Eco-Extremists Murder 22-Year Old Engineering Student

An "eco-extremist" group calling itself Individualidades Tendiendo a lo Salvaje (Individualities Tending Towards the Wild) guilty of earlier Unambomber-inspired bombings claimed responsibility for the May 3rd murder of Lesvy Rivera, a young woman studying at the engineering department of the National Autonomous University of Mexico. She was strangled to death then hung in a nearby telephone booth.

Through its statement, the group explained they didn't specifically target a woman but rather "any part of the mass, any human being who deserved death" and also claimed responsibility for the earlier murder of two hikers in Monte Tláloc.


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Hide your kids, lock the doors! NAZBOL GANG

These guys are literally serial killer fascists(that is, if they actually comitted the murders they claimed to). Fun fact: For a brief moment some smashies on twitter supported them for being "insurrectionary"

It's Going Down tackled the whole thing.

can the NASGP be part of the Nazbol Gang?


guess he was right about the deep ecology anarchists

Each sacrifice only makes me stronger

I remember those retards, it's the same guys who killed that other mexican STEM-student last year right?
Their manifesto came a cross like the ramblings of a extremely unbalanced person. "Kill STEM-fags because technology is inherently bad, we don't really think this will change anything, but we are the spirit of angry animals" something along those lines.
Would think it was a drug related cover-up, but the cartels normally don't try to hide who they killed. Maybe a cover up of some operation they have going on at the university, like stem-fags cooking up drugs and these people got to close.
Or it could be a legit primitivist murder cult.

Post your anprim memes here.

Stemfaggots aspire to be the future version of the current cancer that are Boomers, but far worse. Technocrats are a fucking cancer on par with ethnic-nationalism.

They are not anarchists

They identified with Zerzan's philosophy a few years ago but seem to have dropped that reference by now.


Unironically pretty cool. Would join if they drew from bolshevism instead of some idealised fascism tbh.

Techno-utopians of all sorts must be reeducated and culled if there is to be a free society in the future.

Should've killed themselves tbh.


Begone Satan!

100 bucks on them being stirnerites

imagine my surprise

All greenies need to be shot.

So basically you are a psychopath with a moralist defense of what you are doing (muh free willy)…


What a cowardly repulsive thing to do. These people are clearly just deranged serial killers trying to find some sort of warped justification for what they are doing.