For those nights when you're staring out the window, wishing the moonlight would fall on a familiar face

For those nights when you're staring out the window, wishing the moonlight would fall on a familiar face.

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stale thraed

spice rack!

Tell me something very distracting real fast

Okay. Your mom has a penis.

alcohol makes ur brain go smaller so it stupifies you

i made a rly fun custom game lobby type in overwatch. and i hosted it for hours and tonsa poeple loved it.



If you aren't spoilering all your images, you are no longer using Holla Forums correctly.

I can't get the new one to work so I'm just going to post this image.


I cleared my cache and then refreshed.


I've been thinking hard about this as I was in work.

I think a DnD session is possible in Holla Forums.
I can be dungeon master.
We can use 3.5e rulebook for stat creation AND save our builds as jpegs.

We can do it as a separate thread too, as a sticky thread. And use the dice on our post options to use as dice, which also does the modifiers too.

All we need is a setting, and a way to draw maps.

It is possible, with a month's worth of collaboration.



Rolled 5 + 2 (1d20)Plus each of your player characters can help or bully each other with dice rolls and stat modifiers.


Anyone could be dungeon master.
Who would you like?

Nothing sounds worse than a bunch of old guys pretending to be lolies in a DND set up.
It would be too creepy for me.

It would just interrupt the thread and be unnecessarily difficult when we could use a different platform.

Like I said, I might join if you did a beginner's campaign.

Rolled 11 (1d20)I roll to get off to the abuse.

Rolled 11 (1d20)
rolling for sniper stats

pew pew

Kill yourself, Luka.

Rolled 9 (1d20)If 20. Everybody dies in the DnD session.

Rolled 7 (1d20)Dammit.

The rest of that is fine, though.

Excusing the part where almost no one here knows how to run 3.5.

Also we'd probably want a thread for stat rolling, just so that can be confirmed, so we don't have someone with 18 in every stat.
Or just do a point buy, or elite array.

Oh, you're going like that, so just shitty roleplay.
Still pass.

I doubt many people here have the capacity to be a good one.

I might 5e SKL or something.
I dunno, but it's an idea I've been toying with.

Maybe find a 3.5 module, idk.

You can bully said loli pretenders as a DEUS VULT crusader guy.

And win the campaign.

Your fantastical bully dodging works, and SCANNER is left babbling at a well.

I got an armor class of 14.

Not SKL, SKT, fuck.

Rolled 16 (1d20)
re-rolling for stealth

Speaking of snipers, I might build a sneak attack mage sometime.

Technically it's a diviner build, but it's heavy into stealth, and the classes I look at help to snack sneak attack damage, so that's a thing.

Rolled 20 (1d20)can i be dungeon master


I'll pass.

Can't se-

=NATTY 20=

woah... a true 20


i'm invisible~

I'm actually invisible; I cast greater invisibility before the encounter started.

It's why all my images are spoilered.

Fuck, spoiler turned off.

I'm kinda dumb, I'm just going to go back to my rulebooks.

Rolled 3 (1d20)
whats a natty

i bet i cant do it again

Might as well use pathfinder. It's the same shit but slightly updated and, far more crucially, much fucking easier to find good PDFs of than 3.5.
Just use a fillable pdf what the shit man. Fuck a txt file would make more sense than a jpeg
This seems like the most needlessly complex shit.

"nat ural"



A natural d20.
Basically, an impossible and majestically success, a one in 20 chance thing.

So yes, you are dungeon master now.

this couldnt go wrong

why is it called that?

oh ok. how do i do it?

Ask Squiddy, he seems to know more than me.

The thing about having a person running it, as well as it being party based, is that you don't really need something specifically beginner oriented. As long as the DM isn't a dick and is punishing you hard most of the learning curve is of the sort that just slows you down a bit before you're used to it. Or the whole RP side of things but that's not made any easier either.

tl;dr it's surprisingly easy, at least for most systems

If too much wall of information is a problem I've seen 5e be pretty damn smooth for people to get into as well.

Because you got a 20, unmodified, on the 20 sided die.

It's a natural 20, and in most d20 games it's treated as a critical success.

