What do weaboos/anime fans/otaku have to gain from being right wing?

What do weaboos/anime fans/otaku have to gain from being right wing?
This is a serious thread, someone please explain the "anime-right"

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Read this my guy

a lot of weebs feel bullied/ostracized from society
they also think that society is controlled by radical leftist/sjws/kultural marxists
It's just a backlash against liberalism from people too stupid to tell the difference between the far left and liberals

Also military funding of anime to shape public discussion


Fuck, that's actually pretty insightful. Thanks, user.

shit argument

Fascism is the heart and soul of the Japanese people.

No, but the people who primarily consume moe, ecchi, harem, and lolicon anime/manga are.

Yeah, but the crowd that consumes that perverted trash aren't limited to anime/manga. I consider anime/manga just as something that falls under the umbrella of their otaku trash which spans through video games, VNs, pretty much all media.

He was saying that romantic love of cartoons is very similar to pedophilia, not that anime fans are all pedos

It's a shit argument, but to be fair, I'm sure some of them are. They have a right to be pissed at the (American) left for joining in the witch hunt against them while claiming to be progressive. Most of them have never done anything wrong, and they see the left as hypocritical for refusing to listen to them. RevLeft is pretty bad about this, and for most things, really.

Aside from that, they just hate normies in general and oppose any policy that would help the people who've abused and tormented them, even if it could help them too.

Hayao "sexually attracted to japanese empire fight planes" Miyazaki is not my comrade

pretty spooky m8

The writer is arguing that pedophilia and schediophilia are similar insofar as there is expectation of reciprocal love in the relationship. You, as the schediophile, might 'love' a fictional character in the sense that you would wish the fantasy to be real, but that love can never be reciprocated. It is an innate part of the relationship: an impassable bridge which does not oppose the relationship, but constitutes it.
Of course the writer is wrong, as pedophiles, at least in the last 50 years or so, do genuinely believe minors can reciprocate their interests. This does not lessen the authors point however: the schediophilic relationship is fantastic.

I am also not sure I agree with the analyses that the 'woman' is an innate threat. I think schediophiles deserve more credit: they are very aware that flesh and blood can never obtain the luster of the two dimensional. This is why people have began marrying fictional characters: they have found peace in the knowledge nothing in reality will compare to the fantasy. (This is worth pointing out, as it undermines the suggestion that schediophilia is innately opposed to the real-feminine.)

most of Holla Forums project their own decadence, lack of restraint and rampant consumerism on all of humanity and thus demand a restriction of freedoms (fascism)

He was very big into the labour unions though.

What does anyone who isn't socially outgoing have to gain by being right-wing?

It makes far more sense to kill feminism and deport niggers, really.

i guess you could define perversion in terms of alienated sexuality, ie. looking for something that isn't there due to misplaced emotional needs or received ideas about sexuality related to shame

I think the main reason why anime has become associated with far right politics is simply because far right politics have become prevalent. If Holla Forums became as influential as Holla Forums did on imageboards being a "weeaboo" would be possibly associated with communism. Holla Forums on average tends to have a lot more weebs than other leftist communities, and other far right communities like the Iron March and Stormfront generally don't like anime.

They are not connected.
It just so happens that people that liked animu too much (back when they weren't COOL) were using 4chan. Then stormfront took over pol and found a bunch of socialy akward young men that needed an ideology to feel better. It just so happened that said men liked animu.

And using what people already like to promote your ideology is propaganda 101. Unless it's about products, then it's marketing. Just think about Donald Duck promoting "liberty" and "evil nazis will work us to death" or Flinstones advertising ciggarets.

And that's why we need to use animu as a counter to their propaganda.


You appear idiots.

most reasonable answer, thanks.

Their idea of Japan is the perverse 1930s cult that worshiped the Emperor. They think it's still like this and they look up to it. Many of them are deluded into believing that anime supports this despite many current studios being founded by those who were very heavily into labour unions and other movements they oppose.


Basicaly, it's like "ancaps are not inherently pedos. Pedos become ancaps because ancapism is accepting them".

