*pulls out FBI crime statistics*

*pulls out FBI crime statistics*

*pulls out Raid*

So since the perpetrators of most violent crimes are males, is Holla Forums going to become female supremacists?

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they really are the same thing, but the good news is that means in a few years they'll be as despised as the SJWs

They already dispise among themselves since Trump is supported by normies all over the place. Nomies, blacks, jews, latinos, women, there's everything.
At least Holla Forums realized that they supporting Trump wasn't the main reason that got him elected, since they are such a small minority.




So since the perpetrators of all crimes are living, is Holla Forums going to become death supremacists?

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Why do you have to pull a reductio ad absurdum? Niggers and muslims and non whites are a general menace. And there is nothing absurd about racial holy war and killing them all.

You are obsessed over this. When are you going to start talking about real things?

Brony faggot get off my board. I shudder to think what you look like in real life.


It would be mutually beneficial for both all of us if you would leave.

The crime differences between races/sexes only serve us to display that difference indeed exists. Only for normies it serves to see themselves as better, to transform their guilt into pride, and they will defend themselves on basis of things like I-Q and lack of crime. While the stats are true, for us they are less relevant. Some of them will progress beyond that point. Most of them will not. Jews are right in that sense, they are like cattle. The others will not fall into pit of contemporary sense of goodness and will take the most relevant point of those statistics - the fact that difference exists in the first place. It is morally irrelevant for us that blacks commit more crimes than whites, and man than women likewise. It works on normies.

The truth is, even if we were the worst in all aspects, we'd still be doing the same.

you bumped this old thread only to whine against ponies? It says too much about your priorities.

To be fair pol did resurrect the ancient god of chaos called kek which decided the election.

Any argument no matter how logical is undermined when posted alongside a little girls cartoon animal.

the one who looks to care too much about it is you

Everyone will notice it.

Maybe make it blurry or pixelated or something if you dont want people to notice.

A pony? If is a problem for you if someone use pony macros, please reconsider your life!

Its not a problem for me.
Its a problem for you because it undermines your credibility.

Like the guy you were debating with earlier who took to criticizing your picture rather than your point.

On the other hand, me posting pepe increases my credibility because pepe is for 12 year old boys and ponies are for 6 year old girls

>at least it seems author can into layers

Why are all lefty memes either absurdly low quality or paid for? It's been bugging me for a while.

Your response is garbled nonsense.

Does anyone truly look into these statistics instead of just pulling them up to "own" BLM or anyone else?

I bet it's because of the Jew part. You are primed to discard anything containing it.

It would aid all of humanity if you left this board.

The other day I was a reading an article written by your go-to buddy on website for "refuting" talking points of the right. He claimed that police records can be relied on, but that self-reporting absolutely can in order to demonstrate some of his points.

Self-reporting does correlate with police statistics and is immune to excess of "policing X area" because it does not rely on police at all.

I'm sure you'll find a way to discard that too though.

No, it's because it's an incoherent mess.

So obviously theres more crime in black areas.
Your undermining your own point here.

Guess I should've written in meme arrows so it's easily digestible for your consumption.

How do you fuckers manage to argue about it every day?

Lmao, you expect this kind of shit from halfchan, but not here.

What are you talking about?

It's all in population densities. More black people live in higher populated areas than whites and blacks have been heavily policed since the beginning of the drug war.

Your false point about crime being higher "because authorities police black areas more".

That makes sense.

Presumably because they commit more crimes?


They don't even use real statistics most of the time. They just have shitty infographics that say source: FBI or source: this book. If anything Holla Forums said was true they'd link to a specific source not just produce something vaguely official looking.

If what you say is right then how come everything pol says turns out to be correct?

Anybody on this board who has ever done this knows you're full of shit.

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Im from Britain we dont really have black and white neighborhoods but we do have muslim and non muslim ones…

I did go to Disneyland as a kid and the tour guide suddenly became really serious and implored everyone not to stray in to the black neighborhoods.
I still remember after all these years because even though I was young the serious manner in which the guy gave us the warning was really memorable. His manner became deadly serious and he was like 'Im not joking do NOT go in the black areas you WILL be a victim'.

Who would have thought???

Why are nazis so autistic over aesthetics?



ad hominem

I wasnt engaging in a debate with him (that was someone else) so technically its not an ad hominem fallacy.
Its just a plain criticism.

by saying "your argument is less credible because you post ponies", not only you are wasting time in something that is not important, but you are having a debate with him, so you are making an ad hominem fallacy.

I dont feel like I was debating him. I was offering criticism / advice.
It wasnt a two way thing which you can tell because he didnt reply.

Whatever happened to Barneyfag?
I know TOPF came here to shitpost r/socialism style for a bit

did you think we lost this pic or something?

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Crime statistics are racist regardless of their accuracy because your motive of bringing them up is racist. You racist.

*Pulls out Nazbol.

And there goes the mental gymnastics, right on time.

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Hey, turks are alright.

no self awareness

you need different sexes for a society to survive, However you don't really need minorities or massimmigration tbh

wymyn don't need you scum, go commit more violence *pulls out cringe statistics*

is cloning advanced enough for that yet tho?
also unless a majority of women are asexual or lesbians that would also cause problems