Maybe I should stop doing so many drugs daily...

roll some dice

I'm so sorry guys, I just miss playing DnD so much and I don't know who I can play with.

ive never tried dnd before :)

Rolled 5 (1d20)
i dk wher to satart

why is it called a critical success? are those just empty words or do you get a prize for it

yeah but what am i rolling for

Oh yes.


In many situations, it's a guaranteed pass, and, depending on the situation, it can improve results.

It is fucking awesome.
You can play as an ogre and beat the shit out of cunts.

aww... you only rolled 5
catastrofic failure


DnD Learning and Discussion - The only one thread like this in Holla Forums

Google it?

i wanna corprate espoinage merc sniper lady!

Anything my character actively does, a 5 usually passes me.

is there any repercussions for that

sounds like work. can i entitle someone else as dungeon master?

For a 5?
Depends on modifiers and things.

It's just a normal roll.

not yet
Zero is deth


Depending on what setting the dungeon master uses, you can be.

Cyberpunk2020 might be up your alley.

Yeah, sure.
Being a dungeon master is GREAT work.
That's why I thought I should become a great one in a month's study.

or shadowrun

i want a cyper punk world that uses magicks too!!!

See Squiddy's post.
Actually, there is a videogame version on Steam.

Rolled 5 (1d20)
i meant the catastrophic failure phrase thing

rolling for deth

k i quit. squid is your new overlord

I've wanted to try shadowrun for a long while, but I don't have any of the rulebooks. :(

Theseius doesn't know what she's talking about, so take it all with a grain of salt.


how do i take the "punk" out of cyberpunk

keep rolling!

Who even likes cyberpunk?
Steampunk is better.

I played a session or two over the internet, it's kind of a neat system that does a bunch of things different than DnD. All I remember was maxing out my once per day luck points then using them all at once to kill a big ass orc boss in a turn after it 1hit all our melee specialists.

The whole reason I started typing was to say I just got pdf's off the internet :^) but then I forgot

lel Mr. Regular

Get Trials of Tainted Space, for free.

It is basically a cybering choose your on adventure.

oh god..... its from the guy who made... CoC

This took longer than it should have to realize you were talking about cars

Ruka pats



Rolled 8 (1d20)
you want me 2 die?


*Gently pats.*

daily reminder to pat all

oh man i wish i could drive a car>>1680766

almost there~

she's adorable ♥



The dick only makes it better.








Rolled 9 (1d20)
did u avoid the question




keep lvling up

Thank you. But thats no girl.

Never mind

Not here

nap or games?




time for you to sleep

Rolled 16 (1d20)
i liked ur dog pic

come back

Whats wrong with Traps?




woof woof

nothing at all.
*pat pat*

Fair enough.

moar cute pics pls

What for?

those pics remind me of this one book i read about a dog and agirl


I awake for a moment.

i suck at being a pet


i read this and stood up

Rolled 11 (1d20)
Roll for pet points?
roll a d20 see how much of a pet are you.

Example, I'm 49% pet. 51% cretin.

Rolled 14 (1d20)
isnt that 55 pet 45 cretin

Do not suck cock

Rolled 5 (1d20)
nice try but thats not a thing pets should be doing anyways


Nap time~

show me

idk if i can find it. its a picture book tho so that might help u find it

Tasks done.

Now i'm here.


bad pet

Don't you still need to go work or something?


come back

a pet wouldnt suck cock

Welcome back.

no i dont employ my dog to lick my dick for some peanut butter

Human pet.

Not until 2



Damn, I was looking forward to the leaving again in like five minutes meme

isnt slavery illegal?

Consenting pet!

anyway nom

i go eat n watch anims

I have come again





theyre doing a movie on the anime u told me 2 wach


imma watch it.

Gits looks promising


git init

virgin bieber fans

Stop bullying Terran.

I mained Protoss and switch to Terran because they are funner to play.

I mained Protoss and switch to Terran because they are so free that even a virgin Bieber fan like me can play them

Just build nothing but marines xd

ye xd

Hello everyone.

Only virgin Bieber fans here.

What's your favourite song by lord Bieber?

