Trump to unveil 'Arab NATO' in Saudi Arabia

What do you think of Arab NATO?

Maybe that's how he's gonna take down NATO. 16 d warhammer fantasy roleplaying game?


So even more power for Saudis?
I want to die (which I guess Trump is accelerating by empowering wahhabis)

Why would Israel be a part of an alliance between allies of its vassal state? America=Israel

>When President Trump arrives in Riyadh this week, he will lay out his vision for a new regional security architecture White House officials call an “Arab NATO,” to guide the fight against terrorism and push back against Iran.
Let me highlight the import bit here.

What are you some kind of anti-semetic neo-nazi?

I bet the Israelis shat themselves reading this

In another thread me and another user were discussing America's future imperialist ambitions and the subject of Iran came up. Neither of us were really sure what the gameplan was, especially since the US seems to be focusing more on Russia/Syria and China/North Korea. I'm guessing this announcement here is a big piece of the puzzle.

Is Iran our last line of defense against the US, Saudi, and Israeli world order?

Is it time to convert to Shia and defect?



The Obama administration gave these cunts a free pass to do whatever they wanted and they're still not satisfied.
Day of the Guillotine when

Yes, or rather, ya-Ali.

Somewhere the CEO of Lockheed is getting an erection.

This will only accelerate Saudi Arabia's decay, that nation is boutta be Iran 2.0 within a decade

But Iran 1.0 is doing fine

What makes you think this is a bad thing for the Saudis?

Donald "NATO builder" Trump

BASED gays supporting our troops xdd

Trump dumb

dont worry its just 88d chess

is this real life?

Islamophobic and racialist tbh

wtf I love wahhabism now

what the fuck is a maykuuta?