Tfw socialism is going to die again as soon as it stops being trendy and all the teenagers who only care about idpol...


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lol people have been saying this with every socialist wave since 'nam, in reality, very few wind up 'growing out of it', and the ones who do go back to liberalism are usually at least receptive to socialism.

nah, as porky gets more brazenly greedy, people will keep rejecting status quo politics in favor of an extreme from either the left or right. Centralism is dying.

It can't "die again" because it has been dead since the fall of the USSR.

Reminder that sucdem isn't socialism.

Good. You faggots are going to tear down the entire world with trying to achieve socialism. Every step you take towards socialism we fail even harder, yet you will still blame it on capitalism just to cover the failures of the system you have created.

Teenagers giving up on socialism has became a part of the maturation of Generation Z into adult hood. It has nothing to do with being absorbed into a material good, but has everything with making an observation on the world around them and noticing trends such as China becoming a 1st tier super power after shifting towards capitalism (Thank you Dong Xiaou Ping). Venezula has became a poverty stricken shit hole since adopting socialism. Hybrid Systems become corpratist societies that get constantly bailed out by the government when they fail encouraging bad business practices and the influence of big business influence in the government. You can not remove class, it is a natural effect of us being unequal in every way all the way down to the DNA stored in our chromosomes. Of course this doesn't mean that the classes can't interact with each other, form symbiotic relationships, or befriend each other.

Gen Z is still underage friendo.

Nope. Gen Z begins in 1996. Which would make me be Gen Z. Of course there is a transition period between the millennials and gen Z which probably is 1996-2000. But OP was referring to specially Teenagers most of whom would be underage and for now makes up the majority of Gen Z.

This is what capitalist cite as a """source"""

I hope you realize that things like G X, Y, Z and so on are loose concepts that don't have hard dates and endings. What constitutes what differs depending on who you ask.

also this.

Its not supposed to be a source or cited. The youth right now would be refred to as Gen Z. Regardless of who coined the term. I have just barely completed 1 year in college and still have contact to many of my friends in high school. I am able to try to get a pretty good idea of what the shift in attitudes towards things such as socialism. In addition I can still look around beyond the scope of my area to see what other youth are thinking of.

But besides you are using a red herring about a term I used in my argument to refer to the youth rather than actually challenge my arguments.

I am aware of that, would you agree that there would be diffrences in everything from ideology, world view, tastes, and end goals from someone born in 1925, 1960, 1970, 1990, and 2000.

Like I said earlier in another post, there is a transitional phase.

socialism will be revitalized once idpol teens start being regected by the leftist parties

Source needed on this.

Yeah, I'm not getting into the argument I'm just pointing out that it's not as simple as "1996 is definitively where Gen Z begins".

Putting hard definitions on generational terms doesn't really fit because obviously someone from 1995 will have far more in common with someone from 1996 than they will with someone from 1980. It's very fluid and, tbqh, not even particularly useful as a sociological description. Hence why it's mainly the domain of clickbait articles wondering why X does or does not do Y.

Two of those links do not even work. One of those sources makes me more skeptical and suspicious than listening to alex jones rant about lizard people.

A large part of my argument was an educated guess from all of the talk about Gen Z observing the failures of there older millennials. If tattoos, trannies, unemployment, and other forms of fun are unpopular because they have observed why that has "ruined" the millennials then it should not seem too far fetched why they can't make the same judgment on economic systems.

The closest thing I can have as a source to this would be Hoodie Demon's Q&A video. (Hoodie Demon is an AnCap who would technically fall into Gen-Z and is the same age as me 18)
I know you don't like AnCaps, so I just skip to 1:30 for what he says.

really made me think.
Yes, the world is going more lolberg as Keynes's legacy withers away, but if you actually believe teenagers with permanently damaged attention spams will make any effort to protect muh white culture then you're delusional.

Even if the fuckwads from this socialist wave don't leave, they really don't care at all or even know that much about class. This is just a vehicle for their identity politics.
It would be like if we all became feminists and only talked about unions and class conflict and never even brought up women but "I swear guys we're feminists"

Socialism is already "dead", those idpol teenagers aren't socialists in the first place. Real socialists are so remarkably few that I'm more in "let the world burn" mode at this point.

We're better off that way.

They'll finally realize the failures of state capitalism and start destroying things.

Don't worry friend. When the next financial crisis comes and the taxes money won't be enough to save all the banks and those teens will be hungry, there will be blood on the streets.

If this is what's keeping socialism alive, it's was never alive

Generation Z kids, from what those I've seen and talked to overwhelmingly support liberal social policies and mixed economic policies while being dissatisfied with any general candidate but will settle if given concessions. Holla Forumsyps (and Holla Forums unfortunately) are generally found with the unpopular or scorned kids.

LOL, Socialism is dead. It will be revived when their contradictions are too hard that even the technological progress won't be able to disguise them (disaster caused by global warming might be the point of no return).

Only faggots like Bookchin thing youth is inherently revolutionary instead of being mostly contrarian faggots.

socialism is not trendy bernie sanders is not a socialist