At What Point Does Being Opposed To Idpol Turn Into Idpol In And Of Itself?

Is there really a 🍀🍀🍀multicultural plot🍀🍀🍀 to use black men to breed out the white race with white women or is it that when you gaze into idpol for too long idpol gazes back at you?

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This is an example of idpol vs idpol, it's not a rejection or opposition of idpol at all. The real dichotomy is between universalism and particularism. Both Holla Forums and SJWs can be found at the particularist end of the spectrum.

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Just when I thought you couldnt get anymore autistic…

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Sounds like a troll tbh.

Hi, I'm Bernie Sanders. I killed Rosa Luxemburg.

Then what's with all them upvotes?

Reddit is a strange place.

Yeah, duh, feminists ain't all in on a global conspiracy to literally cuck the white man, but obviously some loons think there's something to it.

Don't worry about it, I've read even dumbed things on reddit. Just avoid these subreddits tbh there is nothing to learn there.

Why would any ideology advocate for low Autism Level people to reproduce EVEN MORE? Africa is already pumping out chillenz like fucking crazy.

people enjoy reading made up stories about SJWs, just like SJWs like reading made up stories of evil white people opressing them


Scary to think these people vote based on these issues…

nice wordfilter. I suppose this means Holla Forums has it's mind set on the racial intelligence question.

we've read about it too many times when polyps would come and raid our board

You were supposed to take a right to get to Holla Forums, not a left.

Maybe it's not novel, but that doesn't make it an invalid theory.

genetics and psychometry isn't inherently left or right.

regardless of your place on the spectrum your ideology should recognize a scientific theory with even more convincing evidence than that of man-made climate change.

Check this out: "Degeneracy".

If it says "fun", that means the mods got tired of degen-aracy being spammed by Holla Forumstards too.

mate…reddit is a very weird. When i made trolling posts which i though it would receive a ton of downvotes, i got a lot of upvotes. When i posted my actual opinions i would be downvoted to oblivion.

There are dozens of autistic racebait threads a week. The pictures and graphs are exactly the same. The refutations are exactly the same. The mudslinging is exactly the same. Not only is it not a novel discussion but also entirely fruitless.

But what the fuck does that even mean. That you can't address a scientific concept that would have implications for literally any form of government and explains the contentious of wealth stratification that is ostensibly due to "racism".


show me the refutations

No shit. I've read NAMBLA-tier comments on Ancap subreddits that got more upvotes than ones asking how roads are built in Ancapistan.

At no point, dear OP. I'm glad I could answer that difficult question for you.

Also, something you need to think about:

Kill yourself, maybe?

You ain't by any chance the author of that Reddit post, right?

humor me, fam. Last time I read refutations of the racial disparity and heredity of intelligence half of the "refutations" where applied surgical nihilism and essentially could be used to annul the entire body of work in the soft-sciences and the others where from the 70s and since proven wrong.

It's the gamurgay subreddit, they went full idpol a long time ago and it's surprising that they're still around given that shit's been dead for 2 years now. Autism works in mysterious ways I guess.

Anarcho-Capitalism is just an attempt to justify fucking children. It makes a lot more sense to view it like that than as a genuine ideology.

It's not anuddah shoah if white women don't wanna fuck you, but you thinking it is is idpol.

Ethno displacement with mass migrations is literally defined as genocide by the UN um sweetie try again

kek the nazi fag deleted his own post


really more of a warning than a gotcha

LOL They're learning.

The people who are anti-idpol are the most idpol you can get because they base their identity in political ideology, as opposed to someone who bases it in race.

Point is immigration happens on a global scale, not just in North America and Europe, but if you hand round on Holla Forums long enough you'll start to think the whole Third World's pouring into Europe.

So you agree? OK.

Not really. I said there's no plot to destroy the white race.

There is.

Honestly it wouldn't at all surprise me.
The average "Leftist"-Liberal identity shitter here in the West will, at some point in your association with them, go on about their "utopian" future with no white people left.
Some of them will say everyone will be mixed, cafe-colored and/or indistinguishable but every time it's made pretty clear that the important bit is that no more white people will exist.
That's why I fully support the Chinese total animosity towards so-called baizou (a term that should trigger the fuck out of leftypol types) for that reason.

