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Accelerationism is bullshit.

Don't get me wrong, it's a shame to see an otherwise talented fella like Steven Colbert become such a liberal stooge, when he used to play both sides remarkably well with his sophisticatedly crafted conservative strawman character. The Colbert Report will always have a special place in my heart, and I still think Steven himself as an actor is pretty talented. But fuck me, his Late Show hosting…

That aside, Trump is still a shit president, since he seems to be doing exactly what everyone feared Shillary would do if she got elected. Just because liberals are terrible at criticizing him doesn't mean he dindu nuffin. Stop the accelerationism meme. It fucked us all over to begin with.

If Killary was elected then all the liberals would feel smug and triumphant, give zero fucks once she does what Trump is doing, and all of the angry, disenfranchised people who voted for Trump wouldn't get the chance to realize that voting is a fucking waste of time and would keep pining for their "anti-establishment candidate". Now the liberals are actually paying attention to what Trump is doing, they're becoming more angry and aggressive, and the Trump supporters are realizing that while the clown may change, the circus stays the same.

Accelerationism is working perfectly.

He's remarkably less competent at it though. He can't do anything without eliciting revulsion and ridicule. These lame-duck presidents are at least outwardly supposed to appear competent. Not make a mockery of the entire system.
With Hillary, the disgruntled masses were to be pacified with idpol.
She would have been orders of magnitude worse, because she would have instilled a sense of normalcy and given the system a veneer of legitimacy.
Instead we have a corrupt vulgar brazen painfully obvious ignorant kleptocrat, who is not only widely disliked, but also lost the popular vote, which doesn't do him any good either.

And then there's the fact the betrayal of the alt-right works in our favor. Just take a look at Holla Forums so see how his actions are tearing them apart. You have stockholm syndrome fanatics demanding unquestionable adoration, and it's really putting people off.

this, we'd have every neolib blowing off everything with "well at least we don't have drumph" and "muh first female prez" and Holla Forumsfags and their ilk blaming all the things fucking up on """leftism"""

There hasn't been a good president in most of our lifetimes though. At least this bad president is an outright clown.

Although whether that's literally the spectacle at work is something I still don't know.

There has never been a good U.S president.

He's the same as any other president, no worse than Obama or Bush, all the screeching is from liberal tribalists. There's nothing "accelerationist" about it. In fact, the only accelerationism would have come from Hillary further disenfranchising midwestern workers from the political structure.

I think William Henry Harrison made an okay stab at it.

Murdering natives is pretty good alright

I know you GRU operators must be bored after nearly 2 years of your deza campaign, but can you at least just keep this shit on Holla Forums or halfchan's Holla Forums?

Is Holla Forums STILL dominated by Holla Forumsshit? Shame, I thought it would have passed by now and I could think about returning.

Yeah thank god we got Trump instead so shitlibs could obsess over him and then go back to comfortable silence once he's gone. "Accelerationism" my fucking ass

Holla Forums was dogshit long before Holla Forums ever showed up you pathetic fuck
Name one (1) worthwhile TV show since Star Trek TNG
Oh wait, that doesn't exist

1. You can have good critique of TV shows even in the absence of good TV
2. Stop being such a fucking dork. Star Trek was never good

I used to like this guy until he invited people on to smear gamergate. I also suspect those people he had on to represent (embarrass) Occupy Wall Street were picked to discredit the movement as well.


Imperialism aside Theodore Roosevelt was the closest thing to /ourguy/
Too bad his populist party never took off

Holla Forums has been colonised by Holla Forums. i'm even starting to see random complaints about "leftypol" in random threads there. i wish this board would try to gain a presence on Holla Forums


It's funny when they attack liberals of being Holla Forums. They really are a bunch of SEETHING nerds.

The only really progressive thing Teddy should be lauded for is being the first to start enforcing the Sherman Antitrust Act on a larger scale. His successor Taft actually ended up busting about twice as many trusts however. He was otherwise a warmongering maniac.

He may have exchanged letters, but Abe sure gave a lot of concessions to porky

Further proving my point. Imperialism is a pretty big evil so that automatically disqualifies him from being /ourguy/

As opposed to them fellating themselves over Hillary while Trump supporters keep thinking "If only Trump got in, he'd have fixed this"? Shit, them thinking he's literally hitler might be good thing, it might get them to start thinking about politics and engage in some action.

We must protect Comrad Trump from Neoliberal imperialism.

1. Trump supporters are so brain damaged they're not losing faith in Trump anyway
2. Hillary was/is way worse at propaganda and smooth-talk than Barry and would have alienated tons of libs when she turned out to not be whatever retarded image of her they have in their heads.
3. Hillary is more inextricable from the washington establishment so when she fucks up the whole system/govt gets blamed and not this retarded "we have the wrong person in this honorable office" bullshit we have now

I mean we are grading on a curve no? If you're considering Teddy then sure as shit Abe is better.