You chose the Railroad, didn't you?

You chose the Railroad, didn't you?

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wut: the picture

I don't play video games so I have no idea what this is in reference to.

If anything, we'd choose the Minute Men.
But still, shitpost.
Some might actually choose the Institute due to advanced science, but they have literal slaves. So Nazbols probably.

minuitemen are a half decent model of anarcho-syndacalism

That image is pure cancer.

The EBoS is quite easily best faction to back.
Indeed their Fallout 4 incarnation makes them the second best faction in the world of fallout after the M-WBoS.

I got too bored to finish it.

Pic is semi accurate though, neoliberalism is based on slavery.

It's not just neoliberalism, it's capitalism.

I think it's the latest installment in the fallout series. A post apocalyptic game by people who are unaware of Posadist teachings.

minutemen + railroad is the only correct answer.

The Brotherhood of Steel of the Commonwealth recruits and provide training and equipment to common wastelanders, they're pretty cool guys.

BoS in Fallout 1 was like a dream come true
military order with a strong isolationist tendencies that worships advanced tech
literally just want to be left alone in their Lost Hills bunker

also, apparently they plan their economy and R&D with that huge mainframe

you keep disappointing me

I dont play skyrim with nukes, sorry.

That isolationism of the Western BoS chapter is why I consider the Mid-Western BoS and Eastern BoS (Fallout 4 incarnation) to be superior.
What purpose is hoards of advanced technology if you just sit down in bunkers all day?

Going out and actively recruiting, and in turn securing the wasteland it what the best and most prosperous chapters of the BoS have done.

I do agree that a military hierarchy, a planned economy and a reverence for technology are inherently good traits however.

Stirner would be ashamed smh tbh

FNV's Westside and Followers of the Apocalypse is where it's at

I chose The Institute.

Fuck the synths, we need your mechanical labour for fully automated luxury space communism.

You're back to primitive accumulation m8 all you can do is support the least reactionary faction and hope humanity can have another industrial revolution in a few hundred years



Why are neoliberal memes so bad and artificial?

why are there so many pictures of posadas?

because there are no neoliberals online other than normie paid shills

I chose not to play this shooter that calls itself RPG.

NV is the last good Fallout.
BOS was always isolationist and xenophobic and became what every fascism eventually becomes, in NV. But then Bethesda needed a militarist faction and couldn't bother to create one…


Lmao no neoliberals are totes OK with privatisation of education nigger

the same purpose that christian early monks established isolated communes far away from everyone
to be closer to God

and for BoS tech is God
so they isolate themselves so that no one could disturb them from research
the only reason that there exists a separation on scribes and paladins is because ignorant wastelanders keep trying to steal their holy tech

This pic has neoliberalism and succdem confused.


So you consider the poorly-written ones to be better?

Bruh, Caesar is dialectics bro.


Institute confirmed comrades


You unironically deserve gulag tbh.

This is one of the few things that piss me off. Kill yourself.


The autism is strong in you. Fuck off, Fallout 4 was great.

You're entitled to your garbage opinion that butchering the Fallout lore was "great".

Not my comrades.

At least put some effort.

But seriously, stop being so autistic about this. Does it really make the game less enjoyable for you if somehow a vault has Jet in it, even though Jet was supposed to be invented later? You can't honestly tell me that stuff like this ruins a game for you. Your hatred of Fallout 4 is purely based on ridiculous nostalgia. There is nothing rational about it.

All video games are garbage.

Yes, it's only That One Thing, nothing else. Bethesda didn't fuck up repeatedly and turn the RPG into a shooter with instructions to be mindlessly followed, no sir. It's just minor nitpicks an "autist" would care about!

dont ask me why but i really dont think youre into role-playing games lol

Please don't non-politics. Threads like these just remind me that people who really care about politics tend to be dead ends in every other avenue.

t. Amish

How? This wasn't the case at all, at least not from my impression. But whatever, go and virtually suck Obsidian's dick if that is what makes you happy. To each their own.