Can't Stop the Feeling!

beiber, more like cancer


only thing virgin in my house is the olive oil

I was talking about the guy who named a song that's not even by Bieber :^)

Wazsnt that ollie murs?

He is too Canadian-sounding for me.

Am I too Canadian-sounding for you?

You sound like a guy from Kentucky.

I don't have the "What the heck, dude?" vocaroo anymore

babby babby babby uuu



Me neither. ;;

Does he still say it often?

I hate you.

Ijust imagine all of SKT gathering around faker like that if they ever lose a championship


hopefully they do more than just gather around him ;)

He no longer holds the world record and no longer says "What the heck, dude?" Is there even a reason to watch him anymore?

what else would they do
wallow make out?

I'd pay to see that

Well he still is a cute shota.

Icky cookie.

I need tsun dyrus hesitantly comforting wildturtle to bring that smile back tbh

He got too old.

do not overwrite dyrus x chaox

These guys have better hair

ur gay

oh cool

The post a made about 30 minutes ago finally posted


I like how it doesn't even have a picture too




wow cool



Ban her.





Ban Grim too.


Excuse to make a new board.

Ban Darwin

ban wish

I agree.

ban me daddy

I can't be in so many people at once.


a g i t a t e d

Guess I'm going to be talking to my boss about taking a day or two off for now.

Long weekend time?

I guess. Waiting to hear when my grandpas funeral is.
I might have to go back to Missouri early.

Cant spell "Missouri" without MISERY

Liver poo.

Back in a bit.

Oh, sorry to hear about your loss.

[screams externally]


what does that mean


I guess this means I need to go jack off to some more anime porn

Incoming GTA V update.

Means that there might be a high chance I'll be updating my offset lookup table AGAIN.

Please don't fuck with vehicles more R*.

Or offer a friendly API to modders! :)

Raphiel has some fucking huge tits


That ED

flat is justice

This girl?

What an angel.

her only flaw

[laughing lesbians]

Kana Hanazawa

Pretty fucking great man

lmao get out of here washboard-chan

Take that back
I'll slap your shit

yuri :heart:

oh ok sorry

I love her VA because she voices Plutia/Iris heart too

Well I'm sorry for screencapping the anime.

should i into big boobs is what youre implying

I'm barely watching ep 8 rn
Raphi trying not to break her bra is fucking 10/10

Im barely catchiing up on it lol

She voices just a little bit more than that I think

yeah dude nadeko is bae


Oh, I know. I just particularly like plutia, that's all.





based KanaHana

Thank you, IKT.
How's your day?

jfc that's adorable

Just lazying around. You?

d0ct0rs orders


Made a big ass salad and will probably play FF15 'till I'm tired enough to sleep again.


Oh man I need to sleep early but I want to do a couple of things first.

Enjoy food, I'm gonna wind down.


I'll pray for you.

What's up, threaders~?

Pray the gay away.

Not even gay

no ur ghey

Yes you are.


If you pray the gay away you won't have anything left.

So what's up?
There's like nobody here.

I know right?


i got the ill
so i am watching anime and waiting for bedtime. one more shift at work tomorrow then i have some days off to rest properly

karma got me; I was saying to myself 2 days ago "wow youve escaped winter without getting ill".

this washing, and my toothbrush before bed


I'm never home at this time so I wasn't sure who'd all be around.
Hopefully more people show up.

Because then you wont have to speak to me

Sorry babe.
Can't let you catch feelings.



That would be the death knell. I would ahve to be taken out back like 'ol yellow.

QT replied to you.
Stop bitching.

Shoot me like a dog.

Takin' a short lunch break at work.

Hope you're having wonderful day, Maddie!

This was a good day.


Disliking that my friends are busy until the weekend so going to Logan just yet is a no go.

Lmfao oh god


I bet sabrina doesn't even response







who let these people reproduce

hi sabby

If I don't get a head pat form Sabs I'm just ending it.

Unfortunately, I knew her a few years back before she moved back to Kentucky.

Maybe it was always meant to be like this. The world is a cruel place.

always wear a condom mff

Sabrina (you)

Howdy, Mr. Grim!

