Can we start Calling out Europeans going on autistic rants about Americans for the Spooked as fuck libs that they...

Can we start Calling out Europeans going on autistic rants about Americans for the Spooked as fuck libs that they really are?
I guess your nationality doesn't matter unless youre American
Ok, so which is it?

death to ameriKKKa

The American consciousnesses is cancer

I'm American and you're not better than me
So much for comrades I guess

Good boy, hate the people not the porkies, you're totally not spooked by nationalism!

Burger memes aside you are comrades. Call me a mongol, if you'd like.

I said the american consciousnesses, not every person with american citizenship. If you are here, you most likely fall outside that category.

I'm an American too and he's absolutely right. The general American consciousness IS cancer, but it isn't their fault. Decades of being subject to porky propaganda and falsehoods about Socialism, Communism, or what have you will do that to you.

Your political sphere is just particulary retarded and produces particulary retarded people and ideologies. Your country serves as the universal example of late stage capitalism and most european media loves to report stupid shit americans do. Americans intense nationalism and dominance on the internet and the tendency to make everything into stupid trends even if it is nothing new makes it a bit anoying.

Also there are misconceptions that are just so common to americans that condensing that kind of idiocy under “americans“ is very easy.

You guys are fine though as persons often and some parts of american culture are refreshing. Dont get to upset.

To be fair, Americans are pretty stupid.


American culture is one of the worst things in the worlds, but making generalization about Americans is retarded.

The English speaking colonies have no culture user.

Yeah, and you know what pisses me off? That they do this to placate you, "oh at least you don't have it as bad as those AMERICANS my good little prole". Nobody ever talks about this. European Porkies promote this prejudice against Americans as a way to make themselves appear more benevolent. And you fucking fall for it!
"See how fat these Americans are, see how bad their schools are, see how bad their politicians are! Look at those school shootings, aren't you glad we took away your only tools for revolution?" Says the European Variety Porky

Mass media is fucking with our perception all over the world for some clicks. Literally selling world views designed for easy consumption and hugh media interaction. It really becomes apparent when you look outsode of the western world. Western media is shit, but the rest of the world is even worse Really any decenr international workers solidarity needs a good media to facilitate it.


voting is a responsibility

I thought Euros lost most of their better-than-USA cred when they decided to destroy each other with austerity and are slowly becoming just as racist and xenophobic due to that whole refugee/migrant thing.

definetely the second

btw it's not like the americans don't like when europeans are dum

Was he the proto-Trump?

If you don't hate america you probably aren't a leftist.

Europe only seems better than America because the nazis are jailed.

relax faggot

most of the people here hating on americans are americans, myself included. its fucking hard to be politically educated in burgerstan and were trying to blow off steam

no europeans arent any "better" no ones saying that, but they do have access to better education and always live closer to international politics so theyre hardly ever that uniquely american brand of retard

australians also fit in the same box tbf

Yes, the only real difference between them (and it's a big one) is that Berlusconi owned (and owns) tv networks and newspapers. trump won without any of that.


Aussies are all alone on the other side of the planet
I imagine​ ignorance there can get pretty bad

Hate the system. Russia, the EU, China, India, etc would leap at the chance to replace America as porky HQ
Actually, I still think London is the true Porky gathering point, but whatever

It isn't 98% white, unless you somehow count all the blacks as white

I'm not implying that.

I think it might just be that Americans actually are racist.

They're invariably the most violently anti-Muslim posters as well (well, second to the Balkans) and America's Muslim population is miniscule.

America is our muh Venezuela. We need it

Aren't most of you from England though? England to me is like a shittier version of New England and New England is already shitty.

Yass queenie slayy!

Its easier to be racist against a tiny minority then it is a relatively larger one that you interact with on a daily basis. That may sound contradictory because the conservatives bs about "anti-racist whites are just people who live in the suburbs away from all the ethnics!" has infested the thinking of even some leftists but its easier to hate a group that you barely have any contact with.

Of course i will make generalizations about americans.
Unless i start to see million sof americans on the streets protesting about their taxes money being used to support Guantanmo Bay, drone killings, military bases abroad, proxy wars, actual wars, supporting terrorist groups with money, weapons and military training i will assume all american are okay with this and enjoy that their elected leaders are pursuing world domination. SImple as that.

Fuck off, Burger.

USA seemed fun from behind the Iron Curtain but now it's gone and crapitalism shits all over the known universe. Goddamn it's horrible.

Quality shitposters, though.

That already has happened faggot. Get out from under your rock.
Not my fault Porky is good at derailing shit and framing a new narrative and muddying the Goal

We are truly citizens of the World, comrades! Let not the physical location of one's birth or residence define you!

lol very gay and queer

Better to say "I am from America" than "I am American".

That was my favorite thing about the last American presidential election. Clinton's backers either owned or bought out every media outlet they could before the election. They even bought satirical shit like The Onion. Even running against a reality show clown and with every news outlet reporting in a way that favored her, she was so incredibly repulsive that she still managed to lose. Can you imagine how utterly rejected she must have felt on election night?

A feeling, I'm afraid, that did not last long. Not only it came out that she won the popular vote, but she conveniently decided that she was too smart to be elected and that the voters are muh soggy knees. Not that I expect anything from people like this: narcissists have a such an undying faith in themselves that there's just no way to shake it, any real world thing that happens meets some sort of rationalization, it just so happens that pundits and retards on twitter provided it for her.

What's really interesting to me, though, is that this stupid strategy of simply pointing at your opponent and saying "he's crazy!" (even though it may be true) may be on its last legs. People don't wanna hear it anymore, they don't care if the other guy is crazy, because the other guy is saying stuff. Even if he's lying, at least he's promising something to you, while you're just saying that he's a maniac and you're not. The next few years should be interesting.