Instead of trying to poach Holla Forumslacks through NazBol, why don't we double down on the /swoleleft/ idea

Instead of trying to poach Holla Forumslacks through NazBol, why don't we double down on the /swoleleft/ idea

If there's anything the Boston Free Speech rally showed us, it's most of Holla Forums is horribly overweight. Even Holla Forums is shitting on how out of shape these guys are. By getting swole, we shit on their "muh master race" ideology. Also we could terraform /fit/ while we're at it.

Besides, if the revolution comes within our lifetime you won't be of much use if you're a lardass

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I don't wanna be swole, though. I'm slender and agile like a certain fast blue cat we know.

Because posting nazbol memes and laughing at retards is fun.

I agree. The U-SS-R wasn't named that by chance.

Everyone reading this get out of your fucking chair, go read the 4/fit/ sticky, buy 7 gallons of milk (week's supply) and go get a fucking gym membership, even the fucking YMCA will do. Stop making excuses for being a lazy DYEL. Your health will thank you, your dick/pussy will thank you, and your comrades will thank you.

Someone post that Mao quote.

Being slender and fast isn't going to save you when you're wrestling with a knife wielding counter-revolutionary (think of Saving Private Ryan), or your comrade when you need to carry/drag them to safety.


If memeing and being cringeworthy will get someone to start lifting, then it's worth it.

why not both

Why are my comrades such fatasses that I can't carry them? Whose side am I supposed to be fighting on, anyway?

It's not easy carrying a 150 lb human with everything else they have on them.

/swoleleft/ is really pathetic as that crew is rather small looking when compared to what one can see on /fit/, is cringy af and overall is more something to laugh at than promote.
Bodybuilding is counter productive to self-defence.

On the otherhand nazbol memes are funny and is actually doing damage to the alt-right by subverting the shit out of them.

This is not to say that one should take care of themselves, that should go without saying and we don't need the liberal as fuck "swoleleft" to be /fit/.

we /liftypol/ now

Pfft? What'd that be? Like 200 lbs?
Fukken easy.

Just don't do that milk shit, you will fuck yourself up.

That shits designed to make a creature go from 70-100 lbs to over a ton over the course of year or less. GOMAD all the way

Don't drink milk unless you're eating cookies.

You do realize being a lardass or looking like a body builder aren't the only body types in existence right. I'm all for fitness but I don't think /leftypol has to make an eternal blood pact to look like Dwayne Johnson.

Why not build the /swoletariat/?

We should aim to look like 🍀🍀🍀pic related🍀🍀🍀.

Yes. Fitness is fun and encounters with Holla Forums in the wild will be funnier if we look like the alphas they claim to be. Stop being skinny twinks like muke. And /swoletariat/ sounds fucking great.

Wait, is that the cat ears boy?
He's great. I like him.

Lifting is a useless thing to do. If you want to be useful, practice martial arts. you'll still get strong plus learn how to kick ass. Practice gun shooting and learn military theory as well

I don't know why people think it has to be so simply either/or like this. Lifting will make you stronger which will help out in almost anything you do that's physical. Kinda interesting how the people who dominate almost any given sport tend to be pretty f'ing strong while nerds go on and on about muh skills and finesse.

Who do you think will hit harder someone who can bench 400lbs or someone who just does karate on the weekends? Assuming they both have same amount of training it's gonna be the stronger guy no contest.

Yeah why not. Any decent MMA fighter would wreck the average poster on /pol or /leftypol.

I agree. Have been into progressive calisthenics for half a year now.

also this


Pure pseudoscience. Unless your lactose intolerant there's nothing wrong with drinking milk. It's probably still best to ease up to GOMAD because drinking all that milk at once is going to hurt your stomach.

Lifting is not the same as body building, in fact they involve almost completely different programs.

Pure DYEL ideology.

Fuck off dairy shill.

I'm sorry you're genetically incapable of digesting milk, but that doesn't mean you should begrudge those who can.

This /swoleleft/ thing reminds me of this shit.

No muke is the one that isnt as retarded.

You know that shits bad for you if you drink too much right? Fucks up your skin and makes you fat.

If you want to spend the time, money, and effort to eat meat to get as much protein and calories you need to make maximum gains while you maintain your Hollywood physique, by all means go ahead, but if you want a practicable and affordable method, milk is going to be the way.

