He's not gay guys, come on. he prayed it all away

he's not gay guys, come on. he prayed it all away.

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vk.com/search?c[adult]=1&c[length]=2&c[q]=lana rain&c[section]=video&c[sort]=2

also goodnight erryone


Night Cup


nini cuppers

I give you sass because every time I've let my guard down around you you've made me regret it.

I dont really think you've ever let your guard down around me
Jeez, why are you so on edge anyways?
You swear like I'm out to get you

We can never seem to be on good terms
What a shame, I wish I could be good friends with you.


strange creepy head tilt!


Mhm, I am about to sleep finally so thought I would say hey beforehand.


You're only friendly for a little while and then you start taking shots so if I ever open up to you and talk about more personal topics you'll just use it as ammo.

you are good.

Man, doesn't this just warm your soul?


Round Table is so soothing
I wish more people knew about her album "Memories"
I also wish it was on YouTube lol


Bet Mordin makes a great trap slut girlfriend.

Good night to you too


Yes it does, this is actually really really darn good.

Thanks Sub.

Night all of you.

have sleeps

You never did though and never were planning to, like I honestly got frustrated you didn't trust me and just sorta gave up on being friends.
Like shit dude, I get I could be an asshole at times but if I'm actually willing to be good friends with someone I wouldn't fuck them over.

If only you knew man
Like even though I'm an asshole to Luka I still sent him a Luka plushie and never leaked the address I sent it to.

I guess this is somewhat my just deserts for being such a bully on here throughout the years. I'd like to get along with everyone but that's never gonna happen lol
Sorry about that


Oops forgot pic


I did tell you things to check if you'd use it against me and you did. You also tried your best to bully the shit out of me.

Get used to it.

Soto is a pretty cool dude tbh fam


Man, this is my jam after a long stressful day of work. This soothes my soul man, then towards the end the LA LA LA's are the cherry on top
Music really is great

Too bad Spoilers left

I wanted him to give it a listen

night pritty, morning thread

You mean *Pretty

I've gotten pretty used to it
Though it would be nice getting along with everyone

Yeah, part of that was cause of me just being mad at you. Another part of it had to do with my drinking/drug problem and how out of control it was getting.

Did I actually hurt your feelings? If I did, I apologize.
I was going through a rough time and kinda just focus most of my anger on you.

Thankfully I've been clean for some time and my drinking has calmed down drastically. Thanks to my dad and sis

y-you too

Yeah well you probably didn't help it with what you had done.

Goggles on the other hand is a shitter

You what now?

In other words, you messed up.

Good morning faggots

morning faget

How's uou


Dont we all eventually though?

Waking in the morning is for chumps

sleep is deaf


im good, just finished breakfast, watching comp build vids and stuff


I just got home, drove all fucking night nearly 12 hours, and I'm not fucking tired.




remove bump


atomic bump


I wish it was like that.

Hey Fins are pretty good at shoegaze. The second half is really neat.

Oh, not playing old classic trucker songs whilst driving throughout the night?

I've actually never heard of that band.
Seems like a mix of post-rock and shoegaze.
Also found this about a few days ago.

Yee, they do mix those genres, their album from 2017 is heavier on the post-rock side.
His rapping isn't too far from spoken word, I like how it sounds and goes with the instrumentals though.

No. Mostly I listen to black metal on headphones because I don't want any one I pick up looking at me funny. Hell who am I kidding they already do.


I think I actually found the song through Tribe Society's Kings, probably recommended it to me because both songs were used by Conor McGregor.
That's pretty good shoegaze, although it seems to be working up with the post-rock also.
I actually found this song after 2 years of searching.
I just never put enough effort into finding it before.
Heard it on this webm from Russian 2ch.

I've never been into black metal too much, mostly just like thrash and melodic death metal/viking metal.

smh go back Stockholm and get sucking some muslim cock you Suomi infiltrator

Is that the Valkyria Chronicles anime?

Black metal is quite a small genre here, death metal is more common.

Nope, that's Short Peace.

To be specific, Farewell to Arms part of Short Peace, since it's a series of different story movies.
Kind of like Memories (1995)

Death metal just sounds so boring. It doesn't sound like it was made because anyone wanted to make it if that makes sense. I dunno, you just don't get anything that sounds memorable or makes you think or feel anything. Have some good shit

I was making a shitty joke, thank you very much.

