Tesla factory workers reveal pain, injury and stress: 'Everything feels like the future but us'

and to top it all off:


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Didn't he blame injury and underpayment reports on union spies last time?

surprised more people dont call this shit out

I hope one of his rockets explodes and melts his body into goop.

can't you see how much this upsets him you commie bastard?

peak liberalism

Protestantism was a mistake.

Oh boo fucking hoo, how about you actually try and do some of the jobs on the production line and see how you like it instead you shit for brains.
Jesus fucking Christ i thought i had it bad but this is a new level of faggotry holy fuck
They do the same shit where i work, except most of the shit they give us shit about is beyond our control and is mostly problems caused by the management.



Analysis: Colbert is really desperate to regain the attention he got when he pissed off Bush face to face at that dinner

We need the workers to take over the factory.



This article is pretty depressing tbqh.
From I've gathered, your average redditor still continue to suck his dick on /r/news and /r/futurology because "dude factory work is hard for everybody, this article is biased lmao".
And they all ignore this part :
Of course, they do, they hope all their astroturfing will pay, and that the nerdy engineers regularly browsing HackerNews and reddit will take a loan in the near future to buy one of their cars.

Also, that "dude I slept on the floor, I know how hard it is lmao" part is ridiculous. I did the same thing the last weekend to go party with my friends, come on, just shut the fuck up.
I'm glad to not be a burger at least. Factory work can be very hard where I live but not that exhausting. Respect for those of you who work in such shitty conditions.

Everyone knows Musk chews up employees and spits them out when he's done. I've never seen a comment to the contrary.

Shut up, commie. Working long hours doing high level planning and delegation is as taxing as solving engineering problems or working on a line.

I used to believe this as well, but then I actually started working in a factory.


Dystopia is the future for workers.
All your life force and energy is for the sake of pleasure for liberal and conservative (though they won't admit it in court) lifestylists

fuckin' hell…he should be put on a Mcdonald's restaurant on the frying potatoes station everyday, receiving the same sallary others do.
After some months he would start looking at the world in a different way.

Yeah, I guess that why I routinely hear stories of CEOs having chronic back pain and spinal cord injuries from their work.
I can't tell satire from reality anymore, pls let me out of this nightmare

you clearly never worked a minute in a factory

So why the fuck are they working for him. Why don't they change job or start their own?




But that would be violent. You're not violent are you?

I would rather see him and his Bay Area friends losing most of their fortune in a sudden dotcom bubble 2.0 tbqh.

Correction: You and your friends will lose their fortunes to bailout silicon valley like the banks were in 2008. Have fun working until you're 95 :^)

I've been seeing a lot of the same response on half /g/ "just start your own company if you're not happy" "create your own alternative retard" over telecoms fucking people over. I have to ask, with what fucking money and expertise?

Another reminder that California is a Feudal society. Not far from this plant was the Ghost Ship fire, caused by a greedy landlord who didn't maintain the building. Also, that kid was executed at Fruitvale Station by a BART cop. Not to mention the rampant gentrification that is driving workers to greater acts of desperation Remember this the next time someone talks about California or the Bay Area as a left wing utopia.

(The work going on in Richmond is good progress though)

what a novel idea, it's not like you're describing 90% of the DEMOCRATIC FUCKING PARTY

"Yeah I mean the comune driven factories of soviet russia(not tru communism btw) was so much better than the modern cappitalist driven ones" - leftypol


what did you think
no, seriously. he's basically black science man with a budget.

If everyone who self-identified as such were thrown into a big pot of boiling oil the world would be a better place.

The East Bay is where the factories are but they are also one of the most socialist parts of the country, the East Bay DSA meets at a library of Marxism. The Richmond city council (where Chevron is headquartered and has their main refinery) has a number of young left-liberal (aka American Socialists) in their city council working to provide a safe place for workers to live. It's San Francisco and San Jose that have the techies and the rich live mostly in Marin with some in Berkeley.

I think if you want to live on the West Coast and be part of a socialist movement in the USA then the bay area is the best place for you. It's way cheaper to live in the Central Valley or north of Sacramento but the cost to your well-being is pretty high although you do have access to some beautiful countryside (you need to drive to it if you live in the CV).

"We're losing money, so why would we cut corners to try to lose less money? Checkmate, commies. Anyway, we're cutting corners so you don't lose your job so be grateful."

"He was dead when I got here, officer. Besides, he had it coming."

lol so apparenty talking how much you wanna build a rocket for rich people to go to mars in reddit AMAs isn't profitable?