The Alt-Right and Irony

Is it just me or is the whole alt-right built on a sort of contradiction? Sam Hyde's 'Tim and Eric' style of post-ironic humor, and of course the Holla Forumsyps love of memes appears irreconcilable with the sort of political system they advocate.

How can irreverence and irony, a flair for satire and 'pushing people's buttons' so to say, be compatible with the goose-stepping, authority worshiping system of strict discipline they advocate? How can playful humor and deconstruction of political orthodoxy exist in a tightly controlled and regimented society? It's as if the alt-right can only exist under the orthodoxy of socially liberal and multicultural values. The implementation of the actual system they claim to want, political authoritarianism, thought policing, strict homogeneity, patriarchal gender roles, reverence and unquestioning obedience to authority, would in fact completely destroy their entire counter-culture. Do alt-rightists actually desire to live under such a system, or do they merely reflect the predominance of liberal cultural values?

Also, how should the Left react to this state of affairs? The state of culture and counter-culture right now appears bizarre, with authoritarians playing the role of the rebels while the libertine and sexually loose are in some sense the cultural orthodoxy in the west. What is our alternative to both?

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Sam Hyde is what happens when you embrace the death drive

they're post-ironic not ironic, you don't know what the difference is and its indicated by your own contradiction (cause you're projecting) in thinking they're ironic. There is nothing ironic about what they say or do, its merely somewhate joking. Merely somewhat derisive or self-aware, they believe wholeheartedly what they're saying. The ironic faggots are the weird twitter people and alt-left scum. They're actually ironic, narcissistic, nihilistic pieces of shit who are not compatible with any serious political movement of any kind. Sam Hyde isn't relevant anymore btw so this is kind of a non-issue as no one actually reads frog twitter

I really don't understand why Sam Hyde is considered a poster child for irony, most of the things he "jokes" about are things he just literally sincerely believes. It's not like he isn't a racist who hates SJWs, just because he says everything in a retarded voice doesn't mean he doesn't believe what he's saying.

You have to admit the alt right has some sexy octoroons like Brittany Venti.


i remember reading somewhere that fascism in general basically has this internal contradiction of sorts, since it relies on war for rejuvenation there's "inevitably" going to be a point where it conquers everything, at which point no more wars can be fought, or be defeated, in which case no more fascism for a while.

can you give me simple examples that an autist can understand

or verify my own brief assumption:
normality: i like football
irony: i pretend to like football because i'm very clearly not the kind of person who would like football
post-irony: i act like the kind of person who would pretend to like football because i'm clearly not that kind of person, but actually i really do enjoy football

is that right?

He's seems like one of those guys who would get upset if someone calls him a Nazi, although legitimately sympathizes with them.

Sam Hyde is the grown up version of the kid you went to elementary school with that used to say really edgy, or inappropriate shit for his age, then would follow it up with "What the heck is was just a joke, I was just joking!", when he's scolded for it. If you watch Sams early shit on YouTube you even see him displaying this behavior when he bothers his mother on camera, "Mom calm down Jeez it's just a joke!"

So TLDR ; Alt-Right = Man children

Because the former is the only way to get away with the latter.

I love that people have invented the phrase "post-ironic" to describe people who literally aren't being ironic, but are just too neurotic or insecure to just bluntly say what they mean without being performatively self-effacing while still managing to be condescending.

Sam Hyde was never funny and I genuinely think anyone who enjoys his shit should do the world a favor and just kill themselves.

Their "humor" and "irony" are just weapons to gain the sympathy of people. After years biting on a rock they've learned that going straight full on authoritarian no fun allowed doesn't work, so they changed tactics to what we see right now with their "humor". They know what they are doing is only possible on a socially liberal society but this doesn't really change anything, because they'll be happy to drop their humor and irony and become no fun allowed again as soon as they have the chance and being an entertaining clown isn't necessary anymore.

speculating about Sam Hyde's 'actual beliefs' is as pointless as speculating about the political beliefs of consumer brands or TV characters. There's nothing there, he might have been a human once, but all that was human in Hyde has been sucked into the cybertubes, what remains is an Nth order hyperreal simulacrum around a core of self loathing

the "just a joke" was actually the real joke because the whole set up was that the terrible things he said before that were not a joke at all

It's because the alt-right a fuckless dickless nerds who want to lash out at the world, but still have a reflective impulse to curl up and hide from their bullies. They don't stand up and own what they say, they have to hide behind a cartoon frog that has been a worn out meme for years now.

Normality: there are different races of people and if some people wish to keep to their own that's fine
Post Irony: I legitimately want to kill 6.5+ billion people because they are genetically dissimilar to me

I think its been made super clear what we're about.

I don't get how people don't get that the punch line is when Sam says "no i'm just kidding" or "no, but seriously" and then stares at the camera. I really don't get how people don't get that the joke is that we live in Clown World and all of the allusions and implicit statements are not just true but a huge reason for Clown World's existence. Its not ironic, its post-ironic. Its a joke examining itself as it says it and snickering at the truth behind it and how awful it is.

Sorry dude irony and post-irony can be pretty muddled to me so I used the terms interchangeably.

No, you always fall behind a veil of memes and whine about being called nazis and talk about freeze peach. You don't own up to shit.

His mom wasn't in on the joke in those vids? I thought his mom was part of the joke. Is his comedy really as simple as people in this thread make it out to be?

post irony btw is telling a sincere belief as if its like an inside joke that everyone is in on

normal = nazi in germany = HEIL HITLER
ironic = FYAD = 420 HITLER
post-ironic = alt-right = Esoteric Hitlerism is actually really good

Thanks for clearing that up for me, Naziposter.

And people complain that liberals are pretentious

Ironic humor is SA and weird twitter. Post-ironic is frog twitter/wyrd right and Sam Hyde and image boards in general

wow this board, man its so fucking bad

Yeah the guy using the Not Socialist flag is really scared about being called a nazi.
I think youre confusing what the alt-right actually is but I dont really care. Just btw I dont think free speech is a good thing to have in a society since as we've seen it only allows the promulgation of fun

I do a lot of research into historical and modern fascist movements - it's my undergrad thesis - and I think I can answer this to some degree. It's super fucking complicated, and I'm pretty fucked up rn, so take all of it with a grain of salt and if anyone's interested please ask a specific question to get me going.

It's really not a contradiction, at least historically. Rather, this is exactly the sort of thing that fascism is made of. Mussolini and Hitler's followers had the exact same "holy shit it's actually happening" feeling that modern-day fascists love, along with the same sense of humor.

Think about the fact that the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" was already 12 years out of date by the time the Nazis came to power. It had already been exposed as an absurd forgery to the entirety of Europe. That didn't matter to the Nazis, because they didn't care about facts or history at all; what they cared about was simply the feeling of "action". Same goes for the alleged racial element of intelligence, which has been shown to be logically impossible by every single biological anthropologist of the past fifty years. It doesn't matter to fascists, because they're not even trying to be consistent. This bleeds into their politics - it's not actually the *meaning* of the campaign, but rather the feeling of bringing down the entire political system that appeals to them. This takes on an ultra-nationalist, racist etc. element because the most appealing contrarianism is one of hate.

The source of this sense of humor is pretty complex, and involves a lot of economic and cultural problems - basically, it's the reply of the petite bourgeoisie to a sluggish economy, where they know they might well lose their class status. That insecurity leads to social alienation, both from each other and from the system at large. So what they try to do is construct a whole new system, one that abolishes the national system under the pretense of "restoring" it.

