Ultimate redpill: Jews killed Stalin

Just a week before he died, Stalin claimed Israeli agents were trying to poison him.


After his death, the case was immediately dropped and all relevant documents mysteriously disappeared.

Has there ever been a more transparent assassination attempt in history? And why doesn't anyone know about it? How does this change left-wing attitudes towards the Jew?

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Jews save Russia from a mad tyrant.

It is true. All of the old guard Bolsheviks were kikes and Stalin almost reclaimed the USSR for the goyim.

even if its true (it's not) why would we be mad at all da joos and not the state of isreal? also you need to go back >>>Holla Forums

kek what in the actual fuck…where did you take that from? From a Time Magazine article or from one of Ronald Reagan's records from the 1950's?
Fuckin corruption apologists. Stalin was a great man.

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The state of Israel are jews. Trotsky died a Zionist.
You're either kikes or useful idiots for them.


State =/= Nation
Power hungry global elite jews =/= corner store jews

Go ahead and tell me why, I'm listening

Don't you know that the kike that lives next door is much more of a danger to you than any capitalist. Kill him instead, I'll even give you the money to do it.

What is this, then?


oh I see, so Ari the Orthodox glasses maker is evil because he's Jewish. Ari like blacks and whites, he isn't a racist Jew. He dislikes Israel and is very suspicious of wealthy people. Ari is a good guy, he pays his taxes, votes republican or not at all (he hates abortion and homosexuals) and again doesn't support Israel. How is Ari a bad guy? Seriously you're a fucking psychopath, you have no soul, you're a worthless hateful wraith

its an evil Jewish plot, don't be fooled. Jews always lie, listen i'm a very intelligent person. My dad was an electrical engineer, my mother studied at university but stayed so she could raise us. She didn't raise us, the TV did and so did the other kids in our neighborhood. In fact my mom was high on Xanax and wine everyday and had affairs with our neighbors. But, I come from a wholesome hu-whyte background. I'm smart, my ancestor (direct ancestor, I'm sure of it) Michael Faraday and Thomas Edison invented the electrical world you see before you. My other direct ancestor Alan Turing invented computing. My other direct ancestor Enriquo Fermi invented the radio and my other ancestor Nikola Tesla invented AC and hydro-electric power. Which makes me a genius expert. Now I am enourmously endowed with special Jewdar powers. My powerful Aryan blood and immense intelligence, which has allowed me to land this amazing job as a manager of a small software company, allows me to see the truth no matter what. We're not fooled by Jewish plots ok. Orthodox are Jews, therefore bad. Why doesn't that make sense? Listen i'm Aryan, my dad is middle class, my mom stayed home and drank wine while the Z0G Box raised me. I'm a genius, i read infographics. I never do any research that runs counter to my beliefs. I'm fucking Aryan dude

now THIS is how you properly utilize a mental gymnasium


I will never understand Holla Forumsyps

but there are Jews who don't support Israel and there are Jews who do but don't support """"cultural marxism"""" and there are Jews who support """"cultural marxism"""" but are a against wars of aggression in foreign states (Jill Stein is for cult marxism but against wars of aggression)

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always these jews

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wow, really makes you think.

So Dwayne the meth head pure aryan who sexually abuses his neighbors daughter when she's at his house playing with his daughter (who he also abuses), who is schizo and has a history of armed robbery and violence towards his community, who is a piece of shit degenerate is better than Ari because he's Aryan? Are you fucking retarded?

I think I get this guy now.


He must be avenged

its not Randian, they think Jew=Liar/Parasite and that its some archetypal form or permanent condition; see >>1680454

it doesn't matter if its a Jew who likes gentiles and is harmless and middle class and not associated with Zionism. It doesn't matter if its someone whose half-jewish who hates Israel and cultural marxism. You'll still be gassed, because they're fucking insane and its a metaphysical hatred. Nazis are fucking insane, this thread proves their hatred is purely pathological and motivated by nothing but the evil desire to ruthlessly destroy another group. Fucking evil people honestly. I hate that Stirnerposters deny morality. Nazis are evil, the one's who believe this kind of stuff are evil. Just like Christians are evil for believing in hell, Nazis are evil for wanting to exterminate all Jews no-exceptions. They're not thinking on a level that's moral any longer.

100% agree


Jews never looked so good to me. Thanks, OP.

based jews tbh

you want to be us soooooooooooo bad!
commie memes suck shit.

Read "The Death of Stalin" by Georges Bortoli

Sorry. We're not use to having to rely on them to get anywhere.

Most oldfag Holla Forumsyps like Iran though

AKA, after they became mainstream, it stoped being "muh purity" and became "muh burgerstan".

