Why do the right keep on pushing this bullshit

Why do the right keep on pushing this bullshit
"MUH CULTURE" meme? It's stupid and tiresome. How do we end it?

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any examples of comments or tweets about white culture?

The very permissiveness of Western culture is what allows you to post on this forum for radicals. If this was the Middle East, you might've already been decapitated.

But you're arguing with the people who plan to be in control of what is permitted and what is not.

Thank God that the right is so pro-free speech, unlike those uncivilized Muhzleem commulists.

It's not them invoking culture, it is specifically what they're referring to.
If perhaps they were lauding pre-capitalist warrior and agrarian societies, I could sympathize with that. But no, they insist on parroting the consumerist values of the "traditionalist" 1950s or slightly early eras. When the rot had already set in.

Western culture and its spirit have been dying a slow death since the emergence of modern liberalism and the start of the industrial revolution.

The "left" need to stop excusing Muslim and other backwards bullshit as cultural relativism while shitting on western nationalism/imperialism.
It's all bullshit, don't make excuses.
I have some "far left" liberal friends. I recently made a comment about how religion is idiotic. The way they bitch about Christians I expected nodding agreement… Instead they started saying its not all bad, some is ok, etc.
They are atheists. They said it purely in defence of other religions which are just as bad if not possibly worse than Christianity.
Fucking reactionaries I swear.

I think he means when white people have dreadlocks its stealing rasta culture.



"The left" is not excusing Islam, everyone realises that it's fucking cancer. American liberals != the left and their opinions are irrelevant.

There is no such thing as a monolithic, ahistorical so-called Western culture.

If Western culture is "permissive" by nature, then how comes so many European countries less than one century ago so happened to be authoritarian or even totalitarian regimes?

The "permissiveness" you're talking about actually are politically-liberal values and they're not inherent to "the West". They're a political development, not a cultural essence.

I guess he means modern western culture.

Its hard to imagine now but way back in history europeans were more primitive than arabs.

I never understood why this was reversed, civilization was born in that region and for some reason was somehow eclipsed by the Europeans. I guess Genghis played a big part in that.

Cucks, nothing but Cucks they are. Submissive degenerated Cucks.
Normies, 89IQ idiots, cattle, scum.
You name it.

A part of that was the paradigm shift within Islam from Daleel towards Taqlid.
Basically they decided that anything outside the Quran was evil s they stopped studying the natural world altogether and just tried to understand everything based on quran and hadith references.

Another is the malaise of success. Every successful culture eventually stops trying because things get too easy.

Yes Islam is kinda shit but when the west keeps attacking any secular leader who isn't their bitch boy, and supporting the Islamist themselves are you fucking surprised when this region is backwards as hell?

This is not how the world works.
Not in the US, not in Europe, and nowhere else.

The left IS excusing Islam cause their mantra of "the underdog is always right" doesn't allow any other view on the world.

That's not how history went down.

It is how history went down.

I was talking about earlier than the two (perfectly valid) images you posted.
Before the Roman empire.


imagine being this high on historical revisionism

Don't you know? All muslim battles are to spread islam. All christian battles were self defense or rational expansion for resources (not like those browns would use them right). Iraq war was good actually.

Read a histroy book, you faggot, this is just cringe.

You know what this means?
The german faggots around here should translate it for you.
I could translate it, as I am German, but I won't help a leftist traitor.

Because it is a realtivly important part if you want to instill good morals into children(it takes a village to raise a kid)

Traitor towards whom?

Islamic fundamentalism is right-wing, the only ones defending the religion are delusional liberals and radical islamist trash.
Also no one is saying the underdog is always right, the thing is that a lot of the middle-eastern countries are shit because their governments were destabilized by the west, not because of Islam, so blaming it solely on Islam is incredibly naive.

Try read what the signs say, you faggot.

Takes one to know one.

It's a leftist mantra, learn your idology, stupid.

Maybe the Ottoman empire shouldnt have joined up with the German empire in WW1. If they werent prepared to face the consequences of losing.

Please, end your life.

It's simple. Seeing as the USA is already by far the dominant culture, we push for a generic mock-American Way of Life to be installed absolutely everywhere in the world. From cultural production to urban geography, everything is Americanized and all other cultures are relegated to storybooks. With mankind finally united in the same language and mindset, we can finally begin the task of destroying the material borders between us.