Post Irony is when you get to the point where even you yourself don't know if you are being 'serious' or ironic'

Oh, and there is only one solution - smash their heads into the fucking pavement.

he's a guy screaming against modernity using the defenses put up for it as the punchline. look at libshit comedy and compare. there is no sincerity at all in their content like there is in mde


Sam Hyde feels like someone who forgot how to be funny halfway through each of his jokes. It's precisely because he wants to force some sort of broader perspective into a work that doesn't need it.

Sam Hyde is our Celine


this is actually what most (even I) want. Struggle for some kind of belief even if it leads to failure.

Seems like they're just doing metamodernism to contrast with postmodernism.

Why not communism, then? If you want to struggle for some kind of belief and it doesn't matter what, surely it'd be nicer to free yourself from capitalist oppression that just putting people in death camps?

Read Sorel

The alt-right itself has various factions, but to be honest its contradictions is what make it a literal meme-tier ideology/ movement.

Though not everyone on the alt-right holds these views, but they're contradictions are like that of capitalism, and when they get exposed and fall out of favor they'll say """it was just a meme bro"""

comedy without meaning or purpose is worthless and honestly incredibly bourgeois. With there is no greater meaning to a joke besides look at the half nigger half kike acting super crazy then we should accept that the spectacle is our new god

They are doing post-modernism. It's performance art in the guise of a comedy routine.
Yeah you can say "user you don't get it", but if Sam Hyde is a comedian he knows he's fucking up the comedic timing badly.
If the point of fucking it up is to make people feel awkward, then mission accomplished.

Pomo being full garbage does not make insincere sincerity anything but obfuscatory garbage as well. Stop judging everything you do as "at least it's better than the libs hurr"

I'd take Eric Andre over Sam Hyde any day.

But that's what metamodernism is

agreed. If nihilist comedy is bourgeois then just let me have all those MoP right now.

I don't get how you don't find MDE and his phone videos funny. I don't understand how anyone doesn't find Sam Hyde funny. He's a faggot, but his work especially the NEET videos with his mom are borderline comedic genius.

I mean this is all just distracting from the fact that he's just not that funny dude. If my favorite comedians stopped making good jokes I wouldn't support them because "at least they have a message I agree with". That's exactly what stupid liberal echo-cham.bers are

Alt-right is a jewish project to control right wing side of politics. Why bother with analysing them.

Based juden

Because what is at real stake right now is what culture we will have in the future. I've spent enough time here to know that even though idpol is rejected here as a form of praxis the culture of fun certainly isnt.

Econ wise some form of communism is probably going to be what happens as machines and ai are used and the lack of needing a capital class becomes obvious. This is of course unless the 1% wins and we all truly become slaves for bored kikes

Genuinely interested, what do you mean by this? What are the worst and best-case scenarios?

There are only two possibilities.

1. The system collapses
2. The elite use the generation of vat grown humans as perfect sex slaves and slaves to fulfill their every wish and desire. Eventually the system collapses

Enforced culture is idpol. Why should anyone participate in this plan? Why would the average worker?

this, Eric Andre and Comedy Bang Bang are much better and I do think MDE is very funny but has gotten really up their own ass the last year or so


fascism for me is existential performance art. my brand atm is mishima + kierkegaard + d'annunzio + timothy mc veigh+ james franco in spring breakers+ sam hyde. every man creates his very own reality, hence, all moral principles are actually aesthetic principles. thats the power of True Will.

I reject your reality.

no OFFNC, i just dont find it very aesthetically appealing. the modern world is a sickening 'inspirational' buzzfeed video about tolerance, just an endless Hieronymus Bosch-like gay pride parade of ever fouler fun, a 'diverse' crowd of smug brooklyn ‘millennials’ scolding 'white guys' in an mtv web video production for all eternity.

im an existential nazi.

i am fully aware of the total absurdity of my own beliefs, yet this only motivates me. There’s beauty in embracing absurdity. all ideologies are equally absurd, anyways.

i might be deceiving myself when i feel the spirit of the nordic warrior flowing through my veins, when every fiber of my being burns with hatred for ZOG Occupied Government. but nonetheless, im 100% sure these feelings are way more real than anything you prozac popping, weed addled, hi-estrogen untermenschen will ever experience.

Hitler was a mere prefiguration of kalki, that is to say, the real deal. in the end, hitler was human, all too human, too merciful and restrained. the end of the kali yuga is nigh, kalki will come to finish the job. he will show no mercy. he will make the world pure again.

You don't care about facts or history, you care about shoehorning it into marxism.

Except that all the "deg.eneracy" you care about is rooted in capitalist society and the materialism it enforces in the culture. You guys always astound me by how little you're willing to fix the root causes of problems just so you can complain endlessly about the symptoms

no its not, fun is something that is a part of the species. Its an issue that we must work out with genetics and restructuring of values and practices.

make no namastake about it brotendo

lol i knew you fuckers were on here. I swear I saw some of your diction on here. maybe i'm shadow boxing but I could swear a few of them are on here sometimes

For people who love using the "human nature" argument you guys are awful at understanding how humans operate

You're all retarded. Change can only be exerted by the individual. External control is an illusion. You willingly make yourselves slaves to your delusions.

I studied anthropology. I really fucking liked it till I found how subverted it was with idpol. But the thing that got me was how stable cultures were back then.

Compared to the last couple centuries things have seemed to be accelerating. The French revolution is a great example of how adept humans have become at creating new culture. But its not like this isnt known. Propaganda is something everyone should read and anyone paying attention to tech companies and the modern media can see how much better theyve become at creating and spreading narratives.

With live becoming more and more online we've seen how weird crazy cultures have been created that would have been impossible otherwise. But eventually this freedom online is going to end. And as ai becomes more capable the ability for subversive cultures to grow will be destroyed.

It's like a horseshoe in a lot of ways with control of culture on the top by the ends and free flow of information allowing new cultures to emerge being in the middle.

Anyway I dont see any hope in a future where degenerac y is used as the means of control like I think it would be under most people's ideal societies from leftypol. nazbol are cool tho so theyll be my 2nd choice

Free will doesn't exist friendo

culture is a result of material conditions you stupid nigger, the stupid lib shit you sperg about after you finish with minecraft is a result of capitalism

Sam Hyde is a faggot but I kinda want to see him go on cumtown

Yup this is definitely Holla Forums completely ignorant of philosophy and genetics. Totally ignorant and unwilling to stop using other people's logic, because that's scary.

You are correct. You have no free will given you believe you have none.

The Culture series seems to me what an ideal society would be for most of the people here. It's also is degen.erate as hell.

That wasn't what I said you autist. How do you fail this hard at the first proposition?

I mean, I haven't uploaded my entire thesis about this, no. But I'm a cultural materialist for a whole host of other reasons, it's not "shoehorning" in any form.

Besides, should I have decided on Marxist analysis only through this one issue? I came to Marxism through various different routes, so of course I'm going to look at it in a Marxist way.

"Back then" when? The Romans had a lot of very complicated subcultures, some of which were dedicated to unusual sex acts, just like today. People don't fundamentally change, material conditions do.

And I agree with this, although maybe not quite in those words.

But fascism is very fundamentally ugly. It doesn't give you the antidote to "degeneracy" that you seek - have you seen "Salo"? That's pretty much the result of your purely-negative ideology.

The only thing that can produce a really vibrant culture, free of "degeneracy" and social ill, is the constant and ever-changing struggle against domination.

Life isn't a TV show. You're like the libs who compare everything in their life to harry potter. Cut that shit out



fuck me if im drunk posting on a tuesday

Wasting Nick Mullen on that mopey faggot for an hour or so is a fucking awful idea

I was talking on the time scale of tens of thousands of years with early hunter gatherers being the starting point. Material conditions only speaks to the complexity of a culture but not what its made of

sorry dude dont have any irl examples of a post scarcity culture to use as an example lol xD

It is shoehorning. The marxist model is taken as an a-priori and everything is related back to it.