Y not both them campadre?

I myself was yesterday memeing national bolshevism on Holla Forums in between sets at the gym.

Remarkable what a little time management and the wonders of modern technology can achieve

chad communism

Better to just be healthy and look sexy not get all bulky, it greatly limits flexibility and uses up too much time. Most girls also don't like big muscley guys just other guys are into that. It only impresses insecure fools and lifting enthusiasts.

Well that explains fascism.

Lifting is not body building. Being strong absolutely does not limit flexibility, I've become more flexible lifting than when I was a 130 lb DYEL. And girls absolutely do fine fit and muscular men attractive.

I think we should mix both.

Psyop them via their ideological weaknesses and their physical insecurities in one go.


I bought into the whole, whole-milk retardation thing. don't fucking do this. You will get chubby/love handles and never lose them. You will get a double chin, you will get lower back fat. Just eat clean, you need to cut all the way down to like 12-15% BF. Do not bulk if you are skinny fat at all. Your BF% is what matters not your weight. Most of us are probably skinny fat or chubby. Please don't go bulk. you will be gross and will put on too much weight and hurt yourselves

Lift 6x a week (alternate muscle groups constantly), mostly volume training, compound lifts, HIIT and plyometrics (for explosiveness). Sprint, don't fucking jog. We're not going to be jogging through the Sahara. We're going to be hiking or sprinting from cover to cover.

Sounds like opportunism and class collaboration to me.

the idea that women don't find muscular men attractive is instantly disproven when you take off your shirt at a pool party and women involuntarily look at you because you have muscles. Its not going to get manlet gymcels laid but it will make women look at you more often.

Well, yer, maybe compared to being like a repulsive hambone.

No most men are skinny fat and have bad posture and fat on their faces, necks and chests. Which is disgusting and women are not attracted to that. When they see lean muscle it triggers something in their subconscious, they see a virile healthy male. But, again if you are short or not attractive you will not benefit a lot from it in the sex department. Though girls are much more likely to want to fuck you if they think you are pleasant to look at naked and healthy.

If you want to become strong and fit, being chubby should be the last thing on your mind. And your body fat % is pretty fucking irrelevant unless you're lifting just to look like Hollywood tells you to look. Again, if someone wants to eat enough meat to get the amount of protein and calories they need then they can go right ahead, but a lot of people don't have that much money or just fucking will power. Drinking GOMAD is already really difficult, trying to consume that much protein and calories from shit like chicken breast is going to be impossible. Bulk, and if you're still concerned about it, then you can cut, but if you're lifting for the reason you should be, that's not going to be a concern.
Lifting that often is way too much to ask from beginners and just isn't that good for getting gains. Gains come from the resting, not from the lifting. Everything else you mentioned doesn't compare to SS. It's a meme for a reason, it's also called Starting Strength for a reason.

LARPing that just gets you arrested unless you are an unironic Maoist in some Third World shithole. At this point, it's all about representation. Somebody swolen makes a statement in public. Aesthetics and appearance do matter. Plus only a few people would even try to mess with you, it's conflict avoiding.

I wouldn't be writing this if the left wasn't in desperate need for well-dressed, athletic people with proper hair, nails, etc.

Body fat is degrading and disgusting, also unmanly and debased.
you stupid fucker, all attractive WARRIORS and CHAMPIONS are lean and cut and fucking JACKED. Stupid as shit and believing mammy cultist retards telling you all the strong men are actually husky. No. Strong men are lean and powerful, gorgeous and striking when naked or shirtless. You must literally strike fear into people with your physique, you must make women involuntarily lust for your hard striations and convulsing MUSCULAR FORM
if you can't afford it you need to cut other costs
no this is terrible, awful stupid advice and totally ignorant of the hormone and metabolism problems most men suffer from due to chemical warfare from Anglo-Z0G
WRONG, got my best gains from doing this and broke through my first big strenght barrier from doing this. I also increased the size of legs visibly in like a weeks time and shot up by like 5 lbs in a month and a half. Lifting 6x a week is what people who want to be gorgeous and powerful do
no they come from time-under-tension which requires progressive overload and constant stress, not faggot shit like lifting with dumbells only or never lifting heavy or never sprinting or never doing legs.
yeah but most people can't follow a program. I don't even think SS is good, just build your own program. Do research. That's what I did. And I went from literally too weak to move the bar, to being able to bench more than I weigh (which is not a lot, but far more than just 6 months ago, far more) and having visible back and chest muscles that I can flex

But being slender and fast does help you chase down your enemy. A 70 pound cheetah can kill a 250 pound bodybuilder. If you are faster than your enemy they won't catch you to be able to stab you. Try stabbing a cheetah. Also, if you get shot and you weigh 250 lbs, you just fucked whoever has to drag your ass.

