What can be done to radicalize the American South?

What barriers do leftists residing in the South face in pushing for socialist movements?

What can be taken advantage of in the contemporary political climate?

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By de-contextualizing it.

*By de-contextualizing leftism.

Hundreds of years of classcuckory on the part of reactionary white guys going all the way back to the beginning of chattel slavery in the South

Get football players to openly advocate for socialism.

southerners aren't stupid. They recognize they're being fucked but they don't know how or why.
Groups like redneck revolt are a good starting point.

Lots of cheap light-beer, and a reality TV show where people shoot things, and drink and drive at dangerously high speeds, while fat psychopaths cheer them on.

unironically this

It would be easier to kill them than to radicalize them tbh.

Drop your spooked prejudices, these people will actually fight if given the correct circumstances

being loudly pro-gun couldn't hurt to get some of them (then again the white ones are generally pro-gun until blacks and mexicans get 'em). but of course it's more a matter of whether or not they radicalize themselves.

Yes we are. Fuck off and don't fetishize us. We have absolute shit education and our social organizations are still saddled with organized religion. The South needs to either be conquered and liberated by socialism from the outside or have a secular reform movement first. If you don't live here it's not as easy to see, but one of the chief exploiters (not in the Marxist sense) is churches. Yes everyone knows they're getting fucked but they believe they can fix or at least help this by giving money to rich megachurches and TV pastors. And when it doesn't help they will rationalize it, thinking that they didn't give enough or God had more important things to do, or whatever. These people are beaten about as far down as you can be religiously. You have to fix that before you can fix their politics.

The culture of guns, beer, trucks, etc. is all fine though and would come in handy in a revolution.

I wasn't being ironic either, user.

its northern Appalachia, they literally seceded from the confederacy

Show'em this video: youtube.com/watch?v=pufqZHMG9Oc

not again

He may be liberal but none the less it shows how white supremacy has is origins in class.

FYI when you call systemic racism favoring whites "white supremacy" non-leftists will immediately stop taking you seriously because they think "white supremacy" means "literal nazi". This is a word we need to take back same way we need to take back socialism from "government doing things."

Tex user here. Living in the American south my whole life among the disaffected (trailer trash) down here, I can tell you that hate for the ruling elite is strong among us. Most of the poor like anywhere else don't vote (good start) or think that their voice is even heard. But to be completely honest there is a sense of bootstrapism here that is pervasive. People still cling toπŸ€πŸ€πŸ€ the American dreamπŸ€πŸ€πŸ€β€¦ Even when they've never seen anyone achieve it. Perhaps if we can remove that spook.

Also racism.

When the left finally gives up the infantile notions of egalitarianism and equality, then they might be able to appeal to people beyond mongrels and college students.

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I'm a leftist myself. We just need to realize that "fascists" have much more revolutionary potential than fags and liberals. Just saying.

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Literally go back to reddit. I'm actually a Marxist Leninist, thank you. But do keep going on about how I'm literally Hitler.

He said you were Nazbol, not a nazi. Learn the difference, newfag.

People sometimes forget that we, in the south, have our little metropolises and whatnot, too. Something that unites people - particularly the young, both rural and urban - is just the basic problem of getting decent work. A lot of people of all races and spanning the lower and "middle" class are stuck, I think. And I think there are more than a few in the cities who are frustrated with the status quo - the way the police and local government operate, the complacency of snootsters, whathaveyou.



Our rural areas also tend to see major drug problems among the unemployed and under-employed. Our cities see major drug and mental health problems among the homeless, who are pushed around by the city as they continue to push for higher property values so fewer and fewer born within the city limits will ever be able to afford to live there on their own.

Middle class Texas user here. I personally think the upper class is a bunch of sadistic, parasitic, drunken filth. They are the bums that don't do work and fuel the drug wars. It is complete cuckoldry that the middle class asipre to become like this. It boils my blood that they aspire to be the boot rather than hating the the concept of hierarchy and domination.

I think we need to agitate the negatives of the upper class and bring into question why they would want to become sadistic drunks. We need to attack their classist attitudes ("Get a damn job" or "Don't end up being a 35 year old waiter like that guy"). Proceed to draw their attention to the sorority girl that has never been behind the a register, all the while mamarita is making tortillas. Whenever they accuse the poor of being drug addicts, lets not forget that the rich kids have been binge drinkers since they were 13.