I mean… A1 pictures is the Hollywood of animu…
I mean.. Gate is Japanese imperialism 101 and Working! is Class Colab 101.

for example, pedos project their own feelings on to children, in the process denying the child's autonomy. The other is just used as an instrument for the pleasure of the self.

I thought the whole point of that movie was how the dreams of kids were being co-opted to cause pointless suffering and conflict in the name of nationalism. Seems like a pretty leftist message to me.

But that's exactly what it is. Moe, ecchi, harem, and lolicon, and its prevalence everywhere in both modern Japan and the internet, really demonstrates capitalism in action. It is what you end up with when corporate executives and toy companies start realizing that alienated youth (alienated males, to be specific) with expendable income are far more lucrative as a consumer base than young children or hobbyists, such as model makers.

The function of all of this is eerily similar to the "feelies" in Brave New World: nothing but a series of colorful, fantastic images and sensations meant to saturate you with a single emotion (whether it is moe, taboo sensual desire, some form of balmy indolence, etc.) and lacking any meaningful messages or themes outside of its own context. This is reflected in the art style of 99% of them: vibrant, yet gritty-looking realistic backgrounds juxtaposed with cartoony figures, as if to tell the audience that the fictional work can provide them with a better substitute to the dark and grim reality that they belong to (there's a term for this kind of artistic technique, but it escapes my mind at the moment). Though the thing that really gets me is the vapidness of the characters, which I believe is intentional. This coaxes the audience into clingingly indulge in the fantasy, beckoning them to absolve themselves in favor of a world that will never punish them, never be cruel to them, and never show complexity such as grief, jealousy, or judgement, like real people do.

(I'd also like to point out that because of this, you get a lot of people on /a/ shitting on Japan for not conforming to their technicolor fantasies.)

Here, have another relevant Miyazaki image, but with a portion of the actual quote instead.

Given the massive variation in age of consent by jurisdiction, what's the definitive answer as to when someone can legitimately love someone else, then? It's not reasonable to be going after people who lack the biological capacity to even have those emotions, but if you start blanket denying people the right to their own feelings on the grounds that you don't think they're mature enough to hold them, it opens a path to taking every other right away from them as well. You're inviting an Equilibrium-style dystopia, only without the kickass gunfighting scenes. If you're draconian enough about it, you're also inviting the possibility of them deciding to shoot you for being a right arrogant cunt, so maybe there'll be kickass gunfighting scenes after all.

I am surprised there aren't more peoples on Holla Forums who realize that Western "anime culture" has been artificially created.

This is mostly said by people who can't tell the difference between being a well-developed, mature person and being a supercilious asswipe. Given that fact, it's no wonder that people withdraw into fantasy worlds, since there are so many people who say this.

Get the fuck out.

I wonder why animu is popular…

If you say so. But keep in mind that your average shojo manga of the 80's and 90's had more character depth than what's being mass-produced in those genres.

a gf

That's false.

i thought that meme came from them shilling bitcoin so hard tho

from the contact i've had with pedophiles online and also from the few advocates i've read it's obvious they have a rather distorted idea of what 'love' means' It's supposed to be a dialogue, not a monologue or a puppet show. Equilibrium is one of those movies with weird half baked libertarian undertones, kickass gunfighting scenes notwithstanding. The autonomous self can only be truly free in a world of free individuals, one can't be free in isolation. Pedophiles are not moved by love emanating from their innermost pure individual soul, but by distorted ideas of the world and of others.

What examples of this have you encountered?

if you really love someone why stop loving them once they hit puberty?

Tell me more about the volume of animu made for adults/ young adults VS western animation. Also, the ammount of sexuality and so on.

Western media still focus mostly on live action, VS animation.

And, ye, but there are actual pedos and advocates for pedo in them. If not the majority of them.

you were talking about western animation on its own first, dont move the goalpost lmfao

I mean, I assume you're specifically referring to moe-fags. There's quite a few who feel uncomfortable watching cute girls do cute things though, they just aren't as loud about it.
Rude. Just because something can't (at least in any probable circumstance) occur, does not mean the subject desires it to be so.

