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No, this is what distracts retards who are already grasping at straws from realizing that the impeachment charges are on the way. The new evidence is produced by a shill paid for by the GOP to conflate empty nonsense like this.

user, that's the DC Fox local affiliate. They wouldn't go forward with that story unless it had some meat on it.

Now, they may be running it NOW to distract people, but that wouldn't make it not a story.

There is absolutely no reason not to have two birds with one stone, I'm fed up with this "Onward Together" corporate Clinton bullshit.


I can dream, user

Fug. It's happening.

How many levels of ideology are you on right now?

>you will live to see the one of the two parties of the evil empire shining city on a hill ousted as the literal mafiosos they are, forever shattering the illusion

Oh that's happening for sure. Trump's already turning the Republicans even more into nakedly greedy capitalists.


Thanks for collecting tweets of some of the stupidest individuals on the national stage. I'm very convinced in their conspiracy now.

..You know Seth Rich was a Bernie bro, right?


Assange always sort of hinted at him being a source. Why else would he offer a reward for information on his murder?

If Assange does know, he ought to just reveal it at this point.

Here's how Bernie can still win!

Mike Pence would be POTUS in that scenario unless he also got caught doing something in which case Paul fucking Ryan would be POTUS.

The establishment will cover this up but it is great news for us. Carefully watch the responses from Sanders and the "progressives". This should reveal their true intentions and where their loyalty lies.

Wikileaks has released good information, but don't pretend Assange is anything other than a face for the organization and an obnoxious troll.

Outside of releasing information, Wikileaks is worthless.

It's evening on a fucking Monday night. These times are Pacific time, meaning it's later everywhere else in the continental US (east coast is 3 hours later). And obviously none of the liberals are going to pick this up, so you're left with conservative fogeys who would talk about this at all. For fuck's sake, look Wikileaks RT'd it because they no doubt have staff working on shit 24/7.

Just got banned from /r/news for posting it. No commentary, just the article with the headline verbatim from the source.

Okay I am a bit cluessless but can anyone elaborate on this situation to me. I know that Rich died by gunshot wound and he was a DNC employee. I know there was suspicion of she who will not be named doing it. What does contact with Wikileaks imply?

Read this pic
It implies that he leaked DNC info to Wikileaks and the DNC whacked him for it. Also, he was shot in the back in a bad part of town at an ungodly hour and had none of his valuables taken. IIRC there was a missing briefcase too or some ridiculous shit.

The implication is that Seth Rich was pissed off that Bernie got fucked over by the DNC, so he contacted Wikileaks to feed them info and Queen Hilldog and John Podesta decided to have his brains blown out for it.

Thank you!!!

Literally fake news

Actually scratch this, i'm not sure the specific timeline of whether he was leaking before or after Bernie was out.

This broke on a local fox station and the full report is being aired on their main channel tomorrow. Don't write it off so hastily.


What pig testimonial?

Who gives a fuck about some local news station reporting on a story because right wing retards are trying to drive up a conspiracy theory.

I'd love to see the Clintons go down, but this such a fucking stretch its retarded.


what has leftypol become

Did you miss the part where wikileaks retweeted this?

Please user, I can only get so hard.

Not real evidence. Just many implications, but not any proof.

Who gives a shit? They're stirring the pot.

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Pretty interesting how this dropped on a local Fox affiliate after Trump taking a beating all evening for the Russia leak. And now it's curiously the top trend on Twitter (totally organic, I'm sure). Meanwhile, the only evidence from the investigator that he was in contact with Wikileaks is "I say so." Meanwhile, his mom and family, who just want to be left in peace, are denying that there's any sort of conspiracy.


Yes the GRU which still exists and hacked the election

Oh. Okay then.

this is either an elegant mockery of reddit and half-chan or a legitimate Holla Forumsyp either way please fuck off and have a sage

What could be more accelerationist than the distilled, universally hated essence of corporate power and corruption being handed a presidency he never won?

Yeah me too. We should vote republican in the next election.

the trump russia investigation is also being funded by shady oligarchs, though.

nice try CIA

nice try Bane

Make it happen. Full steam ahead.

This is propaganda by the Russians to start WWIII and crush the burgeoning communist revolution.

This has Phil Greaves written all over it.

Hi, Phil! Tell Molly to come to Holla Forums

This is baseless slander. The DNC is innocent, fuck the GOP

The ☘️☘️☘️GOP☘️☘️☘️ I'd finally trying to destroy the DNC and install complete fascism. This cannot stand. Tonald Brumpf must be impeached.

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Kys porkie

Meanwhile, the only thing CNN is talking about is impeaching Trump for obstruction of justice.
It's almost like a shitstorms like this are perfectly timed when real shit starts happening.

yup, wow this is intelligence at its peak. This is high discourse incomparable to anything on Holla Forums or reddit.


t. Fox News Grandpa


He got shot twice in the back of the head in a safe neighborhood, with nothing stolen. He was a DNC staffer who supported Bernie. Its not too hard to believe that he leaked insider emails to wikileaks out of outrage then got whacked.

We support the DNC and hate Bernie, Holla Forumsturd.

listen, I hate HRC and actively hope she and her ilk get what's coming to them. But, the most sensible way to deal with this would have been to post a link to a respectable news outlet, post a link to a Fox News video (where this story broke) and then in brief explain where the evidence came from and a short statement of what OP thinks it may imply and how true it may be. Had I seen this, and not seen the Lenin Hat and literally VeteransToday diction, I would have said nothing and probably been engaged. But, the OP was a sperg and so I reacted accordingly. Blame them not me.

That said, I think this is probably real after looking at the Lou Dobbs clip and I feel like there's a good chance it will be covered up and Dear Leader will do nothing about it.

This is pretty much a conspiracy theory. But there is credibility to it. Watch the video I linked before your post. and the fact Wikileaks offered money for the investigation makes this murder seem more than just that.

Please go back.

That's right. Stronger together!!

Seriously, can't tell if shills or just genuinely retardation is in full motion in this thread. There are too many people on this board who sperg out once there is something discussed which might even remotely have an impact IRL. But let's let a bunch of unironic Nazis dominate the online narrative considering this, shall we?


any developments?

Shitpost like that one more time and it will be you who will commit suicide by shooting yourself twice in the back of your head next.

Greaves is just one more lolcow.