This has nothing to do with "materialism", that's a just fancy word to give it some scientific cred, there is nothing materialist about compressing the entirety of humanity into a one-dimensional axiom of linear history.


The point is that predicting the structure of a post scarcity society is like the Ancient Greeks predicting our society. You're not going to come to any meaningful conclusions.

But what do you mean "what it's made of"? I hope I'm not being annoying with the questions, but I don't know what you mean.

Dude, I'm speaking to Holla Forums here, about 75% of people are Marxists. I don't intend on explaining the entire story of why I'm a historical materialist. That was just a little aside, in any case.

Into the one-dimensional axiom of material conditions? No, that's literally what materialism is.

Thread is proof the Left can't into humor


Nah, our shit's funnier than Hyde by a long shot

I liked his Ted talk and his guttaman routine.

But most of his stuff misses the mark for me, and even when he succeeds it's not consistently funny.
Sometimes I really want to like the guy, I am rooting for him, but he just can't get the timing right.
He kind of reminds me of Trump in a way, there is just some kind of awkwardness that keeps getting in the way.
Feels bad because I can definitely tell there is a lot of potential there that is going untapped.

It seems to me the issue is when people forget the delivery is more important than the message.
I think it would be better if he canned the 2deep4u shit and just made the jokes.

Hyde is a nat soc

he isn't a natsucc but he is a massive baby who can't do funny

…and also painfully unfunny for a while now

How? The thread is trying to find meaning behind something that should be self-evident. It's just out of touch.

Don't even care about Hyde. I mean in general.

Ok, so not a leftist and not funny. What's your point?

it was anarchists here that used that book series as a possible future so thats why I used it

thats usually the definition of what a culture is. My point is that in the beginning cultures were very static due to little mingling, then we saw them explode in number, and now I can only see in the future that complete control via AI is going to lead to culture becoming static once again

Right but I actually respect genetics and molecular biology and you don't and the rest of this board doesn't. The only people on here who do are the NazBols and An-Prims. The rest of you are retarded and totally in denial about bio-materialism and the heritability of intelligence. The best part is there's about a dozen users on twitter, who are well known, who are not only significantly more qualified and intelligent than most of the users on here are to talk about this, but they regularly post strong proof that intelligence is heritable and mostly genetic.

You have to go out of your way to not encounter convincing arguments for the heritability of intelligence or the utility of race. You literally have to try to not read opposing opinons. The incuriosity of Leftists is disturbing to me. Right wingers often go out of their way to read Marx and understand Zizek and learn Leftists history. Again there's a whole group of them on twitter who know all about Marx and the the difference between Leftists and Liberals and they'd make fools of anyone on here who thinks they know something about race not being real.

i do find hyde 'funny' at times, and anthropologically interesting more often than not, seems like a man torn apart by violent contradictions, you just know he's going to 'ironically' blow off his brains on livestream one of these days

counterpoint: your a fucking swaztika

If you take material conditions to mean "things that are", then every and any ideology or form of analysis is materialist. If anything, this linear view of history is idealist, since there is no material evidence for it.

Who are your funny comedians then?

sage isn't a downvote >>>/reddit/

when he autistically describes people's life backgrounds while making a mockery of them and staring at the camera and inflecting his voice in such a way that you can feel his disgust, its hilarious. When he dissects middling liberal bug people its hilarious. When he annihilates gamers and nerd culture and comic book faggots, its hilarious. All of it is hilarious. I don't get how you can't find him consistently funny. The KSTV, MDE, old videos, mom videos are all fucking hilarious. I think I just watched too much comedy central roasts and realized how bad most comedians are at their own craft.

Bill Burr I enjoy listening to.

This is how I've felt about him for years. His AS show was a huge cringey disappointment however and now I just hate him for being such a colossal disappointment.

Also MDE is just shitty PFFR.

Inner you voted for Bonald Trimpf, polturd.

Isn't Burr a Bernie-bro?

c'mon man

Bill Burr is funny for the 5 seconds that I need someone to be an ignorant "TELLS IT LIKE IT IS" scum bag and then I remember he literally has read 3 books and has a sub-100 autism level

The jail skit was pure kino

no, I did not vote. I am a committed anarchist, i will never participate in elections. I stayed home and got drunk and laughed at the whole thing. Though I did want HRC to lose and was smiling when Trump won


He is our guy

No, material conditions are social relations to production. I have no idea what you mean by calling them "things that are".

Why is a static culture better than a non-static one, if that's what you mean?

Besides, that's a *huge* definition. The problem that leads me to put "culture" in quotes isn't that people can't define it, it's that the definition is so vast that you also have to ask what people mean by it.


I don't care what he is. I said earlier the Left can't into humor. He has sets where he has no people laughing when he goes to left leaning audiences, and has people yelling at him for his lack of PC.

It's funny, I never once said anything about the right. Follow the chain of replies, you made this assumption yourself

thats actually all an act apparently since he married a gold digging sjw nigger for a wife who has proceeded to drag him over to her political beliefs

The first comment I replied to was about how the left can't do comedy. I thought when I asked for a counterexample it would be implied I meant someone on the right

I said the left can't into comedy, not the left can't do comedy. Jerry Seinfeld refuses to do college campuses anymore because the left rips him apart, and he voted Hillary I believe. I liked his stuff as well, but it's a little old fashioned nowadays.

Blind hatred is a terrible thing.

thats a standard definition for culture by any anthropologist. I think I liked Geertz's better but im too lazy to look. And no I'm not saying a static culture is gooder but that its the future I believe we're heading towards and I think some care should be put into thinking what kind of world we want ourselves and our children to live in.

There's nothing material about ownership, which is a social construct.

Lol what act? He's always been basically center-left lib, but the kind that worries about economics more than modern SJW shit

You would have been better off using him as your example

culture is all about symbols which is why oddly enough memes are so fucking powerful lol

Shit, I've never watched Sam Hyde until now - I like him. I wouldn't say he's funny so much as aesthetically interesting.

Well, the thing is - I'm a Jew myself, and I'm dating an Indian, and neither of us would like to be in death camps. Why is Nazism the world you want to live in?

Of course ownership is material. It's your relation to the means of production. I don't like to insult people on the internet, but come on - duh?

He's just being the typical lolbert who never evolves his criticism beyond "hurr gubmint bad"

Oh look, one of those people who thinks that the mere existence of genetics means he's better than niggers.

You asked who I liked. I'm not playing some silly game here, I'm telling you my preferences and my opinion which I said over and over again: the Left cannot into comedy.

And this is why the Left can't into comedy.


Nice false flag Holla Forumsyp.

so not the left

Stop being purposefully obtuse. Get a life.

Fuck off butthurt nerd

You delusional?

I don't buy this. Most of them didn't start as fascists and then use irony and humor as a plan. Most of them started as 4chan retards and then took le ebic red pilll. The real answer is that I don't think most of them haven't really thought about the contradiction. They're not scheming masterminds.

You fuck off, closet right winger.

How can a social construct be material?

oh look someone who doesn't understand nuance
no fuck yourself, I even admitted biological race isn't provable but race is practically real and should be treated like its practically real. Just like technically Newtonian physics is wrong but should basically be obeyed when doing low-sophistication mechanical operations. Stop being a fuck wit and trying to shame people. I don't hate blacks at all, I don't hate any group or race (except the Japanese)

Jesus, when will you faggots get off your high horse?
All you do is go on about how great and enlightened and superior you are compared to the rest of the world.
Get over yourself, you're not so special. Large part of why I never liked the alt-right faggots is because of this.

This whole thread is just you faggots acting pretentious to people who have heard it all a million times before.

… because it's your relation to the means of production. It's a social construct and a material phenomenon.

