Global Capitalism May

Was there a Global Capitalism update thread and I missed it? This month's update was pretty spicy.

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Yeah, there was, but it got buried

Wolff got pretty close to advocating people throw a rock through the window of Wells Fargo for a bit there; I hope they don't try to use that as an excuse to arrest him.

Why would I listen to a liberal for one and a half hours?

It actually amazes me how consistently Richard Wolff defends capitalism, yet calls himself a 'Marxist'

He gets the rope when the revolution comes.

Do you have some evidence to support your claim?

What claim? He literally advocates for co-ops and markets, he is an outspoken capitalist.



Never seen it and in this very take he in fact takes the time to note that the USSR and China's accomplishment in industrializing is unparalleled. Supporting evidence is required.


There was but people here seem to not give a fuck about papa Wolff anymore.

There were a couple threads about how based his praxis was a few days ago


Typing in all caps doesn't make "market socialism" any less contradictory and utopian. And capitalism is not simply the private ownership of the means of production, but rather generalised commodity production, something that is perfectly compatible with both state and co-operative property.

You gotta move the proles to the left at the pace they can be moved. Some will flip right over to ultraleftism. Others gotta be nudged one step at a time. Wolff is nudging people away from class toward classlessness. He also frequently criticizes markets.


When did he turn into a democrat apologist?

I thought he argued that it is a mandate but it's not that bad since we have mandates on all kinds of things and the rich we're taxed more to pay for it

He argued against the language, against calling it a mandate. And it clearly is a mandate. People get fined for not using it.

Was that on a new episode? That's disappointing I understood that Wolff was fundamentally opportunist and big tent populist in his approach but I was hoping that [email protected]/* */ could popularize socialism and step out from under the dem party skirt.

I am not a lawyer, but I heard it doesnt have a very strong enforcement mechanism

It was the last one, May 2017. The rest was much better. He goes farther than he normally does with talking about socialism. That part just stuck out at me because even progressive types know that Obamacare was just a Republican health plan cooked up by the Heritage Foundation with a Democrat coat of paint on it.

Wolff talks about building a worker cooperative political party all the time, he's hardly "under the dem party skirty".

He criticizes markets all the time, in this update even. He has on numerous occasions said they are not an effective or fair way of distributing resources.

That was pretty good.

I want to live in the timeline that has smashie Wolff.

starts at 2:26
57:35 brief mention about fascism.
1:01:35 q&a
nothing new, mentions that capitalism's demise wont be quick or slow but a combination of both