No idea who. The song is catchy though.
I run out of Japanese shoegaze bands from the JPN shoegaze chart, guess my next step is to check the discography of the bands in the Chinese shoegaze compilation album.

I appreciate the instruments in death metal, as long as it's melodic death metal.
Not to mention that I've seen Amorphis and Insomnium live because I really wanted to see them.
Even though Amorphis was playing their earlier folk metal stuff.

Rin, you know that I'm not weeb enough to understand about your weeb console games.

He's an UFC champion, so pretty much martial arts fighter.
I believe you linked that to me earlier as I were comparing it a bit to Kula Shaker.

Honestly I always thought the instruments (besides the drums) were the weakest parts in death metal. but whatever to each his own.

I think drums are the strongest in Thrash metal though.
Although I'll appreciate vocals too if they're somewhat clear, in which black metal isn't the best.


The vocals are supposed to be shitty in black metal. Everything is supposed to be shitty in black metal. That's the point. But black metal memes aside, I think what really speaks to me about the genre is how a lot of it is produced by a single person, it gives it more of personal feeling to it.


Likely, I do like that song more than I probably should. I always end up forgetting who did I show what to.

That's a nice share, not the kind of music I'd look for myself but I like it, I also know someone I'm sure that will love it.


I disagree



Yes Luka?

That's a pretty horrible justification for it to be shitty.
I think the only black metal band that is passable for me would be Burzum because the sound of the instruments isn't all molten together.
Have something completely random.

Ah well, it happens every now and then.
Also you've linked that before too, it just reminded me of Yuck.

make me happy ;~;

I did? Christ, I should make a notepad and put list every song share I do in there.
That's a really neat album, although I honestly don't remember it being that much catchy the first time I listened to it.

I'm planning to watch Paprika today or tomorrow.

I wanted to share something else but I'm unsure if I already showed it to you, since I know that I already showed it to a fair share of people.


DFC is actually still alive.



I'm not sure about that myself.

how am i awake this early

Is something wrong?

Yeah, I've got a notepad of all the recommendations, although I randomly recall that somebody told me about something, so I rarely use it.
It's also kind of my backlog for shows/movies.
I bet you'll like it, the OST is way too great.
Nope, you haven't sent me that before.
Also this had been for far too long on my Youtube frontpage.

Because existence is torment.

Good afternoon everyone.

80s J-pop? I'm curious to how you got there but that sounds quite good, also pretty jazzy.

Kinda feeling like listening to popular but not entirely popular music.

Weird, today I woke up after 5 hours of sleep full of energy.

How does it feel to be less significant and useful than maggots?
You namefagging arrogant fucks should be a textbook example of worthless, hell, maybe you already are. God fuckin' knows you earned it



What's up?

Why not?


Heya Squiddy, I'm okay feeling ill but managing. How about yourself?

Indeed. See? Its easy. Even mighty incompetent genetic defects such as you twats could do it.
OR maybe not. Yall dumb niggers would even fuck this up
Never hurts to try tho!

cuz i went to bed at 1

I don't remember the scene where she told Gab to hang herself...

No clue at all, but it was probably the only good thing Youtube had recommended to me in a good while.
Apparently I didn't add a few songs to my backlog and I'll need to find them some day again, oh well.

plz give hugs and love.

xhamster is not about hamsters

I'm alright. Gonna clean some stuff today I think. After vidya

when'd you wake up?


Watching animu now, I'll check that later.

She should have definitely told that to Satania during that art class though.

So what's wrong?

The fact that I can't recall the songs I heard a few times bothers me so much right now.

Nice not bad, I'm just going to relax and try to get comfortable.

brushy brushy preparing for bed temperature is already stabilizing back at 21 degrees after I turned off heater thoughI wish it was like 17-19

complex people struggles...

Empty confirmed obsessed with being comfy.

How comes?

Satania was really pushing her luck there, lol.

5 hours
sounds like plenty tbh


Take solace in the fact that you will never be this bad at SC2.

It's one of the only ones I can work on my phone without ads and weird stuff.

wtf is the red nignog doing


It is a natural human thing to be curious about some times.

fuck its gorgeous outside... perfect day to slack and play video games

Jesus christ

He's making a CC, and flying it to the corner of a map, then pretending to be AFK, in the hopes that blue destroys his base, thinks the game broke, and leaves.


ad block browser is great for that kinda stuff

I am obsessed with being comfy, it's the best thing there is.