When did we even get to this, by the way? What did I ever say about ownership?

Prove that he isn't just taking the typical ancap line. They all think they're anti govt and will rise up too.

Learn to argue

Well if you truly believe in the 6 MILLION then I dont know why youre trying to have a conversation. But by chance did you never find it weird how Hitler didnt send troops to Israel to kill all the jews there as he had his armies in North Africa?

I just want a fucking white country for white people. Notice how Jews and Indians dont have to wish for a similar thing

Steps outside the safe space are serious business. You must understand this.

What kind of material does this consist of, carbon, bauxite, gold, copper?

I'm not the one who clearly got lost on the way to reddit. No, the left isn't idpol faggotry. Obfuscatory SJW liberal bullshit isn't leftist.

You are very stupid.

Dude, you realize that "materialism" in anthropology and political economy has nothing to do with "materialism" in philosophy, right? Or indeed "material sciences", like you somehow (and how, I simply can't imagine) seem to think.

"Materialism" means a theoretical interest in the production of socially useful goods. As such, the ownership of means of production is obviously a material phenomenon.

Spend more than five minutes here or any genuine leftist circles.

Not that poster, but what does "owning the means of production" even entail in our age of corporate shareholding and multinational businesses?

Marx developed and refined his politics in an age where the owner of a business was also the manager, but what relevance does it have in an age where ownership =/= management?

and this is why its a fucking joke ideology and no one should be a materialist because its a joke

I guess for some people it's really a big deal to listen to the opposition.
Meanwhile for us it's just another day on Holla Forums.

If I was incurious I sure as hell wouldn't be spending my time here.

The OP asked about the Left in general. Sorry but ID politics and the Left practically go hand in hand. There will never be a leftist candidate that gets past nomination in the US without playing the ID politics game, which is also why the Left can't into comedy. Also the "genuine leftist" circles or here don't matter, and are in fact the enemy of the modern Left.

I think you mean progressive. Progressives are leftist authoritarian.

I realize that, which I why find the term materialism unsuitable for something that has nothing to do with matter, and is only called that way to give it scientific cred.

You're creating a false alternative of either subscribing to your self-congratulatory worldview or rejecting genetics entirely.

You also apparently don't read actual genetic studies.

Yeah but this place is the spicy meme zone where you get to feel tough for being so close to the evil nazis yet don't get hurt. It's like those moms and dads who get close to the guys in MAGA hats at the anti-trump protests and talk shit because they realize they aren't going to get attacked back.

Are you literally a troll? I mean in the bridge sense.

Well, okay, but that use of the term "material" goes a long way back (literally to Old French, see "matériel"). I could call it "political economy" if that would suit you better.

I genuinely think you are dumber than the Nazi posting ITT.

Those evil Nazis allowed jews to emigrate to Israel with all their possessions the instant they took power too lol

Pro-corporate puppets with rainbow flags will never be left no matter how much they insist they are. There is no practical difference between the two parties in the US, and you need to seriously stop looking at politics through the lens of US parties if you want to be serious

"Progressives" are either edgy liberals or embarrassed socialists. Neither of which is whatever definition you just copied off some reddit thread you found meaningful

Sad truth. It's like "libertarian": a word that used to have actual meaning for radical changes in society that got co-opted by opportunist fucks.

Lol, yeah. It's cool that Hitler allowed people to immigrate to a state that didn't exist until three years after his death. He must have done it Vril magic.

lol are you trying to act tough?
We're right here on Holla Forums, we couldn't get closer to "le ebil nazis" if we tried.
Or do you think Holla Forums is the only board that people here browse?

No I do read genetics studies, intelligence is one of the most heritable multi-gene traits there are. Its more heritable than height and probably more heritable than attractiveness. Its also assortatively selected for in mating more often than height and even attractiveness. which creates a feedback-loop of course where the trait is concentrated among certain groups.
nah you guys have read like 3 and they're all from that same spam copy-pasta which is nonsensical. Genes are the source of most human behavior especially intelligence. Of all the traits, from criminality to mental health to height to athleticism intelligence is easily one of if not the most heritable. And the best part is that as you age into adulthood, the heritability goes up, the gene expression is more pronounced and the effect of envrionment more dulled over time. Its unassailable. Basically you believe this or you're anti-science. There's no way out of it. Bio-materialism consumes everything and demands total submission. You will either believe this or you will be mocked and ridiculed by modern geneticists. No one thinks stupid people will produce smart people, but they also don't think attractive people will produce ugly people (which is less true than stupid producing smart being unlikely, because intelligence is more heritable than attractiveness and height).

Totally untenable position to take. Race is practically real, and useful. biological race isn't real, obviously. Intelligence is hereditary and moreso in adulthood than in developmental period. Intelligence is probably the most heritable complex multi-gene trait. That's it.

Sorry Bio-materialism is true

I would really like you to elaborate on what do you think is wrong with that statement, because to me it seems self-evidently true.

(Under the axiom that the left-right divide is economic.)

Can you show me the studies you read?

"Progressives" are not left by any means.

Wait, what? What do you mean by this?

I already defined what "progressive" means currently here

This definition:
1. has no bearing on authoritarian tendencies one way or another
2. is too broad/vague to describe such a specific tendency as you imply in the first place

okay sure I should have said british occupied palestine lol



Why do so many leftists think psychoanalytic theory is real?

intelligence and its relationship with race and heritability should be a part of social organization, political discussions, the structure of our society and how we educate people. Everyone should learn about it and it should be in the open and used for everything. Just like the rest of science. That's what I mean by it.

I admit that historically they're soclibs at most, but the current generation seems to have become at least superficially radicalized.

It's a non-definition, then.

Because of Lacan

Why wouldn't they, when it basically argues that anyone who disagrees with Marxism is just a sexually-maladjusted weirdo with daddy issues?

It's an imprecise label, and it certainly doesn't carry the connotation you ascribed it

To be fair psychoanalytic therapy worked, in that the checks didn't bounce and therapists got to fuck their attractive female patients, but beyond that not really

its really just one of the jewish things I can imagine

because Leftism is predicated on an idealist notion "that all are equal ultimately" and they desperately want to be Idealists but can't because their economics is based around materialism. Unfortunately without being able to prove causality or show the actual mechanisms for Capitalism and other boogey-men the only way around this without admitting to being idealists is to just insert idealism disguised as materialism throughout the leftist ethos (communalism, nazbol's, socialism in one state, spooks, ego, collectives, worker culture, Lacan). This terrible cognitive dissonance drives many leftists into being nihlists or worse liberals

nice fanfiction bro

Just to be clear, I'm not the person you originally argued with, and I'm not claiming that "progressive" is a label for authoritarian leftists - rather, than progressives can be roughly classified as both authoritarian and left-wing.

psychoanalyyic therapy worked, but that doesn't provide any causal link. Patients could simply be benefiting from talking to someone about their problems, or simply their problems explained (even if that explanation is a construct fabricated by the therapist). Freud did succeed in describing certain behaviors i.e. some of the defense mechanisms. and I do give him credit for putting together some kind of system given what they had to work with at the time.

you guys don't have any causal mechanisms for tons of things, you just make shit up. material conditions is not proving causality, its just referring vaguely to shifts in modes of production. It says little to nothing about how capitalism literally forces people to do anything. Only Idealism can understand Capitalism. You don't get this and thus will never get out of the culture industry

female penis envy is real, the Oedipus complex is often real, the Libido is vaguely how he described it and in general the Ego and Super-ego are sort of how he described them. Super-ego is essential to understanding Capitalism's effect on the psyche

Fair enough, but I maintain that nothing about the term "progressive" connotes authoritarianism or particularly strong left-wing tendencies. I have yet to be presented with any reason why I should apparently believe "progressives" and "tankies" are supposed to be the same people


I meant what is your distinction between "race" and "biological race"?

progressives were the term used for anti slavery pro womens vote activists anti alcohol iirc theyre libs dude

Man, they really need to advance that CRISPR system enough so that we can give everyone the best genes already.