*pat pat pat*
(that last one's a scratch behind the ear)

Y-yeah! I was ready to deploy the ch-cheek puff, senpai!!!

I never hit that, thank god. Boredom got me to hang out with her and her friend (which is my friend's cousin).


Would someone pretend to be an ugly girl on the internet ?




I am fairly certain that picture was posted by someone else claiming it was Bern. He played along, and people simply believed it.




*puff puff*

I'm happy you're happy! ♥

baaaaaaaack, niggas.

*cheek squidge*




What're up to today, ya smilin' softy?

Do you ever thump your cheeks to make music? It's fun. I like to play Popcorn.

Just trying to relax until I can sleep again.

WHen I am all alone and I think no one can hear me... I do The Chain with cheek thumps and table waps


Want me to make ocean noises?

Fleetwood Mac 'The Chain'?

Howdy, Luka!

good afternoon, luka

Now I have to pee.

You know it, I go especially hard at the bass ending.
...And thats when the fire nation attacked.

hi there

hi guro, she has a cute face and expression.

Want me to make baseball sounds?
And Heywood crushes one towards South America!

Scoot, I'm going to cry when I see Baby Groot on the screen. I just know it.

Having a nice day?


how's luka doing today?
yeah, I love her. her name is hikage
she's from a shitty fighting game lol


Just donT! Push! The! Button!


just an average day ._.

she the snake girl tho? :)
luka is just getting by... nothing special.
played games and watched youtubes, usual stuff.

~H.P Lovecraft.


You're lucky I was here. I'm good at baseball noises.

They're just!

Ah, yeah. Same here.

Wish Luka would leave.

I was impressed.

Like old people at the top of stairs, or children peering over the balcony?

Fuck it, I'm going forward with my Holla Forums DnD idea.

I'll mess around in some test threads and programs.

lol scanner

she's a cool snake
that's good, at least. better getting by than being down

at least logan was good.

you should find and post more of her :)
yeah, i could be worse off.

I'd be down for some drunk DnD shenanigans

I have a tiny folder of her, like 80 images
I just got lazy while I was making it and gave up lol

I actually just fought him again yesterday.

New drinking game

I decided to try it out since I was bored
I'm fucking shitfaced 12 mins in, gg 4 beers
Emma needs to try this shit out

Ehhh... seems effort though, gimme a month to prepare and Bronson up.

Just snagged Horizon Zero Dawn for like 35 bucks

good deal?

Rin plays it so it's probs garbo nigga

rin has pretty balanced taste in games

Mean! But yeah.

Yeah. I cried a little. OK, a lot.

horizon zero dawn is okay
it's pretty unique but you could probably compare it to like, farcry
mixed with monster hunter
or something

say no more

Am I a good poster? ;w;

Then after a hard day of being a bastard....tacos?

Yes, yes you are Scan-chan.

she fights people? how?

:c at least they made it to canada



with a big ole knife

If only I had the balls to buy this game and have it on my laptop.


Extra salty!

Yep yep. Overall, it was a pretty great movie. I wanna see it again.

So that's where you were Saturday night! I was worried.

Just how I like em!
Oh, btw, the coffee machine, its the best thing ever.
BEST coffee!
I need tea and chocolate now though.
Hows your Monday?

you should play that game, since you like her :)

i like when she was the driver

give attention


Did you espress yo'self? My Monday is more like Mehday.

That girl did a great job. I think it was smart to keep her silent for so long and just let her facial expressions and body language do the talking. There are grown actors who can't do that as well as she did.




she did all those flips and jumps and attacks herself

Where have you been lately Luuks?

ah the game isn't all that great sadly
it just has cute characters


I did! No more pleb tier for me!
only pro cappu and presso
MEHday, tell me why?! i dont like mehday

thank you all

kill me


We all getting in call?

discord is killing the thread

I didn't know that. Neat. Well, I think she's got a promising future if she pursues acting after this film.

We've had lots of technical issues at work today, including losing internet a lot. But I got to show my coworker the game you can play in Google Chrome when your internet has a booboo, so it wasn't a total loss.

Guys I have a crush on Sabrina


For many days?

