There are people who honestly believed that Trump would be anything other than a self-serving neoliberal


Still better than Hillary.

Come now, comrade. He's an especially ignorant and incompetent neoliberal who is doing an excellent job of undermining the American hegemony.

Go Trump go!

They were equal

Comrade, they were not equal. Hillary is in on the globalist scam, Trump is a fool, just you're average know-nothing con-man.


I f you buy into burgoise democracy, they clearly weren't the same thing.
Trump was a fucking bet, either for civic nationalism for the guys who bought his shit, or for accelerationism for the ones who thought his proposals were retarded.
Hillary never put nothing on the table other than continuity, and unless you're a faggy liberal, you don't really want continuity.

I thought hilldawg was the accelerationist candidate

What's the difference between an evil cunt and a dumb fuck when both are only ever able to same shit that was already being done?


hasn't he created over 1million high paying factory jobs? sure, the workers don't own the means of production, but it's better than nothing.


Is it really "accelerationist" if you supported Trump because you knew his Presidency would diminish America's prestige, power and influence, and therefore loosen capitalism's stranglehold on the world?

America's military has brutally repressed communism for decades, and Trump's obvious incompetence and lack of respect is going to reduce America's ability to continue to do that.



What has he done that has reduced America's stranglehold on the world?

After the Cold War the perception around the world was that America was, stronger, smarter and more determined than any other country. Much of the world, especially western Europe but even eastern Europe embraced the coming of the "New American Century". People were talking about Capitalism like it was only and obvious way forward.

These day the anti-American sentiment that had been brewing since G.W. Bush has reached an extreme level.

But also, leaving aside soft-power, he's just a terrible decision making and doesn't seem to understand geopolitics. America is only going to come out of this weaker, more divided, and less sure of itself and its traditional values.


No its not. Every skilled labor job in America is a job stolen form rest of developed economies and Europe in particular.

Fuck jobs! In an era of extreme worker productivity we should all be able to work no more than a few hours a week an live in material abundance!

Any candidate that run would be a self-serving neoliberal including Bernie. Trump winning was the best thing that could have happen because now all of the people's hate will be directed at someone who is the very embodiment of porky with no excuses. Had Shillary or Bernie won then people would completely miss the point and put the blame of their failures on the fact that they are libruls, like they did with Obama.