Why not? Mullen is basically leftist Sam Hyde

But I do believe all this (barring few unessential mistakes you've made).

What I and modern geneticists alike don't believe is that any of this means you're better than niggers.

Not him, but I have my own answer that I've thought of a lot and may as well put it into words. I can see that Nazism or at least far-right sentiments are a rising undercurrent in a lot of western countries, and I just have a feeling that in the next few decades or even sooner, we'll be seeing the birth of a new far-right movement that will take the world by storm. I'm undecided as to if it is a good or a bad thing, but I believe its gonna happen, which leads to two decisions:

1. I don't want to be on the losing side when (or if, I could be wrong) the pendulum finally swings. I know you're thinking, "if I'm wrong won't I be trouble as well?" Well the thing is, our current society, if it prevails, will probably just make fun of me and I spend the rest of my life as one of many who backed the losing side. I can deal with that. On the other hand, if the right wins and I joined the losers, I get lined up against a wall and shot.

2. I feel that this period of history will serve as a crucible where the other modern ideologies will be put to the test. I do agree with a lot of the viewpoints of various non-nazi political groups, but I figure the best way to test if they're really worth respecting is to give my all to the side trying to destroy them. If facism wins, then clearly my respect was unwarranted. If facism loses, then the only cultures that weather the storm will be the ones strong enough to guide humanity into the future, and that's also a good thing.

This is unrelated to my above post but I agree with this. I believe that there may be genetic and Autism Level differences between races, but since we have the ability to modify genes now its a moot point. Just fix all untermensch and make them ubermensch, problem solved.

Not that poster, but if you acknowledge that genetics has even partial impact on human behaviour, you open the pandora's box on what that means when certain genes are more prevalent in some groups than others.

And so "modern geneticists" are stuck with in this weird kabuki game where they admit that genes do influence human behaviour, but there are absolutely zero reasons to believe that some populations may have disproportionately high/low prevalence of certain genes

Oh you cheeky wordfilters

Irony in our culture is, I think, an escape from alienation. Everything is alienating, from our politics to advertising crammed into all of our entertainment.

Most of the pleasures of the first world are served to us from a poisoned chalice : the more that you examine them the more disgusted with them you are . The electronics that you are reading this on and that I am typing this on are most likely constructed from conflict minerals mined by African slaves. The data is transmitted across a network divvied up by colluding oligopolies and monitored by proto-dystopian surveillance.
Most of the electronics themselves were put together in a sweatshop worked by asian children. On some level most thinking people know all of this. Whenever I have pointed this out online the typical response that I get is "yeah we know, duh", as though I am somehow a fool for pointing out the skeletons in the foundation. Each and every vice available, from prescribed pills to vodka to cocaine is similarly endowed with a process that leaves bodies in the foundation, and similarly pointing this out makes you a square.

Our politics have reached the point where spectacle has killed public participation in discourse. Contemporary intellectuals like Hedges have warned of the exact scenario that has just played out, and liberalism in both it's conservative and social forms is currently being snuffed out. The best response that the masses can come up with is either an act of parody or so absurd that it may as well be parody. Strikes are called with no intention of collective bargaining. Protests are called with no clear or concise list of demands made. Genuine political strategies are vetoed in favor of publicity stunts. The most widely heralded political critics deal in their irony upfront, and their barbs are imitated poorly by a populace that does not comprehend how to mobilize effectively. The populace, while vaguely familiar with the lexicon of activism from history classes and news articles, has no idea how to utilize the tools of organized dissent in any meaningful fashion. To suggest organization is met with the same derision as pointing out the skeletons in the basement of the industries that produce our favorite vices.

The temptation to retreat to irony in the face of mounting irony is strong. You meet the irony with a deeper layer of irony and in doing so you and those others who "get it" feel that you are meting out to society what they have meted out to you in some small measure. Ironic posturing provides the illusion of control for the intellectual end of the populace that is waking up to the fact that control is no longer theirs. it is the poor substitute of what has been stolen away by public spectacle, mass functional illiteracy, and intellectually incestuous thinking within academia that has become so self-referential that it never takes a breath of air.

Irony is both a substitute and a balm of what we have been stripped of, and I believe in the case of Holla Forums, their form of irony has no ulterior goal, which becomes clear on how they retreat to it once confronted on their claims.

race, basically haplogroups combined with ethnic and historical terms that apply consistently. Then in turn looking at the genetics of these groups and putting together that some of them are predisposed genetically (not because of oppression) to certain behaviors

biological race are phylogenetic subspecies and they have never been proven in the last 60 years of genetic research. Never. Which is why I don't say biological race is real. I'm not fucking stupid

The word makes me shudder

I never said I was better than anyone. I said intelligence is heritable, highly heritable, that genetics has a profound effect on life outcomes and behaviors, moreso than environment (though obviously environment can have a strong effect on gene expression) and that race is existent enough (though not actually) that it is useful, especially for economics, education, sociology, psychology etc.

That's it. there is no "Turner Diaries" solution here. I just want people to be honest about genetics and race. Its fucking embarassing listening to liberals who think all blacks are baby geniuses waiting to happen and all people who are poor are victims. Tons and tons of poor people I've met are fucking retarded, have low intelligence levels going all the way back to their ancestors and are not being oppressed they're just fucking stupid. Most poor people are not like this, but lots of them are. And its important that genetics is aired out for everyone to see, so the Scientists don't all think one thing, while the public believes something totally contrary. Its weird and probably schizophrenic, that a geneticist is like, "yeah intelligence is incredibly heritable and so are most behaviors" and then for shitlibs to be like, "nope genes matter for disease, not positive traits like intelligence or impulse control or agreeableness"

Because "alt-Right" is as big a tent as fucking "Leftism".

Seriously the shit you posted is the equivalent of

Why's that?

sometimes I wonder if there are "the best genes" at all


the idea of autistic nerd bug-men deciding the future of the human gene-pool in gross laboratories and """""sterile"""" clinics makes me want to vomit up my dinner

If nerds were not nerds and labs were not labs I wouldn't have any aesthetic critiques other than it will eliminate bio-diversity and may cause an over production of uninteresting phenotypes

I have actual ethical, moral and technical issues with it. But, I said what I said because I imagine awful milquetoast nerds editing ugly stupid people to make them look like pseudo-Chad's with 120 autism levels.

The problem is, "reasons to believe" is all we've got. As long as there are no identified "certain genes" for intelligence to be compared between populations, as long as we're only measuring outcomes, which are majorly dependent on environmental factors (including such basic things like nutrition and, in intelligence's case, education and experience), making genetic comparisons between populations impossible. Not to mention scientifically unsound. So nobody's actually doing that.

It should also be perfectly obvious that our "racial realist" friends are one of the reasons why everyone is treading with caution. Evolutionary biologists in particular remember social Darwinists and don't want a repeat.

good post, Holla Forumsyps always fall to memes when the conversation takes a serious turn, they probably don't take half the shit they say seriously

You first, lad.


Why do you hate nerds so much? Do you realize how hypocritical that is to do while on 8chn?
And why wouldn't you want everyone to be intelligent, fit, and attractive?
And it should ultimately be up to the parents what kind of genetic changes they want. But if you were a parent wouldn't you want your child to have the best possible genetic traits so that they could have a better life?
So are you against irrelevant shiting as well then? hahahahaha

Actually forget I said anything, you said biological race isn't real.

goddamn world filter hahahahah

Why do marxists think they sound smart when they reduce everything to class?