You can tell it's children who don't even know why sage fucking exists.

Yeah, what is wrong with that statement? Enjoying something is purely subjective.

Why would I sage a thread about one of my favourite games?

This isn't Holla Forums you annoying faggot.

You don't have to click on this thread, do you?

I chose to play a Fallout that isn't casualized garbage.

Do that then, and stop whining about how Bethesda is literally Hitler.

It's not, but Fallout 4 (and also its defenders) are literally shit :^)

fuck off m8.

No. Also, I am not the one who hates everything that is different from what I am used to. The fact that everyone here seems to hate Fallout 4 for no reason is very telling about your politics, in fact.



I enjoyed Fallout 4.

Railroad + Institute Is best solution

Finally, a comrade!

The Institute sucks tho

Defying the circlejerk is tough work


I haven't seen one (1) good argument about why Fallout 4 isn't shit that isn't "muh subjectivity".

Also stop bumping this shit, it isn't even about fucking politics.

You really proved him wrong by projecting your own situation on him with your meme arrows.


how butthurt are you lmao

i bet he thinks mass effect is a rpg too

I have not seen one argument for the opposing claim either. Even if your points about F4 not being a proper RPG are valid, this doesn't make it a bad game.

Also, how is this not a circlejerk? Everyone who disagrees with the sacred act of hating F4 for no reason immediately gets shit on.


So are books just not you thing??? Because we've got a whole lot of plans. Granted, some are certainly less coherent than others, but there is quite a lot to chose from.

Hello, good sirs! My name is Nod Dowd, and I am the biggest Fallout fan to ever be. Have you tried the latest DLC? It's so killer! Ignore all the reviews of the game, the way that dialogue has been limited to three choices and an exit button is nothing less than a grand artistic statement on the folly of life in the wastes. Additionally, the ever shrinking player choice is a statement on the inevitability of death and entropy.

You literally just did the same thing? Besides, I did not start this. The anti-F4 crowd did. They got butthurt because I "defended" what they hate.

You mean those reviews?

I was more a fan of the simple down to earth life in Shady Sands, or being one of the sherriff's boys in Junktown. Living in a high tech bunker just ain't for me.


This thread is now under lockdown by the police. Any user that leaves this thread must provide proof of 120+ hours of time playing Fallout 4™. Anyone who does not have proof will be placed under house arrest and must spend 120 hours of time playing Fallout 4™

I hope every single human being that wasted their time on that trash drops dead.

I can never understand this mechanical, industrialism fetishing Marxist view. Even if industrialism was a necessity to providing for humanity, which it isn't, there's no reason to think that capitalism has to come first and it's impossible for people to create an industrial society on Leftist beliefs.

At least I will die happy, considering that I spent my last days playing a great game. :)

Whatcha doin', Todd?

biggest cockblock in a game EVER

Would kindly unbirth yourself?

This is why bethesdrones are the fucking worst.

wow let's just go glad hand these guys and then do a shitty sidequest, after that i think i'll go talk to these guys and do another shitty sidequest and also robot army or something

Game was much better modded to be hardcore as fuck with random starts for that semi-roguelike feel

Really gets that noggin' joggin'

I completely agree. As a normal consumer unaffiliated with Bethesda, I can tell you that the rumors of the game speed being tied to FPS is false. By the way, have you pre-ordered the new Unlock-gamespeed-being-tied-to-FPS DLC for $19.99? I can tell you it's great! You should really pre-order. Like, right now. Right now.