You mean those stormqueers? They stole and tried to hijack our memes first. Neo Nazis like Stormfront and Daily Stormer piggyback on chan memes to get their propaganda to retards like you. Pepe was universal and still is, but you faggots are trying to create a monopoly on meme culture. You guys are the personal army of Daily Stormer faggots. Enjoy your propaganda and mind control.


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stormfag detected. get out of my Holla Forums

Stalin was the best USSR leader and you cannot refute this.

Fucking kikes

It's hilarious that this meme accusing ancoms of stealing memes was itself stolen from a leftist meme designed to make fun of ancaps.

Wasn't just leftists, it was just memers and circle-jerkers as a whole.

The only people who give a shit or even noticed ancaps before that meme happened were leftists.

They're one of the most irrelevant ideologies on the planet, it should be no surprise that memes making fun of them would be invented by their enemies.

We must drive back the infiltrator dogs who try to hide amongst our ranks, comrades, we gave them an ass kicking in WWII, we can do it again. To the gulags with them!

Ultimate redpill: the Matrix was just a meh movie.

I agree not all Jews are evil, but something is definitely up. Why would they kill Stalin, the one man who saved them from extinction? Why would the good hearted anti racist Stalin want to deport them to Siberia right before his death?

How do you reconcile this with your Nazism? Hitler wanted to kill Stalin first


Haha you are like little baby.
Let me blow your mind:



There have always been patriotards on Holla Forums and oldfags like myself don't like Iran but that doesn't mean I would like to see it destroyed by the globalist kikes either.

Kek it is not Holla Forums doing that but the MSM and the ADL and SPLC doing that shit while anons laugh their asses off at their stupidity and the normies scratch their heads wondering how the aforementioned orgs got so fucking stupid.

wtf I love jews now

That's pretty convenient because every human I have ever met is a liar and a parasite

Do you guys really want to know the true?
Hell, I don't know if I can tell it without getting in trouble but I believe this website is irrelevant enough to get a pass by unnoticed by the higher ups.
Well, the truth is Stalin was killed by capitalist time travelers. Yeah, I know it sounds crazy but it is the true.
In the "correct" time line (there is a better term for it but you guys haven't invented it yet and I can't tell it without disturbing the butterflies motions) the USSR actually won the cold war and the entire planet went the FALC route, but former capitalist elites or more precisely, their descendants, never let their hate against the working class go. With FALC in place the development of science and technology sky rocketed to the point where we finally got the means to space travel and time-n-space curbing which ended up being both a blessing and a curse because unfortunately some of those capitalist grand-grand children I mentioned got their dirty hands on this technology and made a plan to go to the past and destroy the USSR from the inside like the good parasites they are, needless to say they succeeded and this is an alternative time line. Their plan consisted of three phases; first they infected Stalin with a brain parasite that turned him paranoid and completely destabilized his government and the USSR; then they poisoned and killed him after he did enough damage; finally every USSR leader after Stalin were just one of their pawns. They could have ended the cold war way earlier but they decided to push it until the end of the 80's just to be assured that enough damage would be done to make the capitalist propaganda in the west 100% more effective and grant that the red scare would be strong enough that people would hate communism forever.
I don't know why I told you this since I can get in trouble or disturb the butterflies motions, but I honestly don't care anymore since I'm stuck here in this hell of a timeline.


wtf i love israel now



Hitler and Stalin had a lot in common, i think if they sat down and talked (with a translator ofcourse) they would've got along.

USSR/Germany alliance could've fucking bought down capitalism

Forgot to take off autism flag

no you didn't


We must praise the Jews for this great service to the world.


except its well documented that beria did it

Why? Wasnt Beria an ally?

its also well documented that WW1 started soley because of some wanker geting shot in some balkan town

Yeah, he also fancied himself as soviet boss man and was more than a bit crazy.


How can a fucking [email protected]/* */ like hitler? Hitler was a backstabbing traitor and tool of the bourgeoise. He would have never made an alliance with Stalin because the people he served wanted the USSR destroyed. If [email protected]/* */ had won the power struggle withing the NSDAP, he probably would have made an alliance with the USSR and destroyed global capital but ultimately it was inevetible that he would get betrayed. When you ally yourself with retard who care about spooks more then economics don't be surprised when the betray your economic vision (this applies to spooked "leftists" as well)

hitler and stalin did make an aliance. when it was obvious that western powers let hitler rise to power so that he and stalin would destroy eachother in war and give place to western dominance in europe, hitler just went and threw those plans out the window, made a pact and invaded france. it was only when he couldnt stand having a superpower right next to him that he invaded.
there was not much ideologic bullshit behind WW2, mostly geopolitics. just like WW1.