Hello Holla Forums

Hello Holla Forums
I'm a proud communist for about 5 years now.
but I feel i'm alone with fellow comrades on one issue.
I don't believe in racial and religious diversity.
Diversity will not help us achieve our dreams, it will in fact destroy it.
You see, racism has always existed, it won't go away, this utopia of love, hugs, rainbows and friendship isn't achievable.
Some comrades believe racism comes from white people and once they're gone it will simply go away, but a simple look at the world shows otherwise
India is racist against pakistan and vice versa
is that the work of white people?
there's also a triad racism between chinese, korean and japanese
if you for instance confuse a japanese for a chinese they get angry and upset
is that the work of white people?
The chinese made an ad that basically a chinese girl shoves a black guy into a washing machine and he comes out chinese
is this the work of white people?
A homogeneous society in both race and religion can put all efforts into overthrowing the capitalist pigs and as a result creating a great communist society instead of spending huge amount of resources and time on trying to please several races and and religions that won't ever truly accept each other.
I wish diversity worked, I truly did, but it's clear it doesn't.
Ask yourself this, who's pushing diversity at the top?
It's the capitalist elites because they know that bringing people that are from completely different races, religions and customs will not cause union, instead it will cause eternal fights and conflict that will stop any movement strong enough to start a communist revolution.
and that's exactly what the capitalist elite wants.
how do you feel about this?

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I think maybe we should chill out and stop believing in god.

Problem automatically solved.

Fucking go back to reddit. Just a few lines in and it shows you didn't bother to lurk at all.

You've come to the right place. We are anti-identity politics. This means we don't take a stance either way on racial and cultural matters (live and let live). Rather, we focus on economics and material conditions, which is what's really important.

Some anons may take issue with this part. Perhaps I should really have said, "we believe that by focusing on economics this will sort out the cultural and racial problems."

Furthermore most of us despise religion for it's many problems both in text and action.

Religion has it's problems but it's great for union and it gives people morals and purpose
I feel secularism (atheism/agnosticism) is too vague and abstract, it's not based on anything at all.


Nobody is "pushing" it you idealist faglord, it just happens that capitalists benefit from the system economically structured to benefit them
Also lurk moar

Yes, because the moral codes off religion have been amazing. Like stoning women because they weren't a virgin before marriage, forcing women from being teachers, the belief that being gay is immoral, waging war over a silly book, kill blasphemers, oh and I could continue all day.


Watch this.

Funny thing. Diversity (whatever the fuck that means) different cultures living together worked much better in the Soviet Union where everyone had a job and the wealth distribution wasn't as ridiculously uneven.

Really fires up those neurons, "comrade", if you think what it means that 2nd generation immigrants living in Europe still can't speak proper German, still have illegal jobs, and how this contributes to the failure of "muh diversity".

Also, most secular/mostly atheist nations have been at the forefront of technological and scientific advancements, which means it provides far more to society than religion has ever.
Because burning scientists, books, religious​ crusades, and stoning blasphemers are the best things religion has done.

you're talking about christianity and islam
have you ever heard of Buddhism?
No God, no hell, no heaven
we crave and cling to impermanent states and things, which is dukkha, "incapable of satisfying" and painful.
and what is incapable of satisfying?
our lust for money and power (capitalism
This keeps us caught in saṃsāra, the endless cycle of repeated rebirth, dukkha and dying again. But there is a way to liberation from this endless cycle, to the state of nirvana, namely following the Noble Eightfold Path.
Buddhism would be ideal for a communist society.

secularism not state atheism ok?

This is bullshit. Factually incorrect.

It is clear as day that capitalist culture is shit, or that racism is in the interest of the ruling class, dividing up the workers.

I'm going to report this shit.

Buddhism is anti-materialist
Also if you think religion (literally people's connection with their own source of meaning) needs to suit your social-political goals you're a tyrant

Religion is mostly theistic, theistic religions have had a horrible track record. I don't really count non-theistic "religion" as religion. I do happen to like Buddhism due to it not caring for moral codes that prevent technological and scientific advancement.
Personally I like non-theistic Satanism as well.

If state atheism means no public worship and organized worship, state atheism is the right road to go. (What the USSR did.)
You can be religious though.

dipshit anyone with half a brain can see the media and the capitalist elites are pushing racial tensions and diversity so we will never unite and overthrown them.

Then again, this is referring to a socialist state rather than communist society. Religion will likely be eliminated in a communist society due to the lack of the required circumstances that lead to religion. (Such as "morality" problems, wishful proletariat or poor, similar circumstances.)

No it wouldn't. The "ideal" religion would be folk religion.