I feel really fucking depressed at the state of the left, sometimes it seems its all pedophiles, idpol, technology worshipers who shill for elon musk and would be happy to forego revolution for UBI, soylent and VR fetish porn. seriously what's fucking happening to people?

Yes, Japan produce more animation for adults/young adults. What's your point?

This feels a bit cherrypick'y; isn't this true of 99% of all popular media, japanese, western or whatever?

That it's just supply and demand. No deeper or enforced conspiracy.


I think the greatest task for the left right now involves re enchanting the world, showing the
true richness of reality and human experience. We need to show people things can be better than this. Create content that makes people want to engage with the world and with each other

These same otaku can also be easily manipulate to other sinister ends beyond just acting as a cash cow for media companies to milk. The Aum Shinrikyo cult, behind the sarin gas attacks in the 90s, notoriously recruited otaku by advertising in Sci Fi magazines and expanding out into producing their own anime and manga as propaganda to attract this alienated youth. Otaku, and their perversion, are dangerous.


ANY social pariah is potentialy dangerous.
Blaming one group is even more dangerous.

The Japanese are Honorary Aryans

No, not necessarily. Although any medium of creative work inevitably requires a person to maintain some suspension of disbelief, these mediums will ideally bring up themes, topics, messages, and ideas that cause us to contemplate the world around us–the world we live in–as well as our relationship to it.

Contrast that with the genres of moe, ecchi, harem, and lolicon. These works do not ask us to reflect upon the world. In fact, they do the opposite: they ask us to reject reality entirely. These genres abandon verisimilitude, while at the same time present themselves as an equally authentic version of reality for the audience to indulge in. This is completely dangerous to creative mediums, like anime or manga, as a form of human expression because they promote a cynical form of irony–they ask that the audience maintain a sort of paradox within their own minds that arises from this contradiction. This new, lower standard completely commodifies these mediums, and risks reducing creative expression to simple tools; the mere function of which is to stimulate or arouse the audience, without ever asking that they reflect upon themselves or reflect upon the world at large; hence, the "feely" comparison.

As I mentioned earlier, compare the works of moe, ecchi, harem, and lolicon to their shojo inspirations in the 80's and 90's, and you'll see a completely drastic difference in the way that the mediums are handled. I can only suspect that this is because of the effect of capitalism; the characters themselves within these new works have been demoted to the role of consumption items for viewers to enjoy at their own discretion.

Fucking this.

The idea that the same people who would scold them for their anti-social hobbies now somehow like them because their opinions might "match" some off-hand remark or joke that they made about the political climate of the country or whatever.

animation for male young adults and little girls*

Rafiq was so Based. I wish he had a blog, or at least that he'd post here now and again.

Eternal Family, Mind Game, Dimension Bomb, Noiseman Sound Insect;
Millennium Actress, Perfect Blue, Tokyo Godfathers, Paprika;
To Be Friday, Serial Experiments Lain, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, ME! ME! ME! (related)

All moe, some ecchi, some have 'loli' characters in them and some have harems in them. All top of my head, too.

You are abusing 'verisimilitude' and completely fail to grasp that there is beauty in the art itself. The idea that art (not Art) necessarily needs to convey an idea or necessarily needs to adhere to the Platonic ideal of Naturalism is limiting: the mere remnant of the act of creation is enough (and it can be argued even that is additional).
To keep in theme with the topic: animations like Robot Carnival and Catsoup may not carry a thorough theory, but they are still pleasant to look at. Considerable care and craft went into them and that is big draw. Even if the work is not theoretical, it is engrossing.
To claim art (not Art) without an exterior theory is vacuous in any way is specious: the combination of colours to create a vibrant impression is pleasant to the brain. Even if it is a superficial experience, it is still a pleasant experience. Craft is not vacuous and reliant on an external idealism to manifest an experience: there is a material reality that encapsulates the work.

Also "moe" is traced as far back as the twenties (the cultural appearance, not the term for the concept). You are confusing the modern day instance of 'moe' with what it actually is: all pervasive, superficial cuteness.

Read Murakami, Itten and Blair.