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Holla Forums sourcing at its finest.


I thought it was 100 million?

You guys are so funny

as usual Holla Forums has literally no arguments when faced with the facts.

Wait, you're telling me almost 100 million people died because of war in underdeveloped shitholes? Who would've thought?

20 million people die of poverty-related causes every year in the capitalist world.



Only 94 Million? Capitalism killed far more in a much shorter timespan.
Counting bodies to prove an ideology is good/bad is literally not an argument though.




Where do they come up with these numbers?

Commies killed only 94m? Pfffft. That's what cultural Marxists in academia, media, government, religion, military and business want you to think.



i really want someone to make a count that gets to 1 billion.

are we even trying

There have been conspiracy theorists who have put forward the B-number unironically

Fucking saved lol

Name names, comr8. I want to laugh.

I used to know a mouth-foaming petty-reactionary who honestly believed the USSR alone had 100m excess deaths, and refused to hear any argument to the contrary.

Haha stupid classcucks

I cant refute anything of this, but did you know if you count all natural caused epidemics and famines and wars against Communists more people died under Capitalism and in, than people died due to missmanagement and ethnic cleansing and stupid policies in Communist countries?

The 6 Million who died in the Holocaust of course is irrefutable truth. Mr Shlomo Piggystein from the ADL who finances our potests would never lie to us.



I'm actively looking. I know the claim has been made as even Third Reich historian Richard Evans refers to the communism killed a billion people conspiracy. I believe I've seen it before after randomly stumbling through the far-right web.

Enjoy this pure ideology in the meantime:

that is the ayn rand magazine dude

Weren't they who made that legendary article about how Somalians are thriving in the absence of a State?

that was the mises institute

feels > reals

All these neoliberal and libertarian apologists kinda blur together after a while.

Writers bounce around between them and they're being funded by the same people so that isn't surprising.

pottery, quality

it's not who they killed, it's who they didn't kill.
britain voted to die in 1983 and the undemocratic communists didn't deliver. fucking bastards.



Jason Unruhe did a much better one years ago which most of the new ones are plagiarized from


Only 500,000 Germans died in Soviet custody (nearly 100,000 from the 6th army alone), and the soviet penal system was way worse.

This is some level of fake history I've never seen before. This is literally more disingenuous than Nazi propaganda.

Let's just have a look at the GDR for example:

166 people sentenced to death
255 people shot at the Berlin Wall
371 people shot at the border
189 people sunken in the Baltic Sea

This adds to 781 death which the state of East Germany was responsible for. The GDR never experienced a famine. The graphic says 70.000.

Rummel is nothing more but a liar. He doesn't even twist the facts, he straight up invents fake data.

At least give him credit that he's aware enough about the far-right that he knows that conspiracy exists. He rejects it, obviously, because 1 billion people is almost equivalent to the number of people who ever lived under communism and there's no evidence to sustain such a speculation no matter how much you stretch it.

is this a GDR spin on the helicopter meme?


Is this, like, the total number of people who died for any reason? Is communism invalid if it doesn't cure mortality?

11 million. 6 million was just the Jews.

Oh man, Rummel's ramblings are a classic.


What makes this place so cancerous? David Stannard who wrote the book American Holocaust: The Conquest of the New World also made the claim that European colonialism murdered 100 million people cause they were evul.

The whole book was just feel-bad-for-what-your-ancestors-did-white man! And then he claims that it was all due to how evil European civilization was, a new economic system couldn't solve that problem cause it was all cultural, Stalin killed 14 million people [cites Conquest as proof]

Probably Germans who attempted to flee to the west in rafts but drowned due to waves and currents and shit.

I grt so fucking sick of that shit. It is in all of my text books at the university. One of my current history books, Vanishing Kingdoms, was the Financial Times "Boook of the Year."

What is that book about?

It is about civilizations that no longer exist like the Burgundians and the Soviet Union. Funny thing about the chapter on the Soviet Union is that it is written from the perspective of Estonia.

Okay, I saw that one when I put it in google. Seems pretty odd and ideological comparing long-past medieval societies with the Soviet Union but ok.