There is no "white race". There is only caucasian race.

Anybody hear bout that male feminist who killed his girlfriend live on stream after taking shrooms? Word is he was fed up with living a polyamorous lifestyle with his shared girlfriend…




I mean there are legitimately people who think "all we have to do to end racism is to end race, once everyone is a mutt everything will be hunky-dory" but that usually takes the form of like, subsidies for families with mixed race children not Literal Rape Camps.

All caucasians have the same skull features. Wheather from Germany, France, Algeria, Qatar, Armenia…
There is no such thing as "white race"

Race isn't only bone deep.

why are you using windows phone comrade?

There is only one race, the HUMAN race

I'm on the go. Work and that…

There is only one race that matters, the rat race.

UN definition of genocide:
physical destruction in whole or in part
; imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group; [and]
forcibly transferring children of the group to another group."

You're fucking delusional none of that is happening. And if you think that an increase in minority populations is the same as killing of white people then you're a goddamn snowflake.

What an old meme…

This. These Holla Forumscucks get so triggered by the sight of people a shade or two darker than them that they feel like their very existence is an assault on them.

The people who want to castrate all men etc (and I've encountered some of them irl) is about relevant in the feminist scene as people who believe in the jews are to conservatism, or the people who defend china as socialist are to leftism. They're loud, visible but ultimately irrelevant.

Let's just skip to the part of the conversation where you tell me you disagree with whatever I would post and call me a cuck. Or you could have searched the catalog and found the last version of the conversation to take place on this forum.

So what is the white race then? Bear in mind that people in european countries have been mixing for fucking ages. How come there's people in Germany that have blonde hair and others have dark hair?

Your head is buried in the sand the kalergi plan is being actualized

European Christendom

Well then, is Arab/black genocide real?

Arabs accepting others Arabs is not displaying Arabs stop being a silly goose.

Where are the European countries on the chart user?

Are you a burger?


Lebanon excepting so many refuges destroyed it. Look at what it was a while ago vs. now.

Can't you get the same with better quality?

Lebanon was destroyed alright…by this fuckers:

for me the issue is not ethnic pride, just that white people are being replaced by low intelligence, low agency browns and blacks in a very dysgenic manner

Race isn't only bone deep.

And the refuges destroyed any chance of it getting rebuilt

TBF it's also basically neo-feudalism, where the people, them, get to be dictators or their private property, which isn't things like their house, but more like a factory, and then all the contradictions therein.

Wow look at all those non white non European ethnicities.

That's nice.

I just want a taste. Tell me your theory about why race doesn't real or how genetics are irrelevant.

This can help:

American education is that bad huh?

The point of that post still stands without specifying those ethinicities


Oh I'm sure the political deadlock between the christians and muslim sects had nothing to do with it, dumbass.

Abdul and Mutumbo will consume us like a swarm of locusts and before they do I hope to torture every last one of you deeply triggering and problematic cucks to death…

Intelligence may correlate with race, but that's because race correlates with wealth due to historical reasons- people with better education, nutrition, and overall quality of life tend to be smarter than people who get stuffed full of high fructose corn syrup by the big agriculture industry and have to drop out of high school just to help their parents pay the bills. There are absolutely MASSIVE disparities in intelligence within the same ethnic groups because of this- in states in the US where most blacks live in ghettos and whites live in suburbs there's a pretty big difference but in states where just about everyone is dirt poor their intelligence levels are the same. Hell, over in Bongland black kids are actually outperforming white boys in school now.
Here's a few previous threads on the subject if you're interested

Mass migration is because western oligarchs keep funding terrorists and other far-right factions in the middle east and bombing the shit out of the whole region, and Porky encourages it because it means cheaper labor and new people to load up with debt. Haven't you noticed how right-wing politicians absolutely fucking LOVE war profiteering, while leftists are the ones shouting "no war but class war"? It doesn't matter if some of you oppose war if you bootlicking cucks keep supporting the guys who cause it.

kek, god bless those word filters

Mass migrations are happening because the Jewish deeply triggering and problematic Trotskyist owners of the EU don't want to sink the boats they come on in. They want revenge for the Holocaust and to make greater israel a reality.

