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In the name of solidarity, let's relate our shitty work experiences. Share your fucked up stories about bosses, work, coworkers, and the shitty things people do in the name of survival and profit in capitalist society. I'll start:

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I reported both of these incidents to our union representative. He often had stern talks with Mr. Pushy Bonepile. Apparently pressuring and quasi-blackmailing employees was a commonplace leadership tactic of his.
There was a strike planned on the day I was to quit some months later, on issues regarding the negotiations over the next universally binding employment contract, but they got to some kind of deal before shit hit the fan. Rat-skeletor vanished at some point later. He had had too many non-friendly encounters with our union man, as far as I've heard, and the corporate bosses decided that the nonexistent benefits of his pseudo-leadership weren't worth the agitation he caused among the employees and the local branch of the union. Rumor has it that the quality of work has kept going ever so slowly down the drain nonetheless and that professional and experienced workers have started to become rare, while cheap and shoddy student and immigrant based labor has become commonplace.
You can remove the shitty boss, but the grimy gears of the bigger system keep playing their own game.

semi-privatization is the biggest cancer ever, public services are operated for profit but kept afloat by government subsidies
right-wingers don't even play by their own rules when they fetishize the free market and lack of government intervention

Kanker VVD


I work as IT support and general admin clerk shit for a law firm. The IT stuff is alright and the manager is a pretty nice guy but the admin shit is garbage. The head solicitor who owns the place is the one I help out the most and he's rich enough at this point that he basically only does cases that interest him in someway. For some reason these are the most useless things ever. He basically just loves to complain to agencies like the Information commissioners about how shit they are and attempt to sue them. The when he's doing this he has me do a fuck ton of pointless work essentially creating huge bundles and files that basically no-one looks at. They say people get alienated when they don't get to see the fruits of their labour. This is basically when the fruits of your labour never even existed.

Murder should be legal.

It's a better position than what a lot of guys got, but I hate everyone involved with this shit job and can't wait to leave.


I didn't just hurt my feet and ankles, I had a very visible and painful limp for a day or two afterwards. Being a NEET is a bit shit but it's better than having to walk 2 fucking miles every day.

what the fuck why did my story get deleted that took my like 15 minutes?

wait now its back wtf

The catalogue got fucked up briefly.

Being a mailman used to be a government post. A low-level one, but respected nonetheless.
Old people on my route used to thank me personally for my work. They'd offer candy, cash or something small to eat in respect. It was heartwarming, I couldn't thank them enough, they still carried the respect for a thankless, yet crucial job.

Now it's becoming part-time trash-tier expendable task for unskilled students and immigrants who just do the job for the cash and the cash alone. It's not their fault, though. The entire micro-culture around the occupation has become twisted thanks to privatization. Something valuable, immeasurable has been lost.

Looking at the old guard, the men and women who'd spent most of their lives in the business, seeing the desperation, the empty coldness in their eyes stemming from the realization that their duties would never in their time become the occasionally tough yet respected and important duty it once was… it was horrifying. Humans just drudging trough the days, just waiting for retirement.
A +55 year old mailman/-woman knows everything of the trade, it's magical. He/she knows their route inside and out and is an personal acquaintance with those whom they serve. Personal enough to know their customers by first fucking name! They can provide customer service from their heart on a personal level, but they're no work-horses that can carry half a ton of stuff and break the sound-barrier. Yet the latter is what the paper-pushers expect them to achieve. "Fuck the heart of the business", that what the bosses say.

These people who had chosen for some passion or something like it to carry letters, newspapers and parcels alike and for a steady and predicable job. They became just another resource, much like fuel for the cars, packaging material, and rubber bands etc.

No damn wonder people complain now more than ever over late or wrongly delivered mail. The soul of professionalism and passion has been gutted for the feign "efficiency of capitalism"™.

Sorry for the lengthy rant.
Living the job, coming to contact with the withering remains of the professional cadre and the ghostly remnants of their souls, hopes and passions… It really burrows itself deep.

This is why I think there will be some kind of large scale socialist action in my life time, the efficiency machine can only mill so many souls, and people are already starting to smell the taint.

I don't mind being unemployed right now. Hopefully I'll be dead before it becomes a real issue. Fuck Chevron.

Only thing missing in that story is

Put me in the screencap when you post your comment on leddit and twitter to show everybody how evil us leftypol brocialists are

Not a personal story, but I figure the thread could use some more content

It's threads like these is the exact fucking reason I Refuse to work. If shit gets worse I'll just live outside of society in the woods, and a tent, or maybe live in a van, and use welfare to pay for the gas. Socialists revolution can't come fast enough.

What's the problem here? He voluntarily entered into a labor contract in order to eat, which he then violated by failing to protect himself from being hit by a car, and then payed the penalties he rightfully owed. It's like you commies don't even understand how the world works.

Jesus christ, I can't even tell if you're joking or not…

Poe's law is in effect here. The only thing that gives it away is that a real ancap probably wouldn't draw attention to the non-voluntary, coercive nature of the labor-capital relationship by mentioning that you must sell your labor to survive.

what on earth is wrong with your countries?

