Classcucked imam proves Islam and Marxism are incompatible

Any thoughts on this man?

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I don't even wanna watch this, but he's probably right. Marxism is incompatible with any type of religious fundamentalism.

Liberation Theology?

Didn't know Muslims had an interest in communism…

Islam had proto-socialism for centuries.


He was prone to getting boils. its a pretty damn common ailment both today and for the time.

Charity isn't socialism.

That's not what I would consider fundamentalism

Even still, the best you can do is ignore the inherent contradictions of theology and Marxism. (Which is fine in the short term)

It's even, explicitly, not charity. It's a tax based on accumulated wealth.

And the award of the dumbest post of the entire week goes to…

Yeah that's what I meant. Taxes aren't socialism.

It is compatible with some religions though.

theocracy or liberalism.
pick one

On the other hand








They had that model in the Ottoman Empire. All services were volunteer-run and paid for by zakat money albeit there were free markets everywhere.


Christianity is compatible with communism but Islam isn't… So why do I see "real leftists" in rallies to support taking in muslims? Instead what you should be doing is promoting Christian values and by extension, communism

Christianity is not compatible with communism.

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Gee, I wonder ✝✝✝who✝✝✝ is behind this post

That's why the Bolsheviks did nothing wrong in persecuting religion.


can someone please post those marxist hadiths?


Yeah but this isn't Holla Forums faggotry or a bait thread
Stop being a sensitive asshat

Ever read The Bolsheviks and Islam? They didn't as they saw Islam as liberating unlike Christianity.

Any religion is compatible with communism, it just has to be twisted into the right form.

You could literally say the same thing about Judaism or Christianity, or Buddhism.