Well of course

When the world is riddled with mongs and other barbarians there is no other option than seclude yourself in some bunker, sit on your armored armchair and ponder the truth of technological apocalypse

Don't get me wrong, politics are important

just… doesn't make them interesting 99% of the time, especially when they're shoehorned into vidya with wooden characters and a paperthin story

What does that mean? Every relevant political figure is a 'populist' otherwise they wouldn't be relevant.
Just stop using it. It means nothing. It adds no meaning to anything. Here's an example:
These are the same. The only information you've added, is that you don't like the subject, because the word 'populist' is nothing but a meaningless insult. In fact, its less than meaningless, its something some massive nerd would scream at his bully with tears in his eyes.
Just don't use it. It means nothing. It adds no information. Its a given. If someone needs to know that the person you're talking about is relevant, for instance if you're talking to a person whose been in the woods for years of his life, then you can tell them without it. Use words like, 'relevant', 'popular', or 'influential'. These are words that have been in the english language since forever, and they have countless synonyms. You know why? They're useful, and can convey a variety of emotion or tone within a sentence. Populism relegates you immediately to a tone which is immature, anal, and whiney. If someone came up to me on the street and started talking about politics using that word, I would have no trouble ignoring him completely, even if what he was saying was prophetic and enlightening. Its just such an awful and annoying word.

Dude, just fucking look at the rest of the thread. Your friends are those who got triggered.

l o l

leftypol btfo

That's why the only correct choice in NV is based closet orthodox marxist caesar.

suck my dick, FNV was the shit

fuck caesar, what a fucking hack

I chose the minute men, and turned sanctuary into an anarchist commune. Everybody had thier needs met, and got the bare minimum, but I got to have a small mansion with gated security, and my own personal harem.

Actually they're a fairly good example of anarchism in action… If you ignore the whole "player is building everything" aspect of it.

Kinda-sorta. WCBOS certainly is, but since this is Fallout 4 we're talking ECBOS. Which is only kinda-sorta true.
They do recruit from outside, but only because the WCBOS/Outcast "birth-only" schtick just isn't viable for them anymore.
Danse has an interest in helping the wasteland, while Maxson says something to the effect. The rest of the ECBOS though basically gives the idea of helping the common wastelanders lipservice at best, and are little better than the WCBOS at worst.

Hahaha no. The Institute is NOT Neoliberalism.

They're only slightly less isolationist than the WCBOS, in that they actually recruit people from the surface once in a blue moon. Those blue moons being yourself, Madison Li, and Thomas.

… Did you even play the game? Or is this just your fanfiction?
I mean theoretically this could be the case with a surface-sympathetic Director rallying the surface-sympathetic voices of the institute (Li, Binet, etc), but otherwise no.

I'm genuinely surprised Howard went with the faction that doesn't actually build new technologies (outside of the giant flying bomb) or really help people in any meaningful way outside of "shoot teh things" instead of the Institute, since it pretty much is the technate he keeps crowing about down to a T.

Didn't Jason BTFO this shit back before he went 100% turd worldist?

What about liberty prime and that giant zeppelin thing?

You can also make a case for the X-01 being a BoS thing too.

Not quite. He made a two hour video that seemed to be jerking off about Caesar and how his struggle is a parallel to 'bourgeois lies about Stalin'

Pre-war. Wiki moar.

… outside of the giant flying bomb, they haven't constructed anything new.
Oh, and no you don't get to use Project Purity either, that was James's thing, not the BOS's.

This game really had brilliant writing. They really nailed the delusional brainlet who found some Hegel books from a nuked library and misread it badly enough to justify his personal slaver empire. This is why you need annotated editions, people.


I chose the institute. It would have been retarded not too.

They're not at all the neoliberal option though and I think trying to portray it as so obfuscates the meaning of neoliberalism and encourages bad political analysis

Fallout 4 was objectively trash.


We must stand with the Legion in their fight against Californian imperialism.

Wow, the neoliberal analogy actually works.

Because they are a psyop cooked up in a back room somewhere. Ever wonder how /r/neoliberal memes get 30 000 upvotes when they have 10 000 users or why the sub is promoted by prominent liberal media personalities like matty yglesias and that greek faggot who was happy coal miners were dying.