The best MMA fighters are ripped, not swole

the only reason I'd ever wanna lose weight is if it got me a gf
its a common meme on /fit/ to not work out for girls. and im getting too old to have a cute gf anyway
Fat pride worldwide!

Guess who wins this fight

I have Sasquatch-tier posture and I have to fight off women everywhere.

Why LARP it?
We need actual legit military practice and good aim. This is important to begin with. There needs to be some discipline so we can back up whoever we're making carry our flags shirtless.

To be fair, if you're like 350 pounds of mostly fat, you can probably at least increase your chances of surviving multiple shots like that one porky did or Biggie almost did save for one bullet that actually killed him.

To be fair, if your enemy weighs 350 pounds of mostly fat, just leave them alone for 5 years and their sleep apnea will eventually kill them for you

You need to get gulaged for promoting the dangerous unfitness and pretending to be Nazi.

Really you should probably just

This is the ideal male body, you may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

whats the point of not being fat when basic human necessities like girlfriends are denied to you? you'll be unhappy so your health doesn't matter

They are the only body types if you are an American

Yeah, but in the meantime they're fightin' machines!

are you black? are you tall? do you have visible abs? do you have a really good smile/teeth? are you wealthy? do you have good skin? are you highly attractive compared to the average white man? if any of these then its not even remotely applicable. i've never met an average guy who has to "fight off girls" certainly many who have gf's and hook-up with girls. But, if you're literally getting flocks of girls, then you have a physical advantage you're not considering. This thread is for average skinny-fat and chubby leftists. And i'm here to encourage them to get strong and healthy and POWERFUL

If I say yes, will you… marry me, user?

you forgot skinny-fat bug man

its just ironic that so many "leftists" come from means and a huge number of right wingers are literally from heroin OD, rust-belt backgrounds

the guy who obviously lifts constantly (which I know because he has thick, visible muscles everywhere he should). Do you think that guy looks like that because of Combat Sports and Calisthenics? That guy looks like that because he lifts AND he does martial arts. You are forgetting that the one on the right is a roided out degenerate BB and the one on the left is a MMA specialist.

t. Hollywood
Not many of those around, so it's kind hard to say.
Honestly sounding kinda gay fam.
Sounds like you're just an Illuminati shill to me m8.

Is that a yes or a no?

To stay and healthy as not to be a unnecessary burden on the society. When the society collapse and the crazy people will kill you for fun if you can't run more than fifteen metres.

I don't believe in marriage and am straight and there are no girls online so…

Also no one except fatasses weighs 250

Probably the guy who trains to beat people in fats and not the guy who trains for aesthetics



And what would you do right now if I ran after you to stab you? I'm agile as fuck, do you even have a gun?

nope, historical fact and observable fact
no all the special forces and elite military units are lean and muscular and all our best athletes are lean and muscular. Lean muscle is sexy and a sign of masculinity and POWER
there's nothing gay about the male form or appreciating its power and beauty and superiority to the gross elements of the Earth. This is an appreciation of NATURE

Traps are gay i'm sorry its true. They're sort of passable sometimes, but then they have a dick and its not a vagina and it looks like a dick and…smells like a dick too. Its not a pussy. Its not a woman. I'm sorry. I know, its a hard pill to swallow (kek)


I hate gays so what are you talking about?


this is a rare moment where we can actually see Poe's Law in effect. Which Nazbol is the ironic shitposter and which is unironic ironic unironic ironic poster?

Dude what are you talking about. US SpecOps are known to be huge, bulky guys.
Depends on the sport. If you're a runner, you're not going to be training for strength, nor is their body even optimal for most people.

If this were war, you'd probably be dead by now.
Good luck with your milkdrinking.

no they are like 15% BF or less. None of them are fat, you literally can't be you do too much lifting and cardio. They're all lean, a lot of them are cut.
no its a hobby that unathletic people with big lungs take too far. The only application of it i can think of is reconnaissance and long marches and maybe for sending messages back in the day.

