Joke: Hitler did nothing wrong

Joke: Hitler did nothing wrong
Broke: Stalin did nothing wrong
Woke: Pol Pot did nothing wrong

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a thread died for this

pol pot died for this

Pol Pot = Kalki avatar

man i hope i don't have to invade anything today…

this is as funny as Holla Forumsyps thinking they can rehabilitate shitler

Bespoke: They were all part of the same secret college of woke depopulation cultists

this is v important, people must know the truth about esoteric Buddhism

That college's name? NAZBOL GANG, BABY!

Capitalist apologists will point to Cambodia as an example of the evils of Communism despite the fact that Pol Pot was financed by the CIA, universally condemned by nearly all international communists (with the short-lived and very lukewarm exception of Deng's China), overthrown by Communist Vietnam, and then supported by the USA as the legitimate administration for decades after while what's left of the Khmer Rouge was in hiding.

There is no justice in the world.

Plus the fact that they literally renounced communism and started calling themselves liberals.

Get out nazbol, someone else is already ineffectually shilling their shitty ideology in this thread.



Pol Pot was unironically a hero.

Every single time I see some classcuck whining about higher taxes, or how Labour wrecks the economy and Tories fix it, or how communism only works on paper, I just stop and I think: Fucking hell. There was a time and a place when a chucklefuck like you would've been beaten to death with the back-end of a rifle. fucking hell it didn't have to be like this.

I know you're supposed to hate the system instead of the individuals, but Pol Pot is the ultimate in catharsis. Many have tried to get rid of classcuckery, but he was the real deal.

kampuchea ain't free. The land fields must be littered with the blood of khmer rouge faggots. Pol "Nerd Crusher" Pot is not my comrade. He is a CIA plant and probably a Maoist as well. Vietnam and Soviet Union, not China and USA ok. praise Lenin

fuck off

Why isn't the 3rd image using a bust?



This literally does nothing to exonerate Pol Pot and instead just provides context for how such a brutal ideology and ruling class managed to even gain power in the first place.

Calling genocide a "revolutionary excess" doesn't mean it wasn't genocide.