Nobody ever talks about Vietnam? What does Holla Forums think of this country?

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Ho Chi Meinh was accepting the peace deal with France. It would have been more pragmatic to just pressure the USSR to send them as many weapons as possible and indiscriminately air drop weapons all across South Vietnam to arm the masses.

BTFO USA so they have eternal comrade status for me.

Đổi mới wasn't that much of a tabula rasa like Dengism in China. 65% of the economy are still cooperatives with worker control in Vietnam and the government says they will go back to socialism very soon. If they are really planning to do this remains to be seen, since the cooperatives are all on life support because they can't compete with capitalist companies. Further proof Market Socialism is shit.

I'm incredibly skeptical about both China's and Vietnam's claim of working on establishing socialism, too. Vietnam does have this anti-corruption program currently going on, and it's apparently among the best in Asia, so maybe something will come of it.

Vietnamese here, this country is no different than a capitalist country.

It really shows the power of ML.


Yeah I'm skeptical

Chinese colony like most of East Asia.


Ho Chi Minh was first and foremost a nationalist. After he couldn't get help from America he adopted communist rhetoric to appeal to the USSR.

From what I hear, schools do not even teach you about what class is. Is that the case?

He had an actual reason to be, Vietnam was occupied by Japan, France and USA.

What I think is that imperialism is definitely sexy even when it fails.

These are the tiers of East Asia

Almost Utopia tier = Japan, and Korea

Nice to vacation but would want to live permanently tier = China, and Thailand

Steamy Jungle monkey shit tier = Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, Laos, Malaysia,

Have literally devolved into niggers tier = Indonesia

Singapore is utopia tier, I'll give you that.

I'm not saying he's wrong, I'm saying it's literally not socialism, never was and was only supported by China and USSR so they could laugh about rice farmers bullying US imperialists.

Lived in Japan for seven years of my life. You're full of shit, though I would expect less from an Ayn-Crap

What was shit about it? Just curious


Segregated from institutions due to me being a westerner, people are over-worked, Koreans and other foreigners are treated like shit in some areas, depression and suicide is rampant. No wonder Japan gave birth to anime. You need something bright and vivid to distract from the dreariness of it all.

resources on this please??

What kind of leftism exists in Vietnam?

Run of the mill authoritarian capitalist state.

A quick look at Wikipedia can tell you that.Đổi_mới


Yeah, provided you don't leave the city and go where all their stuff is made.

Read up before shitposting. Vietnamese cooperatives are actually workers cooperatives. They are just highly uncompetitive.

Pretty much this.