"We were bent over this wall and damn nearly got our shit pushed in by Turkroaches if it wasn't for quite literally half of Europe coming to our rescue."

by this vague, open, and broad definition of battles then you can blame Christianity for the decimation of the Native American population. They where just as inspired by Christianity, as the Arabs where by Islam. But thats a fucking over simplification of real history

U Wut?

I think its a fair comparison.

Christfags took over the Americas in the same way that muslimfags took over the middle east and North Africa.

I'm sorry, I don't speak german. I am planning to learn it, but I currently don't have time.
How about you read this sign in the meamtime?

Congrats, even the Ottomans were better than those autistic barbarians.

see, i can shitpost too

Who cares about Norway?
You never had a problem with islamic hordes, so what do you want?

That's plain wrong.
Try again.

I wanna know what you meam by traitor.

Modern Medicine traces itself back to arab scholars translating and improving upon ancient Greek sources. European medicinal knowledge was severely outdated until the age of enlightenment, and even then European doctors were taking inspiration from Islamic sources. This is basic history.

You know, the left could have saved the white west(Europe/USA), but they betrayed us.
I am a blue collar worker myself, so I know what im talking about.
Cause muh Nigger, muh Cunts, muh totalitarian state, muh cultural marxism, muh muh.
The left could have won this, but they betrayed the white worker, and they will pay for this with their own blood.

Such are humans.

They didnt do a good job at it. The middle east still has really low adult literacy rates.

Medicine for them was things like drinking the urine of camels to cure everything from toothache to liver disease.

Also is raping girls for not wearing a bin bag on their heads really a worthwhile culture?

That's right, their are books on this topic.
In the end it's just another "meme" from the liberal left.

It's a plain lie.
Educate yourself.

*there are books

So exactly like the shift from Roman culture to European middle ages, then.

Lol no, and plenty of western philosophical tradition survives because of it

then why don't you show us some of these books, oh enlightened one?

The specific difference between pre wesetern medical science and western medical science is the application of the scientific method.

Take a look at this:

This islamic source shows a modern study on the effectiveness of camel urine. Which is something the prophet mohammed himself prescribed for all kinds of diseases and consumed a lot himself.

What they did is they found some people with an illness, fed them the camel piss and checked back later and because the persons illness was cured they assumed the camel piss was the cure.
But of course thats not scientific because they didnt even have a control experiment. The person could have just got better on his own and the camel urine did nothing to help.

That is the key difference. Pre western medical science was not scientific. They just made assumptions based on coincidences.

The Islamic "Golden Age" was short, mostly unoriginal, and destroyed by Islam itself

You might want to follow what actually happened on the way there and the excommunications that occurred as well.

I often wonder, do you think Holla Forums and people who share their predominant values realise just how close they align with ISIS? Or do you think this is something which goes completely over their heads.

Pretty inaccurate, but it did confirm my belief that you're talking out your ass so that's nice.

On a related note, why do right-wing dingbats have such an all-or-nothing view of political/philosophical opposition? They're always so threatened by the idea of someone they disagree with doing something good or someone they agree with doing something bad that they tie themselves in stupid knots that lead to "hitler was leftist actually" type takes just to salvage their worldview.

If ISIS spoke english they would be based for them. That's really as complicated as it gets

How did Islam not destroy its own golden age by taking ridiculous things like Imam's ideas on how mathematics and objective science were basically the devil and how is the House of Wisdom being populated by large numbers of Jews and Muslims not show how the great advancements during the time can't be directly attributed to Islam?


the claims of an islamic golden age aren't "it only happened because of islam"

Cultural Marxism isn't real though.

Sure, John.

You said that European doctors were taking inspiration from Islamic sources, which for the most part is largely untrue

Literally murdered their left wing, didn't change the name

You're talking to someone other than who you think you're talking to, clearly

By destroying all cultures.

No, it doesn't go over our heads. The problem is, it's one of the unholy trinity of abrahamic religions.
Most muslims aren't white, who would to interact with sand niggers just because they share the same religion as you?
Same flaw with christianity, right wing whites have yet to let go of this cancerous desert religion.
When boomers like Steve "muh judeo-christian values" Bannon start dying, it's going to get better. Zionist christian neocons are the worst.

wow, it's almost like free speech is a flawed concept :^)