I too enjoy liberalism.txt

Is it a good or bad thing that the extremely wealthy are edging out the middle man political class and assuming direct control?

it takes away the illusion atleast

Calling it now: In 2020 Zucc will run for the libs against no one other than Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson for the republicans, here making Chomsky's prophecy about the looming "friendly fascist" come true.

Some one, please, help, I can't stop screaming

I thought the Rock was a Dem?


That's President Man of the Year to you

Assange is a Russian agent fam.

Assange is much more attractive. Can you imagine having to see Zucc's punchable jew/nerd face everywhere in 3 years?

I like that the bourgeoisie are having to participate in their own spectacle for a change.

Have you seen the candidates we had last year? I don't think it can get much worse anyway

Trump was fun to look at at least. The real reason Hillary lost is because she had zero charisma unlike sexy ass Obama or cute loveable George.

So was Trump. What kind of sheep always votes for one party?

I'm just saying I doubt it matters too much if Trump can outperform Mittens. I mean no one likes the dude but he's objectively pretty high on the hotness scale for politicians

Zucc vs The Rock in 2020

The memes would be awesome. jew, billionaire under 30 for making a useless thing, married to a chinese(?) chickā€¦loved by simple minded citizens.

Wikileaks has done good by leaking shit, but Assange is little more than an obnoxious troll face for the organization.

Zuckerberg is a piece of shit. His "real name" policy amounts to this-

All it does is force people to hand over shit Zuck has no right to know, while also forciing targets of trolling to reveal their personal info, and the trolls won't play along so this doesn't fight trolling like he claims it's meant to.

And now so many employers will not hire a person unless they slap their personal info up on Facebook, and can and will use what you post as an excuse to fire you if you want even if what you post is irrelevant to your job

I don't have Facebook. If an employer wants to get pissy, well if illegals have no issue getting jobs, then a legal citizen who simply refuses to plaster their personal info online can also get those same jobs.