It might be happening already

I doubt it'll happen now but it's already starting.

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Part of me wants to see him impeached cuz it'd be funny but the rest of me knows that the Dems will use Trump as an example of why you need to trust their neo-liberal wisdom forever if they pull it off

Pence is worse.

pence will usher in the end times


The GOP realizes they're hosed in '18, they're gonna throw Trump under the bus to but Pence in

Yup, but he's far more controllable and less prone to scandal than Trump, so both sides of the aisle will prefer him in power

They won't. The chances of success are nil and they know it. The real objective of this is to rally the left to vote in 2018.

Don't care. As long as Holla Forumsyps are buttblasted.

While I'm all for things that will piss off pol it's best be stays in. Otherwise we'll get pence who will be just as bad but liberals won't care because he's more soft spoken about it

Is it just me, or do the dems just like him more because he'd probably be a hawk with russia

why care about the rectal state of those sad little clowns?
Schadenfreude over the Trump administration is John Oliver tier politics.
Our job is to find out how to disrupt the status quo of American politics, and I honestly think an impeachment would be the worst possible scenario for us.
The fringe right would be able to make him a martyr, completely absolving him of all previous betrayal, the narrative would soon become "Trump was our guy, and the deep state took him from us." and the liberals would be able to reassure them selves that "the system works after all". No, Trump must serve his time in order for maximum disillusionment on both sides of the spectrum.

If it was just the Dems who wanted him gone it would never happen, but some Republicans seem keen on the idea too. What's worrisome is that if Trump gets kicked out, Holla Forums and a sizable chunk of /r/the_donald tards may actually glorious uprising hard enough to shoot people. To them, Trump was the last chance for their policies to be achieved through the political system.

The Spectacle is at it again.

This wouldn't be good for us.

Liberals hate Trump as a person. They don't actually give a shit about his administration. If Pence, a mild-manner establishment shill, takes over any opposition will fizzle out despite the fact that he's a good ten times as conservative as Trump.

He might even get a second term.

This. We must not let them make him their sacrifical king.

We live to see neo nazis suffer. Even if trump being impeached kills us all we'll win :)

This is bad how, exactly?

Watching the most heavily militarized police in the world gun down wannabe Brownshirt LARPers would be absolutely fucking hilarious.


America's Federal Police would wreck those cucks

It's about time LOL :P

Tarnold Blimpf BTFO

Public execution WHEN???


Good post. I only wan't to see Trump impeached after he has totally betrayed his base and the dems lie in ruins. If Trump is impeached before he completely and utteraly fails he will just become a martyr.

If there is widespread domestic Terrorism the American police state will become even more oppressive and militarized which is bad for us.

I honestly want him to stay in as long as possible.
People are becoming more and more disillusioned thanks to him, and they're turning toward us. All my friends are suddenly looking at the far left, like they may have a point. My sister is now Commie, too. Trump has been the biggest boon to the left in a long time, as far as I'm concerned.

The more militarized America is the better. Hopefully this is the final push to rounding people up and stripping them of their weapons. The Globalist State cannot be created while a single country has legal weapons.

I would absolutely not want him to get impeached so soon either, since Pence with literally kill us all.

Jeb Bush 2020

Vote for the NDP (New Democratic Party) and vote Jeb Bush

100% this.

100% this

If that is the case, then they should look into their own party's history. After Bill Clinton got impeached, his popularity went through the roof. All an impeachment does is to expose the accusers as petty partisans.

What could they possibly do to get more oppressive and militarized than they are right now?

But Denold Drampf is a RETHUGLICAN so it'll be different you literal fascist Holla Forumsyp ugh

Ban guns, give Americans 6 months to relinquish all weapons and execution without trial to anyone not in the military or police seen so much as touching a gun. Illegal ownership of a weapon punished by execution of all direct relatives.

kek you're all deluded if you think a president who has absolute political control over Washington will be impeached.
Besides he's doing what the establishment wants. Selling weapons, bombing countries, former workers of the finance in the white house. Why would they want to get ride of that?
This is just throwing int your eyes you retarded americans. Use your fucking brains for once. You want to get ride of Trump? Go outside with fucking weapons and start a god damn war you fucking bungholes.

Nice try FBI. Violence is never the solution. Just vote for Bernie 2020

Worst case scenario for us

NICE TRY Holla Forumsyp

It kinda is though, since it will absolutely fuck our momentum.

Lower taxes on prison business, pull a new version of "war on drugs", raise mass hysteria and incarceration time for dissidency.

It will give us a final victory over the Holla Forumsyp menace

Stop shitposting

That's not how politics in the U.S. works.

Np, it will make him a martyr and make them look good again by 'not being in power' or some nonsense.

The longer trump is in power the greater the public trauma and more common the perception of establishment's powerlessness

Trump is a fascist dictator


I agree, he is in fact the modern day hitler / moosoleani

Nice shitpost m8, I r8 8/8.

yes comrad I aggree comrade

I agree with this.

If things reached that point, it's a shit-hits-the-fan scenario anyway. Nobody's going to go along with that.