I've been in various jobs, some temporary, some longer gigs, and I've never encountered such terrible bosses or conditions. Maybe it's just the people here that are nicer or more humane. I've worked in two different factories where the conditions were fairly good, both with a big emphasis on safety measures and bosses that provided safety equipment (albeit rudimentary) if it was work with fumes or particles.

Even my worst job (both in itself and the people I had to work with) didn't come close to anything in the thread.

Huilende zusters, heel normaal.

I mean clearly, in ancapistan, the van driver violated the NAP and therefore its his fault. So how should the van driver be treated and by what institutions Mr Retardo ancap?

>We have to unload the truck, sort everything, restock everything FIFO (even the sodas), clean the floors, handle bottles, clean the juicepresses etc.
And thats how I got fired. Petit bourgeoisie is cancer.

Liberalen gaan het eerst tegen de muur.

Also I have to say that both my warehouse job and supermarket job (both 40+ hours a week on minimum wage, which was less than 5 euros an hour at the time) probably consolidated my teenage anarchistic phase and my later marxist interest into a proper, permanent communist worldview.

kiek em goan dan

bejaardenrevolutie wanneer?

but why

Because "they spoil and its costing me muh money".
If he just had us do a rotation once a month or once every two months he would save much more on wages, but cant argue with porky, its his money.

Yeh I would also say the ole minimum wage slog was what led me to realise that there is no need of anybody who is not directly involved in service or management of service

I thought those had like 1+ year date codes. but yeah, even if it was a 6 month from production code, you could rotate those once a month.

They do, they often last for 2 years or so.

I don't understand how supermarket management can be so incompetent that they let things that literally don't go bad for 2 years or longer spoil.

quite some time ago, I heard that an IGA store near where I live (Australia) got bought up by a different retailer, along with all the stock, and they had to throw out tons of it that was already out of code.

It's okay user, venting is healthy!

The worst fucking thing about work is when people tell you to smile. I hate having to pretend I'm happy. I'm doing my job, I'm selling my labor to survive, but that's not enough. I have to smile, and say yes master, and have a spring in my step, and be "eager to serve", all to massage their guilty fucking consciences. It's not enough to be exploited, you have to make them feel good about exploiting you. It's not enough for them to own your work, they have to own your mind too.

I feel you man. I've given up on pretending to be happy at work. Customers get the dead pan. The flicker of discomfort on their faces when I don't greet them like a vapid joycuck sustains me.

This story is not from personal experience as in my job I mostly kept to myself, however this is a story of someone I knew who was a qualified and professional gardener who starting working at a garden centre in a big DIY and home improvement retailing company; B&Q.
The problem with B&Q is that they purposely employ unskilled idiots to do everything. It's kind of like how newspeak in 1984 was used to limit language in order to suppress conciousness. It's the same in B&Q; if you are an unskilled student and have no idea how to effectively function a workplace then it makes it far less likely that the workforce will demand a pay rise, go on strike, join a union and, most importantly, are unable to raise through the ranks of the company and threaten the higher-up's position.
As you might expect; this causes the company to be highly inefficient in dealing from almost any of its problems and causing the company to rely on the 'genius' of the higher-ups to think of a solution, thus driving the idea that bosses are justified and necessary.
So this manger of the garden section was completely unable to fix the massive problems in the garden centre despite having a massive workforce to easily get the job done as the workforce simply had no idea how to function autonomously. Thus this made the position of being a manger of the garden centre utterly pointless as there was nothing to do other than delegating basic logistics.
So, bizarrely, the best thing for him to do was to become the manger of the paint section; a field he has absolutely no expertise in. So despite being hopelessly shit at his job; it is safer for him entirely inefficient than to be a good member of a company.

honestly user, this general dynamic is probably more common than you'd think.

Where do you live?
Even though personally I lucked out, I think very many workplaces here in Murrica treat their employees like trash

nice rant user, keep up the good reads


at least i wasted their time real good fuck those guys

I don't have children, I don't even pay rent, and I'm not sure how people manage to live with this shit. This is the most humilliating shit in the world, and I hope one day I get to be part in the destruction of this factory. Fuck this place.

Sorry for the shitposting flag.

hey user

is this one of those good jobs NAFTA brought over to your country which is Actually Enriching Their Economy Guise


That's when you know it's a sweatshop.

Yes, I can feel the blood of every Trump voting methhead in every chip I insert to a phone, rejoicing as I enrich myself while engaging in white g.enocide.

No but seriously, fuck this shit, my high school education (can't go to university because lol tuition and no places) and my english education isn't worth shit here, and every day is a pain. I used to be judgemental of drunk people but who wouldn't be when life is so awful.

I'd like to add that I've talked about this with other workers (some much older than me and with no education) and trying to subtly give them leftist ideas, but they're all resigned, telling me nothing will ever change, that agitating will just get me fired at best or shot at worst, and that the corrupt state of our country is just how we have to learn to live. I also got told that I shouldn't keep engrossing or questioning these things because it'll just make me hate life.

I feel so cucked and powerless tbh, I think I cried when I came home that day.