If you don't use explosive muscle fibers you're not a good warrior or athlete. Sorry :(

I drink Keifer I don't drink milk which is gross.

Agreed. Fuck milk.

Stalin hated gays so he would gulag you so go steal the Russian scientist's time travelling machine and go back there to see what happened to the gays! You are literally shit!

Then how do you explain THIS you revisionist Jew?

thank you friend

i need to finish my dinner which has gone uneaten for hours due to shitposting but I want to see the conclusion of this thrilling impasse between ironic and unironic Nazbols. This 21st century anth right here folks

He is dead so that is why he can't gulag him for violating the criminal code. Do not call me a dirty word ever again. Jews are greedy rats just like the capitalist pigs are!

watching two reactionaries argue is probably the most entertaining thing. I literally sit on HBD forums just to watch intelligent reactionaries fight because its so absurd watching smart people who've meme'd themselves into stupid shit fight over trivialities regarding their idiot beliefs. I'm sorry, continue. I'm just passing by

My belief are not idiotic because gays do not procreate however the heterosexual people can mass produce just like the factory. I strongly believe in the family values and must be protected unquestionably. Whomever devalue the family values must hang public to teach the kids a very important lesson.

I'll call you what you are, you filthy scheming Jew! It is all you can ever be. Only a Jew would spread the disgusting lies of the vaginal Jewry and compromise the integrity of our cause.

Do not take me for a fool, Shylock. Your game is all too clear. If Stalin were alive today he would icepick you until you called him daddy.

What is progressive calisthenics?

Liar! Jews love to corrupt the nature because they absolutely hated the nature, which is why they are funding the transhumanism in order to destroy the humanity. I don't do what the rats do. You do not have a faintest idea about the rats behaviours, do you? No frickin' way. You are a traitor to the Nazbol for corruptiing the Nazbol values.


I hope you trip and fell on the sword for pretending to be Nazbol. Jews hated the nationalistic elements within the Nazbol community so why would the Jews support the Nazbol for? To destroy within the circle so you deserve to be gulaged. You are the fat rat's enemy!

You're not supporting us, you're infiltrating us, and it will not work. Filthy Jews such as yourself will never be allowed to corrupt the great men of Nazbol who are working together for a better future. We will work hard and long and hard until we are rid of every mole who tries to hinder us with pro-vaginal propaganda.

If you support the Nazbol values then why do you allow gays to corrupt the Nazbol community. They deserve better men than you are. Gays endangers the Nazbol's children psychological and spiritual growth development. You knew that, do you? Oh yes, a beautiful pedo-traitor so go in the gulag.


You shouldn't degrade your language into picology.

NazBol is infinitely more effective because your average Holla Forums poster is not a devoted capitalist, their single issue is immigration/preserving native demographics. NazBol shows them that the jews they hate are actually just bourgeois cosmopolitan capitalists but it has the benefit of still letting them complain about the jews as a monolithic group.

swoleleft is a flimsy meme that's easily turned against itself with Holla Forums memes.

No Judaic impostor like you deserves any better.

How am I a rat if I am Nazbol. Your logic failed to function like a real logic, why? Because rats hated the Nazbol whom believe that the capitalism should be destroyed for the sake of the Nazbol goals. Rats do not allow the capitalism to be destroyed because it mean loss power for them to control us like the worthless cattle.

This. It is absolutely imperative that every leftist that lurks, posts or even shitposts partake in any form of exercise whenever humanly possible so that we may forge each and every one of ourselves into the new men and women of the world. Anyone who objects is a de-generate right-wing Zionist trying to astro-turf and compromise the health of this board because they cannot maintain their own.

If you can't go to a proper gym, ease your way into calisthenics (assuming you haven't exercised), but above all work on cardio (again, assuming you can do only calisthenics but are too overweight to lift your body). Start with the Couch-to-5k (about 3 miles) Plan. It is highly recommended that you listen to music during exercise, especially cardio to ease the stress. Recommended genres are thus ones that involve especially audible, yet relatively steady percussion, such as Dark Synth, New Retro Wave, etc.

we /liftypol/ now


Really activates my almonds


Milk is for fat.
Cut down on sugar, and buy one of those big drums of protein powder.
Or go with eggs, those are also very good. Even the yellows, the cholesterol is the good kind.

