Why did Lenin fail?

Why did Lenin fail?

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He tried making Communism in a pre-industrial shithole that hadn't even achieved full capitalism yet.

material conditions fam
engels predicted the soviet union

How did he fail? He was probably the most important man of the last 100 years.

Did he fail, tho? He overthrew the tsarist / provisional governments and replaced them with his own coming into power. Its a fact of history that he won.

What is this alternative history where Lenin lost the revolution?, lol


He got shot


He was an aristocrat who attack working class organizations
Fuck him

Lenin did what he could with the conditions he had to work with

He did not fail.


Not shouting "I WANT LEON TROTSKY TO BE MY SUCCESSOR AND NOT THAT GEORGIAN MANLET STALIN!" from the rooftops of Moscow right before he died.

Not reading Bookchin.

Like said, impatience. The revolution had very little chance of succeeding and its failure to conquer Poland in 1920 doomed the USSR to a fate of a bureaucratic welfare state which tried to outlast the bourgeoisie.
20th century bolshevism was the greatest and most miserable tragedy in human history. Maybe things could've been different if the Battle of Warsaw hasn't been lost.

Did he tho? I would argue he succeeded in overthrowing the Tsar and setting up his own state.

His theory and legacy will forever be remembered as one of the most important in history.

Judging where the Soviet Union failed is the more appropriate question.

Nice baits gentlemen.
Social democracy was very different concept in the days of Lenin. See:


That bitch shot him, he didn't fail though.

So sad.



lenin never failed

This is getting pretty fucking gay, comrades.

Don't look at where we are look at where we're going. It's every revolutions role to redeem past revolutions by succeeding. Even if it fails, those that come after it will absolve them.

It failed with Lenin. The worst thing to ever happen in history was Lenin dying soon after the revolution. It gave autistic MLs an excuse for why the USSR failed. It's real easy to just blame Stalin, who did fuck things up even more, but people use Lenin's death as a convenient out from criticizing him. This intellectual laziness and cowardice will do nothing but postpone communism because people fetishize Lenin and treat him as a martyr, retrying his ideas without any revisionism.


Because he did everything wrong, tried to fix it, couldn't and then died.

And that's why am a Leninist.

For we need to see what was done wrong and figure out what needs to be done.

I actually agree with most of what you say. Wouldn't call it "revisionism" that which is needed since it's a loaded term (especially in ML discourse), and besides, it's closer now to an archaeological excavation.

He They clearly didn't. Being able to defend the proletariat revolution for the first time in world history, gaining the support of the general populace against reformists, to name a few things, translate to pretty solid points on a party's resume. And this is just the post-1917 period. The theoretical debates of the Bolsheviks pre-1917 pretty much became the hallmark of a whole century (for better or worse).

I mean… from "war communism" to the NEP, then onto Stalin's 5 year plans isn't really "fixing things." It's periodical transitioning that gets stuck at one point later in history and eventually reverts back on several fronts. Each of these phases require their own critique.

Lenin died in 1924. Three years after the whites have been defeated, with the ravages of the first world war, and three years before the soviet economy could recover its 1914 productive capability through the NEP.


Lenin did a lot of good no doubt. But at his heart, he was an academic bourgeois radical, and he tried imposing his idea of modernity on the Russian peasants, thus taking measures that caused a lot of harm. After all, what is the point of industrialization, if it comes at the cost of starvation for the rural peasants. Also he discounted the importance of culture and the varied traditions to the Russian people and tried to push forward his own ideals onto them, which caused major discontentment.

Ye, IMO it all went downhill once Germany failed to rise and the NAP had to be created.

I don't see how Lenin failed. Yes, the Soviet Union failed, but that's not the fault of Lenin or the revolution. You could argue that Russia wasn't ready for socialism given the failure of the German revolution which would have been ripe, but would you rather have had Lenin say "shit, guys, the Germans failed, I guess we should call our revolution off", would you have rather there not have been a revolution? I fail to see what the alternative is here.

The longest NAP in historu!

obv. not since non of us are clarevoyants

He had three strokes

didn't read enough theory

or bordiga

God fucking damn. Why is leftist history so fucking tragic. I want to go back to being a normalfag. I used to view the progression of history as the US overcoming the Evil fascists and communists to spread democracy. Now I know the truth, the good guys lost.

Lenin took control while iron was hot. Russia was at its weakest point, meaning this was the opportunity they needed. Its easy with our knowledge now to be critical because we know what happened in the rest of the 20th century.
Its important to remember that given the context of the preceeding 128 or so years, the great war was seen as the end of capitalism. Surely once the bolsheviks take power, the other communists will take control in Germany, Paris, London, etc.
But it didn't. And then the U.S became masters at propaganda. And then Hitler. And then the cold war. And stalin.
Lenin didn't fail, everyone else did.


If that had been allowed to continue Russia would have developed without the loss of tens of millions of lives under brutal tyranny.

The Provisional Government is the biggest wasted opportunity ever.

Why do you place such importance on Poland causing Bolshevism to fail?

Wait I'm dumb what would conquering poland have done?

To make the rest of the country better off?

No. Americans were bad guys and Soviet Union were worse bad guys.

The greater evil lost the cold war.

That's certainly an interesting way of trying to justify the US's genocide campaigns, I grant you. Shame it has so little grounding in reality.

Because the medium is the message

He didn't "justify" anything, he's just not a USSR fetishist like so many "communists".

only a liberal seriously thinks the ussr was worse than america

it would've lead to a german revolution.

And only edgy contrarians seriously think America was worse than the USSR. They were both shit, there is not a person on this board when faced with the choice,
who would choose to live in the 1985 USSR as opposed the 1985 USA.

No the food production from the peasant class was disproportionately allocated to the industrial population rather than the peasant class. The Bolsheviks wanted to modernize too quickly instead of focusing on increasing food production first to make sure the people weren't hungry. Rather they decided to industrialize first to fulfill their idea of development rather than to insure and advance the most basic need for the population.

The provisional government was basically Tsarism without the Tsar, they wanted to continue World War I and send millions of men more into the meatgrinder.

He believed in authoritarian socialism.

He failed by having a stroke and dying in the worst time.

he was a tankie

i.e. revolution?