It's the same everywhere. But, in the end, they get bought by a big corp, or go bunkrupt and don't know why.

And Marx said all that 200 years ago.

Anyway, I ain't got much of a story, as all am doing is sit on my ass, at a 4 star hotel reception, in Greece, every night, for 7 months, without days off, for 1000 euros (or less) per month… And have not much of a life.

It will.
It does.
But that's the point, though.

The point is killing myself?

I mean.. It's one way to deal with the absurdity…

The other way is to accept it and do everything you can to make it better.

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Finally I can start cashing in my Sorosbux and spread international globalist communist jewry

I fucking hate it how purple-haired hipster liberals in my town cry for the plight of the immigrant that makes "just" 50 dollars per day for working in the vineyards near my hometown when there is this kind of blatent corpotism and federal banditry going on in a country thats a 3 hour drive away. The migrant workers here mostly just roll their eyes and scoff at the asshole social-democrat that comes around to "open their eyes" to progressivism and try to get them to apply for citizenship when all they want to do is collect their paycheck then go home to their families because they got a raise upwards of 5x what they could expect to make in mexico. Most of them even joke around that they would rather be surrounded by the drug runners and corruption of home rather than stay here because "at least the cartels and coyotes dont bother me on my day off to preach."

oh well… here's the story of my life instead.

We're all sufferin brahs. No big deal.

I never had a job but I worked since I was about 8 and it destroyed my brain and got me sent to prison. Damn I wish I could have gone to school


I worked from 1pm to 10pm today doing semi-hard physical labour, I have just enough time to sleep before I go back to work at 9am tomorrow.

That's a lot of work! Keep it up and one day you'll be rich too, it would be insane to think otherwise.

Ain't got none. I'm kind of a goody 2 shoes at work in the sense that I just get on with it and keep my head down. Never really had no problems, then again I'm only 22 so far so I'll prolly put hands on somebody sometime over something in the future.

You lot should watch that video of that janitor getting fired by his boss for leaving 8 minutes early even though he showed up to work before he was even supposed to punch his clock. It's gone viral for good reason and I'd make a thread bout it, but I don't wanna get banned again for "off-topic shitposting".

Yah I know right… thankfully I only work 3 days a week atm but it's two of the shittest most busy days (Saturday and Sunday) for no more pay than any other day

What the fuck I just found out my shift today is from 9am to 6pm. How the fuck do they expect us to work like this with no breaks inbetween?

I want to see this video.

You want to eat don't you?


Just got done my shift at the factory. Dust is stinging my eyes something fierce. Exhausted from the gym earlier.

At least minimum wage is going up.

From cuckchan via some other thread.

Fuck I don't want to get a job, it's got to happen someday though, but I'm not fucking ready.

Why censor a username for something publicly searchable?


Ill take this thread to remind those who need to be reminded:
you alone being lazy at work is not sabatoge, revolutionary, or leftist in any way. it just fucks over the other workers who just want to make a living without having to work double time to pick up for the amazing one man strike.
by all means, if you're actually coordinating with other workers and have enough people to actually fuck things up by the lot of you refusing to work properly, do it, or if this logic doesnt actually apply to your job for some reason, then no harm.
just trying to do that by yourself though, at least in every job ive ever had, would be like twitter slactivism except it actively makes other proles lives worse for a moment too.

I'll take this post to say fuck your bullshit. I want to make my coworker's lives a living hell and to make them see just how important they are and how useless the people they slave for are. You'd rather have us being productive slaves maintaining capitalism under silent torture so you can live another day being a lifestylist than take any action.

lol moralfag

Organise under iww comrade


Not organizing an industrial union is class collab tbh

The only official job I've ever had (most of my life been NEET or doing unofficial work for room and board) was doing landscaping for 8 days during June in the Southern US for spare money and it was enough for me to get an idea of how absolutely wretched and soul killing Capitalism is. It was probably the worst experience in my life, and I've had a pretty shitty, poverty-filled life.

Sometimes I feel like my mind is overemphasizing how terrible it was, what with how it was only 8 days over two while other people do that for months or years. I'm not sure if that says more about them or me, what I know is I want to prevent anyone from ever experiencing anything close that and to save those who currently do.

Having a job sucks, but it's not as bad as looking for one. Going around begging to be exploited, hours and hours of mindless data entry, filling out these retarded surveys saying you think smoking meth on the job is bad and you'll snitch on your coworkers for literally anything, faking enthusiasm and making up reasons why you're passionate about whatever flavor of minimum wage drudgery you're applying for, the feeling of nagging guilt that you're competing with your fellow worker instead of cooperating, and even when you get the job always wondering whether you edged out a comrade who needed this income more than you.

Nothing especially horrific, but general annoyance at work situation and boss who is kind of nice but is obviously loves the smell of higher ups' farts. Also, she humblebrags about her husband being a banker.

I used to work with a friend and his uncle. It wasn't all terrible but I was a young teenager and horribly exploited. I'd stay at their house but I'd never get paid.

I wish I could start a coop but I'm poor as hell and don't see that changing any time soon. I just can't let people be exploited like I was.

How the fuck did you end up in this horrible job?