Goddamnit this! This perfectly encapsulates how I feel about weird Twitter but couldn't articulate.

Leftist ideas come out of their mouths but there was always something that rubbed me the wrong way about. I guess they just seem too gleeful about it.

I'm not that type that thinks you can't have fun, after all comedy is based in some form of pain, but there was just something super irrating about weird left twitter.

Just because intelligence is """inherited""" doesn't mean it can't be explained by class.
If you isolate a group from good education, community opportunities, employment opportunities, or nutritious food, that group will deteriorate over time. Autism Level tests are also impossible to standardize so get the fuck out of here with that shit
For all the motherfuckers talking about biology I haven't heard a single person talk about Richard Lewinton so here:

word filter lol

post-irony was allready there before babies started using it.

they're not content creators, I think Dwayne and Dril are the only two I like. Dwayne is gone (@collatingbones) and Dril is irrelevant. They just rehash the worst parts of senseless retard absurdist humor. I feel like I'm on a bad acid trip stuck inside a shitty art movie when I read their TL's. I'm never laughing at cops breakdancing or pissing in mouths or dry-dick jokes or CoD jokes or whatever other faggot shit these idiots come up with ever again. It made me hate them, over time I realized how fucking rotten they all were. Fat, ugly, balding, depressed, obnoxious leeches, opportunistic bullies. Fuck them and their sub-culture, I hope they all get banned randomly by some weird twitter glitch and never get their accounts back.

oh ok, then so is Tim and Eric and so is Weird Twitter and so is most of our generations humor. Its just autistic sperging designed to make people laugh.

OR alternatively you're just stupid and have a bad sense of humor and get offended by Sam and MDE. Because their shit is fucking hilarious. MDE isn't all that funny, but the online content is almost always funny.

did you read my studies user-kun?

But that's like 60% of people here

Not the same brand of fat, ugly and depressed as weird twitter. Listen motherfucker, I've been following them for years since like fucking 2012. I've watched their gay sub-culture rise and dissipate slowly. They're complete fucking human slime. I like frogtwitter infinitely more, who are at least fit and somewhat interesting and certainly more intelligent

So what does weird twitter even post? ironic communist stuff? Is Sam Hyde a part of it? Please explain.

Its hard to explain. If you've never seen a dril tweet before I'm honestly happy for you. Its mind melting.

Basically absurdist, surreal, weird but mostly secular situations where some character does something absurd in a regular context that satirizes that type of person or character or trope often in a painfully self-aware way, where many layers of contradiciton, self-awareness and irony are applied. So you will have someone pretending to be a gamer talking like a brain-dead mountain dew and doritos kid. Or you'll have someone imitating a conservative, but from a very particular psychological perspective. Dad jokes, especially jokes hinting at the Father's impotence (0ften in reference to their own father's impotence). You'll have jokes about dude's begging for pussy. About vaping, they went nuts over vaping. About GamerGate (which is when I started to notice they were gang stalking people and stealing content and collaborating with journalists, including regarding other issues not just GG). They make tons of jokes about random SA memes and running jokes from SomethingAwful. They mostly nowadays make fun of Anime and Nazis and BlueLivesMatter people. Low hanging fruit almost always. Religion and the State are usually of no concern. Though they do talk about police brutality in an admittedly funny way and there are some famous dril tweets about it. The only accounts I remember are Bromethazine, Leyawn, Dwayne, Dril, CollatingBones and this one fucker who always used to post the cool gator emojis in these weird drunken Dionysian tweet sprees he'd go on.

The greatest account from that group is CollatingBones (retired now). He pretended to be a charicature of Homer Simpson, called Stoner Simpson. And over the course of like 3 months wrote out a script for a story arc about this scenario in the Simpsons. He also pretended to be a mother whose son died from gettting suffocated in a coat from the Burlington Coat Factory and harassed them so much they believed he was genuinely a grieving mother who'd been wronged by them and offered him support and contact with their legal reps. He pretended to be the kid of a WASP stock broker around Christmas in 2013 (which is to this day the hardest I've ever laughed at twitter) and he also pretended to be a rat and a few other things. That's the only person from that sphere whose incredibly intelligent and talented besides dril. The rest are fucking pieces of shit and repeat jokes ad nauseum.
no Sam was banned off twitter last month and is in a depressive spiral right now. He was a part of alt-right twitter and interacted with frog-twitter and the wyrd-right (who are the counter-parts of alt-left and weird twitter, which are """"leftist""")

there are a bunch of new accounts now who interact with Frogtwitter and are almost as funny as the OG weird twitter fags. But they're all unfunny to me now. I barely find anything funny anymore. I ruined my sense of humor by being obsessed with comedians and comedy shows and web comedy. I just hate all comedians now in general and want them to fuck off permanently.

What the fuck are you talking about? The alt-right doesn't understand irony. Their sense of humour is built on a post-ironic foundation: the whole 1488 thing and the helicopter memes are because they genuinely want ethnic cleansing and an ethnostate with brutal political repression but aren't able to express it outside of childish 'edgy' humour. It's not the ego recognising its own limits and acting on that principle, it's the unfiltered overgrown id demonstrating its stupidity.

Sounds a lot like The Authoritarian Personality.

I like how they snuck in the "racial element of intelligence" bit even though intelligence is genetic and heritable and definitely has a profound implication for race and ethnic groups

The book based almost entirely on baseless psychoanalytical conjecture instead of actual scientific analysis of the belief of """"""""""fascists"""""""""?

did you know most atheists have bad relationships with their fathers???????????

its true, i heard it on the internet

I believe the whole point of that is to express the desire for childish, edgy humor in order to make people comfortable with joking about it and basically normalize the idea before incrementally being more serious about it.

wow it took like 4 hours but /thread

there you go guys, its all about normalizing sadism and dehumanization of other people.

The Authoritarian Personality is almost literally

No one said the phrase "post-ironic" before at least 2009.

Idk fam, no offense but it just sounds like you don't like fun.

Yeah but does removing the taboo nature of a subject through joking about it constantly really mean that people will internalize those things?

Think about how the distribution of "red pills" started.
The retards just got engulfed into it.

Isn't it though? That's kind of the entire story of the alt-right in a nutshell. a handful of slightly older anons were able to convert a mass of 14-year-olds into becoming neo-nazis by constantly memeing about cool Hitler is and sending people to Stormfront.

The left had far more to do with pushing people to the right than Holla Forums memes or stromfront did.
Turns out when your movement completely loses it's mind and becomes the new generation of no-fun-allowed thought police, people move away from it.

But I think the only reason that those 14 year olds went to the alt right is because they wanted to rebel, look edgy and cool, and they found an easy way to rebel by saying "offensive" stuff.
Maybe the solution is to make socialism taboo, then the useful idiot edgy kids will want to support it to be edgy.

You mean you aren't doing that already?

You aren't entirely wrong, but to go from hating whiney moralistic Liberals to supporting literal fascism is a pretty huge leap, and clearly there's more at play here.

Definitely not. It isn't even a good strategy for the Right, all it does is draw in pathetic loners and angry teens, what we need is rehabilitation, things that don't scare normies, but that very distinctly reject idpol nonsense, things like Chapo, Jacobin mag, and DSA.

pls no bully crab

Why do Holla Forumsyps feel so persecuted? No one forced you to become an angry virgin who can't get laid, it's not like Feminists put a gun up to your head and forced you to LARP as a Nazi online.

Well they can choose to reexamine why they're angry, and realize that it's not worth being, I'd say that most virgins that can't get laid aren't that way due to any personal failings, and it's almost always due to mental illness, poor genetics, or neglect and/or abuse as a child.

Nice try Holla Forumsyp, pretending to be a retard and a leftist to make us look bad. Fuck off.