Imagine, having such a big dick that it intimidates people?

I mean I dont need to imagine it. But, just think.


Iam bad but Iam not that bad


About what?

Red was the competent player in that game.

Blue was just...

tbh I played like blue in a custom castle builder map on like warcraft once I think

I made walls and a few traps outside and some archers and called it a day and justwaited

of course I lost

meanings of stuff.

If you're talking about the map I think you are, that's how you're supposed to play that one.

What stuff?

Now I wouldn't go that far.


I mean.
He knew how to play.
In theory.


aaa really

I lost to people building siege units



I had a 1 hour game tbh

Rest well, Neru.

A lot of videos in the related section are also great
It's stuff like this that gives me the occasional desire to play multiplayer RTS but then I never do, rip

personal things.

I'm going to bed, myself.


I really like this one, for no real reason, lol.

I'm high as fuck, I need an adult.

I don't have to go to work tomorrow either.

I work late tomorrow
Drink for me scoots



Dude, I don't drink no more.


Scanners high why would I make him drink on top of it

Because you are a savage. Thats to both.

Thanks for not putting that idea into my head, I'm already a mess, ty.

Is there anyone on this board who isn't a fucking savage?


Ah well, I hope it gets better for you.

Sleep well Giggles.


at least youre here~

Rolled 5 (1d6)1. Konosuba
2. Konosuba
3. Konosuba
4. Konosuba
5. Maid Dragon
6. Konosuba

Rolled 5 (1d6)OH MY GOD


I'm watching Maid Dragon now thanks to that SICK FUCKING ROLL, SON

Rolled 2 (1d6)5 and we all watch Dragon Maid.

Congratulations on your arrival

Holy shit
Fucking destroyed.

I guess, I'm a bit busy currently though.

The dice hath speaketh.



Maid Dragons are cansir faygo trees

why not both silly

Fucking cosmic loli nerds

im a loli irl

same tbh

wanna do drugs?


Can I join?

No, it will be more fun if we exclude you just because we're excluding someone.

Awh, okay!

Holy fuck this MDMA is gud


Droogz are bad


this is a good picture

This is goodness.

aw... :c

And it seems like so are you.

ell emm ayy oh

lmao the new civic type r is trying too hard

wheres my good old ek9


looks cool

I feel it's the black painted, uh, whatever the fuck the body panels are made of, parts that push it from okay to trying to hard.

Like, the black shit just below the hood around the top of the honda logo, or around the bottom.

i dunno... =\

looks kewl i want a kewl lookin hi tech fancy car like that!

You seem busy.

not anymore

Was playing games, or?

i will use it to masturbate one day


but now im just sitting here

Oh, so any plans for today?

take a noon shower later
and uh... i dunno. scrounge around for something to eat i guess...
and watch youtubes and thread.

Ah, sounds pretty good.
I'm just going to take a shower in a bit and visit some relatives before I'll take my leave for a week.

i'll miss u ;~;

kill me


A mosquito stops sucking when you slap it
Try that

brb ky myself



Hey guys, not sure if you're the alice crowd but I saw this (pic related) and was wondering if that crispy twat moved on to greener pastures (piracy). If anyone knows or if she's still a thing.


Ah, so it's opposite to /a/lice



Become the leader we need.



I mean I get it but aren't you some kind of homo? You know this isn't gonna work out for you well with the Russian crowd, right?

Who fucking cares about alice

There's loads of people from back then I'd like to know about but most don't pop up as a major uploader on torrent sites, ya dig?

Video stuttering
Not t-this k-kind of stuttering
Really why tf would you even make that connection

Wasn't stuttershit her nickname for the longest time?


SHE doesnt come to this site but the comm is alive and well elsewhere, will post topic threads on 4channel on occasion to this day.
i personally know that SHE will regularly lurk here but wont actively post because of what a few people here have done historically.


and user gave her the name "stuttercunt" because of an image cap from a modban

No worries man, I know she's a she. How's Alex btw? Assuming you're the right one.

Suttercunt oh right, yes.

just ask her in her twitch stream dude :^)

she was cancer but I don't remember it being this bad

Not sure if it was creepy asking you that, my bad meant it in a normal way like how's life.

