Tory manifesto

Are tories actually trying to lose ?

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The tories will never lose. Britbongs are very conservative people apart from London.

Not even.

People in this country are just retarded and think about politics for like 10 minutes in their whole lives.

Yeh its like she doesn't want to win

fam Scotland is red

the sun is still in print

There you go…Not thinking about politics is the conservative way. So we agree, british people are very conservative.

I'm joking, i like you guys…you guys are alright.


you guys are alright. don't go to england tomorrow :^)

And this is tories being tories, nothing out of the ordinary.

Dunno bout that. Apart from immigration issues most people I speak to bout politics outside London are pretty left-leaning.

Hot take: Tory banker elite is aware of the upcoming economic crash to end all crashes and the real reason they had May call the election is to lose and quickly get Corbyn's Labour in so they take the fall and the economic collapse and chaos that follows the election is blamed on 'loony left' policies they keep claiming will destroy the economy. That way they don't get the blame and get to pick up the pieces so to speak.

This tbh. I hope the tories win, but with a small margin.

What's the far-left prepared to do after the ensuing chaos hits? The far-rights gonna be blaming it all on "DA JOOS" so leftists should seize the moment to red-pill the confused masses too.

Absolutely nothing. The libdems will screech about how this is what happens when you don't suck eurocrat cock, the tories will blame it on labour if labour were to win. If a crash happened after a tory victory who knows. The unions aren't strong here, the labour party has grown hugely but isn't militant at all. Anyway in britbongistan we have no guns so any successful revolution will require the army to join.




You underestimate the classcukery of the British """people"""

Doesn't matter how hard they try, they'll still win. May could openly advocate for throwing the homeless into meat grinders and Brits would still make sure to go to the polls to vote for her.

Alan B'stard would unironcally be preferable to Tories who pretend to care and just think muh-arkets will help the poor.

They probably just buy the propaganda about Corbyn.
It's all a conspiracy then, I guess.

Maybe she is. If labour wins they'll have to deal with the brexit negotiations.

is that the guy from The Young Ones?

it's from a series called "The New Statesman", iirc the whole thing is on youtube.

bruv, pretty much every major city in england votes for the red team

jeb! is going to clean sweep it this year tbh