Slavoj Zizek Talks With Channel 4 About Jeremy Corbyn, Brexit, Fake News And More!

A video of the interview was uploaded to YouTube barely an hour ago too:

I thought Holla Forums would wanna see this…

dis gon b gud


Love Zizek

Poeticc af

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As though Zizek can sleep while constantly snorting coke.

Does he really have a coke habit though?

really dog?

Neurotic tics =/= coke habit

Forgive me, I'm a newfag who merely stumbled upon Holla Forums after The Fyre Festival meme saga.


I used to hate Zizek for being a provocative clown but now I realize he's right about many things. That disgusting lisp is almost unbearable though

Do NOT do this. YouTube cancer is the last thing we want here.

*Deletes "Stalin did nothing wrong" comment*

Does anybody actually know why he sounds like that? Is his tongue too big for his mouth or did he injure himself somehow?

At this point I think he's just exaggerating it to cause more shock

he's got a tick

I remember reading this in a Discworld book from like 1995, just saying.

delete your account

What the hell is going on over there? Another guy already tried accusing someone of saying "not true Communism" with the most obnoxious diagram I've seen in a while.

Not an account, retard.


Having watched it, I have to admit that this wasn't one of his best interviews. Maybe I'm too hopeful about Labor, but I think he misstepped a few times.

And then he mentioned he has heart problems ._.

Forgot picture


Why is so assmad about localism though? I've seen him bash it so many times but never actually give a proper reason as to why.

because localism cannot solve many of the problems he lists.

Because it's retarded kneejerk thinking, and an easy getout by politicians on a par with idpol to make people feel they have control of things when they don't.
All the big problems of today need global solutions. What have the governments in Catalonia or Wales done of significance? What can they do?

How do we cure the Anglo disease guys?

fug D:

There is absolutely no reason why large federations of small local groups could not operate with other federations on a global level.

what, like all the country's are """""working""""" on a global level now?
what incentive does the bahamas have to cooperate on tax avoidance?


U know?

Localism with an international federation is a good end goal, but immediately not feasible imo.

Just nuke this shitty island into the North Sea.

Is this guy even a communist? He never talks about workers management, production for exchange/use, or exploitation.

Yes, but as an anarchist I dont think his ideal of communism is a very good one. His idea of a bureaucratic system of organisation is one that I oppose as being the same kind of alienated system that we live under today. I understand his desire for efficient organised responses to crises but I think he vastly underestimates how powerful spontaneous organisation could be, especially with technology.

Bump, I wonder about this as well

Right, so they aren't working together now as mega states, because mega states have the vested interest of being mega states. Smaller communities of federations do not have these vested territorial and geopolitical interests and so can get on better.

He claims to be, however he's more interested in philosophy and the philosophy behind Marxism and psychoanalysis. This means that he's either taking the Communist positions for granted (and thus not discussing them), which I think is more likely, or he's not a Communist at all (which I think is less likely, as this would doubtlessly lead to contradiction in his works).

From what I've read of him, I'd certainly say he's a Communist.