Do you want to be "good"? Are your concerns about a better world...

Do you want to be "good"? Are your concerns about a better world, justice and ending exploitation something you ultimately for your own sake or would you make sacrifices for the common good even if it opposes your rational self interest? I've always wanted to be good, but then again i'm maybe just traumatized by my former christfaggotry.

inb4 spooks

I want to be the very best, like no one ever was.


I want to be helpful, and not evil. Being "good" is to big of an order and not really an option for most under the current system.


unequivocally yes.

It is both for my own good and for all humans. I want to be good and make a positive impact on the world because it makes me happy, and I will die some day anyway. I would make sacrifices for the greater good even if it was in opposition to "my self interests" because improving the common good makes me happy

I want to live in an utopian reality with basic security where I still can perform "evil" for the lulz, in the guise of entertainment.

Happiness is the liberal motto. Pick freedom next time.

Is freedom really freedom if it doesnt make me happy?

daily reminder that individualism, self interest and happiness are liberal spooks.



Just peruse your freedom in pursuit of happiness without losing it. Ethics should be based first and foremost around notion of freedom and will, since they universally resort to some kind of choice.

Freedom should serve my happiness. Freedom isnt some ideal or goal in itself, don't let freedom spook you.

what is the point in rape?
you can't relax and take it slow like some cuban cigar
also, suffering girls are a killboner

again, what is the point?
I can understand revenge and retribution
or killing for some gain
but just for the fun of it? sounds like a waste of time

Not to mention that raping and murdering individuals pose a threat to me and people I care about, so it is in my self interest to neutralize them.

I want to make a better world for the cute gals.

I want to be ethical, yes.

What the fuck is wrong with her head. Its like she misses half of the bottom.

Everyone poses an existential threat to yourself.

The logical decision is to kill or enslave every human.

My concerns are about making sure my descendents can enjoy fully automated luxury gommunism

No, because you cannot manage that and people will retaliate, which is against your self interests. And enslaving and killing people makes me unhappy.

Did I ask for your opinion m'property?

I mean I'm still a christfag so yeah I do want to be good. But I think being good is in my self-interest. That's why I try to do it. I may do things which look like self-sacrifice in the name of good, but ultimately I do them because I think it will make me better off.

Maybe you have the sub fetish, but I can't have the second without the first

yeah fuck it's not like one of liber-alism's central concerns is liber-ty right? I mean who would even think such a thing

Oh yeah and socialism is about being a bourgouise group-thinking socialite. Dear god it makes perfect sense!

Well I do but thats not relevant. You can't have happiness without freedom but you can have freedom without happiness.


Would you be so kind as to read a book before posting this drivel?

Even though currently I am enlightened by my own intelligence instead of a phony god blessing, I genuinely believe my christian education in early childhood plays an important part in my leftist sympathies, especially regarding compassion.

Rape establishes hierarchy. Hierarchy degrades the ruler and the ruled, so I, a self interested egoist ill not sacrifice a part of myself for power.

Well, doesn't being good pretty much imply doing something even if it leaves you ultimately worse off? If you believe you're gonna get rewarded in one way or another for living ethically, be it for evading hell or just living a more fulfilled life closer to god, you're essantially just acting as an opportunist, even if you mean well. I don't think you can speak of a sacrifice if you're gonna get repayed for it somehow, it's more of a permanent loss.

If I didn't I wouldn't bother with leftism.

We must work to create more virtuous society, not one only based on our rational self-interests.


Christianity is no path to good though. We need a rational collective interest.

Because pure utilitarianism can be harmful for certain parts and members of society.

Also God wills it.

Non utilitarianism is harmful in general though. We should at least have some kind of rule utilitarianism to protect innocent hitchhikers but the core principles are valid.

wow I'm agreeing with a socdem!
We often neglect the social and moral impact that socialism/communism would have both initialy and long term. A compromise between what is fair and what is practical (which will change alongside advancement)