Yeah, that does describe Holla Forums pretty well.

Weak b8 m8 >>>Holla Forums

You guys ever stop for a moment and think about how sitting around in your safespaces and characterizing your political opponents as angry virgin manchildren for not believing as you do is self-indulgent and generally pathetic?
You can say "well Holla Forums does the same to us!" but two wrongs don't make a right.

I'm also a mentally ill 1 girl only in my entire life manchild though.
I live with my parents in my 20s, and I watch cartoons for children and play video games to try to stop the pain and the loneliness.
Don't worry, any stones I throw I've already used to bash my own skull in with first.

Well I don't doubt that, but it doesn't change the fact that every time I come here I get major cringe from seeing post after posting circlejerking about how awful the opposition is. Its incredibly juvenile and probably the least productive thing you can partake in.

Well I think in this instance we're not really saying how awful they are, more just trying to figure why they are the way that they are.

But they do.
Holla Forums talks about leftists losing their mind being a no-fun-allowed police.

Meanwhile when I'm online I spend most of my time here.
I don't care what reddit is complaining about or twitter is enforcing.
I never go to those places, why should I give two shits?

But here, where I am active, Holla Forums is constantly around to spoil a good time or derail a thread.
Is it hard to have a bit of foresight, look at how their own board is managed and worry about history repeating itself?

I don't think Holla Forums cares, but this is why we have a faction against identity politics in general.
I'm sick of this shit and I just want things to go back to how they were, before all this politics.
For the same reasons that Holla Forums likes to use Holla Forums as a place to complain about the left, I use Holla Forums to complain about them.

It's stupid but I guess even I want a place to let out my frustrations.

You HAVE to be an angry virgin manchildren to spout the bullshit Holla Forums spouts. It's not just the case of dissing opponents for not thinking like we do.

Irony IS alienation. Treating irony as anything other than the separation of the real from the symbolic, authentic from inauthentic dasein, truth from the procedure, etc. and the complete habitation of the symbolic/inauthentic dasein/procedure is extraordinarily dangerous. I really hate to use philosophical jargon but there's no other way to fully express it.

The emergence of irony in the rise of postmodernism was entirely reactionary. Upon recoiling at the pitfalls of language games, the weak receded into pure irony as a way to disengage with language games entirely, rather than confronting and trying to transform them. You don't have to worry about the untransferrability of truth when you speak no truth to begin with, no need to care about wrong understandings when you have no real original understanding to begin with. Irony is the perfect armor against any of the pain of authentic communication between two people, but in doing so, it transforms the reality being communicated into nothing but meaningless signals, a dumb little dance that conveys nothing and is never understood. The Spectacle thrives on irony, it doesn't want authenticity at all. Spectacular society prefers the symbol to the signified, and it quite naturally follows that irony, the false symbol of a real (but never existing) intention, thrives on the preference of the symbol.

There is no meta level of irony in which we can somehow find truth. It's a bottomless black abyss of fear and a complete lack of intentionality in which we can do nothing but proceed further and further away from truth. I'd write a lot more about this but tbh I'm way too tired and going to bed now. I'd really suggest a re-reading of Society of the Spectacle, especially the first two chapters though.

Not really, because it's true, and not because I'm strawmaning, but because it's all Holla Forumsyps ever talk about, and sexual pathology seems to be the main motivator of all your politics.

Do you though? You guys mostly just come on here and either repeat Fox News-tier conservative talking points or pull out the dusty old "le not real socialism XD XD" memes

By making assumptions and thinly veiled ad-hominem attacks.
C'mon, don't pretend that your use of psychoanalysis to disparage your political opposites is anything but masturbation.
Its also very confusing that you're using traits you yourself admit to having to figure out the way they are. If they're–by your admission–the same as you, how are you going to understand why their politics are different?

At the very least you recognize the futility of what you're doing and understand that its just venting. The problem arises when you really, truly believe the demonizing traits you assign your opponents out of frustration like this sad sap here
When you begin to believe that your opposites can only believe the way that they do because they are genetically and intellectually inferior, that is how you begin your march down the path of fascism. That is how you begin to believe donning a mask, wearing all black, and attacking people for being different than you isn't such a bad idea.


Alternatively you can use irony as match and a lake gasoline with both yourself and your opponent with in it and tell them "speak truthfully and in good faith or I will kill us both".
It's basically what you resort to when you have no other options. When you're dealing with progressives and other identity politics loving fucking idiots.
But yeah, besides that, best not to use irony all the time, except maybe to make a joke or two, or point things out.

if Holla Forums wasn't genetically and intellectually inferior they wouldn't cry all the time about jews brainwashing black people to live off of welfare and steal all the white women from them




seriously, you are getting pathetic

I should also point out that in at least two thirds of every thread that gets derailed by a Holla Forumsyp it always ends with the Holla Forumsyp degenerating into obsessively talking about black men's BBCs. I'm sorry if you feel like we're bullying you or whatever, but most of Holla Forumss politics seem to revolve around black men's cocks and the idea that they're constantly going in and out of all of your hypothetical non-gfs.

This is basically what I'm saying.
If you and your ideology is so great and so much better than the opposition's ideology, why are you sitting around jerking each other off over how much worse they are instead of formulating arguments that can't be debunked and advancing your ideology? Why do leftist protesters resort to violence and "shutting it down" instead of meeting their opponents on an intellectual battlefield and winning?
Sunlight is the best disinfectant after all, but your actions here and in the world at large make it seem like that works against you, not for you.

All this masturbatory shit-slinging and patting each other's backs isn't getting pathetic, it is pathetic.

The fuck are you talking about? The only time BBCs are mentioned on this board is when Holla Forums asks for the nth time "Why Holla Forums is so obsessed with big black cocks"

This board is so obsessed with Holla Forums it's reaching unhealthy levels

I'm sorry that you can't see what's wrong with your behavior and instead resort to taking petty jabs at what you think me and my politics are.
Keep doing what you're doing. I'm sure saying Holla Forums is a bunch of virgins will help you seize the means of production if you do it hard enough.

Nah fam, just afew days ago we had a thread where the Holla Forumsyp literally stated that he felt his white dick could never satisfy a woman, and that realizing this made him superior to us, because we're living a lie by not believing in race science. I was pretty good tbh.

It definitely seems to make you butthurt, so I'm definitely doing something right. :^)

Sounds legit.

Lel, Holla Forumss feels hurt. Here you go, back to the safe space >>>Holla Forums

Sounds like that Naziflag poster that whines incessantly about how everything is a conspiracy to keep him from a qt gf found a new gimmick

I don't think you can read people's emotions very well. I wish you luck in your struggle with autism.

Of course it sounds legit, it happens nearly every week.

This I think is caused by these idiotic memes about penis size varying between races, where there is really not that much of a difference.
Also, aren't only 30 percent of women capable of orgasm from vaginal sex alone? Also, I think sex for women is much more based on thoughts and their perception than on touch, so if she likes the IDEA of you, then she will orgasm more easily.
Although this is just what I've read, and I've only have experience with 1 girl.

Sorry user, I just didn't know it was so common for literal Nazis to come to Holla Forums and flatly admit being insecure about their small white dicks! What a fool I've been!

u mad tho?

They seem to believe any white person who doesn't believe in this "very real" difference in cock size will go through life oblivious, getting cucked at every corner.

Yeah, but trying telling that to Holla Forums, they just spurg out and get angry at anyone who says anything even vaguely constructive about their massive personality disorders.

None taken…
I do like to have fun, I have fun on here.
And I do think its important to use humor and comedy to promote leftism. Since capitalism premeates every facet of life there's so much leftism can speak to on it.

