Tfw will never ever be able to afford a house ;_;

tfw will never ever be able to afford a house ;_;

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its the free market bro, just pull yourself up by the bootstraps lmao

Its almost like baby boomers all own second homes that other people could be living in our something

Stop eating avocado toasts.

Sweet baby jesus…

Buying a house in Darwin is obviously your destiny. Just bull yourself up by the bootstraps and you'll only have crippling debt for the rest of your life.

tiny house is the answer

It's Chinese capitalists aka market


Buying up our shit and selling it for more.
We're getting jew'd by chinks rn.


I think I'll move to Mexico. Houses don't seem so expensive there and it has nice weather.

The government or cartels will kill you if they find out you are a communist.

I can't be the only one who thinks that's pretty comfy

I fucking know that feel

Steve Keen to the rescue

Really tiny houses had recently been touted as the """solution""" for homelessness, but even that got crushed by Porky.

Ban foreigners buying houses for investment

You fucking retard learn some economics, yeah foreign investment is inflating house prices, but what would happen to the australian economy if this money flow was stopped? There wouldnt be enough debt in the economy to finance new investments, growth slows –→ Recession


Given the choice between home ownership in Darwin or homelessness.
I would go with homelessness.

Thankfully I have a dual citizenship with an EU country.
I'm thinking about getting the fuck out of Australia and moving to Finland.

Suck your grandpas dick until he puts you in his will. That's what how people used to get houses

kill all landlords tbh

Stoping foreigners from buying houses as investments is not the same as stopping all foreign investment fam


Well now, that bubble wouldn't be a problem in the first place if foreign """""investment""""" on houses had always been banned, would it?

Where does this Aussie meme come from and what does it mean?

Some rich fuck said the reason millenials weren't buying houses was because they were spending $20 on avocado toast or some stupid shit, I dunno

and now everyone's laughing at him for being a fucking out-of-touch retard

Even under communism, I have no interest in having a house. I don't plan on having kids, so all that space for one or two people feels like a waste. I don't want all of the maintenance that come with a house. I'm perfectly content with an apartment.


Apartment prices are just as bad as, if not worse than, house prices. Since they tend to be located in built up areas near sources of employment without long commutes.

Christ in London people literally pay to sleep in cupboards.

My boss actually said something like that. 'Millennials just prefer to rent for some reason!' with a big ole shrugarooni. Yeah! Young people just don't want to own their own homes! Fucking idiots.

I mean let's not forget that the American suburb was a mistake to ever build on a huge scale and was encouraged by the us govt because they thought it would fight communism

Depends on the apartment. A lot of complexes are shitty and the decent ones cost as much as just renting a house. I remember my parents talking about "starter homes", small 2 bedroom houses that were meant to be bought by 20 something couples while getting their careers on track and so they can have their first kid in peace. Those haven't been built in my area for fucking years, literally all the new houses are $500k McMansions that no one but rich california transplants can afford. What's worse is they're building them next to lower middle class neighborhoods, so while the current residents get a nice boost in property value anyone else now has to pay extra to buy the house because it's next to a "nicer" neighborhood, despite being 90% empty and built out of plywood. It's fucking rediculous.

Depends on your situation

I work in a Midwestern city where a two room apartment is 800 a month.

Lmao at the concept of living in a city with more than a population of 1 million in 2017

australia's huge, can't you live in a trailer some place? how can land get that expensive in such a massive country

I mean… we could do an enforced redestribution of housing, based ton persons in family and willingness to live alone, adding where you want to live and where houses are available, all factors controled by and algorithm and destribution done by and expert system/super computer…



people actually live in places like that? it looks awful


Do it.
Be an Hero.

I mean.. going from sun to no sun.. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?

You don't like property, so why do you care?

Where I live in you can buy a used single wide trailer, and the land it's on for under $20,000, Plus the property tax is dirt cheap. If you want a non cuck-shed house something like pic related, it's fair to say you're never going to get that unless you're making over $100,000 a year. Now you also have the options to live in an RV/Tiny home, or even go full innawoods, but good luck trying to start a family in those conditions.

Edinburgh has like 500,000 people and expects £600 a month minimum for a one bedroom apartment anywhere vaguely near central.

I'm 90% certain that the UK is actually a form of hell created for people who speculate on property. When they die they're reincarnated as students or working mothers and thrown into the shitty housing system they helped to create.

a house you own yourself to live in is personal property and would be retained under communism
a house you own to rent to others is private property and exploits others. (Even in a socdem sense this is true under the UK housing market: People use levered-borrowing from banks to buy houses on the assumption the value of the house would rise, driving up the price of houses, they then lend it back to buyers capable of less levering who would - absent the obscene leverage - be able to borrow enough to fund the purchase of the house themselves. In basic principle when a housing market works properly, if you can consistently afford to rent a property you should consistently be able to afford the mortgage payments on that property. )

It's because the UK is a tiny fucking island trying to accommodate ~65 million people

/thread, but something like 50% of this board lives in a major Western city, so the message will fall on deaf ears

get meme'd on

Requesting more information about this, seems perfect material for capitalism.txt

You can have this nice 5-bedroom home and big landplot and everything for $350k. The downside is it's in South Africa.

I wouldn't bet on it.

Or basically just

wew lad, we're not too far off the day when people are paying rent to live in actual, furniture cupboards

I'm told Paris has a serious problem of habitational superavit married with homelessness. They have more than enough houses for every citizen, but they can't afford them.

God I love pictures of absurd suburban sprawls. They're like tiny artificial worlds, small terrariums full of people.

I'm not talking about foreign investments in sectors outside of the housing market am I? Don't be an idiot, where do banks generate debt from primarily? These mortgages are currently floating the Australian economy. You think mining is gonna save us?

And no I don't want the government to stop foreign investment not because I want the prices to be inflated forever but because when the housing crash comes i want it to be fantastic

I meant to tag u in this

I do too but I can see why most people would not like it at all. I'm into minimalism.


This. With the way most people live, having a house is just unnecessary consumerism.

What crock. We have the land and material resources to provide comfortable 2 bedroom homes and apartments for everyone, all that is keeping us from achieving this are landlords and other counterrevolutionary rightists.


the state of housing is so ridiculous and the UK economy so london-centric that anywhere large enough to lie down (and several places where even that's debatable.) is worth at least £500 a month rent.

Fucking disgusting. And people have the nerve to call 'Commieblocks' ugly…

What makes it even better is that the government employ people to hunt down these arrangements and fine the people doing it, instead of, you know, not letting all the houses be bought up by foreign billionaires and left empty.