Who's worse, SocDems or M-L's?

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SocDem will turn into fascism once capitalism enters crisis.
ML will fail cause it will never go fullSocialism.


Succdems; at least MLs have the consciousness

socdems, marxists are comrades


anarkiddies tbh

M-L's. At least soc-dems value freedom somewhat.

They're both capitalists, and they will both throw me in prison for my beliefs.
So they're equal.

both are shit. MLs at least 'get things done' even if 'getting things done' means repressive state capitalism and gulags. Soc Dems on the other hand, tend to be completely useless

they both have pros and cons

Where did Lenin say "Dude you kno what wud be fkn lit? Gulags and red capitalism"

I am geniunely curious becase whenever I see definitions of that ideology usually it is just about the use of a vanguard party and that socialism is a stepping stone to communism.

I don't think he ever did. I don't think Lenin would've been down with what happened to the USSR. But M-Ls are often just LARPers who jerk off to gulags anyway.

Lenin wasn't an ML, it was an ideology created after his death.

MLs, at least socdems can be reasonable.

This entirely

Hard choice, ML has more edge appeal but I'd be able to bum around and be a NEET easily with Succdem

What's the difference?

Left communists aren't "libertarian" and refuse to use such descriptors.

The only difference between a Trot and a Leninist is that one wants to manipulate sham elections and the other wants to seize by violence. The end result is the same. I think I'm marginally less likely to be gulaged by Socdems. Only marginally tho

MLs by far, remember Catalonia

Lenin's simple definition of socialism is set out in his The Impending Catastrophe and How to Combat It (September 1917): "Socialism is merely state-capitalist monopoly which is made to serve the whole people".

Socdems by far, remember WW1

MLs by far, remember stalinism

He actually did say it in 1917. He was intending to create state-monopoly-capitalism because according to him, the step after that would be socialism. Socialism here defined simply as state-capitalism that serves the masses:

"For socialism is merely the next step forward from state-capitalist monopoly. Or, in other words, socialism is merely state-capitalist monopoly which is made to serve the interests of the whole people and has to that extent ceased to be capitalist monopoly."

Sane MLs > Socdems > insane MLs

Anarchists, socdems and M-L's all suck. Libcoms are generally ok but often too idealistic.


At least Comrade Stalin (pbuh) would shoot the capitalists if they try to start shit, the succdem will just succ dem.