A meatpacking town in Kansas opened its doors to Somali refugees. Then a group of Trump supporters p


We are gonig to see more of this, arent we? I think welcoming refugees is fine as long it is one in way that eases the community, and also it doesnt shifts the jobs away from native workers, but given the reality of Capitalism I think that wont happen anytime soon.

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nuffield.ox.ac.uk/politics/papers/2005/NLetki_social capital and diversity_final.pdf

Nah racists now a days are as soft as butter and about as smart.

The days of Timothy McVeigh are long gone

Both the immigrants and "natives" are workers.

But only one side are a bunch of reactionaries.

I'm getting sick of this country.

Refugees have not aided any community ever.
They are nothing but economic and social burden on the society.

Right wingers are so class cucked they'll never realized they don't hate immigrants they hate the mechanisms of the job market.

That's some weird victim blaming you wrote.

Being a victim doesn't absolve all subsequent action

So somalis should be left starving to death because they trigger some right-wing retards? Are you dumb?

Holla Forums sure never runs out of excuses for violently racist "white workers". Had a nigger tried to murder some crackers for political reasons we wouldn't be hearing the end of it from the usual crowd who shrieks "idpol" at everything.

Somalis should fucking work in their own country instead of sitting around collecting flies with their eyeballs.
They should stop being stinking pirates and start using the technology that western civilisation has generously given them.
If they have a problem, if they have a war - they can go to the nearest neighbouring shithole country.

I hope 50,000 somalis invade your town, and shit the place up to hell.

The difference is, niggers aren't human, aren't capable of thought, and have no reasoning behind the violence they inflict.

As was said by Martin Luther Kang "Wherever I go, I must also rape".(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

But the somalis in the article are hard working immigrants who live normal lives and don't shit up the place. What are you talking about?


How about all those refugees after WW2?
You know, scientists, engineer, labourers, etc that gave many countries a shit load of benefits.

Trump supporters actively fighting for their wages not to be stolen by porky's importation of cheap labor

…-Said the kid, who's daddy is a lawyer or a banker.

doctors and lawyers don't own the means of production and are there for proletariat

"Somalis, hard working, and not shitting up the place"
-There is something wrong with the article. Somalis are even hated by other africans, for being lazy and for shitting up places.


They could just not immigrate and further contribute to the climate change.

Skilled labor is not a factor when it comes to refugees, rather there is too much of surplus skilled labor in developed countries to begin with. Immigrants form underdeveloped countries can only end up harming the low-skilled labor market, harming the unions as they come.

They were white, so they're immigrants, not refugees :^)

Stop making things up, Holla Forums


… What? You do realize that if climate change plays into any of this, it's as a cause for mass migration, right?

I think its just unique for Europe. Immigration towards US tends to see higher employment rates among immigrants than natives, where as in Europe its the opposite for at least 2 generations.

You realize that when the most skilled and abbled bodies immigrate form underdeveloped economies it only hurts their own homelands? Brain drain can only hurt their own communities.

Brain drain only takes an effect if there is the option of using these brains, there isnt in many places. So imigration often enables people to live out their potential and furthering progress instead of doing literally nothing in their hown countries. Imigration is complex and not a zero sum game.

Ok, ignorance is bliss. somalinet.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=326628


kek, somalis are not a race, races do not exist. But they do have a horrible culture.

Shitskin go home

Jesus Christ, I thought Holla Forums was at least up to speed on what mass immigration was largely about, it's about replacing native workers with cheaper foreign labor.

You guys really are hopeless.

I'm okay with that.
It means more unemployed people, more crime, probably more anarchists.

It means more roving bands of 73 Autism Level Somalis looking to rape you you stupid cuck

oh u

If you want anarchy why don't you move to Somalia?

That mean ultra-violence, pal.

What is this autism


Somalia is shitty not because they are Somalians, it is because Somalia is shitty because it is shitty given the circumstances.

Somalia IS shitty because it's full of Somalis and now you cucks wants to bring Somalia here.


What's wrong /leftycuck/? Don't you like it when dispossessed workers commit acts of terror against porky and his scabs?

Never change /leftycuck/(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

Someone seems mad.


Funny you should say that, considering racists tend to have low Autism Levels.



I.q. is a racist imperialistic construct designed to oppress us it is fake


Yet you were the one who brought it up. :^)

Ahh yes, the poor whites, forever facing genocide and succumbing to Jewish trickery.

Race is a social construct therefor racists do not exist

I don't see race

All I see in the OP is good proletarians revolting against their bosses for hiring scabs :^)

Racists tend to have lower I.Q. because they are generally working class people who do not make enough money to escape from diversity.
diversity + proximity = conflict

But you just said

Or are you just pretending to be retarded.

nuffield.ox.ac.uk/politics/papers/2005/NLetki_social capital and diversity_final.pdf




This is IDPOL it is against the rules if you want IDPOL fuck off back to reddit

I do not see race all I see is proles rebelling against porky

If a few Somalis have to suffer incidentally well…the revolution isn't a dinner party now is it? :^)(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

You seem rustled my dude. Are you going to rant about how Shite Genocide is real next?

So you're the one who cares about the Somalis now? I thought you wanted them gone? :^)

There is more than 1 Nazi flag post in this thread.

Also, I'm not reading any of that shit, white flight is a plainly observable phenomena, you can chalk it up either whites being super racist for no reason or whites not liking what nonwhites do to their neighborhoods.

I don't see what the problem is all I see is workers rebelling against porky in the OP I didn't realize this board was so full of IDPOL and only wanted to divide the working class race is a social construct i guess I will just stick to my DSA meetings if you don't support workers plotting terror against the bourgeoisie you are a reactionary and should fuck off back to Holla Forums or reddit

You stormfags don't seem to like reading in general it seems.

Well good, glad we converted you, user. :^)

I'm glad we can see eye to eye for the revolutionary terror will be truly bloody :^)

Yup, because that's how capitalism works, amirite? It's the lack of will in them fugen somalis that makes them poor as dirt, h'yuck.

no, kang was a saint..

This is why they need us. Once the middle white class starts to organize the white working class, nothing will be able to stop us.

AMERICA was and will be WHITE

A lot of shitski– hehehehe I mean lumpenproletariats are gonna die HAHHAHAHA :^)

I've seen everything, I can die happy now.

Huh, really makes you think.

Why do you desire suicide?


Right on, hail victory.


Hail victory 1488 we will reclaim this country for the people who actually work very soon.

So… Mexicans?


So much for the anti-idpol left

then why are rural whites more anti diversity than urban whites?

Remember to laugh at nazi-posters.

I am not saying he should get another punch, but he should get another punch.