Alienation is about more than just capitalism, y/n?

Alienation is about more than just capitalism, y/n?

Also why is that Google logo meant to be alienating

Because the little pixel people on the left of it aren't all white.

That's the actual reason why they find it upsetting.

Marxist definition of alienation is becoming more and more irrelevant. We are more "service economy" in the first world, right? All the industrial worker stuff doesn't work anymore except where production is actually happening.

Idk about that Google logo tho fam, but I dont think it fits within the rest of the images which DO show some sort of legitimate cause of alienation.

That image is so stupid bc all those things are caused by capitalism

Redpoll me on how racism is DIRECTLY CAUSED by capitalism and how communism would SOLVE racism.

They don't.
>>>Holla Forums

aah, yes, it's race, all the other shit are just distractions

just be honest and say ' i am alienated because my country isn't 100% white '

that image is cancer, literally nobody but autists on Holla Forums base their worldview on a reaction to the spectacle

and stop trying to be clever by using the nazbol flag, just use the nazi one

Nigga have you seen what the fuck is going on in Japan or Korea?

What a surprise.

Believe me, mate. Customer service is the most alienating thing ever.

Not only is
a) Your labour basically useless and only exists to keep the capitalist economy going. You don't create anything really.

b) Not only are you estranged from the fruits of your own labour (because there aren't any). You're estranged from your own personality. You do not get to be an individual. Your job depends on you saying the correct things in the correct way and never expressing any emotion besides helpfulness and smiles. It's like you have no mouth and must scream. And if you work at it for long enough you just grow to accept it and let the system just kill your individuality for good.

Alienation (the many forms of it) are about more than just capitalism however capitalist relations of production are their primary cause. none of the things in that picture demonstrate alienation tho. that's just liberalism which is another symptom of capitalism

I'm only shitpost as nazbol I'm pretty ignorant, thanks for the theory tho. I'm just a working class poltard who works 60 hours a fucking week. I do like the situationist stuff, debord says the spectacle is like a focal point of consciousness, so is the answer to just alter the spectacle? I don't think we can beat it.

I haven't actually I'm just a typical America burgerboi

So would the communist superstructure definitely be not alienating just because the means of production is owned by workers? Don't you think identities will peek through no matter what?

But then the "product of your labor" is society. If you are customer service ib a society of customers, they are your "product" right? So isn't the "alienation" less production oriented now and more social oriented?

That's exactly what I'm saying. You're basically paid to be the most generic and soulless person ever every day.

Where Marx identified alienation from your produce as dividing you from your work which is a fundamental part of being human I'm saying that customer service alienates you from your own personhood and society at large. You do not get to be human you must be some kind of politeobot.

completely unsurprising

We unironically beat it through sorelian nazbol meme magic.

Not really. Alienation stems from a lack of control over your labor, your time spent on work and what your labor produces. This causes stress symptoms that are measurable even in experiments with rats. There are other factors that may contribute to alienation but this is the core, and one should note that this alienation in labor can also exist in non-capitalist systems.

This feeling of a lack of control and insecurity may very well later be projected on transpeople or minorities, but it does not change the fact of where it stems from.

Shitpost less and read more you dumb faggot

Their entire society makes people even bigger cogs in the machine than in the west, partially because of certain traditional values encouraging collectivism, eg. when you get sick so much you can't come to work you should apologize later. Hikikomoris are a good evidence of alienation. In fact the entire animu industry and associate media flourish both thanks to NEETs who broke away from the capitalist cycle of work and company workers needing to cope with their shitty lives.


If anything the service economy has worsened alienation since you have heightened job and wage insecurity, even less control of your labor and worked hours, and om top of that an even more stressful workload. Please don't create threads about subjects you know nothing about

When Holla Forums indulges in nihilistic self gratification:

When Holla Forums indulges in nihilistic self gratification:

What am I missing?


No, not necessarily.

Identities are largely a part of class society.

a brain probably

I think this is something impossible for many people to fathom. To me and pretty much all opposers to communism, there is a belief of a threat to our "culture" replaced by a singular, spectacular entity that MUST enforce its own "identities". It's like zizek, ideology is impossible to escape. There has to be some "grand narrative" that everyone can agree with for communism to win

But that already happened. Capitalism already has replaced "our culture" with a singular spectacular entity.

It's not like most right-wingers know or care what their "culture" is to begin with. They're enamored with a fantasy that never was.

Communism can offer an "identity" that transcends the barriers created by class society.

I agree, but thats how it maintains its support, kinda. Won't communism have to replace it with something to keep people feeling like their identity is a "part" of something? Won't communism have to keep the spectacle?

If we invent a new singular identity to enforce from above that would defeat the entire point.

When the proletariat are free they can rediscover doing what they did for almost all history. Organically develop their own cultures within their communities that reflect what they want and what they value.

All the folklore, folk music, folk dress, style and such that nationalists love so much didn't come out of no where. It was developed by the folk over a process of many generations and now has become kind of frozen in the early 19th century as a weird museum piece to only occasionally be brought out for tourists and national holidays. If we have communism maybe we can unfreeze it, or start developing something new.

IIRC the actual NASA Juno team was like 95% standard midwestern white male with a couple of geriatric white women and one or two asians in there.

The shit in the image you posted is largely a by-product of the capitalist class' attempts to distract you from the fact they they benefit from your labour. You don't fight idpol with more idpol, it's what they want you to do.

This. Globalization which despite many Holla Forumscucks misunderstanding what it is is a symptom of unfiltered Capitalism. If you go to any country in the world ad listen to the music that's being broadcasted 9/10 times you'll hear shitty American Pop.

Liberal Identity Politics is fueled by companies trying to appeal to as many people as possible so go for Idpol "progressive" bullshit
And it in turns fuels your reactionary bullshit

Also Capitalism does more damage to your culture than migrants or minorities


Why would anyone feel alienated by the things in that picture? If you don't like it don't pay attention to it.


Nazbol threads should be banned.
They are Holla Forumsack invaders not repsecting anything, they are cointelpro idpol. We should make a nazbol version of this pic.

he clearly said the things in the picture



Plz take no offense, I just downloaded it from leftybooru for this single purpose.

its like a retarded liberal and pol combined

Requesting the "it's not about defeating capitalism" screencap

How can anyone be this profoundly retarded unironically?


Whatever one might think of each separate entriesโ€ฆ What the fuck does ANY of this have ANYTHING to do with alienation?

Typical Holla Forums tier retardation i guessโ€ฆ

A was just talking with a friend about this subject a few days ago.

For what I talked about with several people, the separation of the worker from the fruits of it's work is what most people have in mind when talking about alienation. So I don't actually blame him.