Will communism address the societal implications of the genetic sexual aristocracy?

Will communism address the societal implications of the genetic sexual aristocracy?

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the fight against lookism will be the news communism when communism triumphs


You could just start lifting and taking personal grooming seriously, if you really care about the empty commodified relationships that one will find in the "dating marketplace".


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Hmm…you seem to bend over backwards to get include trannies and gays into your movement and they are less than 1% of the population, but not omega level incels. Why is that? Also why are you constantly shilling on /r9k/ if the sexually disadvantaged are not welcome here?

People who feel like shit are welcome here. Socialism, however, isnt about forcing other people to be mutilated to make you look better. We can mutilate you though, which is what trannies do, and you can do it too with plastic surgery.

Listen, I won't just meme on you /r9k/fags are socially alienated as all fuck and I sympathize with that but you guys have to realize that there's more to life than pussy and that you can actually enjoy life as a whole if you just actually give a shit about things and work at them with other people. Y'know, make friends with shared interests and get very good at what you enjoy?

I don't understand what this post even means. It seems out of context. I'm leaving now. P.S. stop shilling your normie ideology on /r9k/. Polite sage.

Maybe you should tell starving africans there is more to life than food next. Lol this board is a joke and full of neurotypicals. Stay out of /r9k/

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t. never read anything about medicine

I dont read anglo medine for fun mate. The only people ive ever seen use that word is tumblrites who take pride in their mental illness.

crispr can't alter the genes of already living individuals though. Are you content with saying "well you were just born shit, your kids will be fine, but you'll suffer for the rest of your life."


Then why not just say. "you know man, I know you're working your ass off for capitalist pigs, but capitalism makes a bigger pie over all. So life sucks for you, but your kids will be happier."

"Neurotypical" is just another way of saying "normie".
/r9k/ = Holla Forums = tumblr = reddit etc. etc.

Because your kids won't be happier in capitalism, and we can actually change capitalism and make life better for ourselves.

This generation is worse off than their parents.

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Maybe you should try sticking around and discussing in good faith with more than two posters before you get triggered and leave.

…Do you even know what "neurotypical" and "normie" mean, you dumb fucking newfag?


–Urban Dictionary, 2010, second most voted entry

You're welcome m8

They are arbitrary terms for "person I do not like." Just like bourgeoisie.

This generation has iphones and ipads and iwatches and iwhateverthefuck out the wazoo. All of which were technological advances put forth by capitalists/capitalism. This generation can sit at home, learn to program for free, get a job, and earn decent money.
This generation is far FAR better off then their parents.
We advance socialism not for an increase in prosperity, but for an increase in "fairness"

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Read a fucking book, too.


nod an argumen

Mental illness isn't some personality quirk or flavor.

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are you asking "when are hot people going to stop being hot?"

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Crispr can alter genes for living people. In fact, that's the point. Scientists are working towards extracting dna, altering it, and then re-implanting it to cure genetic illnesses. They're already testing it on mice. It's less than a decade away. After that, it will become even more widespread.