Why were the poor significantly more dignified in the past than now?

Why were the poor significantly more dignified in the past than now?

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They weren't. It was just harder to get a camera.

Immiseration. Next.


The sexual revolution

It's not just the poor. Upper classes have become a lot less dignified too. It's the consequence of capitalism spreading anomy. All social norms and morals from the pre-capitalist era must slowly die out to give way to the atomized individual whose relationships with others will all be commercial.

The Jews promote fun and destroy Christian values however they can with their control of mass media.

What's so wrong with that?

they we're poorer back then though

Blacks are more successful now than any other point in human history, this is a true testament to liberal identity politics being used to bring people up, who where always kept down, and the effectiveness of compassionate capitalism, as well ethical consumption. Kind of makes you reconsider horseshoe theory, when both the communists, and nazis have done literally jack shit for people of color. Just my two cents…

Thank you for your service to the vulnerable, and giving a voice to the voiceless. I'll be making a donation to the Democratic Party as soon as possible.

PS: Gr8 b8, m8.

Immiseration isn't all about how much money an individual or group of people make. If people are somewhat better off on average but it takes a lot more money to live what society considers a decent life then things haven't really changed much. If workers make more money on average but are more exploited then ever due to the rise in productivity then they become immiserated as the intensity of work picks up. Growing alienation alluded to by can cause a growth in drug use, alcoholism, prostitution etc. and increase immiseration.

The effects of immiseration on present American society in even the black community are blatant enough that any capitalist economist can detect it. The federal minimum wage is lower now in real terms then it was in 1950 and the black community has been saddled with a youth unemployment rate going on decades now that has consistently been around 30-50% creating a veritable lumpen subculture that has infected the rest of mainstream society.

Even in the Depression wage rates were relatively similar to what the lowest paid workers make today, our poverty line was formulated using Depression-era standards as a baseline. The difference between now and then is that real wages were rising then and they are falling/stagnant now. That is a sign of not just relative immiseration but absolute immiseration as well.

back in the good old days you got a nice teenage wife

Then why were people a lot more conservative in the much more brutally capitalist 19th century?

they weren't they were just better-dressed

Worthless chart since it encompasses the teen pregnancy of married women which used to be fairly common (in the US the median age of marriage was 20.8 in 1970 so teen marriages were half of marriages and people would pop out kids right away then).

Capitalism was very young in the 19th century and was radically progressive in comparison to the thousand years of feudalism that preceded it. In that sense, society was by no means conservative relative to what the material conditions and social attitudes that preceded them were.

Even in the Anglo-nations that had the most extensively developed capitalist economies that had been around the longest capitalism was still quite youthful, novel, dynamic, with quite a bit of ground for development to spare. As capitalism began to decay and its faults became more obvious to all, the standards of what is radical and what is "conservative" began to change. Anti-capitalism became an essential part of leftism and populist economic reformism an essential part of the center.

I don't think you perceive the main thrust of that poster's argument. In the 19th century entrenched pre-capitalist ways of seeing the world and of acting were everywhere and capitalism itself was very young, though brutal it was. In the 21st century, in the advanced capitalist countries the legacy of pre-capitalist ways of life have decayed to a point of incoherence and irrelevance that their hardly relevant to an ordinary person's life. No person alive in the West has known what its like to live in a pre-capitalist society, nor are they likely to have any living relatives with memory of pre-capitalist times and ways of doing things. The never ending cultural and technical change associated with capitalism is their only reference point, they've never experienced anything else.

Can confirm. I grew up surrounded by porkies in one of the wealthiest towns in one of the wealthiest US states, and can say most of the kids I knew growing up got into all sorts of shit (i.e. smokin' 'erb, drinking vodka, poppin' pills, driving their parents' BMWs while under the influence, getting knocked up before graduating high school). They knew mommy and daddy's money would bail them out of whatever situation they got themselves into so they didn't give two shits about getting into trouble or fucking themselves up. Oh, and nearly all of these kids were white.

he's right.

he got worldfiltered, can't remember what worldfilters to fun tho but it's probably some stupid shit.

Next question.

Another thing I've noticed is more and more people muddling up words and metaphors, even supposedly intelligent people. I think it's something in the food or water or maybe too much technology etc that's making people worse in terms of speech

it's photography and television.

back then, when a writer wrote a book, he used to have to describe the look of things. that's because you were likely to not have seen the thing. but now, everything in the history of ever has been photographed and filmed. If my book has a chapter in Paris, I don't need to awe you with descriptions of champs elysees and the tower because you would just find them boring. you know the tour eiffel, you can google the champs elysees. you don't give a shit, you just want me to move on to what's supposed to happen.

at the same time though, how are you not subscribing to a cliche? what time was it when people didn't "muddle up words"? Evolution of language literally comes from people fucking up common expressions, including the intelligentsia.

Welfare, stupidity and liberalism ghettoised them, which is why the prison have a lot of black people in it.