Remember: this is the face of your enemy

Boomers voted in Trump and almost voted in HRC as a second choice. No matter what your politics or religion are, always remember that boomers are still your main enemy. Baby boomers were so named because they are intellectually stunted, immature and cry easily, like little babies.

I thought it was because they liked to blow up small children for sport.

How many layers of leftism are you on, my dude?

Boomers voted Regan, and Bush and Trump, and as idealists who never grew up and left the sixties, they toggle between SJW politics and selfish deregulation. They are sociopaths and narcists who choose Trump to represent them. They inherited 30 percent debt to GDP and somehow inflated it to 105 percent. They assumed positions in the establishment and selfishly robbed their parents and their descendents. They are numerous, proud and ignorant, and are the most selfish generation. They voted against Sanders because he was pre-Boomer and not a dickwad. This demographic is still your number one enemy.


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I agree with the sentiment, however, what do you propose to do about it?

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Yeah, no shit baby boomers are huge classcucks. They're going to die soon, probably faster than expected too thanks to our god awful health care policies in this country.

You should be more concerned with Gen X, who are nearly as classcucked as boomers.

I mean, it's basically the same as a class analysis

The first step is to be aware.

Resisting capitalism means de Facto resisting a geriatocracy.

This is COINTELPRO, move along

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nice materialist analysis
try Holla Forums or tumblr if you like blaming certain demographics for our problems (jews, white people, black people, mexicans, anglos, krauts, women, cishet people, millenials, whatever you like)

But Boomers are a systematic problem that must be destroyed.

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The worst thing you can say about boomers is that their culture war alienated workers from leftism.

Their victories for environmentalism, pacifism, and anti-discrimination are worth more than anything "leftists" have achieved since. Their only mistake was in failing to pivot back to class war after those victories had been achieved.