But there's still weird snobby clique mentality of weird twitter. Also you know how you can tell when someone who isn't hard is trying to talk hard, I get that feeling when I listen to say Chapo or read weird Twitter.

They say things like they care about proles but just something about they way they say it makes me still think they're just doing it for attention,

Because they suck at leftism. Materialism+Nominalism+Free Will>>>>>>>>>>>Idealism+Uniformism+Mysticism.

benis ;:::DDDDDDD?


You take this all too seriously. These are mostly kids who want to complain about some stupid shit on the internet and feel smart. When they are serious these faggots don cardboard suits and swing foam batons at each other, kick trash cans or screech into a camera in public like fucking retards. They can't even kill people in self defense, much less go out of their way to do it.

Everyone on this site is full of shit.

This tbqh

This world is in desperate need of more post-irony. There's no better way of dealing with thought police and "normal responsible citizens"

Now you sound like a liberal

I'm not sure I grasp the first paragraph but the rest rings true to me.

I used to love irony, but I guess it wasn't the same weird Twitter irony. It was more like a way to say really biting things I wanted to say to the other party without it getting reflexively rejected.

The the irony on weird Twitter is more like you describe. One layer of irony nested into another with nothing profound under it all.

And the stupid amounts of energy you have to put in to "get" the joke

I love comedy but comedy comes from pain, and you have to have reverence for the pain you getting your comedy from, it's like everything is a goddamn joke to weird twitter

All of his jokes ooze with violent malcontent.

I think the clearest example is the "Jews Rock" video. It's clear in the way the song is perposely composed they don't think Jews rock.

But there's no subltelty to it, it kind of insulting. I know the alt right thinks it's to cleverly obsucated because they always act all surprised when I point it out

somebody fell for the "marketplace of ideas" meme

Hmm your right maybe they arent goose stepping whatjamicallits.

Im not sure what an octoroon is but shes got dem massive bangers boi…

I wish Holla Forums could have girls on here. Ones that didnt start out as male I mean.

Why must every thread involving Holla Forums morons degenerate into intelligence and blacks?

You guys need to stop letting them bring the ball into their courts, stay on topic.


that's just pure empiricism, can't argue with the facts

how is that better than going to a priest to talk to`? The priest isn't going to fill your head with non-sense and charge you a couple of grand for it

M8 you lost in dialectics somewhere around the last paragraph


Materialism is a theory - therefore an idea, a self-refuting idea at that, but it's still better than anything ze germans came up with

This is a joke, right?

and want to slowly genocide the white race and enslave the resultant mulatto horde, but whatevs, lol

A bunch of japanophile weebs who can't get laid and jack off to anime worship ultra-masculinity they can never attain and claim they love western civilization while they hate liberalism, enlightenment ideals, live by no Christian values and think they are patriot nationalists who love their own people, but at the same time worship radical individuality and they have no problem with children in their own country starving to death or people dying from preventable illness if it means they don't have to pay taxes, all of this, built on a "sort of contradiction"?


while they hate liberalism,
enlightenment ideals,
live by no Christian values
and think they are patriot nationalists who love their own people,
but at the same time worship radical individuality
and they have no problem with children in their own country starving to death or people dying from preventable illness if it means they don't have to pay taxes

I got 3/9, do the quiz yourself and see how much of a Holla Forumsyp you are.

1-3: You are okay, kind of autistic, but you can be redeemed if you read bookchin
3-6: You probably fantasize about killing all the jews and "lesser" races, consider committing to the sudoku
6-9: You are the living reincarnation of hitler. God speed you crazy rascal.

Is this why disaffected socdems are meme'd into proto-fascists?
(That's basically my response to Trump winning and my only remaining political ideology, respectively: Reformism doesn't work so all that matters is destroying the status quo to verify humanity isn't actually powerless, or something, even if we're only using our poers for bad…)

One thing I would suggest is a sort of inherent pessimism. Communism promises nice things, so you intuitively ask "what's the catch? are you going to betray me like reformism did?" whereas Nazi is much more of a zero sum game. "I don't believe it, it's nonsense, but wouldn't it be amazing just to actually make something happen?"

Now, I mean, I'm not actually a fascist. I spend most of my time mulling over reformist ideas even though I know they don't work, but I can see how that sort of thing might be lurking just under the skin. I can't promise that if a successful fascist movement got going, I wouldn't embrace it tacitly or something because jailing some of the bankers based on race is preferable to jailing none of them… (Actually the real problem is the structure of the banking system and Jesus himself would've wound up doing something naughty if he worked in a bank, but that's not the point.)

but that's the entire purpose of this board, this is as far as their activism will ever go

I don't get what's happening here, people are paying to play videos and songs to her while she's playing? this is on twitch?

we are mocking the system we are trying to change. it worked for you guys, so why not?

stopped here

With the advent of these newer technologies, Fascism is bound to lose or at least become irrelevant. By the time those decades you're talking about roll around, shit will be different beyond our comprehension.

And your reasons for possibly choosing Fascism are cowardly, Pascal's Wager-tier.

This is the best run down of weird Twitter I've ever read.

I'll have to find the WASP kid thread. Yeah there's some bright spots to weird Twitter, nothing in life is 100 % shit, but over all it attracts the most narcissistic lupenproles from across the US

I take it back. Right-wingers can do comedy.

The Nazis had a pact with the Zionists:

Really makes you think about that Hitler guy

If you have to explain a joke it's not funny.

If you need a chart I don't even know what to say.

The pact was so they could deport jews in Germany to a containment zone (Madagascar was proposed, but then they decided on Israel). What should Hitler have done instead, gas them all?

Irony means never having to be sincere, which is very useful if your political stance is fundamentally indefensible. As long as you are not called on to act out your statement or to defend it coherently, an ironic statement means both what it claims and something opposite equally.

"Free helicopter rides" means you both get to engage in the power fantasy of throwing your opponents to their death, and also mocking them for having a kind of bogeyman vision of you actually holding that opinion. I think it is most poignantly expressed in the "joke" that goes "the holocaust didn't happen but I wish it did".

I mean, lets look at what the holocaust essentially was: the sons of German factory workers rounding up and killing in large numbers Eastern European Jewish laborers and farmers under the guise that these poor sods were somehow undermining their nation and race. A far cry from the nazi propaganda of removing the perfidious Jew that was infiltrating bourgeois society, leeching off it, and establishing themselves as wealthy cosmopolitans that manipulate that society for their own end. The contrast between this image and the actual reality of the holocaust is a most horrific kind of absurdity, and indefensible to anyone with even a shred of humanity left in them. Of course you can't come out and say, this is what I want. If you are straight-thinking, you cannot even want it.

So to the rescue comes irony: now you can both peddle the same old infiltrator/parasite/manipulator schlock, now with a SJW/Mexican/black/feminist face in stead of a Jewish one, yet shield yourself from the actual consequences your thinking leads to. It's just a prank bro!

Same goes for left-leaning irony, by the way. Only here, it functions to cover for idpol, advocating infantile antifa violence, and assorted left-liberal maladies. Thanks to irony, you can both take a shit on the white working class, and also pretend not to be a divisive idpol libshit. You can gleefully share gifs of RS getting punched in the face, and get all worked up when your favorite antifa waifu gets doxed. We're waging a battle for real in the streets, except not really, it has to be consequence free somehow.

Nothing is sincere anymore, nobody really takes a stand and defends their statements to any kind of logical conclusion. And it has poisoned all discourse.

It's why I namefag. I know it is stupid. But I do it, in part so I don't fall into the irony trap. Used to be I posted user, and most of it was ironic shitposts - I'm weak like that, can't handle the power of anonymity. Now whatever stupid shit I say will have my mark on it, so I can get called out on it, and I'll have to defend it, which makes me want to post sincerely.