You know, I regularly go for walks in downtown Dallas. I've been all around, and there are two interesting things I've noticed:

It really activates my almonds to see all this empty shit as I travel. All these historic buildings, empty. The new ones are for lease. Apartments have people standing outside with signs advertising a free month's of rent for signing up. It's really depressing, to be honest.

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I'm neither, Nazbols are a meme. I'm a Marxist Leninist. I'd just like the left to return to its roots and stop this incessant obsession with equality, which is revisionism at its peak.

yo stop wearing the "I don't read" label like it's something to be proud of.

kek. Isn't it true that in some of those states it's illegal for a couple to have anal sex with each other?
Good luck trying to radicalize that!

those were struck down years ago

Marxists actually have an astonishing amount of in depth literature, which is a far cry removed from the grade school level of intellect that Anarchist and liberal literature possesses. Read The Foundations of Leninism

This isn't something limited to just the South. All of rural America is in a state of utter despair. Their way of life is dying with no hope of recovery.

I remember a special day going downtown in Atlanta one morning, going and being a noble amongst the people of the city proper. Mist in the air, I come out of the station and it's a weekend and everything is closed. Crows crowing, I start walking. Guy jumps out of a massive hole in the wall of an abandoned building across the street, lands on his feet - only second floor or so. I keep on walking and another guy starts talking about how he's leaving the city for Savannah as soon as he has the funds - this city is too snobby, he says. Red-headed guy. Starts swinging a pen a little too close for comfort, talking about his self-defense technique should cops or someone else sneak up on him when he's sleeping. Walk on.

The people I was going to meet aren't there yet. Next half hour is surreal, and the block is almost empty.

Nearer to where I live, there's a bar where they've occasionally mistaken me for a homeless person myself and either kicked me out with haste or refused (or tried to refuse) me entry. Once for admitting I was just popping in to warm up for a minute (it was a very cold night), and a couple other times for just not looking quite right. Other bars have increasingly resorted to covers in the past few years.


just tell them that they can have anal without being arrested.

Don't forget that the capitalists are the ones who are encouraging illegal immigration, and that the bourgeois federal government is taking away states rights.

A lot of people are unhappy with both of the major political parties at the moment, I think working to set us apart from the neoliberals is important since they're usually what Americans think of as "the left".
It would probably be a good idea to avoid overtly socialist-sounding terminology at least initially, since a lot of people are still spooked about that sort of thing thanks to the cold war. Just look at how the number of people in the US who support "medicare for all" is significantly higher than people who support "socialized healthcare" despite being the same thing.

We still have "aggravated sodomy" on our books here, which is just kind of confusing, and I think "sodomy" charges that remain on the books are still sometimes used as a character attack even though they can't legally convict someone of *just* sodomy.

I'm not talking marxists. I'm talking MLs.
read marx

Social issue bs has nothing to do with radicalizing a population. If Lenin can radicalize the reactionary illiterate peasentry/workers in Russia we can radicalize the south. The left frankly just needs to shut the fuck up about homos and trannies, we should never throw them under the bus but maybe not make that shit such a central part of our identity

Secession would be pretty cool tbh.

We need to build Medieval Model villages with high walls and moats, so no one gets in or out without permission. A king will tell everyone what to do and when to do it, and the people will be happy. The rest of us will live normal lives like we always have, but people who don't like it will qualify for residency in the Medieval Kingdom. It will be kind of like a Disneyland. A lot of music and really cool gardens to grow the food, which is what everyone will do all day. They can have TV, but they won't be allowed to see what we are doing, so they won't be traumatized.

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MLs are Marxists

Same as in the rest as America. Cold war propaganda.

MLs are Nazbol


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a red and gold version of the stars and bars

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It's dumb as fuck but literally your only shot at success


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Their obsession with small government, their love of private property, their fixation on the reactionary past, their general support for any neocon who talks about god.

Have you ever heard the words "Libertaire, Egalitaire, Fraternitaire"?

what don't they share in common?

Just a reminder that in every southern state, Bernie won the primary with white men and lost with women and every racial minority.

You made and will continue to make Christians an enemy force. It's about as simple as that.

