Comrades. I have been offered a job in an international law firm in their banking law department (yearly income: 110...

Comrades. I have been offered a job in an international law firm in their banking law department (yearly income: 110.000€). I feel bad about it but I don't want to give away this rare opportunity. I ask for advice from my fellow comrades

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Suck porky's cock, fund communist parties, betray the former when the time is right.

What the fuck does anyone even do with $10,000+ a month?


It'll be all the sweeter when you tell them you used their own money against them.

are you jewish by any chance

Take it. If you don't, someone else will. We are all part of this system in one way or another, there's no escape.

I am not. I was just very good in law school, live in the right city and talked to the right people. This would be my first full time job.

can someone clarify this issue to me

i often see lawyers, doctors, and other highly-educated professions described as petty bourgeois. but most of them exchange their labor for money so wouldn't that make them proles?


Save for a house, educate one's children, donate, invest. Idk. I grew up slightly poor so it would be a welcome change…but it's an obscene amount and I'm very conflicted internally

Take it and use that money for the advancement communism.

how did you even get to the point where this is a possibility, but now are "feeling bad about it"? haven't you been studying capitalist neoliberal economy? haven't you been socializing with people who all believe in it? haven't you been working in the exact same kind of job, only for less money? what are you even fucking talking about?
and socialism, or any idea for that matter, is not about "feeling bad" about anything. if you think you have to feel bad about something because "socialism says so" you're a fucking retard.

Fiji my man

Get the money and use it to buy guns for leftist militias.

Just do it. Unless you really want to do something else. No reason to be poor.

There is no ethical consumption under capitalism
Use the money to fund the left


Relax. I adhere to a critical approach to law. My dissertation was a post-colonial analysis of international law. I am fully aware that law is a major tool in conserving a system, keeping it intact. It's just that not everyone can work for your national leftist party, not everyone can write Marxist papers about law all day and so on…most law students end up as lawyers, and so will I.

Go ahead and do it, user. Remember, Freiderich Engels was a porky, but that didn't stop him from collaborating with Marx and being completely sympathetic to the workers' cause. If anything, with your new position, you should be better equipped to help others, now.

Go for it. There is no reason why you shouldn't lessen your suffering, merely because others' will continue. Just remember: keep reading. (Also maybe share the wealth, if you can manage.)


use you position to leak shit

Sure I'm going to believe that a communist board on a Nazi website is made up of the 1%

M8, they're Jews. Remember the Projext X kike? This board is full of rich larping jews.


Holla Forumslacks are self-hating shitskins, Holla Forumslacks are self-hating bourgeoisie, checks out

Lmao. My bar exam was really good and I know a partner from that particular firm. That's the sole reason.

You're a Jew, who got the job through nepotism. Do you deny this?

I'm studying law myself (Europe). I don't think I'll be particulary bad in my bar exam but holy shit the competition is insane and I have no contacts whatsoever

I don't wanna be a lawyer anyway. Long working hours. Thank god I can do everything with a law degree in my country.

You an absolutely normie-tier understanding of Marxism if you think taking a job is somehow a 'betrayal'. What the fuck would you even do instead?

He is doing international banking law, out of all jobs which exist those are literally porkys worst agents

Help me fund a co-op

I wish all the Anarkiddies would start working in co-ops so they see how fucking annoying it is in your anarchist utopia when you have to vote for who is going to clean the pipes

Do it.

Become a sleeper agent, stack up cash and strike when the time is right.

Stop being a faggot, do it.

And well, you need to have some litteracy level to be lefty and even if meritocracy is a meme, having certain litteracy level sure increases your chances of avoiding poverty.

Take it OP.
You should look for your benefit, until we're under communism you can't really escape the system and that money will help you and you can also help the left. Just be wary and don't drink from the well, it's not the money itself that changes you, is the kind of life that comes with it.

This always made me wonder, in a anarchist or market socialist society what prevents the same small group of people getting voted to do certain jobs. I know currently it happens all the time in volunteer groups or late night shifts, would the answer just be "but its better?".

It's not about how much the bourgies give you.
It's about what you do with it.

Dude, take the job! for fuck sake all these faggots replying and saying its bad have no job and are living in their moms basements and are fucking losers.

Take the job, have money to live and stay socialist. There's no nobility in poverty the villain of socialism is the antagonisms of the system which generates the ruling class, not some guy who makes more money than average.

Stale meme, but


Hard decision OP. If you think this will make you happy you should do it, but if you are already this morally conflicted I worry what decades in this career will do to your soul.

Do you have any other options? You can be a lawyer and still do something vaguely leftist (labour law, human rights, public defender). I mean international banking law is as porkified as it gets.

One thing I will say is this; the idea others are expressing in this thread about you being some Engels type figure who uses his money to fund the left is a total pipe dream.

If you go into international banking law I guarantee your leftist beliefs will have disappeared within 5 years.
(1) You will be surrounded by yuppies with bourgeois beliefs this will undoubtedly influence you.
(2) You won't be able to express leftist beliefs even among your own friends because you'll feel too hypocritical. If you never express your beliefs outwardly they lose strength.
(3) Your class interests will change.

I'm just trying to give you a realistic vision of you choices, if you take this job you will lose your leftist identity and adopt bourgeois beliefs. You will become the class enemy you presently hate with so much passion. If you think the money is worth giving up on your beliefs to change the world and losing your moral grounding then so be it. Ultimately this is a decision only you can make.

I honestly can't say what I'd do if faced with your choice. No one reasonable could ever fault you for taking the job. Best of luck either way comrade

Well if he takes the job I sure do hope he does not have good luck, because he will be perpatuating the system and help to cause more misery for proles.

Hold a job like a regular person, and if things start to go south, well, help it by having a lot of inside dirt on them. Use it for self-gain, or for exposing them. Either way, just enjoy the fact you have this opportunity.


Do the job, and purposely do a bad job when the client is a CEO or extremely rich person. Also give money to charity and the YPG.

Take it. Not because it will make you happier, but because it will empower you financially. A rich socialist has more opportunities than poor one.


Being poor doesn't help the struggle comrade. Take the money and run.

ppl are dogmatic and subservient about the 19 century terms "laborer class" and "proletariat" and the 19 century theory surrounding them, if you aren't a factory worker coming from the countryside you're the factory owner of some abstract factory.

Pass the gin comrade.


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thank you programmer-user