Tfw no political ideology catgirls rip offs this week

It's over isn't it?

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It was nice while it lasted.
We can learn from it and build a better future.

When it had the same fate as every attempt on socialism, purely because Capitalism sabotaged it…

i also blame reddit

what if I told you that most of us don't give a shit about hentai mascots.

I claim reddit even promoted them, by "shaming" them.

But, the downfall was inevtable, as we all eventually have to make a living.

Look at that stone. Damn, It's so cute.


Anyone have archived the threads and the images saved? I seem to have lost this fad.

Cats are not cool, they can not kill Jews.

i guess 4chan is down again

fucking lost

Ironic shitposting is still shitposting.

Is there a SocDem catgirl?




Shitposting doesn't exist, only funposting.

The official PICG website

If everyone reading this right now made just one political ideology catgirls comic, our catgirl holodomor would be over within an hour and we could go straight to catgirl communism. Yep, that's about how long it takes to make a cup of coffee. I'm off this week due to masturbating too much and getting a hand cramp so I couldn't draw because of it, what's your excuse? As Pablo Picasso once said, anyone can draw, you just let other people convince you that you can't. So open up ms paint and do it! Seize the means of catgirl production! Don't let the self-proclaimed experts stop you!

Pic is a new lewd Alunya. I'll be back on June 1 with an explosively good comic that will be insanely good. Until next time!


Alunya is not for lewd!


We all feel it fam. 'Tis truly a sad state of affairs we find ourselves in.

We can only hope someone with at least an equal amount of talent and time on their hands will show up one day so we can get more qt catgrill comics now that she's gone.

However unlikely as that will be. I really doubt Paps would be up for it considering how much other stuff he has to do.


what's with the lack of drawing/comic threads recently?

The artist who made the comics

How so she went "to the normies"?

She got jelly of her peers and wanted a wider audience or something like that.

what's she making now?

All our draw friends are M.I.A.

a living

Why she sad ? :(


Was intend on posting this in the OC thread, but might as well ask in here.

Open for requests. I'm a bit worn, so I might not get to any today, but I will look at them tomorrow at the latest.
(Got a busy schedule, so I would appreciate it if requests are kept simple. That said: feel free to share any ideas you would like as other artists might be lurking.)

Draw Alunya getting patted on the head

Draw a sad Alunya.

Could you draw more lewds? I'd especially like some about nu-Rodina since she hasn't had as much stuff drawn about her as the older design.

Sad Alunya best Alunya


don't lewd our mascots

Only like one or two of them were decent anyway, the rest are tumblr tier hacks.

I second lewds, but Alunya in general would be great.


Funny joke, aren't they more broke now?

I guess you guys haven't heard the full story? PICG ended because things got too high-stakes. Since Rachel uses her full name online, it was really easy to doxx her. Rebel_absurdity hangs out on the r/FC discord, and gave them her Adress. One of the mods from r/soc (handsomejack94 I think) showed up outside her house and threatened her. She called the cops on them, but she didn't feel like making any more comics after that.

Bullshit. Where did you hear this?

it wasn't an r/socialism mod, it was Voteanimal2012, who acted like a total psycho on reddit but was tolerated on r/socialism for some reason. I think his othername was Bjorn or something, he got like 3 reddit accounts banned for being abusive.

Is this after Rebel threatened to rape her in twitter DMs?

Yea he send me deaththreads when he banned me.
Fun times.

First person to post proofs has private army sent to offenders door.

Draw one yourself. Right now. Post it. You heard me. I don't care if you can't draw worth shit.

It's almost poetic. It's like that movie Blue Ruin, all parties involved camed to their inevitable conclusion and were destroyed. Detroitred is in Jail, Rachel shut down PICG, Rebel killed himself after his trap pictures were leaked, and Voteanimal was banned from reddit and purged from all his communities.

Rebel killed himself? Wot?

There was a police report posted in another thread. I don't know if those things are public in Arizona, but you might be able to find it online.

I'm not buying it, give real info or nothing happens.

did you do that? p sick fam

If you are reading this and you can draw at an acceptable level, please take some materials and get to work now.

We cannot endure this lack of fresh catgirls anymore.

Rebel being dead is a meme.

Although, that means even IF he dies, noone will believe it.

Also, this was good too…

Seriously, even as a bunkermag comic strip, I think it could work…

Nice try fucko, but I wasn't asking about Rebel, I was asking about the fuckstick from reddit challenging Rachel.

If anyone can prove that Rachel was approached by a redditor then you have my word their life will be worthless forever.

It would be nice if it was a higher conpsiracy, elaboratly planning to sabotage the great work we do for the future of mankind, and not just the fact that capitalism doesn't allow for the creation of art, unless it appeals to the masses and so on, wouldn't it?

I see, you want me to act on the dox for Rebel I already have, on the premise he went to the door of, and then, threatened Rachel? That's not happening. I was the one that doxxed Rebel (by his own idiocy) and if Rachel was in fact threatened by a local then I can find them too, but I'm not buying your bullshit. You're just a weaselly shit stirring shite with nothing to offer. Fuck off.

I once knew a Girl name Emma Denton. She had a really small ass.

All am saying is nothing happened, she just had to make money somehow and you just want to think of conspiracies in order to feel important.

Fuck off you autistic cunt, you've obviously joined the wrong conversation.

Sorry this took so long. Shit happened.
As an apology I threw in some extra stuff.

It's like getting vaccinated: the sting will hurt for a moment, but from that point onward you're immune to any nastiness.


Revvin' yours.

Great Work!


Forgot to mention I ripped off
Go check her out: 'er stuff is good (and also really cute).

This one?

Rebel is still alive but now goes under the name Nasu, it's life now consists of having bareback sex with random people in parks and attention whoring to thirst lords on twitter.

Nice. But why the censored nipples tho?

Assuming that you actually are the one who doxxed rebel and caused him to flee social media (which I doubt), couldn't you have at least thought about the potential consequences of your actions and saved his videos somewhere?

Didn't rebel dox himself and blame it on others because he just wanted to ditch the "Rebel" identity?

Someone post the smug Alunya with Vivian James gif, I didn't saved it.


thanks, any more Alunya by that artist?

Catgirls are true love.

Since we have artcucks here, I'd like to post something from a now dead thread.

Some comr8 was whining that there were no memes or anything about Felix Dzerzhinsky. I told him to ask an artcuck for a drawing of cartoony Alunya but with the face of a photorealistic Dzerzhinsky. Dunno, it seemed funny to me.

So there's that. Thanks for your contributions.

Yeah, that's the one although the style in that one's kinda outdated since it was originally just concept art. Pics related are more like what I had in mind.

Old Rodina is the loli in the white pioneer uniform and is not actually a catgirl. Nu-Rodina is the one with black and red color scheme and she is a catgirl. I'd like lewds of the one drawn in Rachel's style which is the one depicted in the poster of all the catgirls.