You can't be a Christian and a capitalist, only one or the other. If you're fighting the communists, then guess what?

this, tho theres a lot of overlap Appalachia and the South are distinct regions. Appalachia used to be far more leftist but unfortunately has recently been heavily influenced by the racism and classcuckery of the lowland South, to the point that West Virginians literally dont even know they werent part of the confederacy. Even fucking PA Appalachians fly confederate flags and see no contradiction.

But theres still more history and potential in the mountains than in the lowlands imo. But the Black Belt has its own kind of revolutionary potential, and places like the Mississippi Delta should be major targets for leftist recruiting.


stop being so autistically prune with muh Marx, and start using a Christian rethoric

The Left really needs better marketing/outreach.

To an extent I'm not sure if it's possible. Lived in the south for almost 2 decades and it seems like a large portion of people were just raised to be reactionary assholes. There's an entire permafrost of of xenophobia, a seething hatred of all things "liberal" that makes up the very fiber of their being. They will shoot themselves in the face if they think they can spite someone and blame the damages on the government and hippies. Around here people love the fact that those Turkish thugs beat up peaceful protesters on our own soil, despite constanly bitching about muslim violence. They have no convictions or values or "spooks" about anything other than bringing down others to their own miserable level.

so something like this.

Proofs? Where is da proofs :DDD

Sponsor a NASCAR driver

Yes, and do you know why the French Revolution was a failure? It was based off of a ridiculous level of liberalism.

That's sad tbh. Marxism isn't apologia for capitalism and the current division of labor but it also isn't the ultra egalitarian everyone-gets-the-same-pay-and-haircut that reactionary writers have spent more then a century strawmanning it to be. Marx and Engels were completely clear that calls for equality pass into the realm of complete absurdity when they are divorced from a program of class and system abolition.

Lenin was quite persuasive on the point that equal rights can only ever be freedom for inequality among individuals. That's why he considered "bourgeois right" to be both necessary and an evil that would have to be combatted in the struggle to reach a higher stage of socialism.

as a southerner, yes southerners are stupid as fuck. It's not our fault, it's because of the material conditions forced onto us, but it's true.

fuck we are already behind

Sorry for the wall of text.

I live in Louisiana, and as a kid, I moved between the New Orleans suburbs on the weekdays and the boonies just south of the Mississippi border on the weekends.

The urban-rural cultural divide is a surprisingly stark contrast. People in cities don't understand the people in rural areas, and people in rural areas don't understand the people in cities. A few examples:

Rural people see gun control laws gaining popularity in cities ("liberal" strongholds), where the logic is that maybe street violence could be curbed somewhat if high-caliber or automatic weapons are banned. But in the country, the police might be 30 - 45 minutes away from you. And if you are attacked by a person or a wild animal and your gun has been taken away, you could be dead before the police even get close (obviously not all guns are being taken away, but Fox News does a number on people). This scares people, and they will vote for the person offering to protect gun laws.

In cities and suburbs, taxes get you nice things like public transit, parks, museums, etc. Infrastructure is replaced fairly often (like bad roads). People in rural areas don't get nice public services. All they get is like a post office like 10 miles away if they're lucky. Since they don't see any benefit of taxes, they will vote for the person offering to cut taxes.

Living in a city, there are tons of places to meet people and socialize. Clubs, parks, malls, colleges; the list goes on. In the rural areas, you socialize at school and church. And after you graduate from school, it's just church. Church is very important to people in rural areas because compared to city folk, rural people are socially starved, and church is one of a few places people can get their fix. And since church just so happens to be an institution to literally spread propaganda, people pick up that religion and stand by it. They will vote for somebody who defends religious liberty and ideals.

Rural areas have been devastated as factories go overseas. Yeah, the rust belt along the great lakes may have been hit worst by this, but it's a problem in the south too. While abandoned textile factories rust, people have to pick up work at the few retail stores that exist in town. Comparatively, people in cities and suburbs have (relatively) plenty of businesses to choose to work for. Coal mining and oil production are some of the last bastions of middle class employment for rural areas, and they are going out with the rise in green technologies and passage of environmental protection laws. With the hope that less taxes and laws will increase employment opportunities, they will vote for the person who promises to create jobs and deregulate corporations.

I could probably go on, but this is already a wall of text and you get the idea. I don't know for sure, but the urban-rural cultural divide on the east coast or in the mid-west is probably just as bad. It's just the south has a particular boner for conservatism, probably because of the whole Confederacy thing.