They're wrong in thinking that Trump is one of them though

just btw theyre calling for his resignation based off of a supposed memo that no one has access to or has seen besides mysterious unnamed sources lol

For a while I believed that there was no way that he was gonna get impeached but I'm starting to come around on the idea of it actually happening. All that it would really require is the GOP turning on him and you have to imagine that with every shitshow scandal that drops, they're getting more fed up. And with the opportunity to install Pence, why wouldn't they want to get Trump out?

As far as my actual feelings on him getting impeached, they're pretty mixed. Pence would be just as bad, if not worse and liberals would completely tune out of all the horrible policies he enacts because he'll do it "with class" or whatever. But at the same time, I'd be lying if I said that I wouldn't really enjoy seeing Trump humiliated and shamed for the rest of his life.

what's your tumblr blog lol

He's definitely not part of the establishment. He doesn't even have any idea about US foreign policy, and actually tried to deliver on his campaign promises lmao. tried

While I agree with the whole waking people up shit, how fucking bad does it have to get before enough is enough? What if the republicans repeal obamacare and hundreds of thousands die in the next comming years as a direct result? Are their lives worth reaching out to a relativley few who don't already view trump for what he is? No matter what he will always have a 30% voting floor, even at the height of watergate Nixon had retarded americans who would have taken a bullet for him. I fucking can't stand democrats but I'm not sure if the price of blood is worth the schadenfreude and temporary epiphany.


If resignation/impeachment he is a martyr
If he continues like he is doing he's useful

You'll know the exact moment that Trump is under realistic threat of impeachment because it will be the exact moment he responds by declaring war on Iran. Every neocon in Congress and ever media class liberal will be choking on his cock. It'll probably be enough to boost his popularity into re-election, too.


You mean Trump will actually go along with the Deep State to avoid being impeached.


Hi Vlad

Does everyone really think the republicans would prefer pence? It seems like Trump is, as far as policy at least, just like any other republican that could have gotten elected. So doesn't it actually benefit republicans if Trump absorbs any negativity and then they come out as an innocent party or something? Remember that americans have goldfish memory.

I hope it happens because it would be funny.


of course not, the only power there is the "shadow government" or whatever name they go by.

underrated post

The dems are more unpopular than the GOP right now. Even unpopular Trump is more popular than the idiots screaming about impeachment. With all the seats Dems have to defend in '18 there is literally zero chance that the GOP is "hosed" then, it will only get worse for the dems as they sink deeper and deeper into madness.

Holy shit


Quality insight.
Anyone on here who thinks Trump's impeachment is a "victory for us" is probably too new to realize how this works.

Assuming 50% or more of those police arent trumpists themselves, dont forget the american military and police are incredibly right wing

But the police force loves violence and I doubt they would pass up an opportunity to get action.

Which they would get when they join trumps revolution and shoot all the gunless liberal hippies strumming their guitars n shit. Civil war is coming

Lad I can back it up.

atleast i can enjoy some HBTBBQ.

I hope the aut-right will start insurgencies over this.
Calling it a Civil War would give it too much of a magnitude, but I want to see unfit Kekkistani robots occupying government buildings in the Flyover countries and erecting their fascist utopia, before the military arrives.
Who knows, maybe one or two of them can pull off a Van Zandt over them.
But their appointment with President Pence in his basement will be on time, with the POTUS himself put the clamps on them, while they desperately try to convince him that traps are not gay.

Trump doesn't deviate from neo-liberalism that much tho. But I reckon Porky would enforce complete compliance.

Say it with me

President Mike Pence

As amusing as Holla Forums's meltdown would be, Pence would be even worse, Trump would be a martyr and democrats would just assume it's business as usual.

Plus, having the cartoonish caricature of Porky sign a bill that will kill literally millions of the sick for being poor has gotta be PEAK liberalism. Whereas Pence signing it Democrats will just protest a bit and go on about their lives.

Isn't it possible to impeach the whole ticket i.e. Trump and Pence? It's not like you could vote for Prez and VP separately.

Nah my boy Ryan's got this in the bag. Randian dystopia > theocratic dystopia

No, and even if the House could it would just make Speaker of the House Paul Ryan president.

Neeeever gonna happen.

Say it with me.

President T R U M P.

Non-burger(thank gott): What's so bad about Pence apart from being another retarded Republican?

Being another retarded Republican.

Who would you elect right now?

Really repressed gay republican who knows how to hide his power level. Would do all of the same policies of Trump, without the outrage. Plus, he might be able to Erdogan this motherfucker if there's a serious crisis.

his impeachment would only fuel the altcucks.
i prefer to have him in office and watch him fuck them over daily.

kek saved.

have you got anymore?

That just means charges are brought against him, it doesn't mean he's out of office. Bill Clinton was impeached, didn't get him kicked out.

But you know, Holla Forums backed a Jew that collaborates with the fascist murderer in charge of Russia. They deny he works with Putin, they deny he's Jewish despite mountains of evidence of both.

when are they not?

If Trump was impeached it'd only fuel the victim complex Holla Forumstards and conservatives have, so no thanks.

They won't impeach. Trump is a liberal's wet dream. They get to milk him for outrage pretending they want change. They're like dogs chasing cars. If they elect a democrat they don't know what to do and end up doing nothing different.

He wants to declare war on gays, so yeah they do.