Political compass thread

Post your political compass.

I used to be -2 , -7 a couple of months ago.

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almost true neutral

What flag would suit my result?

that's not how it works


Lawful Good —– XXXXXXXXXXX (11)
Lawful Neutral – XXXXXXXXXXXXXX (14)
Lawful Evil —– XXXXXXXXX (9)
Neutral Evil —- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (17)

Law & Chaos:
Law —– XXX (3)
Neutral - XXXXXXXXXXX (11)

Good & Evil:
Good —- XXXXXXXX (8)
Neutral - XXXXXXXXXXX (11)
Evil —- XXXXXX (6)

Dwarf —- XXXXXXXX (8)
Elf —— XXXXXXXXXX (10)
Gnome —- XXXXXXXXXX (10)
Halfling - XXXXXXXXXXXXXX (14)
Half-Elf - XXXXXXXX (8)
Half-Orc - XX (2)

Barbarian - XXXXXXXX (8)
Bard —— XXXXXXXX (8)
Cleric —- XX (2)
Druid —– XXXXXXXXXXXX (12)
Fighter — XXXXXXXXXX (10)
Monk —— XXXXXXXXXX (10)
Ranger —- XXXXXXXXXXXX (12)
Rogue —– XXXX (4)
Sorcerer – XXXXXXXXXXXXXX (14)

The test is really biased toward Neutral wizards.




jesus christ


I'm not into d&d, so I don't care.

To be honest I think the D&D alignment test says more about people than the political compass.

Like, it asks "In this situation, what would you do" rather than your opinions on things. It has more substance in the real world. The biggest problem is good/evil means people might be biased and try to reach for one or the other.


Get on my level

What is the matter, friend?

I do personally find it irritating that I get placed upon the far left of most of these tests.
Just because someone is opposed to capitalism does not make them a Socialist.

How can ideology be spatial?


It can't be. It's people trying to understand something difficult by applying a very bad metaphor. Humans and primates in general are good with parsing spatial information so plotting things on a spectrum is very instinctively appealing. Kind of like how trying to eat wiggling worms is very instinctively appealing to fish.

I generally agree with anarchism the most but I'm an absolute opportunist, so long as the ideology stands a chance of destroying capitalism and giving power to working people. Where do I fit?


Link to the second test?




this makes no fucking sense

Here's mine.


what make you say that? and no I'm not a libtard

I did get 0% liberalism score

Link to this test?


What's the second test my fellow nazi friend?

Vote 1. It's a app for phone

Sorry but i don't strictly follow one ideology and /or label myself with said ideology, i just take tenets that i like from one ideology and combine it with tenets that i also like in other ideologies.

I lost mine but i was almost dead centre red square


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your political views are bad, OP


I'm MLM so it makes sense I'd say

From a while ago. Too lazy to retake it.


this won't make me popular here

Forgot I had these two as well.



Most everything in that green square beyond X= -1 and Y = -1 is unobtainable. Reading Hoppe's Ethics of Liberty isn't going to change the impossibilities of going far into the green square.

Everything in that box is contradictory and unobtainable.




Where did you find that ideology one?

Vote 1 app on Google Play



kamerad, i…

nothing I didn't already know.


Kill yourself.

OP here, I'll take a second take on a non-meme test, also meme tests.


National Butthurtism

This test leaves me confused. I see the limitations of democratic socialism and anarcho-communism, even if I am sympathetic to them. Revolution is hard with the state and even harder without one. Everybody knows shit is fucked and I believe what we truly need during these dark times, is an international movement which benefits all the working class. Yet I see no way out from the system until it breaks down completely. I guess I am having some kind of fucking crisis here. Can any of you comrades give me any further reading? Yes, I did read Bookchin, what a pile of shit.

If your post is about you wondering why you're in the green even though you believe in a state, dictatorship of the proletariat, etc. do keep in mind that if you're on the left and you have more than 3 on the Social axis you're either memeing or literally retarded.

Pre-capitalist societies don't real, people will literally sit around doing nothing if not coerced, whatever value dictates is relevant to a movement dedicated to abolishing the value form, and trade is the only way to allocate and move goods. Thanks for the wisdom.


Any links to other political tests?

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Fuck Marxist-Leninists

That's what happens under capitalism, sweetie. The regime redistributes the output towards the top. Methinks your philosophy is literally phlogiston-level of understanding the economy.
Q1: And landlords are paid the actual value of the contribution of the landlords, huh? A contribution that somehow doesn't depend on the landlord even existing.

Q2: What does "actual value" mean if according to marginal productivity itself, the contribution is highly situational, that is, the same bunch of people have different individual marginal contributions based on order of hiring them?

Q3: How do you measure of individual contribution in a way that is independent of the income-distribution-dependent aspects of the demand pattern?

Q4: Suppose there is regulation of a particular wage in a particular field while the bosses still have freedom in how many to hire and fire. If workers obtain a different wage by reaching such a collective pay-level agreement than by individual ones, why is the individual agreement the "true" or "natural" one and the collective agreement the "false" or "artificial" one? Because it is higher?

So whats my diagnosis?

You've got a bad case of engaging in "never been tried" arguments.

But muh catalonia

Change the word "communism" for "socialism" and we are all good.

No toothbrush will remain as personal property!


A good improvement

Here's mine, r8

fuck me sideways


I'm mainly just getting sick of people's shit. Yet strongly disagree with actions of Antifa and a lot of the time see them drag themselves down to the same level as those who they're fighting against.

What's my verdict? Anarchocommunist?