Stop being such an SJW

So I just watched half of a video of a faggot in makeup debunk an ancient form of racial taxonomy that I'm not invested in.

Where does he talk about the heritability of intelligence, the predictive power of "eye queue" tests and the discrepancies between let's say "clinal" or geographic natives.

How did a internet movement go from "video game journalists are cancer" to "muh white race is dying" so fast?

The thought of mass immigration being fucking inevitable at all is ridiculous.

Look at the fucking Saudi or Jordan, or fucking Mexico, see how they handle "immigration".

Triggered Lebanese detected.

Try it you american cunt. Or are you waiting for your president to send a drone to kill me?
Here in my country the party with retards like you only got 1,5% of votes. You would be squashed easily.
American faggots will all be killed for the cultureless barbarians they are.
So yes, do like your pal Lauren Southern, and come pay me a visit here in my small irrelevant european country.
You would finally see what real leftists are like, because in your country there's only faggot LARPers.

And pray tell, which country do you hail from?

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Where do you live cucklet? Tell me.

Autistic burgers think "fellow europeans" is a thing that anyone in europe would adhere to. You guys are hated worldwide for a reason, including amongst your "fellow whites" who feel no camaraderie to you. And for good reason, who the fuck would ever like you fatasses?

if only we had known in the 40's that to stop the nazis all we have to do is ship two niggas to germany

SES and race effect intelligence

Which country are you from?

Irrelevant. Every country is better than yours.

So much for the open borders left.

Own up to what you say, faggot.

The thing with yurop countries is that while they have hardcore antifa, they also have hardcore fascists.

Race, so broadly defined as black or white, does not very well explain intelligence.

I'll respond as I go through these.
The Flynn effect is generally explained as:
1) A derivative of superior nutrition.
2) A derivative of modern media and technology that allows people to practice visualizing, say, abstract objects in rotation(something you might see on an intelligence test).

Neither of these theories explain why African American intelligence is so low despite having access to more than enough food and modern media, tvs. phones, etc.

It's worth noting that when people talk about the Flynn effect and nutrition they're referring to having enough to eat so that you aren't stunted, not being able to shop at Whole Foods instead of Walmart, you fucking bourgie.

I'm not a leftist. I'm just tired of fucking lardass clapistanis acting like they belong with Eurpoeans.

Flynn effect is debunked.

More African Americans live in food deserts, and there's a not insignificant difference in things like lead levels from differential enforcement and regulation on housing from a few decades ago. Seemingly small things like that build up.

But how can they have food when millions of them starve to death every year?

Lol no it hasn't. Make your arguments, don't just repeat a claim and hope others take you at your word. If you have an assertion to make, make it and back it up

FLYN EFFECT has been irrelevant since the 70s I'm not going to spoon feed you

That is for a later video. Of course allot of eye dueue isn't as hereditary as you'd think. See also:

Still doesn't explain why white british test scores are going down, and why Ibo africans outsmart all other ethnicities

Even supposing you're right, who gives a fuck if there are a few more brown looking kids? This doesn't effect you or me really

Institutionalized anti whi.te racism


off yourself

1)it does
2)some of us have bred and want to leave behind a white world for our children

CAPITALIZATION and indignation is not an argument, snowflake

It's true

SJWs like you deserve nothing but mockery


Your race is your uniform in the coming wars one day you will learn

Whi.te genocide is real


checks out

People think I'm italian or ahfgani all the time, I'm actually chicano.

I have a hard time believing this and I'm too drunk to read that long ass article. Can we pick this up tomorrow morning?

no bully

Weak troll


I specifically requested the opposite of this

Top kek, this is why everything goes to shit for the working class under right-wing government- you clowns just blame everything on ridiculous scapegoats instead of actually analyzing issues. Are you just going to ignore the 90+% of Porkies who *aren't* Jewish and are just as happy to fuck you over? Even Merkel is a conservative for fuck's sake. You sound no different from the SJWs who treat men like some sort of hivemind and rant about "patriarchy".
If you want to stop mass migration then you need to stop supporting the guys who are reducing their countries to rubble.

No we just have to purge the anti wh.ite kikes from the government and sink the boats.

