To what degree did racism play a part in leading blacks to the sorry state they are in now?

To what degree did racism play a part in leading blacks to the sorry state they are in now?

Also, how do you reconcile the fact that most racists are uneducated and poor and do not have even a small amount of power over blacks, let alone the power that Porky has?

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how do you expect to measure "racism"

considering you can't read minds this claims is literally a meme.

I've seen the infographic posted a million times that contrasts education levels and finances with racist attitudes.

this infographic?

Slavery, apartheid, colonianism.

Gee, it's almost as if porky uses the stupidity of uneducated people to divide and conquer the working class.
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But blacks who were most effected but Slavery, apartheid, colonianism are doing the best today.

The point I'm asking is how can the poor and uneducated racist whites affect blacks at all when it comes to education and employment?

Compared to several other groups who, often, started out from the same circumstances or worse (i.e. the Chinese who arrived in the early 1900s), racism seems like a convenient excuse.


thats literally a meme.

could it just be that they're bad at civilization?

Asian people are still worse off than whites

Smarter people usually live in white communities because they can afford it thus they're less racist because they're not face to face with diversity.
It is also strange how the smartest people one hundred years ago used to be the ones promoting eugenics.

Rich people are usually liberals, so no.

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We should put race into the leftytrash containment thread. Same with "will communism make it easier or harder for me to get a gf" threads"

Read the thread please, inbred.

but poverty has been generally better for blacks since the civil rights movement, although they have been hit by the same stagnation as everyone else.

ah yes nice unsubstantiated claim there…
Also…being a "liberal" doesnt mean they are not racist…

Can you name me a single liberal who is a racist against black people? The ones who signal against Muslims are just putting their defense of homosexual and feminist idpol over religious idpol; I have never seen a liberal proclaim hatred for blacks.

That's just a lie that smug middle class liberals say so they can feel superior to poor people. Rich people gentrifying America so they can push black people into ghettos and sell them toxic loans sounds pretty racist.

Well, that "lie" is supported by data, and rich people sell everyone shitty deals. Is it racism if you are racist against every race including your own? I don't think so, it's just exploitation of the working class, which is why I don't understand why academics and the like teach that racism the cause of the plight of blacks in America.

Not in the "fucking Niggers!!!! BWWARGH" sense of racist.
They think they arent being racist, but they defintely are…negative (and positive) stereotyping, exotisation, muh noble savage, all that is racist. Just a lot more subtle…

…ok? how is that harmful or in any way responsibile for their terrible situation in America?

leads to avoiding to talk about actual problems for example…
less so, but that wasnt my point, the shitty sitution of african amreicans in the US obviously has little to do with that…
socio-economics are your friend there. Sprinkle in a bit of history and systemic biases and that pretty much explains it…