Sabs, should I put together an X-23 folder? I have been debating myself about it.

like, atari?

tell her how you feel

Doodashoo to you too, Mr. Soda.

Go for it! Why not, ya know?

You play as a little T-rex and jump over cacti. It's really cute. I sometimes start Chrome on my phone with wi-fi turned off just so I can play it.

Oooooooooooooh, before t-rex went crazy with no internet and then got trapped by dick attenborough

True! Thanks you adorable nerd.

i want to play a fun game.

i was surprised that they included the toe claw thingy, and at how well it worked.

kinda.... :c

B-But what if she calls me a faggot? ;~;

Hows life going Sabs?


i fell asleep by accident and now I'm even more tired uguuuu



did u coma


By who?!

It's been ok besides some technical glitches. I'm about to head home. Still got work to do, but I'd rather do it there in comfy clothes! How about you?

They made a lot of good decisions. I liked that they kept the expository dialogue to a minimum and let us piece some things together ourselves.

I can't complain. Colby and I were talking about what a nice guy you are last night, btw. :3

Eddie Redmayne!!!

Did you read the new episode?

What about...

...Eddie Methodmayne?

This sounds like a fucking trap lmao
What are you two planning?

Oh shit I havent i forgot it's Monday

Depressed, I would assume? Or sick?
Either way, I hope you feel better.

I am alright enough, did not get a lot of sleep so work today was poop buuut it happens.
I hope them technical glitches stop getting in your way though!

Its cute as always.


Who the fuck orders a raw pig?

I forget how we got on the subject, but we were talking about friends who help us get out of our shell and have fun.

I'm about to pack up this laptop and head home, so hopefully the glitchies don't follow me. Wish me luck! ♥

I saw an RV that looked just like Jessie's last week. I wish I'd had time to take a picture. If you're ever in Tyler, TX, look for it!

c-can I have attention too?

I bet Sci would.


Wishing all the luck!

Just kidding. Here you go.

Good luck! also I think i will go to bed in a minute, too exhausted for this existence.
w-wish me nee nee on steam later nya? >.

What is this from? If you do not mind my random curiosity.

not really.
nothing at all happened though.

old school film style stuff
the camera shake isn't sfx, it was litterly the director shaking the camera manually for that effect.
and how wolverine managed to act like he was struggling through that, was that he had a rope tied to him as people off camera were holding him back to do the struggle effect during the seizure.
i can't imagine there was much of any cgi, at all.
Its called "The Crawling City". Its a pretty neat webcomic.

I-Is that me?
I just usually get everyone drunk

I'd pay real money for a aria doujin


It looks it. Thanks, Cherub!

In my defense, I have no excuse for not knowing.

I'm pretty sure you can commission it somewhere. You just need to find a good artist. Or maybe the publisher themself.

You're welcome Spoilers.

maybe depressed, im not sure.
your cute weis x ruby images made me smile and feel better

she looks pretty ♥

I had a feeling you'd say that.

Maybe if you got a job and actually weren't a lazy useless piece of shit you wouldn't be depressed

Just saying

Have more then!

Having yourself a good day?

Well it was okay today. Woke a little too late up but it could have been worse. And now I'm just a bit around here before bed which I'm gonna go to soon.

who is this nigga

That sucks but at least okay is better than bad, I guess silver linings. Hopefully you have a better rest then and wake up when you want to rather than late.


hi spoilers

Don't bully him.
no bully xD

post lot of her plz

daww~ so cute :)
ruby with long hair! :o


i wish u not bad health in the future


Lets hope. Anyway I think I better head off now so I get the right amount of hours.

A bit tired, but okay in the end. Sorry but I need to head off now. Have a nice evening.

I'll try.

i just gotta wait it out.


He is fat tho

I made it, and my interwebs are working!

Poor sleepy Scoot. ;__;

I feel like you bring a lot of positive energy wherever you go. It's neat.

They left a lot unsaid about Xavier's "incident", and it made it ten times as sad.

what animu is this

he's been through alot.



Awesome! Welcome home, nerd.

hmm? did something wrong happens?

maybe a time skip
or will the show even go long enough to see visible growth?

i dont know.


ok, nini

hope your night goes well love

so tired x.x