We need to make a legitmate /leftytv/ board

Anyone else fucking sick of Holla Forums having completely invaded Holla Forums? Does anyone else badly crave legitimate board discussion on television and film without alt-right idpol constantly being shoved in your face? I know I am.

The actual /leftytv/ is a total joke so far, so if there's no way to reform it, we might as well make a new board for more serious discussion on television and film. This board doesn't necessarily have to be leftist, but it could certainly do without Holla Forums's alt-right fuckery constantly plaguing any discussion on cinematic media.

Who's with me?

restrict it to media threads on the main board, there is not enough users to have anything but a dead board with 5-6 threads and 60 posts between them.

Start a general here with a few links to some shows you like with descriptions and encourage some discussion. I think it would be popular.

Full Holla Forums hates Holla Forums now, though. They are as sick of politics as everybody else.

No we don't and I really resent people trying to shove other topics into topical boards. We need a Holla Forums that actually talks about fucking video games, that's it. Join /svidya/ and make it great again.

Tomorrow I will. Holla Forums is fucking cancer manifesting in every post.

Fuck off you subhuman fucktard I just fucking told you that Holla Forums was shit from the start because it's very subject _is_ shit. TV is Porky's propaganda box and films can be better discussed outside of imageboards. It's not like anime where the cesspool is still your best option

When was the last time you even watched television? The 70's or 80's?? Because back then, such an over-generalization would be more accurate. But televised programming has become far more diverse than that ever since, with some shows even making jabs at the very networks that house them. Doesn't sound so much like Porky subjugation to me.

You're awfully deluded if you think that's true. The shit on TV might be more 'diverse,' but they're all concentrated in the same four or five companies' hands. It's all wannabe game of thrones trash and propaganda masquerading as 'news.'

We don't need to be like a mirror of Holla Forums. They are a cancer to all boards and the discussion on those boards.
Leave your politics out of people's hobbies unless it happens to be very relevant to the discussion. Anons hate Holla Forums because they purposely try to jam their ideology wherever they conceivably can.

All I want is to be able to have a discussion without everything always falling into the same routine of being derailed by Cultural Marxism complaints and how the Jews control everything or how offended people are by the races of the actors.

The last place left untainted is the deliberately leftist political board, but for all the wrong reasons.
That doesn't mean that the whole site should be deliberately leftist if not centered around idpol.
The last thing we need to be doing is trying to perpetuate this crap further.


We have /leftytrash/ and if you nurture it enough we can make a real board out of it.

There's a few genuinely good tv shows but they were usually good despite having the networks against them and then getting cancelled or their budgets slashed anyways.

Last time I watched the television, it was X-Play on G4TV, or Invader Zim. God what the fuck happened to my childhood, and where did those days go…

Who's ready to smoke weed all day, and watch icarly, all the while criticizing Spencer's ingenious Marxists critique of modern society, and the social construct of the "family".

Yes please take your bullshit to your own board

Day in the life of the Holla Forumsfag browsing Holla Forums

>>>/leftyb/ is available if you guys ever want to post offtopic shit there.

Capitalism will commodify everything including criticism of capitalism. Go read a book nigger

Invader Zim is being brought back so there's that.

Holla Forums hasn't just invaded Holla Forums it owns the whole site. Realize you are inferior and leave

Being cancer doesn't make you superior.
Ruining boards with your unbearable faggotry to the point that no one wants to post there but those who agree with you is nothing to be proud of.

>>>/leftyb/ is already the /leftytrash/ board, it's just that no one uses it.

Reactionary much? Some anons shit around, but a majority of the natives on some boards (especially the porn ones) call idpol for being idpol. Even /tg/ has become used to (sometimes too much) spamming bait images for anything remotely political in an almost immune system like manner.

Just have a Holla Forums board that actually enforces rules on shitposting and obvious political bait. Making it left won't do anything but make all the threads political in some way, which takes away from an honest critique.

This user is right. Mirroring the cancerous behaviors of the /r/coontown spergs who came here during a Reddit exodus is not going to improve the quality of the boards or the site at all.

Fucking THANK YOU. I'm so incredibly relieved to see I'm not the only one on Holla Forums who thinks the "Reddit and Memey" copypasta is absolute bullshit, and that Rick and Morty is still a genuinely great show. Holla Forums can claim that they're "shilling" for companies such as Hardees/Carl Jr's, Nintendo, McDonald's, etc, but in all honesty, it's more the companies that rely on Rick and Morty's already established popularity to try and make their own image relevant to this unique demographic. It's a rather remarkable example of the bourgeoisie relying on the proletariat's existence in order to properly function.

Being an artist myself, I consider artists (in this case, cartoon creators) to be fundamental members of the proletariat. Our vivid worldviews and the creations we construct that reflect those worldviews serve as captivating inspirations to millions of people, saving them from the otherwise bleakness of reality, making the statements and asking the questions that not many others would dare to even think of.

Entertainment is definitively an art. Art must thrive and be preserved. It's way too important to life as we know it to neglect it.

Sounds pretty comfy tbh, if only I could follow what you mean by

Really, most of this shithole is Holla Forums-flavored.


That's probably Justin Roiland. he openly browses 4chan. He probably knows about the other imageboards, including us.

But the production of art is subject to class forces, no? Art is more like religion, simultaneously a device of class rule and "the soul of soulless conditions, the opiate of the masses."
Production for exchange doesn't line up perfectly with social need. What comes out of the bourgeois-held "culture industry" cannot be termed a fully "authentic" expression of proletarian culture, can it?
Like literally every other facet of capitalism?
Cut the indulgent self-aggrandizing bullshit.
J.K. Rowling could imagine a world where magic solves all the mundane problems of human existence, but not a world without rich and poor.
The bourgeoisie are not "being forced to adapt to service proletarian culture if they want to continue existing" just because some cultural commodity, like everything else, happens to be produced by labor.

I don't see sects of artists going to holy wars against each other for having different viewpoints, or saying those different artists are going to hell for not adapting their specific viewpoint. You're gonna have to do better than that.
You misunderstand. I said that as an empowering statement of the proletariat's importance in societal function. Without us, Porky would have nothing to exploit. We're too damn important to be disregarded entirely.
Sounds like something a classcuck would say. Where's your sense of proletarian pride??

Everything is political you gay homo.

I support this to the fullest, not because I want you guys to be happy but because I want you out of my board. For the love of god do it, leave and never come back. /television/ and /plebtv/ among others already exist please make your own board and leave.

/leftyb/ was a promising effort but it was rided by Holla Forums way too much so people left.
The issue was the name, people taught it was leftist Holla Forums and not leftist offtopic

Andre Breton broke some Dadaist's arm at a revue Tzara organized m8
Gamergate was full of those things. Culture policing and strife in entertainment/art is something that demonstrably occurs. I don't know what you hope to gain by denying it. And I meant "like religion" in reference to its social role under a class system, not the fedora tier "it's an irrationalist, inherently violent pathology" you've assumed. Otherwise I'd've said it is a religion.
Like every other facet of capitalism. I didn't misunderstand, you're just waxing poetic about a trivial consequence of the theory to "prove" some point about how all culture produced by proles is "authentically proletarian," which doesn't follow at all. Hell, even the politics of proletarians is rarely ever proletarian politics.
I have to regard two-bit commercial entertainers and every self-proclaimed, self-absorbed "artist" as on the same level of depth and sophistication as the foremost philosophers and theorists, or I "don't have class pride"? Props to Amy Schumer, man, for "asking the tough questions no one else will."

We're only ever there to purge you fuckers out of the board to begin with. You have even less reason to be there than we do.