So I guess that's a "yes" about ignoring the fact that most Porkies AREN'T Jewish and that pretty much all wealthy right-wingers are only interested in seizing greater wealth and power at the expense of the people. Just look at Japan- they're pretty much monoethnic yet they suffer the same socioeconomic issues as the west while the wealthiest few grow even richer, by your logic the declining population over there must be some sort of "Japanese genocide".
So you're not only fine with destroying the homes of innocents just so big oil and the military industrial complex can line their pockets, but you want to murder them as they try to flee?

Ey ese, what hood u from?

please stop posting, or if you are going to post please remove your name and flag. You aren't special and none of the original members of this board were into idpol. Please learn the culture or fuck off back to reddit

Japanese aren't welcoming refugees because they're not controlled by anti Japanese kikes.

It's slow, insecure and made by Microshaft, makers of Wangblows 10 and Xbox "Telescreen" One. Try one of these, or at least Firefox. I'd recommend broswing >>>Holla Forums too for browser addons and further decucking of your computer. I can try to help too but my skill and knowledge are much less than theirs.

East 72nd St. Claire, straight up

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Thanks, mate. I'm only using explorer cuz I'm on mobile and a Windows one at that. Protectionist cunts at Microsoft made it impossible for you to switch browsers cuz literally every single one of them is better than this piece of antiquated shit.

Actually I agree with the core concept and certain very specific implementations of eugenics, but almost all of Holla Forums's ideas are really fucking stupid. You can't see that it's all going to be irrelevant within a hundred years anyway. Humanity (and our machine creations) will ultimately take control of our own biology.


A thread died for this. Take a trip to Uncle Joe's Winter Funland.

Wow, all of those signs are stupid.

The moment you start to believe in class essentialism and start your own brand of autistic screeching

When Capital hungry, muh Ethnostate have no choice but STFU.

stop posting this map everywhere, it makes you seem retarded.


Every time.

biodeterminism is pseudo-science for con artists an sociopaths who have no clue how into having a self

and it's babby-tier reactionary apologism
"Don't think, react" Your magical superior genes will save white race from genocide

Hey I'm back, ya'll
here's your sources, retard.
The latter three images come from the college board.
The first comes from:
Lynn, R., & Vanhanen, T. (2012). Intelligence: A unifying construct for the social sciences. Ulster Institute for Social Research.

Aussies confirmed for not white

That's a think tank which happens to be run by Lynn, R., & Vanhanen, T.

Come on, fam.
The SPLC puts anybody who looks crossly at someone of darker complexion on their stupid fucking hate list.

You can't wield the SPLC to debunk race research when their intended purpose is to suppress it. And the personal views of the researchers should be irrelevant.

There are still subgroups of those races. To claim the Afar, Tigrayans, Southern Arabs, Tauregs are completely the same as Portuguese, French, Poles and Finns is nonsense.

Although it sounds cringy I think some if the old school racial classifications had some interesting points.

feels bad cunt

user, can I ask you this: How is this any different or more scientific than Tumblrites who say there's a few dozen genders?

Ok my critiques are as follows:
1) This study focuses on those African migrants who came through the proper channels. It's well established that that is a form of self-selection. Ergo the sample is non-random. That they regress less could be a derivative of:
a)their specific population may have had a higher mean(specific intelligent tribes.
b)they interbreed in a eugenic fashion due to the population produced by the selective migration.
2)That the Igbo tribe seems to have higher I Qs that other Africans doesn't really disprove anything regarding the heritability of I Q and racial differences. It seemingly reaffirms it.


Let's use the Nguni for example.

The Nguni are a cultural and linguistic branch of the larger Bantu people who in turn are a part of the larger Niger/Congo lingusitic and cultural group.

Through out hundreds of years of migration, conquest, adaption and isolation seperate development both in genes and culture has occured. In this we see differances form. The Swahili, The Nguni, the Igbo, the Tswana, the Luba, etc have all diverged. While they are all a part of the larger Negroid race and Niger/Congo linguistic family they are separates peoples geographically, linguistically, religiously, economically, militarily, genetically, and culturally.

To compare that to there being more than male/female doesn't really make sense.


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