Oh man you don't even know

alex is doing well., starting preschool

this or email

its all good, i mean. i did share that aspect of my life pretty freely, its general public knowledge for those that give a shit for yours truly

War, war never changes.

You sound like a lawyer man, glad she's well. How about you?

She even has a Patreon that lets you worship her feet or something.

Hi Sama :3

what is this autism

o hai bae



the irony is not lost furfriend

ban them all

Blame that user!


Should give me a hand maybe

'Sup fam?

'Sup fam?


I filtered user while experimenting and can't even see my own shit
Now this is some minimal posting


its beautiful out... 22 out there and ive nothing productive all day


Damn fam, that's kinda sad. That's what, 10 years of brand building and she's at 34 a month? Fuck I feel like giving her pity 50 ;____;


Working so I can waste my life away comfortably in a few hours. ¿How aboutchu?

I kinda like it

ooooooh my goooooooooood it's fucking jack! Yeah, he was fucking Hungarian!

Jack! Hey man! How are you?

brewing them master plans to take the whole thing down are we? Classic Jack

wait,,, if you filtered user how am i getting through your glorious blacklist?

that ones the og jack. best slav

Probably filters anonymous instead of user... even user would work tbh assuming it's case sensitive

they wish

You have a name and a trip

Is this other user an alicefag? Fuckin' kill it if it is

I want to jack off in some people's condiments.

I-I think it's above 0 for me.

But same other than that.

Eh, they also do donations on Twitch too, but I only watch good streamers so I dunno what that's like :^)

Wasting my life away comfortable because the only stressful thing I do is play osssssssssssss


...uhm Jack
weve been over this, you know i still speak with Ika on occasion, yes?

...or dont you recall your heartfelt, rise from the ashes backstory


what are ya fixin me for lunch?

could chew my hand off atp

You should teach me to git gud at SC instead.

drank slav is glorious bester slav

lel i actually fired some loics for you you bastard but alright

What do she play?

I dunno why man but I can literally smell your ratchet pussy through the screen. It's magical.

oh snap


I need to know what I'm fixin' myself for lunch first.

How can I teach you to git gud if I can't git gud.

Looking at their VODs: Octodad, Salt and Sanctuary, and Anarcute.

ravenous... but cant seen to tear myself away from these boundless witticisms

What the FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are already good.


ill just have to much on you then bae

life's an anime user-fam

Did she get really fat or something? Why are all these things non-rewards?

I used to get a handy for free every thread and now a personalized message of thanks is my greatest hope.

Jeez, at least try not to ooze your fat shame into the replies

Joke of the year.

Munch on Darwin babe

too high in cholesterol...

This should be $1

Actually know, this should be just when somebody comes to watch you. They're doing you a favor not the other way around. Oh lawd is my autism showing?

This should be something you do sporadically but randomly consistent to retain and encourage base loyalty.

I'm not 13. Why is her voice the biggest fucking thing she sells. Really? I can open a voice tuner and sext myself into oblivion I'm not paying $55 for this.

Maybe a cosplay of mandy... or grim and streaming wearing it for a few hours or a day, depending how common it is for people to pick. Actually fuck that, do that just for the hell of it.

Worth it.

She's become this weird mix of low self esteem lazy ass actions but also really high sense of worth. Oh the bi-polar conflict

need to maintain my girlish figure


*gets some cream for that sick burn



Is this just an intimate thing for friends and not a real business? Have I been rused? Is this just a small thing she does for jest? Then it makes sense

Think she did this already right?

Alright am done, good stuff.

Could always 2v2 and double pylon rush or something.

...those legs, endless shoops. luls were had

hahaha ikr?

man i want an anime girl to sit on my face while shifting her weight to her pussy

Oh shit the shots.

You should just watch one of her vods, she has leg cam and everything.

But I'm bad

fuck... afk, getting foods

suffering not funny, shoops funny... im kinda a dick alot of the times


Just did, she seems alright. Wish her good luck and maybe work a little on what she offers... maybe...

Nah man you were never a dick, cya.

Life was better when nobody talked about this stupid shit nobody cared about until he was made a mod.


You can 2v2 as double terran, and someone just mass marines while the other one does a planetary fortress rush.




Arrival was mediocre at best.

I too am reading less anime

reading anime is mediocre at best

Chapter 15 when?


Shavadava's go best with a warm cup of coffee




Have you seen Kizu?