Daily reminder that the best hope for the US is Mr House and NCR

Anything else is pure delusion

Also great khans deserved it

don't get so autistic, it has it's use. for example to differentiate leftist welfare from populist giveaways

Centrism is a compromise designed to acknowledge everyone and satisfy no one, populism is what people actually want.

If you publicly do something populist but politically incorrect, everyone will loudly and officially denounce you, but secretly do everything they can to help you. If you publicly do something centrist but antipopulist, everyone will publicly agree with and complement you, but secretly look for any opportunity to stab you in the back.

People who argue this unironically need to read more books.

Caesar can pretend to dialect all he wants, but Marx would have sided with NCR (or maybe House, but probably NCR.) But not Independent and definitely not Legion.

Marx saw capitalism (which is what NCR is) as a progressive stage in history. One that would eventually stagnate due to the sum of its internal contradictions and be taken from within by socialist revolution (IE: not some intelligentsia LARPing as Julius Caesar).

Since the nuclear apocalypse has reduced humanity back to primitive accumulation, capitalism has once again resumed this early progressive stage in the wasteland, bringing industry, increased standard of living, etc.

And alongside it, Capitalist-Worker relations, contradictions and antagonisms. Already we see a stage set for socialist revolution in the NCR.

Legionfags can brag about how caesar's lands are raider-free (which first of all I find hard to believe even discounting the fact that Caesar's Legion is essentially one giant raider gang), but what it really doesn't bring is progress. It basically brings stasis. AT BEST everyone is stuck in this sort of neo-luddite junta that doesn't improve the living standards of its "citizens" (if anything, it reduces them due to the ban on medicines such as stimpaks).

except capitalism isn't inherently progressive, it was just a progressive stage in comparison to feudalism, so supporting the capitalist ncr isn't a progressive option in itself

In spite of their constant downplaying of the man, wasn't Marx's work central to the foundation of modern economics?

Even ignoring more direct instances such as the direct descent of neocons from disillusioned Trots, basically every higher level MMT, Keynesian, Chicago School, and Austrian School economics text include explicit acknowledgements of Marxism for parts of their theoretical development.

It wouldn't be inaccurate to describe Caesar as a porky using Marxist theory to route around the known contradictions inherent to his chosen pre-feudal system.

I didn't choose any faction, they all sucked. Built a commune on the lighthouse settlement where I could rest between my extreme raiding sprees

Does anybody else find Piper Wright to be the definition of a true leftist, and basically the perfect romantic companion. Why is she so perfect?

Progression towards capitalism would be inevitable either way. Not even the legion can stop it with its ideology. It is idealistic to say that they can.

if you didnt kill caeser the second you entered the camp, you're a fascist sympathizer

I chose that Irish stereotype pit fighter girl, because I'm a sucker that loves the 'emotionally fragile tough girl' cliche. Plus she swung both ways iirc, so there was a chance of you-her-Piper threeway

I went with Synth-Curie. I have a soft spot for the "smart but naive shy girl".

Plus she looks downright sexy in a doctor's outfit.


If TW3 is an RPG I don't see why F4 can't be one too.

If Hyperdimension Neptunia is an RPG I don't see why Star Wars Battlefront can't be one too.


It is, RPG elements are non-existent.

I'm not even disapointed or in any way surprised

I fixed that image for you

How about no

Institute is the only halfway reasonable choice

[vulpes voice]
Tell the NCR what we did here today. I'd tell them myself, but they blocked me on twitter. Apparently some people just can't take constructive criticism.

What are you, gay?

The non-sentient skeletal robots in the institute are clearly capable of doing chores and manual labor, they're even fine at taking orders and answering questions. Why the hell would anyone wanting to create machines for automation go so far as to give them personality, let alone the ability to think for themselves?

The writers had to invent some hackneyed plot point to make the Institute morally ambiguous, because of the "nothing's black and white in the real world" liberal ideology that passes for good writing.