So much for the numale left.

Why am I not surprised the Holla Forumsack looks like a fucking Jew?

So we're hunting whales with idpol now?

Homosex is NAZBOL

Homophobia is JEWISH

as someone who is obese I can tell you that being fat isn't noble, special or good
get fit

And why don't you get fit?

same reason everyone else "can't", laziness

Being fat is an implicit last stand of American identity

I was where you are and I can say getting fit is the best thing I ever did. Any fat or skinnyfat anons need to start working out, even taking a 45 min walk and doing 50 situps while cutting calories will help a lot to lose weight.

how long until a school shooter turns out to be a leftypol user because of nazbol shitposters? Legit ban all fascists

/fit/ pls go



post more i like this cute anime girl telling me to exercise


If you like that you'd really like her route in Katawa Shoujo, it's basically just that in visual novel form.

But we all know that Rin is the best and most revolutionary girl.

Thanks comrades for inspiring me

Naisu job!

Ah yes, now i would like to know how to get more than 24 hours a day…

We were trying to poach Holla Forumslacks through NazBol?

This. Everyone needs to work out, it doesn't matter if your goal is to be a muscle blob or a trap. There's workouts for both and when I started it drastically improved my outlook on life.

tfw been lifting since I was 14. I cringe whenever I see pencil thin cucks with noodle arms talking about fighting in a revolution.

Being swole wont help when you have this faggy mannerism.

I can definitely vouch for walking. I changed literally nothing out of my diet but lost like 20 lbs in a month after walking every day/every other day for 30-60 minutes. Go at a good pace, try not to stop, try to do a 15-minute mile.

I swear, if I ever get to lead a leftist organization I'll enforce a dress code.

he probably means progressing to more difficult exercises rather than increasing the number of repetition


That's right, and honestly I think that everyone should work out, and I don't necessary mean hitting the gym, but rather some calisthenics, and some running or swimming, because it is great for one's health, and it makes you feel better too.

Well where can I get anti-capitalist soda?

soda is poison, it kills your gains man

Seriously? What about it kills the gains, is it the sugar? What about zero-cal soda?

That gives you cancer instead, usually.

It is most definitely the sugar. However, like with all food, it depends on what the sugar is actually in, its state, and what it is coupled with; sugar is not bad in and of itself. Say a Twinkie has 10 g of sugar and a bowl of fruit has 30. Although the sugar count is higher, the fruit is always the better choice. If you need a sweet drink, get a legit sports one, not soda.

Possobly cancer or dementia. Better to stick with water and tea and drink juice when you want sugar. Maybe some skim milk with breakfast as well.

Oh yeah. Just take an hour off to go walk and you'll notice a big differance. Even more if you change your diet.

even without sugar, it will fuck with your blood sugar levels because the sweetness tricks your brain into changing the insulin levels


coffee, water, and beer (and that last one only because otherwise I could not go on living)

Come on user

Pretty much all the exercise i've gotten is through swimming I think i'm permanently in otter-mode forever now

Jesus, what's this about cancer and dementia? Which sweeteners are supposed to cause it?

But the zero-cal sugars aren't broken down by your body, right? So they shouldn't be bioactive in the first place.

Also sports drink don't strike me as something to be taken in large quantities either.

Tea and juice in boxes have even more sugar than regular soda, and if I make them I'll need a zero or low cal sweetener anyway. What would be the difference from zero-cal soda? I've been told to stick to stevia and sucralose.

God damn it, I just want something vaguely tasty to drink in large quantities.

Oh yeah I forgot, there already was a /liftypol/ thread.

Either accept unsweetend tea or give it up, unless you want to be fat or get cancer.

It's probably the other way

Man, I'm googling around, and sucralose and stevia seem to be safe. The latter even has (insignificant amounts of) anti-carcinogenics.

I don't mind laying off zero-cal soda for teas with zero-cal sweeteners, but I can't believe all of them are bad. There has to be at least one that's harmless.

I wouldn't take that shit too seriously. All things in moderation are fine. Soda is bad for you primarily because of the high fructose corn syrup. Primary issue with it is it has a higher ratio of fructose:glucose than something like cane sugar, and fructose burning is harder for your body to regulate.

So if you look for sodas with cane sugar these are better, but overall a couple of sodas a week really aren't that bad (unless you're already obese).