We YGYL now?

I need to stop going to sleep so early every night like a regular person.

All my stuff is scattered in my folder.

My webm folder is pretty massive though a majority of it are old webms with no sound from mostly /a/ or /gif/
How can you get a picture on the thumbnail instead of seeing those stupid VLC cones.
I didnt name most of them so I dont know what they are lol



Why on earth would you do this?

I think I'd find more things to do, and most of my classmates stay up past midnight every night.

Yo Sub, check this out

I came like a mad man yesterday
It's pretty lit
God bless video games


Also, sometimes some of the webms aren't formatted correctly for that program to read. I talked to the guy that makes that software and he was going to put one out but never got around to it, 2 years later now.

When the program won't do it right, it will just stop and not read anymore files in your folder. I found a solution:

CTRL+Shift+Esc. In task manager, dllhost.exe will be taking up all your CPU resources. End task on it and keep on doing that as long as it keeps hanging.


nono, why would you sleep like a normal person

What is that fake cum made out of even?

I don't know I just get so tired around 10-12PM and then I just pass out on my bed.

That pussy looks like a 10
Is that towards the end of the vid?

I don't know
Sorry for not being savvy about fake cum

Imagine how it must feel

Yeah, its toward the end

google says Methycellulose

i cant get off to this cuz i cant tell what race she is

kill yourself

So what's the source :3




Happy fapping ^W^

tfw soto never blesses me with good faps

hi guys

Cause you're an ungrateful bastard who cares more about race than the effort they put into their cosplay

Did you masturbate to the 20 second preview video?



idk what cosplay that was so i defaulted to race.

I only just learned what this triple-bracket thing meant like two weeks ago

What does it mean?

most of the time ive seen it used its been used ironically, but theres always some dumb fuck that takes it seriously

Oh, it's only a 20 sec preview?
I only linked it off her page.
My bad lol

I didn't know it charged you
I just fapped to the webms

With jews you lose man

lmao you fucking noob

Do people actually pay 35 bucks for a 15 minute video? That's insane.

Neo-Nazis made a program that would put triple brackets around Jewish-sounding names
So it implies Jewish influence
I think

It's all good I wasn't planning on fapping to that today anyway

Oh so it's like a meme
Btw nice tits. I'd swim in those.




When are we pooling our money for the video?

I pay 90 bucks for a chance at a pixelated heros in gacha games all the time.

Gonna run some errands

You'd be surprised

How else do you think she affords those cosplays?
Cosplays like that run you at least $300 or more

Sorry about that man.
I'll look for a torrent of it later, I kinda need to head out soon.

I'm almost certain this video can be find elsewhere on the internet for free though.

Cyclones are busted.

at that rate she only needs like 10 people to watch it. That'd be like just selling it on this board.

Then you're not supporting your whore.

She could at least go down a bit in price. no need to be greedy.

Its high because she only gets like 20% of the money.

vk.com/search?c[adult]=1&c[length]=2&c[q]=lana rain&c[section]=video&c[sort]=2

eww shes talking

Anyhow I'm back from the funeral.



Ouch, that hurts man.

I think Terran in general needs a nerf.


They already got nerfed in two consecutive patches.

Is this a meme?

No. My grandfather passed.

Nerf Terran MORE.



My condolences.

Nigga I'm shaving and gonna shower then head out

Can't go out with a prickly face

Yet he has no problem going out with a chinky face.

BAN Terran players.



At least I would not have to wait half an hour to reactivate the pass when I evade here.

ban pubic hair tbh



I meant from SC2, not here.



But I can just play the other two.


Then it's okay.

Starcraft a shit


What the fuck do I build on new Aatrox

More this

don't play him

But he looks fun

ban public hair


This is a good ruse


ban all hair

no. don't be absurd. we just need it all to be covered by hijab. the way allah intended.

ban all birds

go ban urself.



yeah that's right. get told.

hi neziwezi.


haven't seen a day thread last this long in quite a while. 14 hours so far.

discord really has killed us.

I blame cup making the OP's tbh

me on the right

Right of the two girls on the left, right?

correct. the expression I mean to convey in response to your post is the headless chick.

rip dinner time :(


ban this

I don't really know what this means


Not even gonna lie, I've jacked off to Lana Rain a few times.


Pretty sure the two girls on the left is slime and birb
Clearly you meant birb