, if you analyze animes using such political lens you're just as retarded as liberals that use Harry Potter to analyze politics.

Harry potter is bad because it's simplistic black and white horseshit.

Not analysing politics in media is being a pleb, you don't even belong on this board.

there's nothing wrong with analyzing fiction, liberals are just retards who don't understand politics.

like pottery

Shit, I guess Zizek sucks now.

Lol, I read some of Zizek essays and watched some of his videos, also some others critical theorists, but that's not my point.
I said using *such* lens. because it is equivalent to a dumb liberal analysis "boku no hero is ancap". I don't know why someone would even compare a Zizek's analysis with one done for a leftypol user without putting much thought into it. The fact that you even mentioned Zizek, thinking that somehow I wouldn't know who he is, is ludicrous.

What-the-fuck-ever dude.

Grow up.


the thing about scorpio is right but homer should've stayed anyways.

madoka magica is the true materialist manga. It perfectly explains dialectics through the story of the cute magic girls exactly because it undergoes the purest destruction of ideology in itself. I never in fact thought about it as defeatist exactly because action in it is shown to have real effect (as madoka changes the form of reality) but the problem is that we have a reality that is more powerful that we think in front of us (as the problem of madoka is that the universe has a set of law that may be even changed but the powers of madoka don't allow her completely in changing them)

The colors are AnCap too

retard alert

The idea of certain families or clans being certain ways predates and is not that much like the idea of race or eugenics.